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The broker is valid, if there was something unclean here, then the broker would have already issued himself in three months that I was trading, even after the withdrawal of money, and the terminal and support are at the same level as at the beginning.

Freddie   25 October, 2018  

I began to trade cautiously here, with practically the minimum lot, using already familiar tools to check the conditions and the platform. I liked everything here, the conditions are convenient for trading for leverage, spreads, illiquid currency pairs. The terminal is normal, they are all the same, but I set it up with support. Gradually I increase the size of lots, I've already gained a decent amount, while I really like trading with hqbroker.

Ozzy   24 October, 2018  

My biggest problem is the lack of opportunity to increase the deposit, because during the trading time at hq broker I see that this is exactly the company that gives the opportunity to develop and earn. I've been trading with $ 400 here for 3 months now, and working together with the manager is bearing fruit even with such a sum of money, and even more than I had originally expected, so I managed to withdraw it twice, the output is really reliable, though not immediate. The company is good, the support is powerful

juci   23 October, 2018  

I trade here, I like it, I withdrew profit several times, and yesterday I realized that It's already pased half a year, as I trade here, so, as it seems to me, I've been here for a long time, but I don't feel like it. At first, I didn't want to go up to higher deposit, but nevertheless I replenished it to a thousand. I want to withdraw at least small amounts every month, and this is $ 1,000 regularly. So the last 3 months have been profitable for me, but, speaking very frankly, the manager helped me, I don't plan to trade with HQBroker all alone, as long as I am satisfied with the results of conscientious trading with the manager

Connan   22 October, 2018  

Hello everyone. I've been working with HQBroker for a long time and I know this company well. I agree with others who are dissatisfied with its service, for example, the design of the site or the lack of attentiveness from the side of the manager. Although the first is nothing compared to the inattention of a manager to a client. There was a similar case in the same company. Manager Dmitry, who was my first manager, was also not so enthusiastic about my trades and gave me little time. For the first two weeks everything had been fine and he called with recommendations very often, which, by the way, worked very successfully. I have seen that the result from trading is good. Dmitry recommended replenishing another deposit, but I didn't do that. The fact is that I had a common budget with my wife and I didn't want to ask her to invest in the trade, even though I understood that we could make money on it, but I also understood that it was wrong, because there are risks. Dmitry disappeared shoving up once a week and wondered whether I would move on (as he put it). One day I asked him a very straightforward question: I understand that you won't be interested in me if I don't increase the deposit amount? Dmitry answered very honestly that he had many clients and basically all of them worked with accounts from 10 000 and above, and that their earnings are his earnings. He said that many managers were willing to work with clients who had small accounts, but he preferred medium-term trading more, and there it is necessary to take into account possible drawdowns, so the deposit should be higher. Then we agreed that I would ask for a manager replacement and that was all. Basically, that's what happened. He was replaced with Sergey, who was less experienced, but he didn't care so much about whether I was making a deposit like Dmitry. I think that if the client manager isn't satisfied, then you can always find an alternative. If I hadn't replaced in due time, I would have withdrawn the money and remained dissatisfied with the company. And so I continue to work with them and everything is ok.

Alexey   20 October, 2018  

My dumb broker puts my trades in a lock position. Now I can't do anything with my trades. I guess what everyone was saying was true that HQ Broker was a scam always seeking ways to get more money from you.

Noahwil   18 October, 2018  

This is my first broker, I had the experience of trading on a demo account before hqbroker, but I don't take it seriously. Trading is when there is income, so I was happy about 50 dollars, as if I earned 500, it was nice to withdraw money for the first time. I would like to make forex something more than just the opportunity to earn $ 50, but this is a long-term goal.

Shean   11 October, 2018  

If hq had a special section with forecasts from a broker, I would try to trade by myself, but I can't take much time to anlalyze. Therefore, initially I trade with the manager. This simplifies trading a lot, most of all in this cooperation I like that the broker doesn't interfere with the trade. You can really rely on the manager. This is probably the main advantage of HQBroker. Now I can say that Forex for me is no longer just entertainment, but a way to make money, although not so long ago I treated it as not very healthy and inexpensive entertainment.

Exk   10 October, 2018  

I won't go into details, I'll just say on the merits. For a trader, the most important thing is for the broker not to interfere with trading and withdraw how much the trader has earned. I like this broker because it doesn't violate these rules. If there're bad trading conditions here, no one would pay attention to the broker, and if there were problems with withdrawals, then I wouldn't have to wait long. If the goal of the company is to find customers who will be permanent, then they do a good job.

