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Very commendable! who would have thought that this broker gave me the best opportunities in my trading career? They offer a wide diversity of various instruments. I have chosen metals and the trading result was successful. I haven't lost anything and in fact, I even made a lot give bonuses not to mention their very fast and successful withdrawals

Charlotte B   9 August, 2018  

Hi Charlotte B, Being a beginner shall I prefer HQBroker to start up with my currency/commodity trading? There are huge no of scam online trading companies and in confusion to choose the correct one....Plz advise....

Vijayakumar V   15 August, 2018

I'm afraid to find scammers too. That's why I decided to open a small account on 250 dollars for trading with currency. Manager told me they have the least finances to be deposit. Later I'will decide if I need to continue to trade with hq broker

Unkle   3 September, 2018

I opened demo account first, however very soon I lost interest in online trading, and decided to open real acc to try to make profit, I deposited 300 usd and in two weeks I had 354, I think that was quite good results, For now I continue my work with hqbroker and hope my profit will increase further

Mike Thomas   8 August, 2018  

Have been working with HQ broker for 4 months and I like how its trading platform operates. No wonder that MetaTrader 4 is the most widely used trading software in the world. It's very convenient and user-friendly. The support team only strengthens my commitment to the broker. No problem, no re-qoutes, no commission, everything's fine.

NoToby   1 August, 2018  

there are no delays in processing requests! 2-3 days or even less and money already in my bank account. really very convenient. they don't cut my profits and allows removing. no commission for withdrawals. everything is working properly. support team is the best I have ever seen. good guys, I'm not complaining.

jade1   31 July, 2018  

One of the obvious benefits of the HQ broker is excellent execution of orders and stable working trading platform.They know what to do to attract new and keep old clients: not to lie and keep their promises.That's all what I needed when I was looking for the right place for trading.The broker continues to fulfil its responsibilities and I continue to count my profits

Chris Dark   30 July, 2018  

I like to be here and to trade with help of HQBroker. First of all, the stuff of the broker understands any my question and doesn't redirect me from one department to another. I have also very competent and tactful personal manager and the technical support of HQBroker is available 24 hours a day, therefore, whatever happens I can count on their support.

7tella   30 July, 2018  

the forex broker hq broker doesn't prevent my trading and allows making withdrawals of my funds that is extremely rare on the forex market. nice place to reach own goals. i will continue to work with this brokerage company further because i know that everything will be fine and I will be able to satisfy here my financial needs

TeRRy   26 July, 2018  

I'm very pleased with the results of cooperation with the brokerage company hqbroker. Mobile version of broker's trading platform is working, I'd say, almost perfectly and without any bugs. Clear orders execution. That's important for me in trading. I think it is a great place to earn trading skills and money of course)

Jasmine   26 July, 2018  

I regularly compare HQBroker's charts with charts of other companies and especially pay my attention to the tops of candles during the sharp change of price, so I want to say hqbroker give the clients the real data without any changes in its favor, what I learned in trading experience is that confidence is built on patient and careful work of both sides

Amy Clark   25 July, 2018  

I'd like to say a special thanks to hqbroker's technical support team. The really qualified personnel are working here. Previously I have lost my money due to lack of highly qualified managers. Since then I draw particular attention to their work and can tell now I wasn't mistaken with the company.

AnnY   24 July, 2018  

There is nothing to find fault with. Honestly, sometimes I had problems with system but trouble seemed to be my provider, not hqbroker. Have been trading here for 3 months by now, has already doubled my deposit, made several withdrawals to make sure that broker allows me to get my money. Now, I'm happy and don't want to stop.

Tradeseeker   23 July, 2018  

Can I talk with you ? I'm nervous about hqbroker, I would like to have a real testimony that we can withdraw our money and that it is not crooks

nicolas beauchesne   29 July, 2018

I opened account with hqbroker about two weeks ago. I deposited 250 dollars to see if it's really work, I haven't trade before but was quite interested when manager called me. For now I made couple deals with small profit, however, I was super exciting about that. Looking forward to trade further. Maybe I hesitate at first, but now I see that everything is okay, and the manager, that I work with, also professional and he always explain every step that we're doing. Great!

Thomas   20 July, 2018  

I also made several withdrawals without problems. At first I thought that it is unreal, however it turns out that it was completely wrong. Now I have enough money for the journey with my big family. Nevertheless, it's summer outside. The support team of HQ broker helped me a few times because of my mistakes. MetaTrader 4 functions perfectly.

Aria   16 July, 2018  

here for nearly 2 months, the technical support team of the forex broker hq broker is done a lot by me, the brokerage firm has distinguished itself as a reliable company with favorable conditions for my successful trade, I am pleased with the received profit for the minimum time interval of trading

topman   13 July, 2018  

Normal spread levels and leverage, no commission for withdrawals, besides, very fast withdrawals of funds, professional technical support, good trade conditions and it is not the only advantages of the HQ broker. I have been trading here for several months. It's not trying to cause any problem. It's fine!

