FBS Reviews & Comments 2017

Until now FBS still my best broker. fast deposit and fast WD my money.

guest   4 September, 2017  

I started to trade with FBS when the regulations changed in Turkey. I especially liked leverage rates and order speed. Withdrawals are quick and easy. I withdrawal 740$ in 2 hours. Competitions are enjoyable, but you need to develop a really good strategy. They also have customer service in different languages. Personally, Turkish was important to me.

Burak   24 August, 2017  

My review of FBS broker in a couple of words. Personally, I highly appreciate the work of this broker. It is reliable and has a platform that is pleasant to work with. I haven't faced with any problems except one time (the fault was mine but supporting team reacted very fast and they politely explained the reason why I was confused). However, the key to your success is not only the operation with the broker, but also your strategy and luck) So, you have to be quite amateur to reach high trading results. Speaking about disadvantages, i can't find any.

Elisabeth   18 July, 2017  

I think FBS is a good Broker, Has a good trade conditions, so many bonuses ,lovely contests, has a good support. The most important thing about is the Fast Withdrawal. No complains with FBS so far …so I think it's really the best broker in the market right now. I recommend FBS.

googleplus   12 July, 2017  

I worked with FBS and found it very amazing. So highly recommended to others. FBS is the real reliable broker and I am fully satisfied with this broker.FBS has good execution and good trading platform.

amjadali5050   12 December, 2016  

very very very very bad customer support, i talked with customer support through the website and asked him if there is any bad stuff that fbs do in platform while i am trading and i told him to say yes or no, then he refuse to answer me, that`s mean that they are scammers and thief company play with your platform and hide the real movement of prices. i am in egypt and these stuff happened yesterday.

dawoodmahmoud91   9 December, 2016  

Hello Everyone, I worked with FBS for an year. and I really like this broker this broker provide opportunities to make money. its promotions are awesome we can make money even if i am empty handed. its pro demo contest give 450$ at first place making most of points as compared to other participant. really mind lowing. I recommend.

aishaabubakar412   28 September, 2016  

The most important thing which I liked about FBS is that I have never faced any problem regarding any deposit withdraw activity , and that is the thing which i really liked about FBS as a broker, safety of funds.

jessicasmithforex   18 September, 2016  

As far as my experience is concerned,I am pretty much satisfied with FBS as a trader and trade execution have been really good along with good customer support and other features.

Beejay   11 September, 2016  

FBS is not a forex broker! It is an amateur. I have read on their web site: “split-second execution”. Sometimes probably it looks like they promise but usually it is much slower and there is slippage. Scalping is impossible here.

$andy$   23 June, 2016  

Hello Andy, I am an official FBS representative - Ill be happy to help with any issue that you may have. If there is something specific that you wish for us to review, I will be happy to. Please send your account number and what you wish for us to investigate. Thank you.

FBSOfficial   6 September, 2016

FBS has a rather good rating but I’m not satisfied with trading results here. Of course, this can be due to my no luck strategy… but consider: Zero spread account looks attractive. They promise immediate access to the market, but listen, I’m paying commission for order opening here! It is a big question if there are fewer expenses if I opened the standard account. Next - no requotes. You can think that I am naive, but I was taken in by those words. So…They have not given me a trade with the prices I ordered repeatedly and explained that the market was too fast-moving. I understand that during the news release it is difficult to be able to provide immediate order execution when the prices change quickly…but why do they promise that! And the last one - trading with an expert advisor here means to lose money. Conclusion: this broker is for experienced traders only. If you doubt your skills even in the least, run away from here.

Kzansi   19 June, 2016  

Hello Kzansi - I am an official FBS representative and will be happy to help. 1. Yes there is indeed a commission for orde opening on the zero spread account, FBS has 5 different account types to meet every traders need and strategy. We also offer unlimited demo account - and you can open a demo account of EACH type to see what is best for you. 2. Re-quotes - if there is a specific situation that you wish for us to investigate, please send me the details here (or if you do not wish to disclose your information here)- send a ticket to support at fbs.com and send me the ticket number here, Ill make sure to keep track of it and send an update. 3. Expert Advisor - There are TONS of different expert advisors with different strategies. If one did not work out for you, you should make note of the things that did not work well for you, and when looking for a new EA - discuss these points with the company/person in charge of the program. Please let me know if there is anything I may help you with further.

