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I use ECN account. my typical trades is swing trades there where my trades keep open for more than three days sometimes. And depending on trend swaps can be positive or negetive. But it does not create any problem for me or till now I did not get any complain from them. deposit and withdrawal Its only takes a few hours. FXTM was one of my wise decisions that I have made in my trading career.

lawsonbutt20   22 November, 2016  

I have 2 years of experience as Fx trader and had accounts with two different brokers. I was not satisfied so I did my homework and was searching for a GOOD Forex Broker. I decided to open a live account with FXTM. Customer service representatives are friendly and professional. Today I had some problem with my mt4 (it was my mistake) so I talked with my account manager in FXTM She was very helpful and professional and she fixed my error. I like their ECN zero very low spread and no commissi ( its was amazing ),fast execution, instant deposit and withdrawal, (check other brokers how much time it takes!), webinars, bonuses ... and many many other things. Just go to their website and you will see what I am talking about. I highly recommend this broker.

rois8019   16 November, 2016  

I compared more than 7 companies and they all had something that didn't suite to me. FXTM was better for me then the others. The size of minimum deposit is ok, not big and not small. Spreads are really tight, for eurusd on ECN Acount it's starts from 0,1 and FXTM pro starts from 0.0, it's great spread for me as a trader. The 1:1000 leverage for Ecn is fantastic, other brokers has much less leverage. I can open big positions with small amount of money.
for deposit and withdrawal FXTM have alot ways payment. I read the reviews FXTM in several forum about FXTM and many of them were positive. that is quite informative. When I called to their customer support first time, I was surprised that their have good responsive. So it's very very cool broker!

chuongdahn111   14 November, 2016  

After a few months since i open my account, I have No Problem with FXTM. if we talk problems of indicator or expert advisor that we use in one of the charts, I think it might be wise if we re-check settings of the indicator or EA.
Because my experience of using indicators that I often use in another broker, there is no problem when I use in FXTM. I'm sorry if there are less good sentence to be heard, this is only my personal experience during use FXTM as my broker. Thanks to its service Dear Admin FXTM.

honggaoliang999   9 November, 2016  

I'd been with fxtm for about 1 year. There is no perfect brokers anywhere, however after comparison with my previous brokers, I'd say it's one of my good choices in the investment. I'd tried many big names in the industry while there will always be big issues here and there, some will be in withdrawal, some in the speed and some in the spread. i'm opened ecn zero account with leverage 1:1000 in fxtm and My experience for these major aspects at fxtm is a good balance, i think. the speed here is quite stable and I guess it's because they had added some servers, I'd withdrawan several times and basically i can get the money within 1 days. I can get quick support from live customer support easily. actually I am cautious in investment and many choices like leverage and frequencies of trades are mainly depending on yourself, I am trying to grow together with my balance.

2983609749   8 November, 2016  

I trade with FXTM and everything is Ok now. I don't have big profit. But it's Ok. I think you shouldn't try to make 100% profit every month. You'd better make less, but stable! I do it right now. This broker has a very fast withdrawal. There are some slippages, but every broker has them. I read some reviews about another brokers and some of them provide really bad execution.

Oliver.Smith   2 November, 2016  

There was a mixed emotion when I first started with fxtm, for new comers its really hard to decide on what broker to join, everyone claims to be number one, I went for fxtm after doing some research and I’ve read some good reviews about them. I did their demo it was ok, but as we all know demo and live are different, when I went live I started with only a cent account, everything up to now is really smooth and I have no complaints what so ever, spreads widen during big movements but I also read that its really normal with brokers, I consider fxtm a good broker.

