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I've tried to start trading here with 100 dollars, I even had profit, but I didn't continue to trade here, I traded with another broker, but I returned here anyway. It was my first broker, I didn't understand much, but when it came up with something to compare, it appeared that HQbroker was better under the terms and conditions, and they worked honestly. Only a newcomer can't immediately realize it.

Bigantoma   12 August, 2019  

i was very nervous. have withdrawn $ 8,000 from my account, and i didn't expect that everything would go so easily. on the one hand, when you withdraw $ 100, and on the other hand, $ 8,000 is a very big difference in feelings. but thanks for hq broker's honesty, they work fairly. my account number 2007965310

henry   8 August, 2019  

The first deal to buy, and the first profit + $ 27, I already like everything here. I have opened for only one reason, and that was earning. The account was immediately replenished with $ 2000, and I'm planning to continue to replenish it, so now we are only talking about the honesty of the company, which, I hope, it has.

Ronald Franco   7 August, 2019  

A worthy broker, it's pretty 'pretty' quietly here, no one doesn't bother you, and you can discuss with a manager how you want to trade exactly. There are a lot of trading tools, all the cards are in hand, but how to play depends on a trader, you need to constantly learn forex

Riccky   6 August, 2019  

I have been trading on stocks for 11 months, almost a year has gone. The conditions for trading are complied by a broker with, since they do not interfere into the process of my CFD contracts. So hq broker acts more as an intermediary, the result of such cooperation is my profit

Sufjan   1 August, 2019  

I will share something that anyone can face. There has been a situation, when lost my identification card, made a new one, but then I didn't know what to do. I wrote to HQBroker support, everything turned out to be so simple. They proposed to send new scans of the docks. It's cool that everything was so easy to solve, I thought there would be a lot of promlems, but we decided everything quickly. This can be called a high-quality work, when a company doesn't complicate anything, but everything is documented, and is consistent with a bank, so the procedure is safe.

Milo   30 July, 2019  

It's my first broker, and I've opened an account for 500$, for me it was a large amount, but as a result of the first month I understood that that risk wasn't for nothing. I earned another 60$ and I withdrew this sum to the card a week ago. It is clear that there will be dishonest companies, but this is definitely not HQbroker, it's nice when even your manager supports your decision to withdraw and helps to figure out what is needed to boost your trading account.

Sheila   25 July, 2019  

I have only a positive impression from working with HQbroker. I already have something to compare with, but the condition is that you are constantly waiting for a trick. For the few months that I trade here, there were no problems that I had had from the first day of my trading with a former broker. But, I haven't really tried anything here, usually problems arise after the very first request for a withdrawal, there is no possibility to withdraw so far, but this will be the decisive and final factor that will decide our future cooperation.

Lulu   23 July, 2019  

I've experimented with the volumes of transactions at this company, and I want to give advice to all traders who have not fully understood trade. I don't advise you to be greedy and admit that to risk more than 5-7% of the deposit is to dangerous

pixie   19 July, 2019  

You're the first person to say a thing like this in hqbroker reviews. Especially such words cannot be heard from hqbroker managers. But still I believe them, because the persantage of profitable deals are much bigger that the deals with losses

Symonds   22 July, 2019

I believe that HQ Broker can be trusted, since this broker allows you to withdraw the money you earned, the money comes exactly on time, which was refered on HQ Broker official website. And this was the most important factor for me during choosing a company.

Silvio   18 July, 2019  

Have scrolled through many forums and noticed that people often ask the question, how to get distracted from trading... Well, if you are trading for a long time, then relax and continue trading. But when I trade at hq Broker, I don't spend much time on a trade. I don't know, maybe this is due to the fact that I trade with the manager and he often gives me good trading forecasts, and this saves me a lot of time. Therefore, I personally don't need to be distracted by anything.

ben horn   15 July, 2019  

What surprised me was the percentage of profit that was earned during the month of trading by me with a manager. I decided to just check the broker for $ 250, perhaps the amount is not a penny, but the result was unexpected! $ 54 of profit! And this is an unrealistically large percentage of a profit, especially if you know that this money was earned without violating the rules of capital management. I withdrew $ 50 to my bank card. It was sending for 3 days, there were no problems with verification, the manager is excellent. I see no obstacles to earning a lot more with hqbroker!

