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I am about to open an account with this broker, but sincerely i am beginning to hold back due to all these negative comments. i traded with their Micro account twice, i lost both deposits though but i thought it was because of the spread thats why i want to try their standard account. I hope i dont get disappointed?

Quaku   4 May, 2019  

Hello, Sir! We understand you concerns and wish to find the most adequate broker. Though you surely realize that trading is related with risks of losing funds which cannot but frustrate and this sometimes leads to negative comments about a broker. While those traders who get real profit rarely write about it on the forums. But, as you may see, our team is always trying to investigate the case and give an explicit reply. We are open to discussion and always by your side.
Regarding the account type, if you are seeking the lowest spread, we can recommend you our ECN account - it has the lowest spread available.
We wish you a lucky trading, Sir!

FBS   13 June, 2019

They are scamming people by moving orders when it's taking the right direction and blame it on slippage and they know that they do that and cover themselves with a clause on their contract.For you safety stay away. How does an order slip by 400+ pips?

Vusi   25 April, 2019  

I couldn't agree more. This happened to me on Wednesday morning when i was about to scalp NZD interest rate news. I placed my buy stop order at 1.9812 and stop loss was 15 pips away. When the news was actually released I got my order placed at 2.0000 and my stop loss was 5 pips away from the price at which FBS server executed my trade. It was 186 pips away from my entry point which lead me to incur a loss.

Cedar Philip   9 May, 2019

Dear Sir!
We totally understand your frustration.
Unfortunately, you didn't provide here any account details so we could check the case more thoroughly, so we can recommend you to write a claim to our support@fbs.com address with the following information:
-your full name,
-your account number,
-date and time of the dispute situation,
-ticker (number) of the dispute order,
-claim description.
Till that time kindly let us remind you that according to the Customer Agreement:
3.3.7. Spread on trading accounts can be widened before, in time and after economic, political and other news release, during the Gap, at the time of Market opening (on Monday) as well as at the time of low market liquidity and when a market situation is conditional on high spreads.
It's needless to say that the news trading is one of the most risky strategies on Forex as it bears high risks of losses.
As for scalping trading strategy, we do recommend you to try ECN account type. It has the lowest spread

FBS   13 June, 2019

Vusi i agree with you, the thing woth FBS is their execution time. They take over 0.05 seconds to execute their customers deals. Is very bad when it comes to that...

Freddy   15 September, 2019

I work on fbs 100dollar bonus account and fulfill his all conditions but at the time when I was going to complete the mini lots requirement they close my account and his customer representatives are misleading the clients and providing wrong information also the staff are incompetent. I have all the snapshots of live chat and my account status. Be aware from FBS they just scam and money steeler

Arslan Butt   23 April, 2019  

Dear Sir! Unfortunately, we cannot see your account number here to clarify the situation, but it is most probably that your bonus was expired, since according to the bonus conditions the bonus funds are available for trading for 50 days from the moment of the account registration. If it is not the case, please, kindly provide us with more detailed information so we could investigate the case.
Thank you in advance!

FBS   13 June, 2019

Don't trade with this broker. When they see you taking the right direction they say common error.

Ofentse   19 April, 2019  

Thank you for your feedback. Could you please clarify which exactly issue did you encounter? Please give your account number in order to check the issue. We are always here and in the chat to help you.

FBS   13 June, 2019

I have a question, fbs is it true that you you dont work well with stop orders?

Time   14 April, 2019  

Hello, Sir!
No, this information is not true. The process of all stop orders execution is explicitly described in our Customer Agreement. Though, please, kindly take into consideration that overall the order execution depends on many factors such as account type or market situation, for example. You can check it for yourself with our Demo-accounts. Wish you successful trading!

FBS   13 June, 2019

Yes it's true they did exactly that to me yesterday,saying there was slippage of 400+ pips

Vusi   25 April, 2019

Can u help with FBS support system contacts plz

Thabang   12 April, 2019  

Hello. Please contact us at support@fbs.com and provide us with the details of your account so we could check the information for you!

FBS   13 June, 2019

Be careful guys they blocked my account 100$ after making 256 and took all the money they are scamming people

Lindiswa   8 April, 2019  

Dear Sir! We would highly appreciate if you provide us with more detailed information about your account so we could check your case and help you. Also, please, kindly be reminded that you always can check the status of your transaction in Transaction History. In case of facing any difficulty you can contact our customer support via chat or by writing an e-mail to support@fbs.com and our agents will do their best to help you.