Oliver.Smith   27 October, 2016  

Trade up to 7 months in FXTM. I had opened an account here under their IB fxtm parnter. He told me about rules here and I found it seems nice. I have ecn account, deposit 2500 usd. First time I lose money, but when I losed 2000 usd I started to earn and I made 3200 nowtime. Firstly I tried to trade with myself, but decided to try using EA — it was really good way for me as a newbie. So my EA is a scalper and they told that all strategies are allowed in their company. Now I wanna try to open 2 accounts to insure my risks and profit. fxtm really good broker to my suppose and my little practise here, I advise this broker to the newbies. Aslo I saw this broker in many approved lists. It seems that it's seriouse company. But I find that there are some kinds of things which they should improve — sure ther're many insturments here, but I believe that they will add something else.

jasper686   25 October, 2016  

I'd been dealing with forex for 2 years, correct choice of a trading platform is crucial to your trading life. I'd used several brokers before someone recommended FXTM to me in the end of 2014. I opened a live account it's ECN account, fortunately I found it's better than any other broker I previously used. when I'd sent my questions several times to confirm some issues and they replied very quick and help me solved the problems. Deposits and withdraws are fast is a good thing. It's really difficult to find a good broker like this. What I need is reliable platform and wonderful customer service. Now I almost left my another account in other broker, and focus on this account in FXTM.

shawnbradly01   24 October, 2016  

A friend trader mentioned FXTM to me! Beside the good reviews in some of the big forums, I was very skeptical in the beginning since they are new broker and because of their jurisdiction. I tested them with 500 USD and I was amazed with their service and support when I opened and funded my account. Even when I tried to withdrawal some of my profits they sent me a receipt that my withdrawal was refunded. The same goes with their trading conditions, ecn zero account leverage up to 1:1000, low spreads (EUR/USD: 0.5-1.8) and super fast execution! I am trading Forex for the last 6 years so I have been around with many brokers and FXTM makes trading very easy.

henrick86   19 October, 2016  

I have been searching for a good yet reliable broker for the past few years. It is hard to find one due to the restrictions, limitations and fraud some broker subdued with. After a few years searching for a good broker to invest my money in, I have found FXTM. Yet, I had absolute no issue in withdrawal/deposit of my money in FXTM. It makes me feel secure as I myself is an experienced pamm investor and I always prioritize on a broker reputation and excellence before investing. Hence, I would totally recommend this broker to anyone out there whom would like to invest in PAMM accounts as they have tons of experienced and versatile managers to arrange your funds. No complaint so far since my issue were handle very nicely by their back office and customer service. Fast and precise.

gracefx123   17 October, 2016  

I chose FXTM broker because it suggests a lot of ways to make deposit and withdrawal. I guess that if this company has many payment systems so they have good relatioship with the other companies and they are reliable.
As for me I was looking for neteller because I have ewallet there for a long time and I trust them, and fxtm have good relationship with netteler. Sure I was surpirsed about the spread is low and high speed execution here when started to trade. My account now has 15% proft form the deposit, and I feel comfortable trading here and I am not going to change the broker now.

thinhphong11   14 October, 2016  

I am a businessman and have my retail business. I was looking for a safe forex broker in which I can put my investments since I am a big time trader. Upon lot of research I come to know that only a handful of brokers are really safe to trade with and one of my friends. I have been trading with FXTM for now 2 years and I have high volume trades which are executed at international market rates. Thus, I have no problem of missing out on any good trading opportunities. Since I trade using the fundamentals my trades give good profits and I am able to withdraw my funds. If you are looking for a safe broker, you will find no one better than FXTM.

endre123   12 October, 2016  

I have been trading with FXTM for 2 years. I trade smoothly and don't face any requotes. I use ECN account. my typical trades is swing trades there where my trades keep open for more than three days sometimes. And depending on trend swaps can be positive or negetive. But it does not create any problem for me or till now I did not get any complain from them. Also I was never disappointed with their customer service and my account manager. They are very helpful and provide full support till my problems were fixed. And the thing i like most is their fast deposit and withdrawal, the deposit and withdrawal Its only takes a few hours. FXTM was one of my wise decisions that I have made in my trading career. thx FXTM