Just Steve   12 July, 2019  

Now it is possible to open IntraDay orders on TSLA shares, since they are not stable, the best strategy in this situation is scalping! The most important thing is to watch carefully for sell or buy orders you open. But thanks to the managers of the company HQ Broker, they help and tell me how to open a deal right to give simple traders as we are the opportunity to earn!

Anton   9 July, 2019  

Look at bitcoin! It is now the most unstable. But for the moment, he let it go a little. But again, market specialysts advise selling it. I've always been wondering how those people who bought it at $ 20 000. Probably it's good that I'm not one of them.

seth   10 July, 2019

I am a trader with a very large baggage of knowledge and experience, both sad and positive. I began to get involved in forex probably 10-15 years ago. I read a bunch of literature.Before there hadn't been any video lessons. Fortunately, now youtube is abundant of them, plus you can take paid tuition. But fortunately, I don't need it anymore. I chose hqbroker since I have been cooperating with them for a long time, I can certainly say that this company provides exellent withdrawal service and guaratees the safety of money. And I will give advice for newbies - read the literature and watch the training courses!

Rodger   4 July, 2019  

How long have you been trading with HQ Broker? How much withdrawals have you had? I saw a review that contained information about withdrawals - now this broker has a tendancy in holding up big withdrawals ($5000 and more). Is it true?

Barry   5 July, 2019

I've withdrawn 7000 $ without delays. Don't know why anybody says things like that. Maybe you should withdraw approximately the same sums, and then see that there is no holding ups?

Zachary   8 July, 2019

For those who withdrawals by wire over 5000$ how long is take before receiving your money ?

Jessy   19 July, 2019

I was surprised that the company does not have a link to a specific method of replenishing clients' deposits! In fact, the most popular methods are available. When I opened my trading account at HQ broker, I used the card, but there was also an opportunity to replenish through skrill. But I thought that the card would be easier, and that it would be more familiar to withdraw on it

vanilla   3 July, 2019  

I did not think that it's possible to trade with such small sums, regarded it as an opportunity to try myself in this business. I have been trading for 2 months already, I started to figure out what I should do, I understand the manager, and I have even withdrawn money once. The way of making money is strange, and very unusual, but after I made sure that this is not some kind of scam, and not some kind of casino, but a real market, that Hqbroker makes it possible to trade on the stock market, but with very small investments , then I was filled, and I will try to achieve success in trade.

Miller   2 July, 2019  

an adequate broker, i'm trading on a starting account, but i've already replenished my account on several thousands. the conditions are normal, neither I have any difficulties with them, nor hq broker doesn't have any, I've been trading with them for a long time to be sure of the broker and its reliability

celcium   1 July, 2019  

HQ-Broker remains for me the best broker in this market. They always have everything seriously, the manager professionally communicates with clients and acts as an investment specialyst. The company has a high level of service and it is noticeable instantly.

guest   28 June, 2019  

If at first you find it difficult to trade forex, then it'll be a while before it may be easier. I also went through this, hqbroker taught me how to trade. The company has excellent managers with whom it is never boring to trade: you can chat, and trade, and make money - this is just for me. If that suits you too, you can open an account at hqbroker, if you haven't opened it yet.

Stella   26 June, 2019  

It's a typical broker. I would like to find a real offer with a bunch of advantages, but HQbroker has one big advantage, and this is a withdrawal service and a terminal. How much would this topic have not been discussed, it is really true. It's reasonable to trade at a deposit of several thousand here, but the newbies think that 250 is a lot, but time will tell. Managers propose to replenish with bigger sums for good reason

Cloudbuster   25 June, 2019  

I opened an account to trade with hqbroker with the help of scalping. Already have traded several times with gold and a manager helped me. My manager anf I have traded on my 250-dollar account, but because of this small amout of money on my deposit, I didn't suceeded in being a scalper :) Actually I'm even happy about this, I've never earned money on scalping, but intraday trading is not easy, it always pushed me, but now I've inderstood that there is not so many difficulties as I imagined previously.

harry   24 June, 2019  

I started trading on the advice of a friend about 7 months ago, and on his advice I chose HQBROKER. I dealt with a demo account for a long time, but decided to open a deposit for 300$. I was trading on major pairs and exclusively on indicators, just waited for them to converge at one point. Like all newbies, I was lucky with variable constancy, and in the end I was able to go into profit on two orders of 100, then played in pending orders, and my deposit began to decrease notably. Having decided that the benefits outweighed the cost, I replenished my account for a few more times, but risks are not my cup of tea. From that moment I put on hard low stops, and started earning on this strategy. I can say that I have already made a few rules in my trading strategy, although I cannot say that I learned exactly how to trade

