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I seeing the awards they win already this year, I read on all review and decide that I call them, then do demo. I do 3 demo in total, and all very happy with service, no push for to open live. I decide ACM the one for me and I go live 2 week ago. ACM is good broker, try to see if you like also.

ACM   14 May, 2009  

ACM are pretty good, but only 4 points from me because I need to see their banking license, which I do not doubt they will get, but with the Swiss it may take a while...I think. Also, I think they should add the MT4 to their offerings, that way I can close my other broker's account. Otherwise the trading is stable and solid.

Office Ghost   8 May, 2009  

I am very happy to see ACM win this award in London, I am proud of my broker and very proud of my Switzerland!

Yutzler   5 May, 2009  

I just read on the web the PR Newswire announcement that my fab broker ACM was just awarded the "Best Currency Trading Services" at The World Finance Awards in London. When I tell you I recommend them, I mean I recommend them!

Happy client!   5 May, 2009  

Gotta be the best, anything out of Switzerland usually is!

swiss pips   4 May, 2009  

I learnt what pure STP was really about when I moved to ACM, even in news time there is a 98% certitude of being executed at your price!

Pure STP   4 May, 2009  

A cert to improve your profit making with ACM's platform technology than with any other broker, I was astounded by how much.

Platform leader   4 May, 2009  

Well Ed, there is always an exception to the rule...looks like you are it buddy! ACM, top broker!

No Probs!   4 May, 2009  

Acm is great unless you care about honesty and transparency. DO NOT trade gold and silver with them! They have short,secret trading hours,( hours for trading gold should be on their web site... its not) , no overnite fees listed.( for gold and silver.) SHADY!!! <br />
Oh and they treat your money like its theirs ...very slowly. Pay-pal instant transfer, what a joke 4 days to show up in my account. Out going withdrawal... (Pay-Pal ) its been a week and no withdrawal yet!!! Acm is BaD !!!

Ed P.   2 May, 2009  

They tried to force me to move my MT account to FXCM UK, as it was I was getting tired of their slippage and was actively looking for a new broker, NON- US! I found out ACM are about to offer the MT as well. When I went ahead to close my FXCM account, my rep, as a last gasp attempt to hold me, started to bombard me e-mails with nothing but negative slander on ACM. Disgustingly unprofessional! On the other hand, when I happened to mention this to ACM, my new rep just shrugged, &quot;try our demo and see&quot; he said. I did, I loved it and I am now with them. Do the same, give them a look in, try out their demo.

GOODBYE FXCM!   1 May, 2009  

Nothing but praise for this broker, even way before the NFA ruling. apart from the hedging subject there is now the new FIFO rule that will limit further the US brokers, it will, I understand, kill off the OCO and others too. Not such a good job NFA.

David Astino   1 May, 2009  

Trading conditions are by far best in the industry. Tight fractional spreads coupled with their execution technology leaves the competition in their wake.

Ralph Caps   30 April, 2009  

Panda, go back to e-Toro and learn you nube, if you don&#39;t know how to make money with the best platfrom out there, awards vouching, then you need to go back to school. The only LOOSEr here is you!

Tiger   30 April, 2009  

With the ACM platforms I can loose anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Panda   30 April, 2009  

With the ACM platforms I can trade anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

TimelordFX   29 April, 2009  

what is good about this broker are its fractional pips, because the platform is extremely quick you are able to take advantage of them. very sweet!

Jim Logan   28 April, 2009  

I thinks acm is very good brocker, platform works very good and very fast, I like to the very good spreds.

good brocker.   28 April, 2009  

Opening with ACM so I can hedge, the paperwork for Switzerland is somewhat tedious, but when I read they were making the MT4 available it really felt like the right thing to do. Award winning proprietary platform, Metatrader option and hedging facilities, looks all positive for me. Thanks NFA for having forced me to find a top broker!

Thank's NFA.   28 April, 2009  

WOW, honestly, this has to be the most responsive 1 click executing platform I have used to date, and I've tried 3 others. Now I really do know what people mean by milli second execution.

Shocked!   27 April, 2009  

Technically sound platform, never a moment of down time and slippage is limited to news time, but then it&#39;s only for a few seconds, and the execution is still responsive. Read in a forum that they are about to introduce the MT4 in the coming weeks, good news indeed.

Cole Bryant   27 April, 2009  

Good platform (can hedge legally!) nice to see ACM's Peter Rosenstreich on CNBC this morning.

Paul Cohen   24 April, 2009  

Nice tight spreads with very good execution allowing me good profit. Good luck with the banking license application.

Success   24 April, 2009  

That&#39;s true Malvin, but thank goodness we found out later in the same papers and now the forums that it was an attempted blackmail scam done by their client MexBank who themselves are under investigation in the US for Fraud and Money Laundering, funny how you didn&#39;t pick up on the rest of the story Malv buddy!

Greg   23 April, 2009  

&quot;The hills are alive with the sound of music&quot; - Swiss Hedging ACM style!

HeidiPip   23 April, 2009  

I heard that in their office was police as they manipulated with data feed for some big client. It is terrible and also I doubt if they now will get banking license.

Malvin   23 April, 2009  

I was about to open a smaller second account with a new broker, forexclub, but cancelled payment just in time. This would have been my first funding with a US broker but thanks to the NFA I declined. The USA has made a positive step forward in becoming a Nanny State,as soon as they see anyone making good LEGAL money they do something to clamp it down. Well screw you. I will happily keep hedging with ACM.

ToroPip   23 April, 2009  

I come to america for an american dream, I like america and NY stete, I like freedom to trading in Forex with hejing. now america coming like soviet union, to much control by the government. i call today ACM who every body seem to like, they very profesional, this I like. they also tell me soon they will be offer good russian platfrom MT4.

Igor Panaiotov   22 April, 2009  

Absolutely Bullhorn. I am in the exact same boat buddy, NFA has more or less terminated my US account, and like you I want to move to a new broker, was told to look at this site and going by what people are saying, looks like I&#39;m going to give a good look at ACM.

NFA done me.   22 April, 2009  

Uncle Sam's NFA has pretty much killed off hedging with our US brokers. This is forcing me to close down my ODL account and move it all into my ACM account. Not good news for US brokers, I'd be interested to find out how they will react. Must feel like a kick in the teeth seeing as they were forced to keep upping their net capital. I'm lucky to have a reliable Swiss broker that will allow me to keep on hedging! For those that want to move out, this is a broker you should look into.

Bullhorn   22 April, 2009  

Thank you forex-ratings for your very useful site. Although the opening process is slightly lengthier with all Swiss brokers, it is well worth the extra effort if you want to experience ACM's excellent trading conditions, they have a masterful platform and their spreads are very competitive.

Melvin   21 April, 2009  


Swissquote Bank has acquired ACM and ACM insurance broker in October 2010. About Advanced Currency Markets SA Residence, regulating, and advanced currency market management. As written on the site, the ACM company is headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) and is controlled directly by the...

Regulation: Regulated by the FINMA. The first online forex broker to be ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified.

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