Alwayswannafly   13 July, 2018  

For half a year I haven't noticed performance shortcomings of HQ broker. First of all, everything works fine, on the technical side I mean, that's one of the important things in trading to me, as the rest only depends on me, my skills, knowledge and strategy. I adopted a well attainable goal and HQBroker.com helps me to reach it. That's what I call a beneficial co-operation

Florence9   12 July, 2018  

I'm totally fine with HQ broker and think that it's reliable trade partner.It helps to avoid problems with the trading process.And that's why I chose this brokerage firm.Orders are executed quick and clear.No problems with withdrawal of funds.I have already made withdrawal several times without any issues and delays

Harry67   10 July, 2018  

HQbroker makes necessary efforts for the improvement of my trading skills and growth of my profits. Not the last role here is played by broker's technical support team which is very professional and pleasant as for me. Conditions are acceptable. Have been trading here for a couple of months without any major problems.

Camelia   10 July, 2018  

Recently I've tried to withdraw my money for the first time. Transaction was successfully completed. Was really happy:) First, I didn't have to provide any additional documents, just requested a withdrawal of funds. Secondly, the forex broker hq broker didn't take the commission for money transfer. That's really good!

HaPPyFreya   5 July, 2018  

I'm totally satisfied with HQbroker because it has all necessary conditions for successful trade. A lot of various tools for my trade with adequate spread levels and leverage. It also has well structured website and convenient personal account. Technical support of HQbroker reacts quickly to my requests and helps at any time. Stay the course, guys!

JackyB   5 July, 2018  

have no idea how I could find this broker. I've always faced with frauds'was already disappointed. however my opinion on trade was cardinally changed by forex broker hq broker. It appealed there are still brokerage firms in the whole world which worry about clients and help to increase their profit. Many useful things. Support team is very professional and helpful.

bigbenman   5 July, 2018  

I have read all these comments on Hqbroker and there is already nothing to add. Probably, I will tell from myself that it is very comfortable and pleasant to me to work with broker that has quite good trade conditions. I had no problems and I hope won't be. In such way of trade I take only pleasure, and profit of course :)

Teresa Simpson   4 July, 2018  

thanks to hq broker i could buy my child pc of which he so long dreamed. and it, i will tell you, is expensive, but okay, he deserved. initially i worried whether i will be able to get my earned money, but after the first withdrawal all my fears have just disappeared. now I set higher goal - to the Maldives, as soon as possible! and I believe the broker will help me with it

sarah r   4 July, 2018  

don't be fools, guys, use opportunities of hqbroker to earn money, it has all necessary conditions for profitable trading,i've been working with him for months, made several withdrawals, it doesn't prevent my trade for now, though at first I was afraid, new forex trading broker after all, but due to broker's openness and simplicity of operational rules my fears has completely disappeared.

ruby.manson   3 July, 2018  

Definitely this is the best broker. HQ broker has all necessary things to increase my deposit and learn about this industry. At first I traded on demo account to obtain such an important experience and knowledge then I opened real trading account. I don't get huge profit yet, because I'm still learning. I make do with less. Overall, I quite enjoy.

JohnLink   2 July, 2018  

My goal is to reach a trade Olympus. And I believe, no, I'm already confident HQbroker is an ideal candidate to help me to realize my vision. My trade, opening and closing positions proceeds without any slippage. Technical support is going great. All conditions for successful trade. It's great! I highly recommend making use of services of this forex trading broker.

Seb7   2 July, 2018  

I couldn't believe that I have found an adequate forex broker with acceptable and good trade conditions such as hqbroker. The broker that doesn't prevent my trade and do everything possible to help me to achieve my trade agendas and to raise my profit. After all this time, I still can't believe in it. Finally, my luck's already turned.

Emily Smile   2 July, 2018  

I depend on broker absolutely. HQ broker is a reliable European company which is never let me down. There are several ways to withdraw money from a trading account so I can do it when I want. Besides, without limits. Quickly and conveniently. It's the best forex broker on the market both for beginners and for advanced traders

JohnSilva   2 July, 2018  

Have been trading with hqbroker for 3 months now.A decent brokerage company,nothing special.The execution is pretty good without requotes and slippages.Technical support responds quickly and at any time,withdrawal process is fast and transparent.Low spreads.In general,I think the broker really worth giving a try

Santa   1 July, 2018  

recently I opened live trading account with HQBroker, that's fine by me. technical support of the broker fulfils all their responsibilities and I can depend on it one hundred percent. the broker, as the saying goes, doesn't throw up roadblocks. all my exposed transactions are executed accurately and in time. I don't see problems even with my very profitable deals.

gary   29 June, 2018  


Brokerage company HQBroker shift online trading to more qualitative level with the help of professional analysts. Although company was founded in 2017 at this moment it offers advanced trading solutions and state-of-the-art environment for every trader. Company pay close attention to client’s...

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