Edgar   21 June, 2019  

I can refer you to my account manager,she is an expert in trading online and as helped me alot

Vijay kumar   23 June, 2019

I already left a hq broker review here a few months ago, then I just started trading with this broker. Usually I trade at night, the market is sluggish, and you know exactly which currency pairs will help you earn. Not that you will earn a lot, but nightly Forex practically reduces the risks of draining the deposit, so I don't bear any losses from the margin. Withdrawal usually from 2 days to 5

mogwai   21 June, 2019  

When I leaked $ 4,000 a year ago, I also wrote HQbroker negative reviews, and I didn't really think much with my no fragile psyche, I wanted to shout to everyone around that I had been deceived, and that the positive reviews about the company were fake. But then I began to realize my own mistakes and inexperience, I decided to trade with HQbroker again, because everything had been fine before that situation, and everything was back to normal. I have started with scalping on a small depot, and I am getting gradually on my feet, but my desire not to merge is so big that I have stopped to rely only on help from HQbroker. I started to think about the risks.

Kate   19 June, 2019  

What can I say. To be realistic, almost all brokers provide identical trading opportunities. Here the question is not in the number of trading instruments and commissions, but either a broker is a scam or reliable and stable. This can only be understood by experience, so at one time I often replaced brokers one to another. In the end, I stopped at hq broker, while I have been trading for only a few months. Usually I open orders on the advice of managers, and close them with stop-loss orders, sometimes I try to pips by the indicators, but profit results are not so good. I've tried to withdraw several times, but the deposit is not large, I haven't tried to withdraw larger sums.

Zonko   14 June, 2019  

I've managed to make only a few deals on popular pairs, and so far everything is OK. I have already withdrawn 2 times 100 dollars, but only after verification. Money came to the card after 5 days, I think it is not bad. They've proposed to try investing, but for now I am not in a hurry to agree, I would rather trade in oil

Solley   13 June, 2019  

everything suits me absolutely in trading with HQbroker. the terminal works as it should, I don't remember a single case when orders didn't open/close or stops didn't work. the withdrawal of funds is another matter, it is important to p?ss a verification before the withdrawal, but I personally had no problems with withdrawals. the broker can be recommended

gift   12 June, 2019  

With HQbroker I have a long trading history. Like most, I started with $ 100, and before I made my first withdrawal, I had constantly suffered losses. Now it is ridiculous, but then it seemed that someone deliberately put sticks in my wheels. I realized that it is better not to open more than 2 orders at once, and not to use only one time frame - this is a common mistake, as it is possible to forecast the price dynamics, judging by only one time period. Ideally, you need to use all, but I use 2-3. The spread is high, but objectively judging, it should be high ... How can a broker offer a zero or very small spread, if this is almost the only income of the company? In the market this broker has been working for a long time, I have no reason to distrust it, only thanks for the experience

Ernaldo   11 June, 2019  

I like the fact that it is possible to replenish my deposit from the card, it is quick and convenient, it's a pity that it's best to withdraw to an e-wallet, I like it more than the card. The broker is very good, hasn't noticed the slippage, orders are executed. This is what you work the hardest with, and such hangs are very annoying. Withdrawals are according to the regulations.

frank   10 June, 2019  

Hi Frank !I am a newbie did you complete a withdrawal ? Do I need a broker to do a withdraw or I can withdrawal by myself?

Jessy   10 June, 2019

you need to fill in an application form, withdrawing without the broker is impossible

frank   11 June, 2019

What I would like to say withdrawal whitout a account manager?

Jessy   15 June, 2019

It is a pity that Hq broker official site has no forum for traders, it would be possible to communicate and share experience during the trade. Although the site is very good, and it's clear that the company keeps up with the times. When I started trading here, I've already known this broker, so I can say that I'm not worry about the reliability of the broker. It even seems to me that the less output and input methods, the faster and more reliable everything works with withdrawals themselves. It can be seen with the naked eye that the broker creates convenient conditions for itself and for traders, doesn't try to decieve us about how good it is. I consider the lack of a PAMM account even a plus too. Let's make some profit, guys!

Azelex   7 June, 2019  

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