FxPro Reviews & Comments 2019

I have been working with FxPro for a little more than six months. Of course, while I am trading in very small volumes, everything is going on more than well and the broker is showing himself quite adequately and decently. Under the terms, everything is super, without special restrictions, a lot of platforms and tools to choose from. All that I withdrew came to the account the same day. And I heard from others that they haven't any problems with withdrawal. In general, at the moment I am satisfied and there are no special complaints.

Greg   19 September, 2019  

If you feel like donating cash, trade with fxpro. They freeze platform during volatility and news.

Johan   19 September, 2019  

I read so many reviews about unreliable forex brokers and I was really cautious while choosing the broker. I deposited money in FxPro only after reading about FCA regulation. The verification process was very serious. And they provide negative balance protection. Customer online support is professional, but it's pity that they don't work on weekends. Also, they offer good platforms with fast execution, low spreads and fast processing of accounting.

Dwayne   18 September, 2019  

I personally have never had any problems with FxPro, everything is done in a very short time and very quickly, and always paid all the money I earned.

tRader   17 September, 2019  

World-class company. There were no problems with either withdrawal or trade over the years of work. Wednesday on the news keep declared almost always. They never called or asked to add money or something like that. Very comfortable to communicate with support. The answers are always very professional. It can be seen that those who in support either traded themselves or simply teach 5 points. The site is not much overloaded. Searching for the right information may take a long time. A feature for long-term transactions is that they take the spread on Friday over the weekend. everyone else takes on Thursday. It needs to be considered. Company with a registered capital of 100 million euros and an audit from PWC.

Theodor   13 September, 2019  

I have been working with this broker for a long time, and I have absolutely no complaints about working with it. Everything is very convenient, prompt and honest. Many options for depositing and withdrawal of money, deep analytics, responsive support. I hope to continue mutually beneficial cooperation. Forex is such a form of earnings, which is now very popular. It seems to me that you can earn any money through trading, there are no limits. And it does not depend on the broker solely. It also depends on the person how much they want to earn and what he is ready to do for the sake of it. Only a traders themselves can limit their capabilities, no one else. Many who started this business can be said to have not regretted, although there are enough of those who no longer want to contact the exchange. I think the first rule that a novice trader needs to adhere to is to set up correctly, you need to understand that the exchange and easy money are incompatible concepts.

Jan   12 September, 2019  

A good broker, more than suitable for a quiet forex trading. I am very pleased with the work of the terminal. The performance is clear! Objectively, the company is pretty reliable. Withdrawal is fine. In a word, so far so good!

Paul   10 September, 2019  

So far, I have no complaints against fxpro. There is no strong freezes or connection loss. Trading terms are suitable for me. Quite well and tight spread. Perfect charts, convenient and easy UI. Only one cons - quite long verification period.

Ildar   3 September, 2019  

The base for training at fxpro is one of the best. There is a lot of useful material to study, there are good webinars. Well and most importantly, the demos are all free and not limited in duration, you can train as much as you like.

Mazzyyy   26 August, 2019  

As for me, I prefer to work with several brokers. Last few years fxpro is invariably included in this list. Ctrader platform provides me a very fast order execution and there is no requotes. I have never had problems with withdrawals while I working with them. Customer support is also good. Recommend them.

Rick   15 August, 2019  

How many rorex companies have already passed through my hands, but still the FxPro cTrader terminal turned out to be the best and most productive in work. Now I have a clear understanding of how a terminal should work in normal forex brokerage companies.

Adrian   29 July, 2019  

FxPro has fairly low spreads, just for the sake of this, you should take a closer look at FxPro. it was because of the spread that I started trading here. I trade within the day, but narrow spread is a matter of honor, it's still important to trade on convenient terms, I want to feel the broker's comfort and reliability, that your funds are inviolable by the company, that's what keeps me here, that's how I trade with the company, so I like it very much here.

Ben   17 July, 2019  

From a technical point of view - FxPro is really a top forex broker. Well, maybe for a couple of seconds I had orders hanging, but this is nothing compared to the other advantages: fast support, the super-convenient trading platform ctrader. FxPro Edge is also quite an interesting platform. The widest selection of trading tools, here you and forex, and stocks, and indices and energy. The only thing - I would not be too keen on analytics. Own experience and critical thinking is much more useful.

Konrad   15 July, 2019  

I opened account on Saturday and deposited lot of money the very same day but the money i deposited is not reflecting in my trade account, I am I scammed or I have to be patient guys since I deposited on weekend?

Dee   14 July, 2019  

The main reason I chose FxPro was that they accept Skrill and PayPal for deposit and withdrawals. I use MetaTrader 4. The spread here depends on volatility. Orders are executed quite fast and slippages are insignificant. So far I'm happy with them and didn't have problems.

Pau   12 July, 2019  

Today, FxPro is one of the most adequate brokers in terms of both reliability and quality of service. Some kind of strong server freezes or losses did not happen. I also withdraw without difficulty. No claims to the broker. Support service is always in touch. All that I lost, solely my own mistakes. Normal, and most importantly a stable broker. On spreads, everything is very good here, besides there is a great choice of currencies for trading, I also like their analytics, as well as the ability to use any advisers.

