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I've just started trading, and I'm worried whether we work well with a manager. In HQ broker's technical support normal guys work, but the manager is all completely different - you will be in contact with this person every day, but I worried in vain. We communicate every day, almost all deals are in plus, I open them only by signals, I also try to find good points for entry. I've opened only one deal by myself, but there is no doubt that it would be a plus. I will try a withdrawal for a couple more weeks, but I still won't reach 100.

Leroy   9 April, 2019  

Hq broker has everything that can characterize it as a reliable company, I have been trading here for 4 months, and have personally checked everything, and I am satisfied with the company. The platform is good, flexible trading conditions, withdrawals are also sent in time. It only remains for me to get a good account, so that the profit here will suit me and not just the work of a broker

No. 2   8 April, 2019  

Somehow it is difficult to say something specific about hqbroker that would not be at odds with my trade here. This is my first stock broker, and it is worth starting with this. The most difficult period was the first replenishment at 3 000$, derivatives trading starteda and deals with decent profits and too. My psychological state fluctuated in the same way as the result of those trades. I don't even want to remember, but it was a period when I realized that there was nothing absolute. There is always a moment of doubt, and it's better not to wait and hesitate. Now I have 6 500$ in my account, it's more comfortable to work with such a sum, now I'm easier to take losses. When I have a profit, I don't keep it - I withdraw it, and how glad I am that I've started trading with hqbroker, and that's not enough that trading itself is not a simple occupation, but also problems with a broker would not have survived, neither my deposit, nor me.

Carl   5 April, 2019  

The hqbroker reviews clarified a lot, I don't know why so quickly, but after exploring the hqbroker official site I immediately opened a silver account, at that moment there was one BABA deal, a deal at a profit of 227 dollars. Now the question is, is it not early to withdraw money, I would withdrew these 200 dollars and didn't delay the pleasure

Xavi   4 April, 2019  

Honestly, choosing a broker is now the biggest problem. I read a lot of HQ Broker reviews before I stopped at this company. It is already the third month here, while everything is fine, I still can't say that I have relaxed, and I don't expect a dirty trick. HQ Broker is still the first, whom I haven't been able to catch in a scam for so long, and HQ Broker still stands out, and the customers speak about it in HQBroker reviews, and I'll also say that the broker works fine, maybe because of the trading conditions you can't say it, but even three months of trading without the harmful intervention of a broker in profitable transactions already gives the reason to respect this company

Mohammad   3 April, 2019  

There are many satisfied customers, therefore, I've begun to trade there. HQbroker demonstrates a high level of performance. The platform is good. The conditions are satisfied when you simply read about them on the website hqbroker.com, and when I compared my spread on transactions here and with my past broker experience, there was a big difference. Good conditions are here. There is only one complaint: why there is no a single electronic wallet? I am satisfied with the withdrawal, but bank transfers are not convenient for use - both for clients and for the broker.

Ezra   1 April, 2019  

There were moments when I thought badly about a broker, especially in the first months. I had a loss of 60% of the deposit, I traded with the manager, so I can say that there was a reason to change her. I refused to replenish the deposit, the account still had 400 dollars, and now it has been 3 months since the manager changed, the deposit has not been worked out, but now I'm much better at trading - the loss is minimal, I withdraw profits every month around 50 dollars. I admit the idea that there are bad workers even at good companies...

Alika Howard   29 March, 2019  

On the advice of my manager, the first withdrawal was made through a transfer to a bank account. It took 10 days, and I don't like it. The request was quickly processed, but apparently the problem is in the bank itself, and I want to find some alternative, but with hq broker this is hard. When I opened an account here, I thought that was a plus, that all financial issues are resolved through a bank, but now it would be better to withdraw it to an electronic wallet in a day. The withdrawal service can be reliable, but you need to wait for it for a long time

azimut   29 March, 2019  

Not a client yet, but I am thinking over the chance to trade with this broker. They called me last week, I never even thought to trade on the stock exchange, or is it not a stock exchange? I watched the Wolf from Wall Street, so I don't even know what to think about trading, but I want to try. Just to calm down and start, so I want to ask, write back, please, is there any point in starting a trade with bad knowledge, or try learning something, how can a beginner act?