FBSOfficial   7 September, 2016

Awful experience! I opened a live account, deposited $10 just to understand the features they offer and decide if I could trust them and stay here for a long time. Well, my conclusions: high spreads even on such a common pair as EUR/USD, constant and high slippage, slow execution of orders and so on… these cons may be continued endlessly. Once I was trying to close the order so that I could escape a high price gap and I just could not do it due to technical reasons and as the result I lost my money. So, stay away from this broker – that is my recommendation.

Disglllllll   15 June, 2016  

Hello Disglllllll. You wrote many bad experiences about FBS. I would like to investigate your situation. Can you please send some more details - I will be happy to check into everything and send an accurate update here. Thank you.

FBSOfficial   6 September, 2016

Recently I have won a t-shirt )) Now believe in the really of their contests! Other, the conditions for trading all created - a wide variety of accounts, low spreads, not bothering to scalp. I took them a little over six months and now I'm very happy.

Kesha   30 August, 2015  

I've affiliate program with them, and I also make money with this affiliate program. I've make some WD and all going normal, Then after they change rules, I can't WD all of my profit from affiliate because each month I have to get some new clients. Its crazy i think. So i decide change broker and join in another affiliate program.

deny   25 August, 2015  

Today it is one of the best brokers in the Forex market. I really like to trade the news, especially with FBS, because he has helpful, prompt and regular articles. A good broker will always take care of the customer and to create all conditions. FBS is one such broker.

Alex   19 August, 2015  

A great broker! Recently spent a few mirror trades from multiple brokers, I can say that I FBS I could lift, though not large, but the profit, the other major (I will not mention their names here, to avoid the negative PR) were slippages and delays creepy. And tried to withdraw - can't say which is faster... but for a couple of hours, on average, withdraw.

Arny   7 July, 2015  

i joined them 2 month ago.
deposited with $187 dollar through Egopay. i tried to make several withdrawals and i was always rejected, saying that they have not seen my feed back. when i was able to get their feed back i was now told i can not withdraw by Egopay but bank wire. i made another withdrawal.
the withdrawal kept taking ages. until when i was to trade the US nonfarm employment release.
as at this time my account was now $1622.
i entered my OP at 2013.12.05.15:29 with Lot 3.0 USD/JPY Sell price 78.54 and stop loss 78.64 with TP 77.95. when the news came out. i just saw that i had a loss of -1482.33 and my balance with the bonus was 139.91. That is to say that my stop loss was not acknowledged. i spoke to them and they said there was a gap. and so there is nothing that can be done about that.
i have seen traders make returns when things like this happen. and why should FBS be different . trying to use an agreement act to back up there fruadlent act.
Please if you are having any sufficient funds with them i will advice you withdraw it before they wipe your account away with such excuse and then refer you to their agreement act.
This is too bad of FBS . i am really disappointed.
i wonder how brokers like this will still be working.
This can actually make a man commit suicide.
Traders be careful of this broker FBS.

Lukas   2 February, 2014  

I like trading with fbs. Execution is fast, withdrawal process is also very fast. My trading account is 3002**.
I really like they added neteller to payment options, because GeForce neteller I used webmoney which is not very convenient to me.
I like their customer service. Every time I have question about my trading, I contact them and they kindly help me.

Ranky   21 January, 2014  

FBS one of the leading ASIA best FX broker, got many awards in past and also nominated in 15th International Exhibition MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2013, which will take place in Moscow, November 01-02

U Malik   30 September, 2013  

I am satisfied with FBS. FBS gives me a welcome bonus of 50%. besides forex trading with FBS is very comfortable. in addition, for the beginner. FBS offers free accounts for $ 5 which benefits can be withdrawn. Performance of FBS, which is very impressive

kaito kid   30 July, 2013  

FBS is really good broker. I have been trading with FBS for 1 year already and have no complains. Trading conditions are good, many bonuses and contests. Since they offer 2.2 pips IB commission i also became an IB and now earn even more.

Thank you FBS!

