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I am thinking to give a try with FBS, Plz tell me is it trustworthy? Or any other tried reliable broker. I have already been cheated and lost a big amount.

Fam   18 September, 2018  

They are terrible they blew my account because they manipulate I love 6700$ to them they don't drop my profit regularly I open my account on the 1st of November they blew my account on the 2 of December useless scamming broker the G20 so call summit they used it to their own advantage and not clients

Babalola olalekan   3 December, 2018

I'm wondering, we are students in uni we basically share the same IP so what happens.

Shane   17 September, 2018  

I deposited my money into my account, i ahve not traded but when im making a withdrawal, it says money has been deposited to my FNB account but quickly say my account is in access i should deposit money, and when i go to FBS the money has not left the account, i have been struggling since Wednesday and it is really frustrating, what's worst is that it's a hustle to even do then withdrawal it takes a whole lot but still don't get what you want, Please guys i beg you help me withdraw my funds for FBS, if they had a number to call i would but i guess this is the next best thing to do, i need your help please guys

Futhwa Mazwana   16 February, 2019

Please contact us at support@fbs.com and provide us with the details of your account so we could check the information for you!

FBS   13 June, 2019

Dear trader, I begin my interest on Forex because of this FBS 50 no deposit bonus. Begin with USD50, I end up increase the total amount at USD530 within 4 Days. I make the withdrawal sometimes at midnight Malaysia time and check my bank account next morning. To my surprise, I am been paid by FBS as they promised. So I was wondering here,how could some trader quote FBS was scam? I believe you might been rejected because you're again the terms and conditions stated for bonus by FBS.

Ibrahim Basirat   13 September, 2018  

Dear Sir!

Thank you for your review! We are very happy that you are satisfied with our services and wish you happy and profitable trading!

FBS Official

FBS   10 January, 2019

don't waste your time and money with these scammers

vijayasarathi   18 September, 2018

its cause many traders newbies dont understand terms and condition

julius   11 February, 2019

Is the live chat customer support Indonesia working without SOP? They so not credible. I had the conversation screenshoot. My beloved FBS upset me

Putri Ayu   12 September, 2018  

I need help. I wanted to try FBS but i am wondering where is the problem now. I opened a $50 account and after that i made profits of $610. I made a withdrawal request and it took forever to process until i got an email that i should send a selfie and an ID before i am given the profits. Now after sending that there is no more reply from FBS. I am asking if they are still processing but its been hours and hours and they are not replying. Now i am wondering do i have to trust them or not? Account number is: 270107680

Mdumiseni   7 September, 2018  

I am just starting with FBS. Any luck since 7 September? Did they pay you?

Petra Dijkhuizen   14 September, 2018

I deposited money by wire transfer. The other payment/withdraw options are not easy to use from my country. I checked my personal area and the withdraw by bank wire transfer is no longer available. I went to live chat and they had no explanation except that I should try the other options. Why would a broker not want to transact directly through the banks? Red flag! Is this affecting me alone or is there anyone else affected?

Musubuzi   2 September, 2018  

Hi, what I would like to know is that for me to be able to withdraw profit from 50$ bonus account, do I have to take only two trades or I can take up 5 trades?? The reason I'm asking is because on the terms and conditions of 50$ bonus it is said the you can withdraw after 2 trades.

Charles   27 August, 2018  

Not 2 trades man. 2lots

Kasun   13 December, 2018

Hello fbs official, i tried to make a withdrawal today it does not go through, my e-mail is ..., please send me your details so that i can send you my CC and account number information for you to process my withdrawal. Please

Phenyo Khunou   20 August, 2018  

I tried to verify my account but it was banned pls tell me why i need your help

Kgothi   22 August, 2018

Fbs has really fast withdrawals and deposits, BUT Beware! Do not open an fbs account to trade events, during events the market moves really fast, the sell/buy stop order values u have entered will not be executed. they calculate their own value and call it a market gap leaving you with very little profits or loss. They find excuses to stop out your account saying it is a market gap. However if you are a good trader and you do not enter only events then you will benefit highly from the leverage

Lynn   5 August, 2018  

FBS always reject my wd 3 times till now. I have talked via live chat and they asked me to wait. Their support doesn't respond my email until now. I consider them as a negative broker so far since this is my first time bad experience with them. My FBS account no. 300245984.

Rhmat   1 August, 2018  

Fbs is a bunch of thieves. Never trust them. I opened a 50$ bonus account with my boyfriend and we stay together and when i made enough noney and wanted to withdraw they declined my withdrawal and disabled my account saying im not allowed to trade on the same wifi as my boyfriend, FBS is a bunsh of crap and the worst brokers ever know! They would do anything to make sure you dont het your money and come up with any excuse to why not. please do not go to FBS never!