FBS   13 June, 2019

Fbs is not a scam, its a really good broker with very low spreads, fast deposits and withdrawals, however try to avoid stop orders because their policy says if there is a gap in the market they cannot execute your orders accurately, so ull see all your orders being opened at wrong values and lose all your money.

Lynn   3 April, 2019  

Thank you very much for your trust! We really appreciate it.

FBS   13 June, 2019

Hi Lindiswa its look like they dont support bank wire for deposit and withdrawal for a big broker like that very sad because i will neteller use skrill very poor service

Andile   22 April, 2019

Thank you for your feedback! We definitely understand your feelings about this situation and more than anyone would like to add wire transfer again. And we would like to assure you that we are already working on it. Thank you for your patience!

FBS   13 June, 2019

Why FBS charts are not the same as other brokers? I lost so much today. Be careful guys.

Usa   22 March, 2019  

Dear Sir! We are really sorry to hear that you bore losses. But we would like to remind you that the quotes of other brokers may differ from FBS quotes or they may be the same - both these situations are absolutely normal: different brokers may have several liquidity providers; these liquidity providers can coincide with ours (in this case the quotes will be the same) or can be different (in this case the quotes may vary).
Moreover, brokers may switch from one liquidity provider to another, and that means that at one moment quotes may coincide and at another they will differ.
We hope we have managed to clarify and wish you a profitable trading!

FBS   13 June, 2019

Don't enter the 100$ bonus. It's a scam. FBS has terms and conditions that you have to abide to, to get the money. They are as follows. You can only withdraw 100$ only when you make 100$ profit , if you make more profit than that, we will only give you 100$ to withdraw only. And you are only allowed to use 0.01 lot size. That means for every 100 pips you'll have 1 $. What a joke right. Ohhh and the biggest scam of all . The last condition you have to complete is to trade 5 lots. I contacted FBS via Telegram and they said that. 0.01 lots = 1 order that is at least 100 pips. Which means that for me to withdraw the 100$ profit. I have to have to make 0.01 lot - 500 orders that are 100 pips = to get 5 lots. Generally for me to get 100$ I have to make 500 $ with a lot size of 0.01. And I only have 50 days to do this. It's impossible. FBS are scamming us and getting new customers by stealing our time and selling a false dream. FBS is the worst broker of all time.

Bob   21 March, 2019  

Dear Sir!
We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the conditions of our new bonus.
Let us kindly remind you that all conditions of the promotion can be found on the site, there are no hidden rules, no deposit is required. It is not quite understandable what do you see as scam here?
This bonus was developed to help our clients learn more about risk-management and trading with smaller amounts. Also, kindly be informed that in MetaTrader the account is displayed as Demo until you fulfill the Trade 100 Bonus conditions.
Since the main idea of "Trade 100$ bonus" is training and understanding what trading is, the trading itself is performed on Demo-account.
Nevertheless, as soon as client fulfills the promotion conditions, he/she is able to withdraw REAL funds. The possibility to get free 100$ without any deposit.
Also, please, kindly take into consideration that the value of 100 pips is given for 5-digit quotes (!).
For, example: when you buy EURUSD at the price of 1.13234 and close the deal at 1.13480, the difference between the opening and the closing prices is 0.00246 = 246 pips;
The condition about 5 lots is totally practicable condition which has been proven by numerous successful withdrawals.
In case you are not satisfied with "Trade 100$ bonus" conditions, you still can try our "Bonus 100% on deposit".

FBS   13 June, 2019

Di I withdraw the $100 bonus profit?

Nghunghu   14 March, 2019  

Please, kindly be informed that "Trade 100$" bonus is given for trading, you cannot withdraw it.

You can withdraw profit gained on trading with bonus funds in the amount of 100$.

In order to withdraw your profit from 100$ bonus account, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

1)there should be 30 active trading days;

Active trading day is a day when the order was opened or closed.

2)the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be bigger than the total number of pips from losing orders;

3) you should have at least 5 lots traded in the period of 30 active trading days;

4) the conditions of the bonus should be fulfilled within 50 days since the moment of getting the bonus.
Also, let us remind you that only orders with 100 pips (10 points) difference between opening and closing prices meet the conditions.

For example, if you opened order at 1,00000 price and closed it at 1,00100 price or vice versa.