David   28 June, 2019  

I would never have thought that trading Non Dealing Desk would be so convenient and simply pleasant. But FxPro has opened this way of trading for me, for which I thank them so much, and I already managed to taste all the advantages of NDD, but what I appreciated most of all is the very high speed of execution, so it really pleased me. Maybe I went to a new level of trade and got new trading experience.

Alex   24 June, 2019  

I like FxPro for their quality reviews, timely trading information .It is not as lively and voluminou recently as before, but still of very high quality. I like the fact that they have many, in my opinion, sections: technical analysis, different economic calendars, information from the world central banks. a lot of such information is specific, not only analytical. What is useful, always at hand, you do not have to search for it. In general, their website helps to make adjustments to my trading plans, to get out of the market timely, etc.

Kermet   18 June, 2019  

FxPro is the most technologically advanced broker, it has long been their feature. They really have the best opportunities for online trading to make customers comfortable. When I first chose a broker, I purposefully compared some opportunities with different brokers, in FxPro I was pleased and almost surprised that they offer trading spot metals and spot energies, then it was quite rare. Besides, I liked flexible rates that are beneficial for active traders - with other brokers, everything was not so attractive. Since then, I have removed my hand a little from the pulse and not so closely following what is happening with other brokers, but judging by the fragmentary information, FxPro continues to be ahead.

Carlos   17 June, 2019  

I try to use only analytics from the broker FxPro, sometimes I have to resort to other sources, sometimes there is not enough data on the American market, especially on the banking sector, but this is nothing, each broker has an analyst somewhere stronger and somewhere weaker. I don't know another such broker who would pay a lot of attention to analytics in the public domain for any client level, it's clear that if we're talking about some VIP accounts, there's plenty of it. It is only necessary to say "a", and it is quickly provided, with basic levels of accounts it does not work that way.

Carlo   11 June, 2019  

Really one of the best and trustworthy brokers! It's rather hard to open and verify account, initial deposit are not small, but all other moments are good! Very convenient and stable platform, fast withdrawals, good client service. If you want to find reliable broker for long-term cooperation you can try fxpro.

Fres   11 June, 2019  

I have been a FxPro client for seven months now. At one time I thought that making money on Forex is nothing more than a sphere for making money for millionaires and very rich people, but my opinion has changed a long time ago. Today I have a real account with the broker. I replenished my account several times and withdrawn a profit many times. I note that this is a great way to earn for someone who has free time and even small investments. The terminal is very convenient and even a beginner will understand, and if something is unclear - you can ask for help from support around the clock - they will help you, there are no problems with this. The main thing that I want to convey in my review about the company FxPro is that now is the time that Forex has become much more accessible to ordinary people than before and now everyone who wants can try. We can say that this is a chance to start another life. You know, I would compare Forex with the lottery, but you can not compare this. This is something between a lottery and a bank deposit.

Alfred   7 June, 2019  

FxPro is a good company. Speaking in general terms, let's say this: there is a conscience, the technical side did not let me down even once, well, this is a separate story with trading. You all understand that there is no ideal statistics for a trading account and it cannot be. So I'm not perfect, but the income is regular, so everything is going well too. Almost everything suits me. Why almost, yes, because money is withdrawn for quite a long time compared to some other brokers. The depositing is done in seconds, and the withdrawal of profits takes a couple of days. The rest is very good in general. Good terminal, high-quality signals and analytics. Trading with FxPro brings me pleasure.

Leonardo   29 May, 2019  

FxPro provides several good mobile apps for trading. Quite good broker. I have good experience with it.

Mycola   26 May, 2019  

Started trading with FxPro in the beginning of 2019. Yesterday I ordered my first withdrawal. Money have come today. Very satisfied. Clear execution of orders. In general, the trading here is done without nerves and problems. So there are no complaints about them yet, soon I plan to start trading with a larger amount. I often use technical analysis tools. I think this is the most effective way to understand the market and make a reasonable forecast of the price trend. I like to use Autochartist. You know, surely about this tool. A real helper that saves time. It keeps track of charts and signals if there is a hint of a trend change. It also forms a scenario of the development of events on the basis of retrospective data.

Leo   24 May, 2019  

Fxpro is my current broker and I pleased with their services. The MetaTrader 4 platform works fast and I never had delays or some strong slippages. They do not manipulate with the prices as I notice with other brokers. All my money transfers I make by skrill. Money comes into account in one working day. I recommend! Normal checked broker.

Pavel   7 May, 2019  

It says,'it allows Hedging but that never happened when I do so. It kept on decrease my other order. Buy and when I sell it minus from my buy.

Black Dude   23 April, 2019  

Hi guys! I already work with fxpro since september 2016, till now they are very helpful. In fact I withdraw more than i deposited for this period of time. This suggests that they give you a chance to work in profit. There were only a couple of little claims, which did not affect on the results of trading.

Trent   10 April, 2019  

I have been actively trading with FxPro for 6 months now. Good broker with good conditions. Good server connection, transparent execution, competitive spread, good opportunities for algorithmic trading. So far, everything ok.

guest   26 March, 2019  

Good broker. Terms and conditions are clear, nothing hidden. Fast and user-friendly platform, transparent execution without frauds. All EA's are allowed. So far, satisfied.

Rem   22 March, 2019  

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FxPro has been operating since 2006. For 12 active years, it confidently became one of the world's leading Forex and CFD broker. An impressive list of more than 60 international awards is constantly being updated, and the number of loyal customers is increasing on a daily basis. According to...

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