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I have to disagree as well! As, John has mentioned above- there are other publicly acknowledged brokers with Russian nationals in their board. However, I think that the fact that they publicly indicate (on webpage) the origin of their team- illustrates the level of transparency in the organization. About the re-quotes- it is such a vague accusation and can be heard about any broker, i wont believe it unless i see metatrader screenshots proving constant re-quotes(not just in the moments of extremely volatile market),at least. Finally, they offer ECN account - there i haven't faced any troubles so far. Trade with them about a year

Andrew   14 May, 2013  

Nothing more than a casino. They do not let profitable traders. The execution is good when you are losing, but once you become winning you'll see what's a real scam broker. The server gives you rejections for every order you put, so to be impossible for you to open, close or modify a position.

Vasil-BG   18 April, 2013  

I have participated in one of their bonus programs Trade More Get More and their lot requirements are very good plus you get the bonus money straight to your account and you can trade with the money. I would definitely recommend them.

Jim   9 July, 2012  

I would have to disagree with the comments below. Maybe this broker is from Russia, just like Alpari or FxPro. I have been trading with them for 2 years and I am very satisfied. A very good broker with a nice Loyalty system - Admiral Club. I would recommend this broker.

John   13 February, 2012  

wonderful broker

mohamed   19 November, 2011  

Finally! Admiral Markets presented NDD accounts.
Moved my acc over to pro. Will see how it goes. So far so good

Salim   31 January, 2011  

i have using Admiral markets about 2 years and its not scam... slow in news but treadibel

Tanel   10 October, 2010  

I really like how this company offers trading with indexes. It is near perfect! now stops, great margin requirements and best of all - it is MetaTrader!!! with all the experts and indicators you can only imagine!
Definitely a vote for Admiral Markets!

mr. dow   29 April, 2010  

Dont really recommend this Broker. Server is slow. When prices gaps on Sunday open ,they fill you at your limit price instead of the Market price. That mean that if there is a much better price but since you set a limit price they willgive you a limit price. Like today EUR gaps up 35 pips they fill my sell at 12 pips below Market price. What a Dishonest Broker. If they have a bettre price the y would give to you. Alos yu have to set liit pricec 5-10 pips from market. <br />
Good broker , Non dealing desk. Just another bucket shop. Their true colors shows.

forexsg   21 February, 2010  

nice the prize have been deposited in my account in 3 days

Mbah $urip   30 July, 2009  

i&#39;m from indoensia, i also won the first place. and now i waitting to deposited the prize in my real account. i hope i could be faster so i can tell u guys.

Mbah $urip   30 July, 2009  

Greatings, I have already seen it somethere...

ForexTip   13 July, 2009  

requote and requote

fredli   2 July, 2009  

They have new trading instruments – indexes. It is very interesting and convenient. I liked to deal with this company.

Karl   12 June, 2009  

friend of mine have won the first place in admiral contest. they really pay the money. i swear to God

black   27 April, 2009  

Lie all it. Normally all works and is possible to have a profit, if a head on a place.

Gorge   24 April, 2009  

requote , requote, requote, requote ,requote and requote<br />
slow servers !!!!!!!

ProfesorFX   5 April, 2009  

To me it is even not important in what company. In any show.

Peeter   2 February, 2009  

I can learn how many years you trade? At you positive statements is exists? Where it is possible to see them?

Peeter   2 February, 2009  

ATTENTION !!!! Admiralmarkets swindle in Poland.

Adam24   8 October, 2008  

Very Good,Like then very muck.

David   2 April, 2008  

They have good bonus system, appreciate it.. But it better to announce more prices and presents to choose :)

William   8 January, 2008  

Very stable and reliable. They have ensured all customers' funds. I have a little account with them.

makler   24 October, 2007  

I have account in SEB bank, so its takes for a 1 day from my request till I see them on my account.

Forex Trader   17 October, 2007  

Do not recomend. They have problems with withdrawal , need to wait till 2 months

Lucifer   15 October, 2007  

You guys have no idea what you are talking about, its a bucketshop introducing broker for metatrader ( probably the biggest rip off system out there aiming at new traders who dont know anything about forex ). Maybe creating a platform and doing some real marketing would do you guys some good instead of trying to scam people with your fake reviews. I bet the depositary bank is like in Latvia... players.

Yeah right   11 October, 2007  

I have had a relatively good experience with Admiral Markets. For regular trading, indicators, and EA trading, I have been very happy with them. They have corrected mistakes, responded to me quickly, and have had good customer service. I really like their charts. Especially since they are free. I have deposited money quickly and withdrawn time withdrawing about $75,000 USD. So, they pay, they treat me well...and I have been with them since October of 2005, when their name was Admiral Investments &amp; Securities.

Robert   6 October, 2007  

I being trading for 4 years, I did try 7 brokers (Trading live). I always encounter a problems once i start making money with the brokers(increase the spread, reqotes, and they freeze the platform). I did open a mini account with Admiral Markets two months ago and after a month from opening the mini account i opened standard account and every thing is going fine. I think No Dealing desk = Honesty of the broker. I recommend Admiral Markets big time

Mohhamed   6 October, 2007  

I have only been using their demo account so far, but it works very well, and is the easiest that I have come across to utilise. Their customer support seems very efficient too.

jim   4 October, 2007  

i have been dealing live with them for over 6 months now. great platform and very stable - i can run my EAs with no problems at all.
have traded news events with no problems and very few requotes. fills have been excellent and very fast. no restrictions on trading - i have many pending lots and trade up to 50-75 times a day with no issues.
looking forward to new products in the future

james   4 October, 2007  

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