Exness Reviews & Comments 2019

It sucks, I've been trading with them for 2 years now. I am currently looking for new broker. They increase spread to more than 22 pips. I have recoded videos of my live trading.

Sean   6 March, 2019  

I signed up recently with exness, but so far it's ok. I tested the wd with a small $ and went through.

Jordan   8 February, 2019  

I've been trying to withdraw my money from my exness account and am failing, they promised to help me but there's no nothing I've been waiting for you to help me, I was commuting via WhatsApp

William   26 December, 2018  

Account No.10718205 (Mini). I have an account with exness since February 2018. So far they are ok. I didn't get an opportunity to withdraw hence I can't comment on that however I expect them to make withdrawals without any issues. One problem I faced recently they are not entertaining Master Card for funding my account which I used earlier. Since I don't have Visa card I am unable to fund my account now. I hope the authorities responsible will look into the matter. Otherwise everything fine so far.

Mohammed Shabeer   10 November, 2018  

Disappointed with the service. Have been trying to withdraw from my account for 3 weeks not with no luck. Support always says they transfered my case to finance department but still nothing. I'm moving to another broker

Cebo   22 October, 2018  

Which broker are you moving to?

Vee   24 October, 2018

i started to trade with this broker on the 16, august, 2018, today i opened a pending sell order in AUDCAD when CAD news was almost going to be released, but am i am very disappointed the moved my order very far from where i pressed my trade is this broker works like this?

asanda   17 August, 2018  

have failed with this broker. to begin with i hate its website! those pop-up windows. but i am fond of formula one where exness is a partner, so i tried to trade here. mt4 and mt5 - a good choice, but there are a plenty of brokers offering these platforms. so what? ecn account with spreads from 0 pips is more interesting feature but useless because the spread is variable and widening all the time and the execution is slow.

Kumpulan   30 April, 2018  

i am working with exness for 6 months. but now exness is not giving my withdrawl. i refund to bank card but i did not receive refund. Support is saying they processed my withdrawl but my bank did not found any transaction. i have been waiting since 8 days already. but now support says wait one weak more for confirmation letter. i am very disappointed with exness. because they are telling lie that withdraw has been processed. Please resolve my issue and give me money back. my account number is 11047517

jawad sharif   6 July, 2018

hello. i'm hamoudi said , so i took a part of the first round of forex world cup 2018 , the too hard very high results , anyway i traded hard and fairly and at the end of the competition i made the fourth place so i was very happy because i never made a result like this before, at saturday just when the competition finished the y disqualify many peoples but not me, i must wait 10 days to announce the winners, i did, but after the 10 days a few hours before announcing winners they disqualify me without any reason with no justification, i tried to contact live chat, and i din't get the explanation i want , they send me an email after 24 hours telling me i broke rules, they gave me general rules , but they the one who borke rules by do not give me the reason of disqualify , i'm sure i didn't broke any rule i read it many times , anyways i start talking to chat via website or phone and every single time one of them give me a different cause , they suppose to give me a justification a straight answer but no they keep tellen me our decision is final , means if we were wrong you will not take your right back, sometimes they saying it was ip matches some times phone matches sometimes i have many accounts sometimes same names , and all this is not the truth if it was and i'm sure from myself they will give me a proof but no they saying we don't give internal information, so how do you accuse me with something you don't have the proof of it , if you have it you must give it to me because your rules say "If a contest account is disqualified after the end of a contest, an explanation for such disqualification must be provided." they didn't say a word until i keep talking to chat, they broke this rule , and i'm sure they will come here and keep denying saying final decision, its my right people i lost my time trying to get this rank and you took it from me unfairly.

hamoudi said   22 April, 2018  

Great service, great experience. No problems at all with Exness at all.

Rowan   13 April, 2018  

If you deposit using bank card and you want to change your withdrawal method such as neteller, you're going to have a nightmare with the support team.

Amir   26 March, 2018  

Fast withdrawal and best execution speed.

Sam   24 April, 2017  

No pain no gain. This is about forex in general and Exness in particular. I came across exness through recommendations of friend of mine. No previous experience and understanding how to trade currencies. I took some courses on trading from broker, also watched all free webinars. The whole idea was to extract essentials and apply it to FX trading. I traded on demo accounts, and then opened Cent acct, then ECN and are almost ready to switch to Classic one with minimum balance $2000. I think 0.1 spread is not too big. However trading on cent and ecn accounts are have advantages but involve more expenses. In conclusion, broker offers comfortable trading environment created to work on FX market. I started from 200 bucks on account and made around 700% profit for 11 month.

