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read the reviews here I think I'll write myself, in general, working with exness the past six months, a good broker no requotes any problems with the quotes, the conclusion is very fast, I would have advised them that the only way is to reduce the minimum depo on clas sic, but I had to 6,5 months him to trade, but now quite pleased spreads almost 2 times smaller.

Jou Kim   16 March, 2011  

I've been with exness since 2009. There were some issues. But overall this is a good broker. Management is very attentive to clients. Especially Michael Levin. Particularly all my complains were solved. That is the reason why I'm still with them.

Mr. Go   17 February, 2011  

Conditions of the trade attracts me well. Now I'm as saying their demo. Everything seems to be ok

FJx   1 December, 2010  

I am being experience with them sometime SL does not work but in due request they compensate my lost .Sometime I like them because they have no bad intention to close my open trade even reaching closer decimal points of SL .Server problem is still with them .There is one good advantage for client is that open price and market price you set is zero.Though requote is serious can close the profit by setting sl in closer position even in zero price.After all they are also doing business I hope they share mutual benefit in all time in near future .

arun   31 October, 2010  

I found this youtube movie today. youtube.com/watch?v=TM3PLsAf0Ks

Exness shows best spreads, against Alpari

Slipknot   1 October, 2010  

Incredible latency were execution goes, very often news trading is slower than watching paint dry...sad.

3rd Rate   27 September, 2010  

Absolutely terrible, and that include the customer service who is rude and forget you when they have your money. Platform freezes 85% of the time, their market news is also very shallow. Best to chose a professional broker and not these amateurs.

TERRIBLE   10 September, 2010  

Very Good. Highly recommended.

Sam Yad   2 September, 2010  

i'm trading with them during half a year. exness is not my only brocker. i've been with a number of brokers. and i should say exness satisfies me as well. their spreads and data feeds are reasonable. but i should mention that ther are to many requetes all the time.
also auto wd is absolutely convinient thing.
so that's my vision

Daniel Dendra   24 August, 2010  

It is very tough putting on a position on their server. I can't imagine how to trade all these guys with Exness.
The server always say "requote","invalid price","no connection" and others.
If you could open a position fortunately , you'll not close with pointed price and losing money.

Stay away, They're completely SCAM!!!

Hiro,Japan   29 May, 2010  

johanes you poor sod, if you think this nube broker is good compared to others then I would hate to know who you traded with in the past! If you think that it is safe to go with a completely new broker with a track record of only a few months...then your balls are bigger than your brain!

Rachid   29 March, 2010  

Anything good. Very bad broker. There are no licences and not clear registration. A demo a platform always without communication. Supports are not present. Swindle.

Meeshel   27 March, 2010  

very good, and the most important for us traders is very best withdrawal n fast , it's superior like i never seen in others broker, thumbs upp

johanes   26 March, 2010  

"The Exness brokerage informs its clients about stopping of Credit Cards acceptance from Egypt and Brazil because of the big number of Fraud transactions..." HA! The scammers getting scammed!! Like the pot calling the kettle black...

Rachid   22 February, 2010  

please type your (commentor) name with nationality or country thanks to traders....

sivakumar india   20 February, 2010  

Who is this company? They is new and you tell me they ranking at top of this website next to all the huge brokers like FXCM, Oanda, Advanced Currency Market, Saxo and others?? Look at Exness website, they write the leverage 200:1 as 1:200....inexperienced mistake?? To the new IB above, of course they pay you at the moment, they are new as well. Do you not understand Ponzi/scam method? You pay at the begining to keep the money coming in, they know you working hard to find the big fish, when he come and you open the million $ + account, then you can wait for your commission....it is Russia...so regulation and chance will not be on your side. Maybe they will ask you to vote for them here while they consider to pay you!

Who?   15 February, 2010  

How company EXNESS can be near to IG markets, MRC markets, FXCM? These the market-markers do all prices in forex. As it is possible to compare to them EXNESS which has no licence and which can't be trusted. From EXNESS the big danger at them proceeds it is possible to leave all money and then there is no legal lever for return of the money.

SOFIA   13 February, 2010  

I wish all to warn that exness not licensed company and still they are in Russia. It very dangerously also can lead to loss of money because they work illegally.

Stefani   9 February, 2010  

Ive been trading with them as a retail trader and this broker is good<br />
Now i am Introducing Broker in Asia for Exness<br />
Always pay my profit and other trader profit

Scalperzmania   24 January, 2010  

Withdrawal is exceedingly fast, at least it was when I closed my account after a month of days filled with downtime, "not our fault" was always the reply. Well I&#39;m sorry, as far as I am concerned the buck stops at your door, you are the one offering the trading conditions, and quite frankly you are a million light years away from the worst of the best at the moment. My tip is if you want to be taken seriously and make it, sort yourself out, and quick!

Carolina Africa   18 January, 2010  

raely very fast automatic withdrawal. it&#39;s fantastic and unusual. and the most surprising that it&#39;s working

Musharaph   18 January, 2010  

I have just used this broker for 3 days and have no found major issues. Currently i am little bit in profit. the response of customers &#39; queries are also fairly quick.<br />
things that should be care about is that their server connection is sometimes down for as many as 5 times a day. But in overall, I still cant rate this broker GOOD as I have not experienced with the withdrawing process from them..anyone has?

thejalak   15 January, 2010  

I know english not so well, but I agree that grammatic mistakes it&#39;s unprofessional. But you know I am trading with them around 2 months and there were no serious problems. Good conditions and honest work. Have no idea why are you so unfriendly with them.

Jhon4ever   15 January, 2010  

Nope....but looks like another nube with nothing better to do than vote for itself. Their website (in English) is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, not very professional if your intent is to be taken seriously, it is of no matter where you originate from, if you choose to write in a language that is not native to your company, then you make the effort and pay a professional to create it for you...thus presenting yourself in a better light. Can&#39;t wait to read all the praising reviews that will no doubt start to appear...hmmmmm.

Slavetotrade   14 January, 2010  

Here comes a newbie. Does Anyone know anything about this one?

Johny   12 January, 2010  


The Exness Group is an international, award-winning retail forex broker founded by a group of like-minded finance and IT professionals in 2008. With a deep understanding of traders’ needs, the modern forex company provides accessible, stable, and reliable brokerage services through the use...

Regulation: CySEC (Exness (Cy) Ltd), FCA (Exness Europe Ltd)

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