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Review Rating - 4
hi all...FBS have a new promotion: FBS Breakeven Trading "ll the traders have been dreaming of has now come true: you can trade without losses! Only with FBS unique offer you can return 100% of your deposit in case you lose it.

FBS is the first broker in the world to guarantee break-even trading!

With FBS you can be sure that in case you lose your deposit FBS will return it!

FBS has developed a flexible deposit insurance program, where you can set the insurance conditions by yourself, that is:

The insured amount (10% to 100%)
Return term (1, 3 or 6 months)
Right now you can insure 10% to 100% of your deposit. In case you lose it, you will get it back in 1, 3 or 6 months. Try it now!

source: fbs.com/breakeven

Review Rating - 1
Local withdrawal without cuts for commissions, truly profitable.

Review Rating - 1
FBS is very flexible, besides many alternative devices, now in Indonesia has been able to deposit and withdrawal locally.

Review Rating - 3
Dear all..
Great news for Indonesian Trader!!!:
[QUOTE]FBS introduces new deposit and withdrawal option for Indonesian traders

10 Nov 2011, 12:10

Dear traders!

FBS continues improving the quality of services and simplifying funds transfer procedure. No more excessive charges from international wire transfers or credit card fees. And you can deposit right from your local bank, either via Internet banking or in person. It's low cost, easy and convenient!

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Deposit & Withdrawal option for Indonesian traders: now you may deposit your trading account using local bank transfer in Indonesia. With the help of Bank Indonesia transfers can be made in Indonesian rupiah (IDR).

Just follow these steps:

1. Login your FBS Personal Area
2. Get bank details
3. Make local bank transfer
4. Fill in payment notification in your Personal area
5. Use the funds for trading

If you require any further information please click here to contact one of our professional and friendly customer service representatives available 24/5 or just visit our representative office in Indonesia to get the full support with funds transferring or trading.

source: FBS website

Review Rating - 1
FBS always provide the best service and fast

Review Rating - 1
WD on FBS is very satistified. no more then one hours. my request was succeed although my WD not much.

Review Rating - 1
The market news from FBS is great!!!! always update and so help full for me to watch the market before open a position. You can check in this link: fbs.com

Review Rating - 1
FBS have bonus 25% from deposit. and this is very useful for my trading. the other advantages is FBS have a news was accurate.

Review Rating - 1
Demo contest FBS is really very useful to deepen our trading capabilities

Review Rating - 1
Really comforts with FBS. Good Server, Fast Withdrawal... Keep it up!

Review Rating - 1
A lot of chance which give to us to increase our capability in trading, Thank you FBS

Review Rating - 1
fbs is my best broker low spread, fast execution, withdrawal simply excellent broker for me....

Review Rating - 1
really satistified with wd good response so far

Review Rating - 1
When at other broker was difficult to open a position when the news came out, with FBS remained normal.

Review Rating - 1
i have a lot of comment from my friends that FBS have a good support if any problem with the trader and so quickly

Review Rating - 1
that was so easy WD with Liberty reserve and no comision of course

Review Rating - 1
FBS still more excellent in forex especially in respond of server trading

Review Rating - 1
WD and deposit so easy..
let try the advantages of FBS

Review Rating - 1
I am a scalper, looking for broker with fast server and the most important thing it's allowed me to trade with any style of mine. FBS give all I need.

Review Rating - 1
Fast execution, fast withdrawal. I like it!

Review Rating - 1
really good broker, i use MT4 from FBS was simple and no more requote again

Review Rating - 2
I've been trading 2 years, I was trading before in inst*forex bu their requote was terrible made me loss and MC but then I found FBS 1 year ago, I thought FBS broker is close to excellent, fastest server, rarely requote and under 24 hours withdrawals processed. Their CS is so responsible and kind. I'm very satisfied.Truly good broker especially the fastest server they have. hope FBS always keep this best performance

Review Rating - 1
I want to galad finding this broker. it was very different then the other. FBS very traders oriented for i see

Review Rating - 1
so far i trading with FBS i never feel disappointed, so far so good with FBS

Review Rating - 1
really recomended broker. it's very fast in WD and deposit.