Vikky2017   21 February, 2017  

I still have an account but thinking to transfer to another broker. Few months of dissatisfaction and consecutive losses brought me to conclusion that there is still a big gap between ads, commercial on internet and real quality of provided services by company. Just to be honest, you need to decrease quality of all features by 50% to get actual picture. Especially those services related to automated trading. Very disappointing.

M. Herman   6 January, 2017  

Hello M. Herman, We are sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with our services and we would like to review the issues that you have faced. Please do send us your particular to our support email address and we will be more than glad to support you in resolving the matter. Our support team email address is support@exness.com. We hoping to hear from you.

Simane   1 May, 2017

i have failed with this broker. to begin with i hate its website! those pop-up windows… but i am fond of formula one where exness is a partner, so i tried to trade here. mt4 and mt5 – a good choice, but there are a plenty of brokers offering these platforms. so what? ecn account with spreads from 0 pips is more interesting feature but useless because the spread is variable and widening all the time and the execution is slow.

fx1fx   22 June, 2016  

I haven’t seen MetaTrader 5 to operate so awfully before like it does here. This advanced version of reliable “the forth” must show the best productivity ever! But it runs slow making my orders to be executed with a delay and at the worse prices. I am not able to take advantages of all proposed benefits which the Metatrader wants to give to traders. Those stop limits here do not work. Still in order to trade on real account I have to use only MetaTrader 4. Gonna move to other platform or even to other broker.

Matt   20 June, 2016  

gonna make a negative comment. i’ve lost almost $ 1500 with exness. and the reason is really silly: server shuts down. ok. why did their problem become mine? – i asked the support service about it. almost for a week i have been waiting for the answer… nothing. and the stable connection of a server is a vital thing for trading. when there is a disconnection, i lose control under opened trades. and they do not solve the problems at all. as to the other features… registration is long and troublesome. is it ok when the request is processed more than 7 working days? order execution is no great things. the spreads widen as they want. forget about exness!

reeelly   14 June, 2016  

Hi, i am PHD Solomon kwesi Obuobi. My review is why is that me and my trader have trade with you for the past four months we've reached our close date and now we have not been able to withdraw our money yet up to date when we contact you what hear is you are working on it and it been one week now.

Solomon.Obuobi   6 February, 2016  

Dear Solomon kwesi Obuobi,

Thank you for letting me know about this.

I would like to ask you to share your account number so that I could have a look into the issue. You can share it here or at georgii.bartenev@exness.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Exness   eeee8 February, 2016

Trade with them for almost six months, normal broker, money WD is good, but still there are some problems: requotes, freezing terminal, quite regularly bad connection. Registration in the offshore, minimum reliability. CySEC is not a real regulator. Who is interested, ready to have a conversation about this broker, my skype id is ....

Vovkfx   25 October, 2015  

Hello, Vovkfx.

Thank you for your feedback.

I appreciate that you have positively estimated our withdrawal conditions and consider us to be a good Forex broker. Thank you very much for that!

As for the MT4 connection problems mentioned in your post, I would like to ask you to provide your MT4 log-files that have record of all such connection-related issues.

Apart from it, I would like to say that CySEC has over the years has maintained its reliability as a regulator. For more information, please visit our website's Regulation page: https://www.exness.com/about_us/legal_information/ . There you may find detailed information on EXNESS regulation and registrations.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know here or at georgii.bartenev@exness.com.

Exness   eeee1 November, 2015

Exness is a good broker. I joined him since 2011. Withdrawals very quickly. and satisfactory services. During this time there was no trouble.Go Profit....!!!

Trisnowati   26 August, 2015  

Hello Trisnowati, and thank you very much for your bright comment!

