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Find this broker in forexfactory discussions, lots of good feedback there with trading journals showing decent live performance. Last week I opened micro account with them, opted for 100% credit bonus, now my account is doubled, though need to understand bonus conditions to use it wisely. Leverage is quite flexible from 1:50 to 1:1000 but I use 1:500 by default and manage my risk adjusting lot size correctly. Customer support is polite and entertains my request professionally, providing answers within a day. Still no profits made and withdrawals respectively, will try to update the review if have time.

drugoydruug   22 October, 2015  

I see several negative reviews on HotForex which have appeared here recently. I am absolutely sure they were posted by rivals' paid bots. The arguments in those reviews have nothing to do with reality. I've been trading for several years with the broker and never had any serious issues. Any minor problems were quickly resolved with the help of the customer support.

Martin   14 October, 2015  

Am trading with HotForex for almost 3 months now and I can tell that this is the worst brokerage in my 3 years trading experience. Spreads and execution are slow and when there is a problem customer support ignore you. They only wants deposit ...thats all

sonam.locus333   13 October, 2015  

Hotforex is a casino not a broker !! Because you bet in forex and no trade at all . the spread is too huge , the execution is too slow , by the way the bonus is also like casino it 50% or 100 % or any number you want it doesn't matter coz you didn't get it at real .

nathandugan149   9 October, 2015  

have you traded with them? what account number? account type? unless you can provide it honestly this would only be pointless claim.

RubenSmith   10 October, 2015

Hotforex block your account if you make profit this is because they gain from trader lose only.And I need to mention that they are very unprofessional because they have many problems with website and promotions and always say sorry.

sonam.locus333   2 October, 2015  

Ohh God, Do you said this based on your own experiences??
Thanks anyway for your sharing sir..

kurnia   26 October, 2015

this dalena ester have been spamming the review section with absurd claims, I dont mind the complaints, but its all contradicting, its really bad if smappers get away with such claims and it affects us traders trying to look up some decent feed, just my two cents. I would sugest that complaints would be backed up with account number or decent emails and details for unbiased reviews, and add to it avoid misinforming regular traders.

Tomokari   28 September, 2015  

Deposited $500 on hotforex recently and had make a profit of $150. After i submit the withdraw they disable my account saying technical error

ava.mia001   26 September, 2015  

i suggest you provide them with an account number, that way the broker can atleast look into it.

Tomokari   29 September, 2015

They offer commodity CFD's what's is quite rare among offshore brokers. I'm going to play bearish on coffee and soybeans basing on the current unhealthy Brazil Real situation. Account settings are quite flexible they offer zero spread and fixed spread but for long-term trades will remain on Premium acc I already registered. Good so far.

educator123   24 September, 2015  

Deposits are very fast for me (less than an hour). Have been using them for over a year....Customer support is good...Give Instant bonus...but the main thing is..why they are slow in took 7 month just to withdraw $100....worst broker ever!!

Miya.Kizzy   24 September, 2015  

With this Scam company, I have been traded for 2 years, and those were 2 worst year of my life.Why hotforex are weak in term of tooks 9 month to withdraw $50 ....never again

dalena.easter   23 September, 2015  

Got my first withdrawal processed the same day, love the way how forex trading works here, fast and safe. Hotforex rep helped me to set up account and navigate through the wire payments and withrawal. I really like their cool fix spread feature only 1.8 for e/u while around 2.5 with my aussi broker I traded before. Satisfied so far

Nagval   23 September, 2015  

Poor Customer ServicePoor chatline staff, takes on average 2 minutes to reply a short sentence.I have screenshot to prove it as well. Just to mention more about their staff, some of the chatline staff seem to not be able to understand english.

anton.landora012   21 September, 2015  

I have deposited small amount (only $125) in my account , after many successful trades I decided to withdraw the capital and continue trading with the profits, everyday I am requesting withdraw but they were ignoring. finally they blocked me from the chat.For even such small amount they are not willing to pay, what a gang is this.

nisha.maihutra   20 September, 2015  

dt bad, but i really dont know if u guys r really talking about hotforex couse, hotforex help my sister from loosing money from a guy who was trading for her using the broker, after the guy told my sister that she lost all her money on the system but fortunatly my sister still reciv emails from hotforex abt her account, she called hotforex the broker about the situation and they told her dt the account is still running after she gave them her details concerning the account, they withdraw her remaining and close the account, of which it was still running, so i wonder if u guys r speaking about hotforex or ather broker

dacoon   21 December, 2017

Those people claim to be STP- they are not! They even claim to offer ECN. They do not! They are nothing more than a market maker, whoose sole purpose is to cheat you,betting against you.

