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Worst broker there could ever be. Manipulated price. Charges outrageous amount on swap charges. Lets you use high leverage so they can steal your money faster. Had a 50 pip stop loss on 2 trades through a weekend and the market opened on Sunday at the same place it had closed on Friday and they stopped me out with the 50 pip loss. Checked charts from another broker and the price never got within 49 pips of my stop loss. They steal. They are crooks. Do not use them. If you do I asure you, you will lose your money

Rp   24 April, 2018  

once your account is on profit, they try their best to disable your account and it has happened to me and some friends. I guess they are making a disabling here in South Africa since Forex trading became a buzz word lately. they make pending orders to disappear. Once the account is profitable, you will wonder of manipulation.

eric   29 May, 2018

Which broker do you use instead?

Dave   17 September, 2018

Thank you for the warning. I nearly got to use them.

Enoch   8 November, 2018

Traders way no.1 price manipulator at its best. so watch out. along with UK broker FXCM permanently banned in US as well.

Ben   12 April, 2018  

pretty bad system , they will only refund the money you put in but not the profit you make, not only that but they took the only easy option to deposit or withdraw money the debit/credit option

dd   9 April, 2018  

they just offer 10 currency pair to trade for a standard acc. if any of u likes trading without stop loss dont even think about this broker, they will give a stop out even if u still have your own money in your acc. frequent disconnection thankfully wasnt at any imp stage of my trading experience with them. havent tested withdrawal so wont comment on that.

rakesh   26 February, 2018  

The most exiting part of my trading here is what I call ”upside down trading”. Let me explain. When you have extremely high market volatility and the same time use 1:500 leverage, you can have 60% up and down deviation of equity on your trading account. In this case, you need to make sure that each trade will be exactly executed by the price you want. Otherwise, you might loos all your money and face the situation when you have no margin to open any position. So, speaking about my broker as a critical partner, I fully trust him. Because I have never experienced any delays, requotes and stuff like that for my trading career with traders way. Thanks god I can trade with such a high risk and completely rely on my broker. Highly recommend to consider it as your FX broker in long term.

C. Welch   10 August, 2017  

Got to admit this platform sure has everything that a trader can hope for, great functionality, nice interface, easy to understand apps, instant execution, some of the lowest spreads..and yea, just made a nice bundle of Cable crosses thanks to instant execution. Recommended..

Cory hartwig   25 June, 2015  

I am in trading in here for last four month. I am learning in lot in here also trading I am learning many thing. I am also having many trader tell me things about trading. Also learning here is easy as many people come forward to helping me. Good platform.

Rashid Alwa   21 May, 2015  

Did you got your profit back?

Arbu   5 May, 2018

I am in new in here but I know lot in trading for I am tradering many month in currency. I like how platform I have no waiting for my entry in executed also I can using ea in here. Good platform.

Chang Krueger   13 April, 2015  

I have posted here my complete information mobile number - 07666231229 office number - 022-61642100. I have been scammed by the fraud broker They deliberately converted my profitable positions to a losing positions and did not gave me any response on the reason. they are real frauds and I demand action against them. dnt trust the big fruad company

thilakkumar   2 April, 2015  

The same exact thing happened to me numerous of times.You are not the only one.

Keet   28 May, 2018

I trade in currency for some time now so I think I checked this site out and it has in it everything

Thomas algaram   10 March, 2015  

I in trade in last month in my demo also learn in here. What I like is how price is keeping precise also spreading is tiny too. I am also seeing copy trade in here so people like me who is learning also trade good. Yes good platform

Hamid margasay   16 January, 2015  

This compant is a money making. If you make profit they will not give but if you lose they will be very happy because they are not investing in any market all scam.

santhosh rai   20 December, 2014  

I am small trading i come here because I read they in offer good account also good option for trading, I see good rate also good spreading, they is very fast in opening and closing open trade, also I can use ea in here, good place in trade here.

Malika aggarwal   27 November, 2014  

I see some Indians here commenting about their forex trading. I want to know from the Indians here if is it legal or illegal to do do forex trading in India.

