Exness Reviews and Comments 2020

I think they are one of credible broker, saw their financial report in the website, not many of brokers put it in their website. Nice move, keep it going!

Lim   30 March, 2020  

Hi I was about to fund my exness account but with all the bad comments sorry I'm out. I better look for another broker.

Lindo   27 March, 2020  

Found this from add, i like the trading signal in their mobile app and the ability to do withdraw on weekend. Fully understood each broker has plus and minus, but so far i feel comfortable!

Wong   27 March, 2020  

Trying to withdraw from my Exness account for the first time, clicked on withdraw and screen reversed to login. This has been happening in the last couple of days! Makes me start thing.

King   24 March, 2020  

Good day King! Thank you for your feedback. If you're facing a technical issue, please write to us. We'll be happy to help you. Thank you

Exness   30 March, 2020

My refund withdrawal is not credited in my meezan bank account why i made refund withdrawal on sunday 15march and till today its not credited in bank account whats the reason

Mubashir   24 March, 2020  

Hello, dear Mubashir! Kindly provide your trading account number and secret word, we will check your withdrawal. Please send the details of your trading account. We will get back to you shortly. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   30 March, 2020

first of if your from africa dont deposit using your card or bank account period. 2nd am a newbie to this site, read some pretty bad reviews regarding withdrawals but decided what the heck. deposit $50 today on march 21st 2020 using mpesa. made a profit of 269 withdrew $300 same day expected to get the cash on monday and funniest thing got my money within a span of 20min. i usually trade with hotforex and when i withdraw i get my money the following day. so for me fastest brokers in terms of withdrawals

daniel   20 March, 2020  

Hey, I just want to know how much support team take time to resolve?

Muhammad Awais   21 February, 2020  

Hello Muhammad Awais, kindly note that it depends from case to case. Our support team is available 24/7 and you can contact us through our website exness.com. If we need to investigate your case, it takes 24-48 hours.

Exness   12 March, 2020

Yeah guys I was thinking of using this broker because it was recommended, but after reading the reviews I'm definitely not interested! And for sure I will be informing all the other traders, via our what's app group, who where directed to this broker, tha this is actually not a good broker. 'Proud sponsors of Real Madrid' they say. No broker should have this many bad reviews.

Tee   9 February, 2020  

I do agree with the review. I have been using Exness since 2015 and they been so good. They also introduced a social trading platform that is different from all that I have ever seen. You don't have to pay to copy. You copy and after making profit they deduct a certain percentage as commission depending on what you choose. You can check out the social platform here.

Thomas   30 January, 2020  

hi, I use exness and have noticed my sl is twice the amount of my take profit even at the same number of pips (i.e 100pip tp and 100pip sl) thereby increasing my risk so its not just spread am worried about but am doing monkey dey work baboon dey chop. I have interest of investing up to $300,000 on so I have ran test trades on your platform. Please look into this Exness.

Eseabasi   19 January, 2020  

Guys I'm sorry but the broker has no problems if you around South Africa. plz try use the new black card. I only got my withdrawal after doing that card n all of it as in instant didn't have to wait. So let's fix our cards than we sorted. I deeply apologize to the exness team for giving them a hard time.

Alex   8 January, 2020  

Guys I also experienced the same problem via withdrawal, exness is playing mind games with people, they don't want people to profit that's it, I made 300 k + December n I withdrew but I didn't even get a single penny. Now my friend is experiencing the same problem this company should be closed its playing with people n we worked day n night trying to make a living out of trading. So I wouldn't recommend anyone to join this broker.

Alex   7 January, 2020  

Just been on Exness website. There it looks as if the withdrawl is a fast process. They use words like "instant withdraw", yet I see all these stories

Lente   4 January, 2020  

I'm really upset, I made 2 withdrawals on the 24th of dec 2019 today its the 30th of dec and still no payment. they requested a bank statment which is sent. this broker is pathetic. so easy to deposit, but so hard to withdraw. please ensure my money gets sent to my bank account as promised on ur site. I think those 2-5 days were you state should be removed because clearly it does not take 72 hour but it's not.

Lizzy   30 December, 2019  

Hello, Lizzy! Please, note that deposit refund transaction takes 3-5 working days to be processed, while profit withdrawal takes up to 7 days to be credited to your bank card. If you don't receive the funds on time, our finance team checks the status of the transactions with a bank. If you haven't received the funds yet, please, contact me at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. I'll be happy to help you! Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   3 January, 2020

Myself was doing trade with Exness, everything was ok untile my balance became 200 USD to 6700 USD, I deposited 150 USD but they didnot added it to my account, then I asked for help to live chat, at first they said it is due to technical fault, it will be solved within 24hours, but its 6th days going on, no solution. In this technical fault drama they made my balance zero. Be carefull about Exness.

