FreshForex Reviews & Comments 2017

For several months trading with this broker, I found no problems at all. The spreads are really suitable for scalpers and also the minimum deposit is really good for those who wanted to try their first steps in Forex trading. You can try the demo account first to answer your curiosity..

Tatjiana   31 July, 2017  

Well, I do find Fresh forex as a good broker. I utilised their no deposit bonus and made profit from trading and withdrew without a problem after fulfilling the necessary lots. The speed and execution on their ECN account is great, the customer service is very helpful. No commission on deposits and I am actually impressed with the overall service, so far so good. I recommend.

Tapiwa   28 June, 2017  

A good broker to trade with. The minimum deposit is suitable for those who are want to try forex trading with minimum budget. Don't forget to mention the offers such as megarebates and no commisions...

Anto   20 July, 2017

Try trading with FreshForex, and i advice you to work first in demo account it's free you are not going to lose money trading on the demo. their spreads are okay, faster desposit and withdrawal methods.

Rarik   10 May, 2017  

My main account, saying more precisely, two accounts are with this broker.One id for intraday trading and another for trading around news. Since this broker provides ECN accounts, I have traded only in such a way and I don't interested in disscussing what is better. A ECN account is better, the speed is everything. I withdraw my profit every month, from $100 to $500. I don't withdraw less amount and use it for recapitalization. I can praise such a withdrawal. I read that the broker has lots of bonuses and contests, but I don't use them. I only watch its webinars, quite high-level. In general it's OK.

Eric   8 May, 2017  

I am glad FreshForex introduced Binary Trading, now I can trade both Forex and Binary under one roof! What a blessing to have this guys around!

Larisa   4 April, 2017  

From my own experience the best broker for scalping is FreshForex. They are giving a free Expert advisor for scalping known as Elephant EA.FreshForex has prepared a surprise for active traders on its birthday. they give you the most powerful and popular EA ? Elephant. This EA makes dreams of every trader come true: it removes psychological factors from trading decisions and boosts the number of profitable trades!

Ivann   3 April, 2017  

You may want to try FreshForex, they are honest, easy and offer support for bank deposits. Though I don't know what you mean by Alalert Visa.

Salam   25 March, 2017  

I trade mainly by the method of scalping, but sometimes I put medium lots. And I noticed that scalping does not always works well because of pecularities of quotations. For example, Yen/US dollar pair works perfectly only on freshforex playform, although Yen/euro pair operation is always smooth on all platforms.

Karsen   24 March, 2017  

Basically, I trade stocks and options. Recently decided to try currencies. In my opinion this is the best broker I ever traded trough. I've invested over $5,000 in trading account and this broker is better than any stock market broker in US. Even if it is currency trading. By using its seminars, trading tools and support I have learned to trade profitably on my 5K account with amazing accuracy. I learned how to manage the trade from entry to exit just for two months in addition to my previous experience. However, it saved my time and money. I stopped searching for the new broker. The trading signals laid out in their services is also the most precise way to get additional pips of profit if you will.

Neokanobi   15 March, 2017  

My best experience happened while using hot $2017 no deposit bonus from FreshForex. That's the best offer I've ever seen on the market!

Tebnos   17 February, 2017  

I think FreshForex is legit, Have very tight spread or execution. In adidtion, they have pretty Fast deposit/ withdrawals methods. I used them with mt4 its really great and fast even in the news.

jesse121   15 February, 2017  

I like FreshForex. Before I deposit my money, I checked this broker. Thieir MT4 is working very good, orde execution is fast. I checked their quotation with other companies – everything is all right. Pending ordes execution is Ok too.

Sergey4   28 January, 2017  

Testing is the easiest way to find a good broker and that testing happens with demo account or free capital. I am using FreshForex broker, as they got both of these facilities, so if I want to try demo account, I can use that easily and even if I want to test it with free capital, I am able to do that as well with their no deposit bonus, it?s extremely useful not just to be making profits, but it is also great to learning which is the most important factor.

Josepf   26 January, 2017  

FreshForex is the most recommended broker for scalping. I'm not saying they're without flaws but based on the latest traders in Asia voters, FreshForex is the best, the spreads are at minimum with no slippage at all!

Jesse   20 December, 2016  

I do not know if other brokers use as wise approach to organization of their accounts, but FreshForex exactly excelled in this task. Their Clasic account - good for beginners to practice and gain experience. Market Pro is for those who practice a more active trading. ECN - an account that has a lot of opportunities in general. And Swap Free - a special account, which does not charge swap. I'm still on the Market Pro, but looking closer to ECN, will save more money and deposit to this ECN account.