Alex   23 April, 2013  

Fbs is one of the best brokers I tried that is honest and can be trusted. Very active/excellent support.

ILovePips   20 September, 2012  

Dear all...
just share..i gather some positive feedback from FBS customers:
more feedback: FBS website/customer-testimonials

Riki Ismayana   11 September, 2012  

I am very satisfied with FBS, all my order execution were processed without any requote. The important thing about my withdrawals is that FBS processed all my requests. They were processed within 1-2 hour in working days, and sometimes they do it within a few minutes.
FBS provides a friendly support and offers a lot of nice promotions. Currently I always recommend to my friends to use FBS, just because this is simply a good brokerage.

Theo   10 September, 2012  

Newest promotion from FBS "breakeven trading" makes my trades become more comfortable.

mang_ncep   16 March, 2012  

FBS launch new trading platform...MT4 for i-phone...
you can trading more mobile than before...:)

Riki Ismayana   7 February, 2012  

hi all...FBS have a new promotion: FBS Breakeven Trading "ll the traders have been dreaming of has now come true: you can trade without losses! Only with FBS unique offer you can return 100% of your deposit in case you lose it.

FBS is the first broker in the world to guarantee break-even trading!

With FBS you can be sure that in case you lose your deposit FBS will return it!

FBS has developed a flexible deposit insurance program, where you can set the insurance conditions by yourself, that is:

The insured amount (10% to 100%)
Return term (1, 3 or 6 months)
Right now you can insure 10% to 100% of your deposit. In case you lose it, you will get it back in 1, 3 or 6 months. Try it now!

source: fbs.com/breakeven

Riki Ismayana   11 January, 2012  

Local withdrawal without cuts for commissions, truly profitable.

Mang_Ncep   29 November, 2011  

FBS is very flexible, besides many alternative devices, now in Indonesia has been able to deposit and withdrawal locally.

Mang_ncep   14 November, 2011  

Dear all..
Great news for Indonesian Trader!!!:
[QUOTE]FBS introduces new deposit and withdrawal option for Indonesian traders

10 Nov 2011, 12:10

Dear traders!

FBS continues improving the quality of services and simplifying funds transfer procedure. No more excessive charges from international wire transfers or credit card fees. And you can deposit right from your local bank, either via Internet banking or in person. It's low cost, easy and convenient!

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Deposit & Withdrawal option for Indonesian traders: now you may deposit your trading account using local bank transfer in Indonesia. With the help of Bank Indonesia transfers can be made in Indonesian rupiah (IDR).

Just follow these steps:

1. Login your FBS Personal Area
2. Get bank details
3. Make local bank transfer
4. Fill in payment notification in your Personal area
5. Use the funds for trading

If you require any further information please click here to contact one of our professional and friendly customer service representatives available 24/5 or just visit our representative office in Indonesia to get the full support with funds transferring or trading.

source: FBS website

Riki Ismayana   10 November, 2011  

At times forex newbies get lost facing myriads of offers from various brokers, with only prime and positive information and prognoses bunched up on their sites. How to choose a broker that won't snatch all your hope away? Communicating with more experienced currency traders and reading reviews about forex brokers will help you gain insight into the subject and to understand how much trust this or that broker deserves.

FBS section is dedicated to the comments and reviews of the traders who either currently trade with this broker, or have had such an experience in the past, or are about to open a trading account with the broker soon.

Positive estimates about the broker do not give an absolute guarantee of successful trading with them; at the same time, negative statements do not necessarily mean that you are to remain in discontent after you become their client.

Each trader eventually has to make an individual decision, whereas other clients' reviews just help to get an overall picture. Judgments on FBS can be favorable or opposed to the company, they comprise various issues related to trading operations or customer services; only the authors of these reviews are responsible for what they write about and in which manner they do it.

It has to be clearly understood that comments and reviews reflect only the subjective opinions of their authors. However, in any case forex beginners should pay proper attention to the views and evaluations of their 'cunning fellows' and to be very careful in choosing a broker.


FBS is a reliable Forex broker trusted by millions of traders around the world. The company has been in business since 2009 and our offices are open in 8 countries worldwide. Working with us is easy, convenient and, most of all, profitable. We are happy to offer exclusive terms unprecedented in...

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