Tim   28 March, 2019  

A year ago, I was exactly the same position, but trade is now different from the one that was in the 80s. When I opened an account here, I could not distinguish the leverage from the margin. Trade with the manager is exactly reliable, only thanks to the support and remained afloat. I didn't even trade a demo, but it was possible to devote more time to training, but without practice it would be ineffective.

Trent   2 April, 2019

I did not advertise, but for 3 months I have been trading on a platinum account, fixed spreads is the most amazing thing, and I am also confident in the platform. I am also very grateful to HQ BROKER for their work, the wihdrawal service is awesome, more than once I withdrew sums over 5000$, and there were no delays or refusals at all. I gradually replenished my account money, even at the initial stages, the broker demonsrated itself well, although support on the starting and platinum accounts differs radically.

Victor   27 March, 2019  

2 months of futures and stocks trading, total earnings of $1,267. In early March, there was a withdrawal of $1200, the money came, everything is in order, I did not even expect such results from the hq broker manager

Nathan   26 March, 2019  

The deposit has already raised to 18 thousand for six months - for me it is stressful to trade such money, but hq broker has very reliable support, this is already evident in my trading. I am not against the development of the account, and my last withdrawal for 2000 $ makes me happy, but it is very difficult for me not to return to the most stupid and illogical mistakes of all traders, I am not a robot

Black or white   25 March, 2019  

There was a first cash withdrawal of $ 100, and then I replenished again, and didn't withdraw for a long time, last week the profit exceeded $ 2,000, put it on a withdrawal on March 20, today is March 22, and the money is already on the card. While this is my biggest withdrawal, it was worth not having to withdraw money at all for a few months, for example, I'm not disappointed in any way with the result, the main thing for me is to make a profit, but it's understandable that you need to work for it

Ashton   22 March, 2019  

We trivially opened a deal on EURUSD, this is a strange pair to trade, but for the first time I earned 97 bucks with the help of it, the deal went well somehow, replaced a take-profit several times, and earned such a profit, I had a favorable market situation, so everything went profitable I didn't think about earning profit anyway.

Mary-Anna   21 March, 2019  

I considered for cooperation 2 broker companies, similar to each other in terms of conditions, but here the entrance to the market is much lower, this played a big role in my choice. What's funny, I didn't reach even a month after the start of the account, after a week and a half I replenished my account, completely lost interest in trading with small sums. It's not bad here, I don't regret that I've started here, I'm on Forex for a long time, I saw different things and survived different things, but everything is fine here, maybe because of the youth of the company, purely my guess, but they work honestly. Just went through verification, just put $ 300 on a withdrawal, everything is good. Nothing complicated here.

Stephen P   20 March, 2019  

as for the withdrawal, the broker is reliable, I personally had 5 withdrawals here, the first bank transfer went a week and a half, after that I withdraw only to a card, and there were no more such long delays. In all other aspects, the broker is quite unpretentious, but I do not single it out into negative qualities, rather, it's just a small office

allen thomas john   19 March, 2019  

A reliable broker can be determined with a reliable withdrawal, my withdrawals from HQbroker always came, they weren't canceled, they weren't reduced in size, they weren't delayed. For 5 months of trading I withdrew good money sums from the company, if you add up all the withdrawals, the amount will be $1240, maybe you can't say that is a lot, someone earns more in a month. But I am not naive, for me it is decent money, and I have not yet fully replenished my deposit, but everyone knows that only an honest broker give you an opportunity to earn, and I am glad that at the moment I am trading just that.

HArold SWM   18 March, 2019  

I was trading about a week with hq broker, according to the conditions - everything is quite good, spreads are low, while there are no commissions, and what is described in the hqbroker reviews is confirmed by reality, I'll see next how it goes, but for now I support the hqbroker reviews.