Md. Mohsin Raza   11 January, 2020

Its been 9 days now (5th December) since I requested for withdrawal from my exness account. The money was deducted from my exness account immediately but till today I haven't received it , I contacted customer service, and was told to wait for five days, that was supposed to be 10th, but nothing came through, I reached out again and this time I was told to wait till 12th, today is 14th and am still yet to receive the supposed amount I requested. If you ask me I'll advice those looking for a broker to please

Chinonso   13 December, 2019  

Hello, Chinonso! I am sorry to hear that. If the issue still hasn't been resolved, please, share more information at my email, and we'll do our best to help you. You can shoot us an email at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you! Have a great day ahead!

Exness   3 January, 2020

I'm working with exness from 5 years but now they snatch my 400USD equity in just a second and my account turns to zero i don't know why they did so. i complain to exness support team they didn't respond i also try on live chat and email but no response. live chat always says we farward you request representative will contact you but no one contact me i tried many times. Extremely bad experience with exness this time and lost my money. Exness is now a big scammer broker. for any proof you can get all details of orders and account.

Muneer Ahmad   5 December, 2019  

Hello, Muneer! We regret the experience you had to face. Please, send us the details of your account number, order number and a secret word, our responsible people with check the order, and we'll get back to you the soonest possible. You can send an email at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   3 January, 2020

Today is 2 Dec 2019 extremely bad experience with exness. They closed my trades automatically on two different account and take lot of my money when i complain to exness support they said that its stop out and your equity goes to negative that why trades closed but i was online ans watch my trades my equity was 360$ with small lot size its unbelievable how they can say equity goes to negative when equity is 360$. i try to contact again with support through email, live chat and whatsapp but no response. I'll request to all traders please stay away from this kind of bull shit broker and spread this message to save other forex traders for any proof like account number, order number etc.

muneer Awan   3 December, 2019  

Dear client, we are sorry for the experience you've faced. Please, provide more information for us to check the details in our system, and we'll get back to you with explanations. Kindly email us your account number, order number and a secret word at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   3 January, 2020

Why is it that I want to withdraw some cash and they say I should withdraw the amount deposited with my card, that can't be right, this is ***

Mhleli   26 November, 2019  

Hi did you get to withdraw,Am jus curious because the same thing happen to me

Kera Brown   13 December, 2019

Hello! When using a bank card for depositing, you should make deposit refunds before you withdraw any profits. All deposits via bank card should be refunded or it must be more than 90 days since the last bank card deposit, then you will be able to withdraw any amount. We are sorry for the inconveniences. Thank you.

Exness   3 January, 2020

They won't allow me to withdraw my funds saying i should first refund the deposits i made with my card. Why would i do that when you refused me funding with my card. i had to use internet banking. Now it won't allow me to withdraw with that method; denying withdrawals. Exness is the worst broker ever!

trader   25 November, 2019  

Good day! Please, note that you will be able to withdraw via other payment systems only after all the deposits via bank card have been refunded or it's been more than 90 days since the last bank card deposit. Bank card has the highest priority among other payment systems, so a deposit refund to a bank card should be made before withdrawing to any other payment systems. Please, send me an email at dildora.djalolova@exness.com, I will explain the process in details.

Exness   3 January, 2020

this broker should close the company, i never seen a broker with so many negativeness like this one, i opened an account with them, was waiting to fund the account and trade after my account verification, but as i have seen these negative comments here i am not going to deposit any money, and i will ask them to close my account, its scary seeing a broker having negative comments of angry customers, am out

Daud   14 November, 2019  

I've been using exness for about 3 years.. I never experienced any problems in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Exness is best sir. Do your things correctly and you won't encounter any problems

Joseph   18 November, 2019

Please stop your negative review about exness. Try and obey terms and conditions and don't twist them.

gigo   1 December, 2019

So far Exness still better than other broker

Erwin   12 January, 2020

I withdraw from Exness on this august and after few days only half of it is being credited into my bank account and when i contact the customer service, they just give me excuses and said the money is already being refund to my bank account and so i waited and ask my bank , the bank said if there is refund it should be automatically added into my bank account, so after one month contacting Exness, sending multiple bank statement again and again and waiting for their so called "expert" respond all i get is excuses and their so called "expert" keep claiming the problem is "solve" when it doesn't and eventually i give up and wait, but after 3 month the money is still not being refund into my bank account, and then few days ago I withdraw some of my money from Exness and the same thing happen AGAIN only few of the transaction is credited into my bank account and some of the transaction is missing. My trading account is #7344260. email me when you actually trying to solve the problem and I'm tired of listening to all the excuses, 3 month is a long period of time

guest   13 November, 2019  

Good day, dear client! We are sorry if you had to go through the difficulties while making a withdrawal. The issue has been resolved by now, and I am sorry for the late reply. Please, if you face any problems in future, contact me directly at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   3 January, 2020

I have been trying to withdraw for two weeks. When I write to support they tell stories like I should bring proof of deposit. scammers.