Abby   23 July, 2018  

Same thing happened to my brother and I. Made 250 USD profit on the bonus account. They just blocked our accounts.No explanation. Is there a reliable broker with good bonus deals?

Onka   3 August, 2018

I have been trading with xm.com for the last 7 years. After xm announced they will be lowering their leverage to 30 I started looking for other brokers. This is when I stumbled upon FBS which seemed like a good alternative and they were also running a $50 no deposit bonus. So I thought I'd give it a shot. I registered an account with them, went through the verification process and received the $50 in my trading account. The $50 bonus account conditions are as follows: You have to trade a total of 2 lots and make more than $25 in profits in order to be able to withdraw said profits (meaning bonus not included) to an account of your choosing (I chose Skrill). Of course you are only allowed to open one (1) bonus account. So once I went through verification I received the $50 in my account. I went on to trade a total of 2 lots and made about 117euros in profits. So I immediately tried to withdraw the profits to my skrill account just to check if they were trustworthy. About 30 minutes later I login to fbs.com dashboard to see that my withdrawal request was declined with absolutely no explanation given. They even went as far as to cancel my MT4 account. The next logical step was to contact their live chat support which I did. The conversation I had with them went as follows: Chat started Alex: hello ; Chloe joined the chat ; Chloe: Hello! Thank you for contacting FBS support! How may I help you? ; Alex: why did my withdrawal request get declined ; Chloe: What is your account number? ; Alex: 4923200 ; Chloe: The IT department has detected that you have opened/used more than one bonus account 50 from the same IP address or device. This is NOT allowed. In fact the rule appears here ..., point 10. The server saves this information, and, unfortunately the account can not be unblocked. You were informed with the bonus rules when you opened your account, it is implied that you accepted these rules when you clicked in "open account", and that you had knowledge of the conditions set by the company. They claim I opened multiple accounts with them which makes me wonder who is wasting their time opening multiple bonus accounts knowing that in any case if they manage to make a profit they won't be able to withdraw it. I certainly didn't register multiple accounts with them. When I asked them for some kind of proof they couldn't provide any. And I know for sure they won't be able to debunk my claims because I used my home internet connection to register to fbs and I know for a fact that there has been only one registration to fbs. Also it makes me wonder how, since you receive the $50 only after ID verification has been completed, there can be multiple bonus 50 accounts opened. Does this mean that someone other than me has my ID, the same face as me, the same name, the same birthday as me has opened an FBS account. I really don't see how is that possible. If anyone knows how can they can claim such a thing let me know. I even tried to deposit money to my FBS account prior to receiving the bonus, thankfully the deposit didn't go through for some reason, otherwise I'd have lost not only my time but also money with them. In reality I should have been more cautious because they're one of the few companies that still offer no deposit bonus (actually they dont really) when this practice has been outlawed in Europe. And they also offer a 3000:1 leverage. To conclude, don't waste your time with FBS.com. The experience I had with them indicates me that they're untrustworthy. Also why would they run a no deposit bonus if they can't fulfil their end of the agreement. Sorry for the long read. PS. This is the first time I post a review regarding any service, but I just felt I needed to warn fellow traders.

Alex   15 June, 2018  

You guys tried to cheat just to get other bonuses, now you are saying Fbs its scam? where is logic here?

Laurant Kqiku   15 July, 2018

Thanks for sharing Alex, this is the same messages they send me when i tried withdrawing my profits to another account. They keep repeating the same messages every time.

Jonas   19 October, 2018

Was trading so well until they just freezed my account. Have even tried emailing them no reply.

Irene msangi   12 June, 2018  

Run away! Save your money! Very very very very bad! My profit of $3 900 was deducted from MY account because my brother and I use one wifi. They keep saying the IP address is the same, of course it'll be the same! its ONE wifi! I sent the IP address of both my laptop and my brothers and they wouldn't budge because of their beliefs. So FBS "believes" we hedged our accounts? Do NOT use FBS because your entitlement to your profits is based on their "beliefs".

Thabiso   7 June, 2018  

this broker is scam. i have been trading with it since early this year without problem because i was making small wins or loses until yesterday made more now they don't want to give me my profit they now linking me to someone simply because we share same surname.

T.R   6 June, 2018  

Why is ya lot size so high in ya promotional bonus, one can easily blow an account during retracements

Chips   21 April, 2018  

Hello Chips - would you be so kind as to clarify which bonus you are referring to? Thanks.