Musaddique Ali   25 October, 2014  

I am deciding in learn forex so I am join here in demo. I also like how customer people go in all help to me. I am learn all about currency trading much a lot in here also I see they have many trade people who help also many teaching materials in here. Platform is nice.

Mukundan S   17 October, 2014  

Just closed a transaction, with profits, and opened another one on Cable and all with a single click. If you ask me, I would definitely say that this platform is right on the top with my list of preferred trading platforms, esp with the ease one can open and close transactions, And if that was not enough, the spreads here are just unbelievable. Good for trading

WendyC   16 September, 2014  

I join in here in trade only in last ten day. I still learn all in trading. This broker has many many good information in trading also many trader allow me to copy trade so I making money too. I like platform it is good in beginner.

Miriyam s   26 August, 2014  

Testing the platform out for the last couple of weeks sure makes it apparent why this platform, with all its bells and whistles, is my top choice. The rates featured for nearly every major pair, crosses is damn accurate and the spreads, damn tight, do recommend.

Jamie H   29 July, 2014  

I new so know nothing in trading till I come here. I am learning also I am using this copying feature so I make some money also when learning trading. This place give me mobile access also many good features. It is good.

Mukesh B   14 July, 2014  

I join two week in here for trade this place has copy trading so it is helping new trader like me. It is easy to setting it so I can make money also learn same time good platform.

Shariff J   25 June, 2014  

Trading something I am picking in now so I have many many to learn. I am learning all In here also people from customer service in help me to other trader. There is also in copy trading so I am in making money too. Good platform and nice people in here, very helping.

Mimi   16 May, 2014  

I new here also in trading. I am student so I join to learn trade also how make money. Lot of trader for chat and advice also customer support is help too. I think platform is good also it is giving me many app plus also low spread. Good in trade in think, platform.

Jehu Bannier   1 May, 2014  

I am trader for many year but came here only recently. I like what platform is offering from good price to low spread. also how I can also in use automated trading script, third parties or mine, in platform. Yes, I recommend.

Ruchita Malgudi   24 March, 2014  

I trade in currency market for many year but came here only three week now. I Iike how account give me many financial instrument to check and trade also spread is very low, yes. They are great.

Nithin H   12 February, 2014  

I have trading in forex many year and join here because I hear spread is small. It is true, they are very small also other features are good too. There is plug and play for checking ea, installing it also very fast process for withdrawing profits quickly. Over all, I am being impressed.

Halima J   5 February, 2014  

I am trade currency in four year now, so I join here to see and I like what I see in here from able to scalping also custom EAs. I think it is good, so far I am doing nice here - thank you.

Ritisheh   16 January, 2014  

It is been more than six months since I started trading on this platform and the ride has been frigging great so far. Apart from some of the most competitive trading conditions, and precise quotes, the apps including social trading and advanced charting is just perfect. Trading has never been so easy or convenient, yeah, def recommend.

Rupert B   6 December, 2013  

I came here six month ago and I still trading in here. I trade portfolio metal currency and stock indices. I like how I get advanced trading tool also use EA on platform. It is good, I recommend.

Mina Han   26 November, 2013  

I like trader platform. It give me access to all thing including currency also metal trade. I am in micro trading small when checking out. Customer support is active and help answer everything right away. It is nice for traders.

Ramya K   8 November, 2013  

I in trade here last one month I trade only in two pair EURUSD and USDJPY. I like how I see better price here with more depth also I like advanced charting in here. Platform is great in trading, already make some money soon make more. Thank you

Arvind   1 November, 2013  

Choosing a broker is not as difficult as it appears at first sight. However, it is important to find the right approach to this matter. First off, this means studying reviews about 3TG Brokers. When making their choice, traders take various criteria into consideration, including: years of broker's operation in the forex market, broker's reputation, their trading conditions, and much more. At the same time, clients' practical comments about the company are equally important. It is recommended that before getting registered with Traders Way, a trader gets acknowledged with comments of the broker's clients who have real experience of trading with this company.

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Traders Way

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