EXNESS   27 August, 2015

I've been trading with the broker for about four months. The one thing I'm dissapointed with is that I can't enter on news, when the moment is the most appropriate. The log seems not to show the corresponding remarks, of requotes, for example.

yakov   23 August, 2015  

Hello yakov! Thank you for your post!
If you face re-quotes, you should be able to see the information about them in the log file. If you don't, please let me know what you can see there instead.
There are several ways to either minimise or completely eradicate re-quotes. Let me just copy this ways from one of my previous posts:
1. Check the stability of your internet connection;
2. Use our free VPS (in case you use an EA);
3. Set maximum deviation in MT4;
4. Check the settings of your EA (in case the EA is set incorrectly);
5. Hide all the instruments from Market watch that you do not use for trading and remove the charts for those instruments;
6. Use pairs with market execution (if that applies to your trading strategy);
7. Refrain from trading on volatile market (if that applies to your trading strategy).

EXNESS   27 August, 2015

Exness is an excellent broker, one of the few good on the market. I've traded on micro accounts so far but I already like the broker and its services. It really allows to learn how to get profit. But there have been several delays of order closures recently, which must be instant, if I understand correct. Also I've experienced several reqoutes, but maybe the problem was with my trading terminal.

Eugene   11 August, 2015  

Dear Eugene!

Thank you for your positive review.

As for the delay in execution I should say that we execute trades from 0.1 to 5 seconds. That in accordance with EXNESS Client agreement is considered to be normal time of execution. If you think the delay was caused by a server issue, please send me more details about the trades: account number, trade number, log files.

As far as the re-quotes are concerned, I may suggest a few tips that would help tackle them:
1. Check the stability of your internet connection;
2. Use our free VPS (in case you use an EA);
3. Set maximum deviation in MT4;
4. Check the settings of your EA (in case the EA is set incorrectly);
5. Hide all the instruments from Market watch that you do not use for trading and remove the charts for those instruments;
6. Use pairs with market execution (if that applies to your trading strategy);
7. Refrain from trading on volatile market (if that applies to your trading strategy).

I hope my suggestions will help you trade without re-quotes.

EXNESS   20 August, 2015

I have recently talked to the customer support of the broker. My impression is highly positive. The personnel was polite and helpful, fast and effective. The customer support service is the face of any company. I trade with Exness for more than two years and never had any problems with the withdrawal or large slippages. So I recommend it.

Robert   22 July, 2015  

Dear Robert, I thank you as well for your positive feedback! We do our best to ensure best quality of services!

EXNESS   27 August, 2015

good spreds, fast getting your profit and all strategies to use - that are advantages to my mind no pamm, not seriouse license and strange website - their disadvantages. Trading here 4 months, haven't big problems at all.

rusher   13 October, 2014  

Great conditions with good execution. One of the best brokers now, many my friends agree that exness is brilliant variant if only you are not investor. I believe, that is the good choice for manual and for EA trading.

Karu   26 September, 2014  

I chose exness for the good ecn. Spread are very small, for eurusd spread is almost always equal 0.0 pips. Fee for 1 mln usd of trades is quite small, other brokers takes bigger fees. The first depo for ecn is small indeed, only 300 usd. The only one small con is exness lp. They are not so big as I wish. But exness support promised me to add new lps such as lmax and city. These lps already work with Cyprus company.

Tahir   20 August, 2014  

Very nice support team. They reply quickly in live chat and to email. But it would be really perfect, if they coud add some sort of the internet call, because sometimes explaining the situation in details can take lots of time. Nevertheless, the rules in depositwithdrawals are not so clear, so it's helpful, when the support can explain the each point.

Arhip   11 July, 2014  

Exness is a blessed broker! Thanks for congrats us with Ramadan and for giving us fantastic bonus programm up to 75%.

Eslam   30 June, 2014  

No doubt Exness is the best trader in the world for quick withdrawal but only one problem when market on top they have hanged their system. I have call them many times but in vain. However I trust on Exness and working on it.

Naeem Bhatti   22 May, 2014  

They should definitely make their own trading platform for nokia. That would be the best =) And also the personal area for nokia. I am often out of office and it's hard to trade or deposit. Other things they do seem pretty good.

Enadan   22 April, 2014  

exness has quite a good execution. except the slippage on the news everything seem fine. I have ever compared the amount of the slippage on EUR (max volatility), and it much less here. so it's my variant for trading.

Max15   31 March, 2014  

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The Exness Group is an international, award-winning retail forex broker founded by a group of like-minded finance and IT professionals in 2008. With a deep understanding of traders’ needs, the modern forex company provides accessible, stable, and reliable brokerage services through the use...

Regulation: CySEC (Exness (Cy) Ltd), FCA (Exness Europe Ltd)

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