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This is first broker that I have no slippage with, I like very much the platform it is very responsive with my stile of quick trading.

Dmitri   21 April, 2009  

Best 2009 Platform, Best 2009 Broker, lowest fractional pips, new currency pairs and now a partnership with the banking software giant Eri. OK, forget that they're heading over the horizon, more like leaving the atmosphere! <br />
What other pleasant surprises has ACM up their sleeves we ask ourselves? needles to say that I am a proud client and happy trader!

Askja   20 April, 2009  

Compared to other brokers I tried, ACM proved to me to be the only one close to being 100% professional, right down to the smallest pip.

Activia   16 April, 2009  

Professional platform giving me professional trading, wouldn&#39;t think of moving.

FXAlert   15 April, 2009  

Just celebrated 2 years live trading with ACM, the romance continues! :-)

Carol Pip   15 April, 2009  

For all positive reesons given here I find correct, for most of this I had not with MIG and so I move to ACM.

MIG Escapee   14 April, 2009<br />
<br />
<br />
Police raid Geneva forex firm in fraud probe<br />
by Malcolm Curtis<br />
Geneva - 03 April 2009 | 18:05<br />
EXCLUSIVE: A squad of 28 police officers raid the downtown Geneva offices of currency trading company ACM and seize documents, a computer and other evidence in a suspected financial fraud case. Swisster discovers the unprecedented affair, being directed by an inspector and detective for the cantonal force’s financial fraud brigade, may take weeks to unravel and has involved the questioning of top officials from the company, who are refusing to comment.

Wayne   10 April, 2009  

Fantastic mobile trader i used all time when I am on travel, all platforms integrated that allow me to keep close to my trading all places I go.

Swiss Pips   7 April, 2009  

Love the spreads, excellent platform with true 1 click execution. Good to see them spreading their wings with the new Zurich office.

Callum   7 April, 2009  

I see ACM is opening yet another office, this time in Zurich. It speaks volumes to see a broker make the effort to remain in regulated locations like the UK, US or Switzerland and not open in places like The Seychelles.

Pecan   6 April, 2009  

Real great spreads, last week I made my biggest profit yet. I needed to tweak my strategy due to the new fractional pips and man did it pay off! looking forward to them getting their banking licence.

Richard Askwith   6 April, 2009  

Excellent fractional pips in conjunction with tight spreads.

Josef Holt   2 April, 2009  

I just love the platform, after suffering with one of the big US brokers, It was refreshing to deal with a broker who has a global view of things.

Paris   1 April, 2009  

WAY&#39;DA GO ACM! Professionalism deserves recognition! Itching for you to get your license so I can start to trade your new services!

Active Pip   1 April, 2009  

Come on! would you look at all the reasons why this broker is the one to be with! And today it&#39;s official, they have presented the paperwork for the banking license, add this to the long list of &quot;why&quot;. Thanks for the heads up!

Happy Trader!   30 March, 2009  

Awesome information you have here. Thanks for sharing.

TraderForex   28 March, 2009  

Your right there are great opportunities but paying for one isn&#39;t the best

ForexTeacher   28 March, 2009  

So much written lately about ACM, I know that they was always a respected broker but something else must have happened to get everyone reacting, maybe theys buzzin in anticipation of their banking licence.

Mike   27 March, 2009  

Really a good broker with nice spreads on offer.

Pip Soldier   26 March, 2009  

For someone always on the go like me, Advanced Currency markets fit right into my lifestyle. As someone who can find themselves in possibly three different countries in any given week, the mobile trader platform gave me the freedom and kept me accessibility to my account. after reading reviews on Forex-ratings (and other websites), I decided to try the ACM demo. Things were so good that I decided to go ahead live with them. Thank you reviewers.

The Hoop!   26 March, 2009  

My first forage into FX, I have been informed I made the right choice with ACM, this from a pal who just left saxo! LOL !!

Jake Smithers   25 March, 2009  

ACM is very good boker. I IB and have bad experience with FXPRO, 8 week stil waiting for money!! Cyprus not safe even if in Europe. I have better execution with ACM Java platform, no riqoute all time like with FXPRO and spred much beter!

Siang-Loke   25 March, 2009  

ACM is also seen in CNBC here in Europe and in Bloomberg TV. This is the very good reasons I first researched the broker.

Baumgaertner   25 March, 2009  

I have seen many reviews about the ACM. It was interesting to read the positive remarks. I believe that Forex Reviews is a very good site for FX and other industries, I like to read the airline ratings. What have made me look seriously at ACM is because I see that this website shows their daily Forex Snap Shots, for me this is good proof that it is a reliable broker.

Josef Fruehauf   25 March, 2009  

I have been up all night trading, its now 4 a.m. Wow this market is viciously quick, I love it! My ACM platform is incredible to what I was used to. I enjoy the 1 click execution, better than the 3 clicks I had with HY Markets which also had no trailing stops, no oco, didn&#39;t allow scalping, no hedging on the downloadable platform, had no guaranteed fills and only offered 13 currency pairs. I could go on but I need to get back to my trading!

Coloradopip   25 March, 2009  

I have shopped, you all convinced me look at ACM, I was converted.

Luca Moretti   24 March, 2009  

Really good broker but had to change the original black platform to my favourit lovely pink!

Chiara   24 March, 2009  

ACM is attentive to all my needs. Thank you to Moona from support who has remained approachable throughout my learning and to Bertrand for helping me with my account opening.

Maria Shultz   24 March, 2009  

I am impressed by this broker and their platform. I moved from stocks to FX recently. This truly is an exiting market I have joined and I feel I have a professional partnership and support with ACM. I fully understand the shinning compliments they have received here and other places.

Zolan Muller   23 March, 2009  

A very nice broker to be doing business through.

Farida   22 March, 2009  


Swissquote Bank has acquired ACM and ACM insurance broker in October 2010. About Advanced Currency Markets SA Residence, regulating, and advanced currency market management. As written on the site, the ACM company is headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) and is controlled directly by the...

Regulation: Regulated by the FINMA. The first online forex broker to be ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified.

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