Rrr   4 November, 2019  

Hello, dear client! We regret the inconvenience you are facing. Kindly provide your trading account number and a secret word, I will check the details in our system and get back to you shortly. You can reach out to me at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   8 November, 2019

Guys if you know that you want to trade the news, Don't ever use exness. My pending orders were deleted when the news dropped. It all started when I tried trading the AUD CPI and it also happened when I tried again to trade the CAD interest rate decision! Just when the pending orders are about to be triggered they get deleted!! I'd advise you to stay away from exness if you like trading the news

Kingsley   31 October, 2019  

Poor service. The number that i had used to register into my personal area is lost and i want to change it to a new number. Its been two weeks while talking to support and nothing is being done. I have limited control over my personal area because the otp goes to the old number which i cant access. The team has asked for my information of which i did. They are now telling me stories. Telling me to give them the same id format that i gave them two years back when I registered my account with them. How must I remember which format did i send two years ago. I gave them the very same identification document which i have been using for a 9 years and they still giving me the run around. All i want is to change my old number to a new number so that i have total control to my account. Simple procedure but its taking forever!

Tlotlo Tshenye   14 October, 2019  

Hello, dear client. Please note that these measures were implemented in order to make sure that we are dealing with the actual owner of the Personal area. Please, contact us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com, and we'll help you out shortly. Have a great day ahead!

Exness   18 October, 2019

Don't not invest in this broker; specially Pakistani and UAe clients. this is a Mumbai based broker. When they call you they say from UK and all ***. Don't waste your hard earn money. lost 1200 dollars can't withdraw. Don't waste your time on this *** company

Your faithful tradee   23 September, 2019  

Hello, dear client! Exness has proved itself to be a trusted forex broker for the last more than 10 years in the industry. Please, note that Exness headquarter is located in Cyprus. Kindly, provide more information for us to check. We would require your trading account number and a secret word. Please, email us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. We will be happy to help you!

Exness   25 September, 2019

their server is having high latency. if you trade from middle east is not recommended a lot of slippage.

ALI   23 September, 2019  

Good day! Please, be informed that slippage might happen during the volatility of the market. Slippage brings more profit for all limit pending orders and brings more loss for all stop pending orders. We would be happy to look into what happened to your orders. Please, provide your account number and order number at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. We will contact you shortly. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   25 September, 2019

Exness will take your money. you can't withdraw or anything. and when you ask for help. They always say plz send us your Number. And once you send it to them. they still tell you stories.

Duke   19 September, 2019  

Nice broker. From the pros: 1. Low spreads 2. Fast execution 3. Good trading conditions 4. Checking documents in 24 hours 5. Instant withdrawal to WebMoney 6. Able support 7. Convenient personal account. Of the minuses: 1. Withdraw to a bank card (more precisely, the conditions that make it necessary to withdraw a deposit first, and then any amount) 2. UTC schedules with weekends (completely breaks a huge number of strategies and schedule) 3. Some jambs on the site (for example, the impossibility of calling support directly from the browser) Conclusion: I recommend the broker to those who need a fast withdrawal and do not care about the charts (or do you agree to analyze in one terminal and trade in another).

Serge   10 September, 2019  

Dear Serge, thank you for your feedback. As for the instant withdrawal, it's instant for all the electronic payment systems. In terms of the bank card withdrawal, please note, that the requirement to split the refund and profit withdrawals are not set by a broker, This is how banks work. But you can make both refund and a profit withdrawal one after the other. We will take all your recommendations into a consideration, and improve further. If you require any help, please email us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Have a great day ahead!

Exness   19 September, 2019

I have been trying to make withdrawals but they are automatically reversed I tried to contact support and they are telling me stories and but I've had no response from them the only money I was able to withdraw was my initial deposit I am unable to withdraw all my profits my account number is 3022434 There service of exness is very poor wouldn't recommend it to anyone they are bad broker. If someone hasn't used this broker stay away from it

siya   9 September, 2019  

Dear client, we are sorry for the experience you've had. We've checked your account, and would like to inform you that withdrawals are available for you. However, you should use the same payment system that you used to make a deposit. This is according to our Client Agreement. We've sent you an email with details as well. If you have any questions, or you need help please do not hesitate to contact us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   10 September, 2019

Exness is scam , I withdraw last tuesday and it's Thursday now, but it's not yet credited in my account. It's frustrating for first timer like me I wouldn't recommend exness to my friends.

Tristan   29 August, 2019  

Dear Tristan, thank you for your feedback, and we are very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at Exness. Exness aims to build lasting relationships with our clients all over the world. Exness is honest when it comes to finance, pricing, and execution. We've earned the trust of our clients by providing high quality services and transparency. You can find financial reports and tick history on our website. Financial reports are audited by the world-renowned auditor Deloitte each quarter. Tick history provides you with historical data about ask and bid prices. We'll be able to provide a detailed explanation of why you haven't received the funds on time if we have your trading account number. Please, email us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. We'll be happy to help you!

Exness   30 August, 2019

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