FBS Official   27 April, 2018

fbs 50$ bonus is fake please don't waste your time

Zafar   11 April, 2018  

How is it fake? Meaning the people we chat to on fbs are fake? Because they reply on us on the chat? Meaning we giving our information to fake people? How you allowed so much fake news to trend like this? Even on your websites there is $50 bonus free

Yola   17 April, 2018

Hello everyone, Zafar, please tell me what has upset you with the $50 Bonus? Please provide your account number and I'll be happy to check on your claim. Thank you.

FBS Official   18 April, 2018

I talk about 123$ bonus without deposit. simply said fraud broker, the website information is totally fake.

govindaraj r   6 April, 2018  

Hello govindaraj r. Can you provide us with some more details what happened? Please provide your account number so that we may be able to help you. Thank you. FBS Official

FBS Official   12 April, 2018

during withdrawal, they are asking for 2 sided copy of my credit card. How can i do this blunder? must change this policy.

aaka101   6 April, 2018  

Hello aaka101. The scan of CC is required for withdrawal if you made the deposit with a CC - also only the first 6 digit and last 4 need to be visible. This process is to ensure client and funds safety. Thank you. FBS Official

FBS Official   12 April, 2018

FBS is not reliable. My funds disappear without explanations. I tried to complain, without success only people talking in chats that doesn't solve problems. Have no ombusdman and support area, only attendant. Do not use this broker.

Leandro   6 March, 2018  

Hello Leandro! Can you provide us with your account number please? We will be happy to check on this or you.

FBS Official   19 March, 2018

Hello Leandro. Funds disappearing sounds very unplausible. Please do provide your account number and I'll be happy to check for you. Thank you. FBS Official

FBS Official   12 April, 2018

I was helping my brother trade through my smart phone. all of sudden they cancel our funds saying we should not use one phone. What if there is only one smart phone?

sifiso   10 January, 2018  

Do you mean they removed all your money just because you logged into another account? they can block it for security reasons until you are able to clarify why?

keoplus   9 February, 2018

Hello Sifiso, it sounds like you are referring to a bonus violation. May we have the account number to check please?

FBS Official   19 March, 2018

Hello sifiso. Firstly, deducted funds were "bonus" funds, due to the violation of bonus conditions. Please kindly read full promotional details in your personal area. Thank you. FBS Official

FBS Official   12 April, 2018

Until now FBS still my best broker. fast deposit and fast WD my money.

guest   4 September, 2017  

I started to trade with FBS when the regulations changed in Turkey. I especially liked leverage rates and order speed. Withdrawals are quick and easy. I withdrawal 740$ in 2 hours. Competitions are enjoyable, but you need to develop a really good strategy. They also have customer service in different languages. Personally, Turkish was important to me.

Burak   24 August, 2017  

My review of FBS broker in a couple of words. Personally, I highly appreciate the work of this broker. It is reliable and has a platform that is pleasant to work with. I haven't faced with any problems except one time (the fault was mine but supporting team reacted very fast and they politely explained the reason why I was confused). However, the key to your success is not only the operation with the broker, but also your strategy and luck) So, you have to be quite amateur to reach high trading results. Speaking about disadvantages, i can't find any.

Elisabeth   18 July, 2017  

I think FBS is a good Broker, Has a good trade conditions, so many bonuses ,lovely contests, has a good support. The most important thing about is the Fast Withdrawal. No complains with FBS so far …so I think it's really the best broker in the market right now. I recommend FBS.

googleplus   12 July, 2017  

I worked with FBS and found it very amazing. So highly recommended to others. FBS is the real reliable broker and I am fully satisfied with this broker.FBS has good execution and good trading platform.

amjadali5050   12 December, 2016  

very very very very bad customer support, i talked with customer support through the website and asked him if there is any bad stuff that fbs do in platform while i am trading and i told him to say yes or no, then he refuse to answer me, that`s mean that they are scammers and thief company play with your platform and hide the real movement of prices. i am in egypt and these stuff happened yesterday.

dawoodmahmoud91   9 December, 2016  

Hello Everyone, I worked with FBS for an year. and I really like this broker this broker provide opportunities to make money. its promotions are awesome we can make money even if i am empty handed. its pro demo contest give 450$ at first place making most of points as compared to other participant. really mind lowing. I recommend.

aishaabubakar412   28 September, 2016  

The most important thing which I liked about FBS is that I have never faced any problem regarding any deposit withdraw activity , and that is the thing which i really liked about FBS as a broker, safety of funds.

jessicasmithforex   18 September, 2016  

As far as my experience is concerned,I am pretty much satisfied with FBS as a trader and trade execution have been really good along with good customer support and other features.

Beejay   11 September, 2016  


FBS is a reliable Forex broker trusted by millions of traders around the world. The company has been in business since 2009 and now is present in over 190 countries. Working with FBS is easy, convenient and profitable with exclusive terms to meet the interest of any trader. Multiple...

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