Oscar   9 October, 2018  

I think that the most important thing is NOT interaction with a broker, but your OWN choice, your own financial forecast and abities to trade profitable. HQbroker is only an instrument. Yes, perspective instrument, but it's not the main thing. You should develop your skills and that's all.

Marshall   12 October, 2018

very often the web terminal helps out, when there's no enough time to trade;you can sit down, read the news, think about your ts, so i use it at work, and it doesn't take so much time, and works fine;it's good that the broker did'nt lose sight of this question, a very convenient and important addition to a good company

dinasoar   8 October, 2018  

There can be a lot of doubts and you can devote days for studying a broker, but it's not the fact that you'll get into something good. That's why HQBroker diden't particularly impressed me by the reviews. Praise, but nothing special. However, I opened the minimum deposit, but didn't close the old account with another broker. I decided that there was no hurry and decided to check how HQBroker had scalping on these conditions, also I nedeed to test the terminal, I was satisfied with the results, good company, I decided to withdraw $ 50 via bank transfer for a trial, on the fourth day I recieved money, so I already closed my account in the former broker and transferred all the money tp HQBroker. I have not regrets yet, the platform is good, I haven't observe slippage.

Badooo   5 October, 2018  

I had been palnning this day for a long time, and when the account was already + $ 146, I decided that the moment had come, closed all positions, was verificated, and applied for a withdrawal of $ 140. I'd been waiting for 2 and a half days and finally my forex labor was justified. I'm glad that the broker didn't fail, it works really honestly, and I haven't let myself down.

guest   4 October, 2018  

I trade stocks, they have good support for all kinds of accounts. It's good that there are experts there. Firstly I didn't think that they were good, but I wasn't right. At the moment, for me the company is characterized by their high-quality support, it would be good if that wasn't its only positive side.

rembrandt   3 October, 2018  

It's not bad that hq broker has such a solid approach to customer service, and I'm here not only for trading with the manager, but also for their trading conditions and the terminal. The third month I'm surprised, although there is nothing surprising if the broker is good. And it'll become good only, when the profit is on hand, and that's what happened to me, so I'm writing this review. Is it really possible for the broker to withdraw in just two days, counting from the time of filing an application, but only a few brokers do that. I don't want to praise it too much so as not to jinx it, but if it wasn't an accident, and hq broker really works, then my praise will come in handy.

Marsh   2 October, 2018  

Customer support is good. I confirm this even after three months of trading with a consultant from HQBroker, although I would like to try to trade on my own. Now I'm trying to dissect my trade, I want to finalize the trading system and start moving forward, and then in the trade with the manager there is a lot of nuances, even if it is profitable

anthony   1 October, 2018  

I trade on the eur/usd, smb will say that it's impossible to get profit intraday,but i'm not agree. Yesterday was a lucrative day, but they say that by the end of the week eur will have fallen, the main thing is to follow the forecasts, I trade profitably on this currence pair in hq broker, although I didn't like to trade with it earlier

Gerald   27 September, 2018  

I won't go into details of the trade, I just will only say that I have a gold account in HQbroker, and I've been trading for 7 months with long-term deals. With such a deposit, it's difficult to trade, brokers usually work out, but HQbroker is demonstrating good results, I like working with them, there are a lot of good tools, the broker doesn't put sticks into the wheels, doesn't impose restrictions, and even withdraws on decent amounts don't slow down, the company demonsted itself well.

Gesha   25 September, 2018  

I've been trading with the manager for the second month, the result is still likable, although deals aren't always profitable , butat once it feels that he doesn't intend to deceive me. Hqbroker reviews don't lie, the manager is always ready to help, even if you have an account less than $ 500 and you can't open many deals, but it's nice that the manager does care

Fred   20 September, 2018  

It is important to learn for a trader. To understand who is a normal broker or not, it is needed to withdraw only a few times. That's why I make an accent on trading with the manager, even when I talked with him for the first time, I immediately realized that he wasn't just sitting there, but he was in the right place. So I left for the medium-term trade, but it's not bad for anyone to merge the sum with three zeros and more. For this you need to really break the discipline and have probems with a volume of transactions. But a small profit compared to the deposit can be obtained, and that's what I always went to, but only came in HQ broker. This is just the beginning, try to hone a TS with your manager to have several open positions at once. But now I have only one deal as helded. I do not know if something is worth changing, but if you don't move, then nothing good will happen either.