FBS   13 June, 2019

Fbs moved my pending orders and triggered my trades, what a scam. Stay away.

Srrgg   22 February, 2019  

Hello! Unfortunately, we cannot see your account here to check what can be the reason of the issue. Please, kindly contact us in chat or by writing us an e-mail to support@fbs.com. Our customer support agents will be happy to help you!

FBS   13 June, 2019

FBS literally move my pending order with about 15 pips while I was trading fundamental. They claim to be a true and fair broker while they are scamming us. It happened once so I thought it was a technical glitch so I decided to record all my trades, it happened again FBS is a scammer. I have a good mind of posting the video all over media before we have more victims like me. You complain, they block you.

Kopzino   20 February, 2019  

Hello! Unfortunately, we cannot see your account here to check what can be the reason of the issue. Please, kindly contact us in chat or by writing us an e-mail to support@fbs.com. Our customer support agents will be happy to help you!

FBS   13 June, 2019

I am just wondering why all this bad reviews keeps coming up, i remember when i wanted to open an account with FBS last year, i read a lot of negative comments about them. I still decided to give them a try, and believe me no issues with them at all, withdrawal was pretty fast. My advice to everyone is if you cannot take enough time to read there terms and conditions of bonus, please don't take any. Make your own deposit and trade, all will be ok for you.

Tonia   17 February, 2019  

Thank you for your feedback, it's very vital for us

FBS   13 June, 2019

Please explain to me how it works

Marlyn   4 March, 2019

Thank you guys for the reviews, you helped some of us.

Glo   13 February, 2019  

This broker firm is scam, I managed to make my account to 132$ with 82$ profit with their 50$ account but they closed my account and withdrew all the funds without any notice, don't use them, they steal ur money,

Naz   10 February, 2019  

it means your 7day trail was over. you could've check with the online service. you couldv redeemed your profit from the bonus. I've used the 50$ bonus I made 450 .I took my 400$ nd the took their 50$ ..mind you u can withdraw the profit using your debit card you must you neteller or skrill or PayPal. FBS broker its not a scam.

Chris   18 February, 2019

Thank you for your trust!

FBS   13 June, 2019

Why cant i use Visa or MasterCard to depozit funds?

gregor kantuar   3 February, 2019  

this broker is a scam my trades were open and on profit and they manupulated the system and closed them and now my balance is $000 from $900

thami   28 January, 2019  

I'm struggling to withdraw my profit after reaching your terms & conditions

Simphiwe   23 January, 2019  

Where can i find the terms and cons of the $50 bonus

me   22 January, 2019  

Hi there, I'm new to Fbs was referred by a friend who said he never experienced any problems with you guys so I decided to jump in. Started with a 50 bonus acc and I managed to take it to 170$. Now I'm personally asking you guys... Since I got 50$ bonus which was super amazing , and managed to Tripple my account. How can I withdraw my profits? How much exactly will I be able to withdraw? Thank you. Waiting for your response

Karabo   16 January, 2019  

I provided all the information that was require when in was trying to open an account. after a few hours I received an email saying that my account is banned an according to the companies policy I can not verify my profile

nhippo   13 January, 2019  

Dear Sir!
Please, kindly be informed that a client can use only one verified Personal Area. In case we see that a client already has one verified Personal Area, we ban the opportunity to verify new Personal Area.
If there is some specific reason why you need to verify new Personal Area, please, kindly contact our customer support by e-mail (support@fbs.com), providing the proof that you cannot use your previous Personal Area.

FBS Official

FBS   14 January, 2019

guys some are just trying to open acc get bonus withdraw and go to next broker ans do the same try to get your game on visit webinars get educated and trade be an informed trader i lost all 50 bonus after making a little over $150 in 4 days then i got greedy and lost it all in about 20minutes trying to prove to some guy i was a guru. Please don't markets change and the 123 bonus i lost i a day coz i wanted to get back wat i lost on the 50 bonus get in formed follow the webinars get educated there in no harm but harm is you trying to build a house with brick and no cement and no water but caw dung

MK   2 January, 2019  

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your feedback. We are happy that you are making a right conclusions from your experience. In order to help you in that we suggest to visit the educations section on our website, there you can find a lot of useful information for improving your trading skills.
We wish you happy and profitable trading!

FBS Official

FBS   10 January, 2019

If your wise stay away from FBS. It is easy to make deposit with them but really hard to withdraw. I am struggling to get part of my money for a week without an success. If your wise stay away.