Clarke   15 March, 2019  

High-quality technical support: installed the terminal with them. I was helped by a good guy. He told everything quickly and clearly, helped me enter the terminal, set everything up as I was comfortable, answered all questions. I had to leave, he agreed to call in 10 minutes later, called at the right time. I've read Hq broker reviews before, and now I'm convinced that they don't lie about the technical support, a good start. I want to start trading already.

Dean   14 March, 2019  

Although I am now on a starting account, but the execution of orders leads to more serious decisions, the trading platform is excellent, there are no failures, the quotes are fair, all charts load quickly. I know that the trading platform is the most important thing, and the first to characterize a broker company. My first impression of HQ Broker is good, so I will gradually move to more profitable actions, wish me a profit)

Tommy   13 March, 2019  

In this world nothing is impossible as long as we have brokerage companies such as HQbroker. A lot of financial tools, convenient trade conditions, professional and pleasant support team, no commission for withdrawals, and no requites, perfectly working trading platform MetaTrader 4, a lot of training materials, demo account. And it is not all the advantages of trade with him.

B.K.B.   12 March, 2019  

Have withdrawn from HQbroker $ 1200 for 4 months. This proves that the broker is optimal in terms of support, as long as I have such an opinion about the company. For me, it still means that I will be able to fully return my deposit in a short time - this is the most important thing for me. Profit can be called profit only after you fully return everything that you have invested in your trading account, and I'm on my way to this

Don   11 March, 2019  

I also made several withdrawals without problems. At first I thought that it is unreal, however it turns out that it was completely wrong. Now I have enough money for the journey with my big family. Nevertheless, it's spring outside. The support team of HQ broker helped me a few times because of my mistakes. MetaTrader 4 functions perfectly.

Aria   7 March, 2019  

I want to earn, so the account was increased. Now it already reaches $ 3000. The manager is ready to continue to help me move on, but for now I want to dwell on this result. The fact that I withdraw money every month makes me happy, but the manager being able to stay on time would have pleased even more. But I am already grateful, if it were not for the manager, I would not go further than $ 500. I wanted to trade these sums here, but everything turned out to be much more positive for me in earnings.

Bernard   6 March, 2019  

hear about scalping from traders less and less, no one is trading with hq broker like that? I would like to try, but I don't know if this kind of trading is allowed here ... hq broker should attract clients with spreads ... can you please tell me if managers help to scalp?

fred   5 March, 2019  

I am one of those traders who seriously consider only independent trading. I have already traded on my own, and it's much easier to spot broker's mistakes alone. Started with a minimum deposit. I trade with small lots, at the end of the month I withdrew money without delay. Judging solely about the first month of trading and the first withdrawal,hq broker company is good. They work honestly, fair quotes, execution too. I am going to replenish the deposit further.

Darren Lesly   4 March, 2019  

Was never able to withdraw my money and the time i wanted to do it a broker called and told me that there was some important opportunities on the market right now. I told him a couple of time that i was not interested and that all i wanted was to go through with the withdrawal. Told him not to touch my account then a few hours after i see that my withdrawal got cancelled due to a broker putting in some bid without my consent. In the end i lost everything! because the broker took 5 large bid at the same time, even i would not have done this. And i'm a beginner. For what i saw from them they are [edited].

gabrielle163   28 February, 2019  

There is nothing to find fault with. Honestly, sometimes I had problems with system but trouble seemed to be my provider, not hqbroker. Have been trading here for 3 months by now, has already doubled my deposit, made several withdrawals to make sure that broker allows me to get my money. Now, I'm happy and don't want to stop.

Tradeseeker   28 February, 2019  

There are no delays in processing requests! 2-3 days or even less and money already in my bank account. Really very convenient. They don't cut my profits and allows removing. No commission for withdrawals. Everything is working properly. Support team is the best I have ever seen. Good guys, I'm not complaining

JadeOne   27 February, 2019  

Hqbroker managers do not neglect the rules of trade - this is the best thing in hqbroker for me at the moment. Terms of trade are important, but they are more or less the same for all companies, but not every broker will teach how to trade adequately and effectively. Now I finish testing our trading system. Everything is cool, I would not have come to such trade myself, and now I don't want to stop developing the trading account.

Threzor   26 February, 2019  

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