Silv   19 September, 2018  

The broker is good. Everything needed for trading is here, the spreads are low, the web-site is good, withdraw limits are according to their rules. Quietly traded with such a platform, there are no complains. There is no need to add anything else.

Octopus   18 September, 2018  

It's pretty much comfortable to work with HQbroker. I sent a deposit of $ 400 and just began to trade. Even when I was choosing a broker, I was sure that this one was the best, and now I'm almost a year with them with no complaints

Charlie   14 September, 2018  

The first thing I noticed before I opened the account is support service. They didn't irritate me with their questions, but responded laconically and clearly, without shirking, even all the necessary documentation is present on the broker's website. I began to trade within a day. I like the terminal, and the conditions, good work, well done, and also that they decided to do everything for clients, I appreciate it. In short, I was not particularly worried until the matter came to a withdraw, but when it came to it, i began to nervous a bit. I've been waited for five days, already began to think that I was scammed, but the money still came. As far as I understand they just had to approve the application. Or maybe it's somehow connected with my bank, I can not say exactly...

Velaskes   12 September, 2018  

I think that withdraws are the part of a trading strategy, the purpose of its existence, so this issue is the most relevant and significant so as a choice of a new broker. When reviewing feedback on hq broker, I noticed that, although it may be delayed, although this broker is not the only one which attracted my attention. Now I understand if everything is okay with this broker, then I'll stay with them for sure. I decided to try out the withdraw service almost immediately, I've invested $ 2,000 into the account, so to withdraw $ 50 of my profit by bank transfer in the first week of trading, as they say it was not difficult. According to the regulations, everything was OK. I was pleased with hq broker, also with the platform

Solomon   11 September, 2018  

Recently I have opened account at the forex broker hq broker. So far so good:). In spite of the fact that I am still new at this. The 24-hour technical support team is helping me in everything, from A to Z. It's inspiring me, really! I didn't think that everything will be at the professional level. Lucky day - more profit, not lucky - less profit, depending on the market.

Black Sparrow   10 September, 2018  

Someone called from the forex broker hq broker three months ago, introduced himself (I've already forgotten his name), explained everything, about all advantages, etc. And what's really interesting is that they haven't forgotten to mention the trading risks and that I shouldn't wait for the mountains of gold. I was pleasantly surprised by that therefore I opened an account here.

Tricia May   10 September, 2018  

recently, I have learned from my experience and mistakes because I was ignoramus in trade. now I am the same noob as everything's changing and trade isn't an exception but the company HQbroker helps me now, 24/7. if I have some questions about trade I can quietly consult with support team of the broker which would be pleased to respond to all my questions at any time

Koki   7 September, 2018  

I have begun to work with the brokerage firm HQbroker after reading feedbacks on its trading activities. Many people write about fast withdrawals and I can tell you it's really true. The combination of broker's offers and support help make trade for such traders like me more comfortable and profitable. Have been trading here for 4 months and made several withdrawals without any problems.

AlanTompson   7 September, 2018  

Do you know how hard it is to find the good broker? You know. Actually, we are just like the water in the pot, heated by the burning fire of trade. But there are also the normal brokerage firms such like hqbroker that continue to pay particular attention to its clients and their profits. I want to say that everything works perfect here, the server doesn't switch off unexpectedly, the program without lags, transactions work in time and quotations are real

PeterD   6 September, 2018  

There are lots of brokerage companies offering magnificent trade conditions but only few firms such like HQbroker fulfill their obligations. Unfortunately, I learned that one the hard way. Unfortunately, But now I am pleased with the trade and my results. The trading platform of HQbroker works perfectly and allows performing trading operations and technical forecast on currency pairs and other financial instruments on the Forex market without any lags and interruptions.

johannsson   5 September, 2018  

I advise the forex broker hq broker. I have opened the most usual account and invested the minimum amount of money necessary for the traders to trade. Now I withdraw steadily my profit. No re-quotes. The trade, opening and closing positions proceeds without slippage. I'm glad to work with this broker because I know it makes everything possible to make my trade more and more profitable.

Hamzi   5 September, 2018  


Brokerage company HQBroker shift online trading to more qualitative level with the help of professional analysts. Although company was founded in 2017 at this moment it offers advanced trading solutions and state-of-the-art environment for every trader. Company pay close attention to client’s...

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