Elsharif   27 December, 2018  

Dear Sir!
We would love to investigate your situation and do our best to help you, but, unfortunately, you didn't write account number or any other contact information which could help us to find the details in our system.
Please, kindly be noted that in most cases withdrawal may be rejected if a client chooses incorrect payment system or has to provide additional information.

In this case we may recommend you to contact our customer support via chat or write us to support@fbs.com.

FBS Official

FBS   10 January, 2019

They stole my $900 still can't withdraw it run away guys from this broker and let's make sure we spread the word even on social media

Thamsanqa Mbambo   25 May, 2019

Dear Sir! We would highly appreciate if you provide us with more detailed information about your account so we could check your case and help you. Also, please, kindly be reminded that you always can check the status of your transaction in Transaction History. In case of facing any difficulty you can contact our customer support via chat or by writing an e-mail to support@fbs.com and our agents will do their best to help you.

FBS   13 June, 2019

Avoid it. Its easy to deposit but very hard to withdraw your money from FBS. I am struggling for about week to get part of my money. Be wiser than me avoid FBS

Elsharif   26 December, 2018  

I'm experiencing the same problem too, were you able to get your funds back..

Thamaga   15 April, 2019

Very fast in deposit & very slow in withdraw. I am trying for more than one week to withdraw from my account and I couldn't . Be careful in dealing with them

Elsharif   26 December, 2018  

Why ask for ID number?

Merchial   19 December, 2018  

Dear Sir,
According to the Anti-Money Laundering Policy:
FBS is subject to the International Money Laundering Abatement and Anti-Terrorist Financing and regulations based on that legislation. The company's anti-money laundering policies and procedures are designed to meet the requirements of the legislation by minimizing the opportunity for customers to engage in money laundering activities through transactions in the Forex markets. FBS`s procedures are focused on “knowing the customer”. We require two forms of identification: 1) Picture identification, i.e. a passport or driver's license, and 2) One form of identification confirming the customer's address, i.e. phone bill or a utility bill.

As for the card copies, please, kindly be informed that we strictly recommend clients to cover their CVC/CVV code on the back side of the card (on the back side of the card only your signature is needed to prove the validity of the card). The card copies are needed to prove that the card belongs to the client and to exclude any fraudulent activity.

FBS Official

FBS   10 January, 2019

I provided the ID and 2credit card copies. They are keeping asking for more.

Elsharif   27 December, 2018

Strange right ID 4 what? Something is just not rite....

Lerato   4 January, 2019

I've made a $10 to my account recently and made some profit. I logged on to mt4 and my money disappeared I was left with 0.00. It's really upsetting can I have my money back please coz it's not profits from any bonus

Amy   13 December, 2018  

Dear Sir/Madam!
In case you have any doubts about some of your orders being executed accurately, please, send us an official claim with all the necessary information about your issues. Claims are sent to our e-mail address support@fbs.com only within two working days after the issue has occurred.

A Client’s claim must contain:
your full name,
your account number,
date and time of the dispute situation,
ticker (number) of the dispute order,
claim description.

FBS Official

FBS   10 January, 2019

I have few thousand dollars deposit in FBS. When you want to withdraw the money using your visa or Mastercard card that use for the deposit, the money will credited to your visa card as informed by the customer service. However, the profits can only be credited into other means of payment system like skrill or neteller, not applicable to visa or master card. This information is not explained on its official website. Also when you withdraw the deposit money, they have a long delay to verify the credit card.

Yeepa   10 December, 2018  

Dear Sir!
Please, kindly be noted that according to the Customer Agreement, if an account has been deposited by a debit or a credit card, the funds will be credited back to the card. Up to 100% of the initial deposit can be withdrawn to the card.
As for the delay, could you, please, kindly clarify what do you mean exactly? When a client creates a withdrawal via Visa / Mastercard, there is an option to attach the scanned copies of the card, therefore the card is verified during the withdrawal process and it doesn't take much time.

FBS Official

FBS   10 January, 2019

The comments Im seeing here are very scary, seems like there's more to this $50 bonus than what meets the eye. So many negative reviews! Im surprised this broker is still operating.

Zalo   6 December, 2018  

Good broker made huge profit of 500usd from bonus and It can be recommended to any true trader who has gain enough education about markets got my withdrawal within 1hour on my skrill account

Vaal   5 February, 2019

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