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they are trustworthy people and i am satisfied about their financial services

Noreen Haan   23 January, 2009  

I started using it it was very easy in like 5 minutes or something anyway I opened a $50 account and now I can use 2 Trading Platforms and I can trade Forex and Stocks and oil etc. all using one company. I was using 3 companies to trade with, anyway the Customer Support was great and I even got free money to trade with because I got a friend to sign up.

Ashley D   24 September, 2008  


HYCM is online trading division of Henyep Capital Markets, which is a major investment company established in 1977. The company’s headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. The Henyep Capital Markets activities are regulated by such financial regulators as FCA, MiFID, DFSA and SFC....

Regulation: CySEC, FCA, MiFID, DFSA, SFC

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