daomingsi123jj   9 October, 2016  

I have been trading for a year or so, but before I started trading live accounts, I did like any other newbie trader would do and did some research. FXTM is my second brokerage, and I was really overwhelmed with all the good feedback I got, from fellow trades and in the web. I might not have enough experience to judge a brokerage, but FXTM been improving a lot since I first joined them, I mean execution are faster, I have no problems in depositing or withdrawing money. Actually it only takes a couple of hours for me to receive mine and their support team is always there and very professional. All the best FXTM

guest   7 October, 2016  

After bad experience with another broker, I went to source more brokers. Signed up here because friend recommended it. Did some checks and noted FXTM regulated by CySec, have periodic audits, win industry awards etc.
After demo 2 month, funded a LIVE ECN account to try. Gotta say, execution has been good. There is no weird freeze/jam/requotes so far experienced here. I can even see price ticking smoothly even near news time! For me this is a luxury. Support team has been a great help so far. Additionally, I have been testing EAs and they are working well I think due to good latency here between their server and my VPS. so... this broker is very suitable and reliable for traders relying on EA especially ECN account. Keep up the good work FXTM

James.Fx   6 October, 2016  

fxtm sets low minimum deposit requirement. For beginners it is a good opportunity to start trading. And if to use a variety of bonuses that they offer. Money is withdrawn in time, exactly as they stated on the website, besides, there are many payment systems. Recently they introduced Skrill & NETELLER VIP programs.

sebastian585   30 September, 2016  

I like FXTM because they offer good spreads and nice trading speed. They are communicating with me so nicely about all these things so I know to make good decisions. I will continue to trade with them because i had bad experienced with other brokers and when you find nice one you stay. So far i take over 2000 proffits.

arnold01   26 September, 2016  

Got an EA from my friend and i decide to try it with fxtm ECN account. This is EA is a scalping EA, and he recommends me use this EA with fxtm on ecn account, so i can test it with low deposit , plus this EA require tight stop loss which is sometimes unable to do in other company. Well i am pretty pleased this EA doing its job very good and i am happy in fact no intervension from the broker side.

chakradev19   21 September, 2016  

Should I confess how much I have earned trading with ForexTime? I’d rather not to say that, but I continue doing it and that is the reason to join. What is worth being mentioned here? Diversity! They offer as many instruments and features, as you want. I am trading on standard account and thinking of opening shares account - attractive enough with margin from 3 %. Hedging is allowed everywhere (I mean both on standard and shares accounts). I am not expected to pay any commissions. Spreads depend on market conditions, of course, but tough enough starting from 0.1 pips. FXTM is socially oriented offering participation in industry contests creating surrounding to improve trading skills. The prizes are really worth participation. I have registered for the Forex Trading Legends. It is a live contest for experienced members intended to test the skill of participators under real market conditions.

Payton   24 June, 2016  

Do you prefer hedging, EAs, and scalping strategies? So do I! That is why I am trading with Fxtm. Mobile trading applications are also available here. Just imagine! More than 200 trading instruments are at your disposal. A lot of currency pairs are also interesting. I can affirm that the speed of order execution is high and spreads are low. Do not hesitate because they are new at the market. I’ve tested this broker – you are perfectly safe in trusting in it.

Yonnie   13 June, 2016  

I have switched to FXTM from another broker with which I have traded for almost two years. For the time being I'm with FXTM for six months and I want to say this is a completely different trading experience. Of course any broker has bugs and problems but in case of FXTM they are so minor that not worth talking about. As to advantages - they are numerous.

Leo   5 June, 2016  

Trading with FXTM is real pleasure and stable profit for experienced traders. And I am among them I believe. FXTM offers eight accounts with different possibilities. The broker supports 30 plus payment methods and provides non-trouble deposit and withdrawal. And at last I enjoy a user-friendly and comprehensive website. I find the trading terms quite good for me. When execution is fast and without requotes, a trader can trade with profit if he uses his brain!

VGL   3 June, 2016  


The FXTM brand was launched in 2011, with a unique vision to provide unparalleled trading conditions and all-encompassing educational tools for clients in the forex industry. In the course of just a few years, FXTM has firmly established itself as a global broker; basing its entire philosophy...

Regulation: CySEC, FCA, IFSC

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