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GBP/USD (British Pound/US Dollar) currency pair is one of the most volatile and dynamic instruments, which is the reason for its popularity. This currency can be found in the trading portfolio of lots of traders. GBPUSD analytics and forecasts for today, tomorrow and for a week are prepared by expert analysts, who are at the same time are practicing traders. The forecasts are based on the technical analysis, news, and analytical data. They show the expected direction of movement, levels of resistance or support.

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Pound extended consolidative pattern

The price has been staying in the range 1.3280-1.3230 for two day showing signs of a negative tendency. If sellers are back the spot may decline...

GBP Suffers on Poor Data

On Tuesday, the UK HIS Markit/CIPS construction Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for September fell to 48.1 from the previous data release...

GBP/USD: pennant pattern

The market is consolidating between the levels 1.3444 - 1.3328. At the same time, there's a downward Wedge, so the pair is likely going...

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Bears going to test another support

The local uptrend has been broken, so the pair is likely going to decline in the direction of the next support at 1.3328 - 1.3278. However, if we have a pullback...

GBP/USD eases from highs

The GBP/USD pair trimmed some of its early strong gains and retreated around 40-pips from session tops, albeit has held comfortably...

GBP/USD: bulls made a stop

On the daily chart, GBP/USD formed an inside bar. It points at the indecisiveness of market players. A break of the inside bar’s low together...

GBP/USD: bearish double top

We've got a bearish Double Top, which has been confirmed, so the price reached the nearest support at 1.3497. Nevertheless, the market is likely going to test...

GBP/USD: bullish flag

The price faced with resistance at 1.3653, so there's a consolidation. In this case, bulls are likely going to reach the closest resistance at 1.3652 - 1.3681 soon. However, if a pullback from this area...

GBP/USD: bullish pennant pattern

Bulls faced with resistance at 1.3223, so the price tested the nearest support at 1.3164. In this case, the pair is likely going to rise in the direction...

Bulls faced with resistance

Bulls faced with resistance at 1.3164, so the market is likely going to decline towards the nearest support at 1.3119 - 1.3083. However...

Market going to test 34 Moving Averages

All the Moving Averages have been broken, but there's a V-Top pattern, so the market is likely going to test the 34 MA. If a pullback from this line happens

GBP/USD: broken 'flag'

The last 'Flag' pattern has been broken, so the price reached support at 1.2768. Nevertheless, bears are likely going to test the next support at 1.2768 - 1.2736 in the short term...

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Sterling higher after UK jobs

The pound rose to the days highs against the dollar on Wednesday after the latest UK jobs report showed that the unemployment rate fell to its lowest...

GBP/USD bounces off 1.3200 post-PMI

The Sterling found buying interest in the 1.3200 neighbourhood vs. the buck on Tuesday, with GBP/USD advancing to 1.3215/20 in the wake of the...

GBP/USD could grind lower

Yesterdays price action constituted a key day reversal (only just) and we note that the new high was accompanied by a divergence of the daily RS and weekly RSII...

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GBP/USD went back and forth initially

With major headlines coming in from the Brexit negotiations and the government formation in the United Kingdom, the market continues to be volatile...

GBP/USD fails once again

The GBP/USD pair bounced-off session lows of 1.2718 and swung back higher to test Monday’s high of 1.2759, only to find sellers...

Technical Analysis: GBP/USD

Last, week the sterling’s power was determined by the unstable position of PM Theresa May...

GBP/USD accelerates the upside to 1.2740

The Sterling is following north the rest of the risk-associated assets, now lifting GBP/USD to fresh daily tops near 1.2740...

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GBPUSD got lower on last week

The potential target in case of upside movements looks as the 1.345 breaking through which might send the price up further...

Technical Analysis; GBP/USD,EUR/USD

The Bank of England announced its decision on the interest rate last week. The value of 0.25% remained unchanged but the comments on the fiscal policy stated that there will be risks for the UK in view of the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Investors should expect a high volatility...

GBP/USD enters a consolidation phase

The GBP/USD pair traded with mild positive bias and moved further beyond the 1.2800...

GBP/USD still weak on UK PMI

The Sterling faded the initial up tick in the wake of the release of UK’s Construction PMI, with GBP/USD moving to daily lows...

GBP/USD attempted to rise

GBP/USD attempted to rise, moving away from the support level of 1.2768 but met resistance at 1.2920. EUR/USD rate strengthened in view of weak data of incomplete transactions in the US housing market.

GBP/USD exposed on downside

Cable has broken below the 200 SMA on the 4hr chart and found resistance here overnight. Look for support at the late April lows...

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GBPUSD faced the volatility

GBPUSD faced the volatility in previous session as it rushed straight to 1.300 range and then got lower within the day...

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Pound opened green against the dollar

The major negated Thursday’s losses heading towards 1.3000. The cable broke the level in the mid-European session...

FIBO Group
Pound has hit a wall

The pound has made a late recovery today in the European trading session after jobless numbers hit the market above expectations. The official unemployment rate...

GBP/USD: a top in place?

Sterling has recently failed to break above the 55 week ma at 1.2941, and the 1.30 psychological resistance...

FIBO Group
Pound suffers on inflation worries

The British pound has taken a hit today Against its US counterpart after an unexpected dovish speech from the Bank of England...