Olllga   21 November, 2016  

If a broker does not put restrictions on deposit, it is good for your start. After all, if you just start with a large sum, almost 99% of that money will get back to you. Freshforex just helps to avoid this. You can start even with $ 5

Pheebee   20 November, 2016  

As for me that the company in which you decide to trade, should from time to time to carry out various promotions. A freshforex company constantly conducts various beneficial promoes.

Ermak   26 October, 2016  

I evalute that the broker as a partner. whom you can trust, because I've been trading with them for almost 3 years. During this time, many things did happen, including drawdown. This is market, that's fine. The main thing is that, in general, all expenses and income, show that I earned almost twofold amount as compared to my deposit. And the most important thing. I wish theim happy birthday, they turned 12 years.

Olga12   13 September, 2016  

In the beginning of trading on real it is many questions and difficulties. So if broker has bonus for newbie it will help trader to save his money. Fresh gives $1000 to new trader and trader can get first trade experience. It is comfortable you trade on real account foreign’s money! But received profit will be yours!

Valeriy1   9 September, 2016  

I estimate that the broker as a partner. whom you can trust, because I've been trading with them for almost 2 years. During this time, many things did happen, including drawdown. This is market, that's fine. The main thing is that, in general, all expenses and income, show that I earned almost twofold amount as compared to my deposit. And the most important thing. I wish theim happy birthday, they will turne 12 years soon.

Joker1   21 August, 2016  

This is true, trading on the forex market is the most profitable kind of earnings online, but on the condition if you find the right broker. FreshForex is good for that.

Mirka   14 August, 2016  

So as I will not be taught and not taught to trade on the forex market, I do it myself, and so I think that my teacher is a freshforex company, which provides a lot of useful information and provides the ability to get bonuses for trading.

OlgaIvanova   12 August, 2016  

FreshForex company was recognized the best broker of Asia by the largest international exhibition Shanghai Forex Expo 2015. I can only say that the broker provides many trading tools, convenient accounts, rapid withdrawal. And I want to say a word about technical support service. A personal asistant always responds quickly to all questions, and at the same time does not bother with calls.

Trall   26 July, 2016  

Freshforex is good in the aspect that it fits both the newcomers and professionals of the market. Theit terms are suitable for both of them. You can scalp, which suits freshmen. There is ECN, which is more suitable for experienced traders. Numerous promotions and contests will be interesting to all traders.

Joker   25 July, 2016  

Before the wave you do not know whether it will be and how well it is, so many traders open hundreds of lots by robot in different directions and close almost immediately if there is no significant gradient. For example, Freshforex allows both robots and pipsing. After you catch a wave, pull it to the last.

Faerra   28 June, 2016  

I've been trading for 3 years, that's why I can judge brokers more professionally. For a real trading you need proper trading conditions. Even how long the withdrawal takes is not so important. That's why I like what freshforex offers. ECN trading account works perfectly on all the pairs, even in conditions of high volatility.

Valeriy   26 June, 2016  

I would say that I am satisfied with this broker but I cannot. Here I opened ECN account with a direct access to international market. It is very important to have quick execution on this account but FreshForex processes orders so slowly that I lost my several deposits. The execution usually takes up to 5 seconds here instead of 0.05 sec. Besides they offer high spreads beginning from 2 points. When I decided that I’d better leave freshforex and withdraw, I could not do it also - my request was rejected. Now I am going to find out the reason... Nothing but troubles here!

Martyn   16 June, 2016  

Like everything else in this world, the forex market does not stand still, constantly evolving and to make trading, you need to evolve too, and this requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Freshforex company offers a special section at their site.

Murka   1 June, 2016  

I am new just setting myself to trading and studying Elliot theory now. In winter, I tried Pound and was lucky. It is clear that it was luck and I did not invest. Thanks to freshforex, I already have an account and they gave me money within the frames of a promotion. Just a little, but the very fact is crucial for me and it is the stage of a full and real trading process. they educate quite well and I like them.

kurda   25 May, 2016  

It is always good if a broker which you trade with, behaves well and does not let its traders down. Especially in situations where the company is forced to pay a compensation to a trader, even if the trader acted bad. One case confirmed reasonability of my choice of freshfoex as a broker. This company is ready to comply with the decisions of governing market organizations. Freshforex pays a trader in any case.

Werta   30 April, 2016  


FreshForex company was established in 2004. The company was founded by the experts with successful experience in the Internet trading business. Thanks to a vast experience of interaction with broker and trading environment, we were able to work out and offer you both comfortable and affordable...

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