Miya.Kizzy   20 September, 2015  

Very bad, play against you and ruin you.

dalenaeaster   19 September, 2015  

Poor chatline staff, takes on average 2 minutes to reply a short sentence.I have screenshot to prove it as well. Just to mention more about their staff, some of the chatline staff seem to not be able to understand english, wondered where they outsourced their chatlines.

dalenaeaster   16 September, 2015  

I have deposited small amount (only $125) in my account, after many successful trades I decided to withdraw the capital and continue trading with the profits, everyday I am requesting withdraw but they were ignoring. finally they blocked me from the chat. For even such small amount they are not willing to pay, what a gang is this?

dalenaeaster   15 September, 2015  

Great broker with tight spreads and fast platform. I believe they have fair execution as even after tripling my 200$ deposit in two weeks I didn't notice andy change in execution or trading condition. Hope they're not market maker and won't turn against me sometime. Would really appreciate if they lower spread on USD/RUB because it is still high comparing to other brokers.

Poshto   24 July, 2015  

Have traded with hotforex for 2 years, in some basic comparisons, hotforex does perform slightly better than the other broker I used, the spreads are good on majore especially the eurusd, and support is active.

Marych   2 July, 2015  

Just got my first withdrawal of 450 dollars on june 16th, it took aprox 2 days to have it in my skrill account, in general the broker is doing fine, execution is fast, I noticed some minor slippage but rarely encountered them. usually during news releases. I will continue to observe this broker, the withdrawal amount is not big, but so far its positive.

FoscoTunnelly   22 June, 2015  

This broker is quite good in many aspects, I have tried some brokers before and this one make me satisfied. The verification process is simple and could be done in a half of day. Easy to fund and withdraw and no fees went along whilst my old brokers charges a small fee per withdrawal, so terrible! The minimum deposit for standard zero spread account is $100, it's suitable for small traders.

MingYen   28 May, 2015  

hotforex a cheat broker, they stood on nothing, hotforex is a market maker, because most its clients had bought eurchf before snb cap remove, hotforex was on the other side of their positions, that's why they won when clients lost, actually hotforex have a dealing desk, they do not process positions to real market, i experienced that in my 6 months trading on hotforex premium account, it's for sure a market maker type of execution account, bad slippage and delay in execution for up to a minute!!

Yiannis   26 May, 2015  

Stable spreads but not the smallest among brokers. Got only two requotes for 4 month of trading with them during news time. Decent broker for news trading good liquidity on USD/RUB and ZAR pair. Withdrawals are done on 24 hours. Recommend Hotforex.

Alberto Nikolli   18 May, 2015  

Had a VIP account with hotforex for 6 months, hotforex hate profitable traders, when weeks run and hotforex finds the trader to be consistent in profits, hotforex shows its bad side, offquotes, requotes, fake spikes to fill SL. If you are a loosing trader, hotforex will like you, for all others stay away of hotforex cheats.

Lucas Jansen   12 May, 2015  

I have one account with hotforex from last July (about 1 year) and just switched to zero spread account and earning good. I haven't seen any problem in withdrawal and trading. Therefore, I rated them here 8/10.

OkoliMadukaife   12 May, 2015  

I will rate hotforex SCAM and rate you SPAM

Lucas   12 May, 2015

I've been trading with hotforex for 4 months, can asure all that hotforex is a big scam broker. Hotforex manipulate its platform prices, hunts stop losses that costed me $750 in losses. Hotforex market maker action never ends until client account loose. Hotforex SCAM

Cesar   10 May, 2015  

Opened a premium account with hotforex 9 months ago, everything was working alright when my losses were more than my winnings, when i started to profit and winnings increased making my ROI 350% in a month, hotforex showed me its real face, off quotes when exiting my trades, re quotes when executing trades, wide spreads that filled my stop losses. I lost half my account after that running winnings due to hotforex dealing desk service.

Sergio   2 May, 2015  

Very good broker. Fast execution, fast withdrawal, security of fund. I believe this is all the trader needs.

Kimmy   24 March, 2015  

This broker is very decent with their liqudiity and pricing stuff. I have traded with it about 2 years withdrawn many times without an issue. I recommend trading with HotForex.

tainchiu   5 March, 2015  

Account number 269022
Hotforex is a market maker, no STP broker like they claim to be.
Look at hotforex website, there's no liquidity providers names, I was hotforex client, when I asked account manager about who are hotforex LP's he said can't reveal the names, it's a secret!!!
How can't a client know who are the LP's of his broker when hotforex claim to be STP!!!
Hotforex scammed me $15000 after leaving my account to negative balance, how can an accoun run on negative margin!!
hotforex didn't apply its margin policy and hotforex gave me in one account $136000 of bonuses when hotforex bonus policy states $30000 is the max. per account.
Hotforex cheat investors by claiming to be STP but hotforex is giving market maker service.
Hotforex must be punished by regulators CySec and FSA Mauritius.
Stay away of the SCAM hotforex.

ED_Forex   3 March, 2015  


HotForex is an award winning forex and commodities broker, providing trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients. Through its policy of providing the best possible trading conditions to its clients and allowing both scalpers and traders using expert advisors...

Regulation: CySEC, FSC, FSB, FCA, BaFin, DFSA

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