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Thanks God that here everything is great with withdrawal of money. Here, firstly, money is withdrawn without any additional problems and conditions, and secondly, there are many ways to withdraw them. Me personally withdrew a purse on Kiwi and everything went fine.

koptyukh85   26 December, 2018  

A good broker. Even though I have been trading here for only a few months, it still turns out quite well for me. I was pleased that there is a good online support with the help of which, you can quickly resolve any issues. I personally like to use it.

Harry   25 December, 2018  

Here is a surprisingly nice site. Although there is a lot of different information, and it's not confusing at all. It is very easy to navigate and work comfortably enough on it. This is a definite plus

Jannifer   23 December, 2018  

so to all people out there thi has to be the biggest scam in the financail world i have had te worst experiance ever it started out looking good the it was consultant to consultant lies and more lies then doing as they please tradeing without consent then being told sorry you have no more funds and then to find out that the consultant has been fired for tradeing without getting consent then the next consultant arrives gets into your bank account and tries to extort R150 000.00 out of my account that didnt work when I asked about it they changed consultant again it goes on forever so my funds are gone and thats that please dont trade with this company as they are pure scam thats right scam artists i will be takeing this to the further more than this it will go to the financial media social media and please let people know about the scam

barry   11 June, 2019

Good site, I liked it. Although I worked here purely for the sake of experiment, I still had pleasant impressions. Very interesting and with the benefit of the holiday)) For 30 days I could even earn a little. I'm not so professional to go out with real profit. Rather, for the sake of interest, I played in an economic simulator for real money. Experienceis interesting.

Jack   20 December, 2018  

I really like working with CaptialXP. There are no complaints about the work. For me, the key point is that the conditions are met and bring me the money I earned.

Patrik Dunkan   20 December, 2018  

I started the other day trying to trade with trading signals. Before that, I was quite skeptical about them, but it turned out that this is a normal thing. It is possible to earn small amounts on them. This is not ideal, of course, because you can earn more yourself, as for me. But if there are people here who have problems with profits, then in their case, it may be worth trying this function. It is better to earn a little than to earn nothing at all.

Nika Grande   19 December, 2018  

I want to share some happy story about myself mates, regarding one trader from CapitalXP whose name is Paul Ray. I am one of those people who likes to make money, and if you make them, you have to stay quite as much as possible and rag that cows milk as long as you can. However, I got what I needed, paid my loan, got my child money for college and a little bit for my senior years, which sounds good as mothers cherry pie. I got contacted on the hype of bitcoin price getting down but didn't feel sure about investing money in it. It was getting cheaper these days, and I didn't believe the idea that some non-existing coin with the price drop can make you money, but I can hardly admit, it does. About four past weeks a made around 217k, and it is only by a bitcoin. To be more clear, google the BTC price on the dates of 12-14th of November. Also, give a good look at what happened to it in December. The nice drop isn't it? Paul called me a few times, gave me huge pros why should I invest in BTC drop and how I can make money out of it. First of all, I took it sceptically and dropped my connection for a few days. So you know what? Paul didn't call me after, and he knows the market and he is willing to work with people who are determined and know what they want. He was like a predator waiting in the bushes and the end, and he nailed it. Got his good commission and made me hella a profit.

Hugh   18 December, 2018  

At first it was hard for me to figure out what is going on here and how to make money here. About 2-3 weeks it took me to figure it out. Then I began to understand that I did not understand anything about it and threw it away. Then a couple of days later I sat down again. In the end, I was able to come to something and started trading Bitcoin. At first, although it turned out somehow, but still by today (and this is 4 months from the beginning of work on CapitalXP) I began to more or less receive some kind of stable profit.

Kevin Thompson   16 December, 2018  

About CapitalXP knew for a long time, but I began to work with them only about six months ago. There are no special complaints about their work. For trade, I always use a laptop, because the mobile is not very much, maybe the slow Internet, because when you connect to a normal Wifi-there are no problems. Fixed spread, comfortable leverage, candles nobody draws to knock. About the conclusion - it is still all normally withdrawn.

Daniel   14 December, 2018  

One and a half years I earn on CapitalXP. Income, to be honest, is not always the same as we would like. But in moments when it seems that everything goes wrong for me, I realize that many people work for 250-300 dollars working physically very hard. They have bosses who can dismiss them at any second for disobedience. And then I feel good in my soul. I am at home, I have my own small office, I get relatively good money. This is exactly the way to live, and not to work for incomprehensible men for a penny.

Ronald   12 December, 2018  

I have already seen before that some exchange trading platforms offer you, analyst, to work with, but of course, it is not for free, who will assist you your trading path. I was pleasantly surprised when was offer to trade with an analyst for free, after the registration process. Was amazed how our cooperation was built on the go.

Corey Austin   4 December, 2018  


CapitalXP, a brokerage firm, has entered the stock market in 2015, acting as an intermediary that allows for margin trading with any CFD contracts and currencies.  The broker quickly gained trust among investors and traders, providing them with a convenient platform for trading and high-level...

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