Exness Reviews & Comments 2019

Exness will take your money. you can't withdraw or anything. and when you ask for help. They always say plz send us your Number. And once you send it to them. they still tell you stories.

Duke   19 September, 2019  

Nice broker. From the pros: 1. Low spreads 2. Fast execution 3. Good trading conditions 4. Checking documents in 24 hours 5. Instant withdrawal to WebMoney 6. Able support 7. Convenient personal account. Of the minuses: 1. Withdraw to a bank card (more precisely, the conditions that make it necessary to withdraw a deposit first, and then any amount) 2. UTC schedules with weekends (completely breaks a huge number of strategies and schedule) 3. Some jambs on the site (for example, the impossibility of calling support directly from the browser) Conclusion: I recommend the broker to those who need a fast withdrawal and do not care about the charts (or do you agree to analyze in one terminal and trade in another).

Serge   10 September, 2019  

Dear Serge, thank you for your feedback. As for the instant withdrawal, it's instant for all the electronic payment systems. In terms of the bank card withdrawal, please note, that the requirement to split the refund and profit withdrawals are not set by a broker, This is how banks work. But you can make both refund and a profit withdrawal one after the other. We will take all your recommendations into a consideration, and improve further. If you require any help, please email us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Have a great day ahead!

Exness   19 September, 2019

I have been trying to make withdrawals but they are automatically reversed I tried to contact support and they are telling me stories and but I've had no response from them the only money I was able to withdraw was my initial deposit I am unable to withdraw all my profits my account number is 3022434 There service of exness is very poor wouldn't recommend it to anyone they are bad broker. If someone hasn't used this broker stay away from it

siya   9 September, 2019  

Dear client, we are sorry for the experience you've had. We've checked your account, and would like to inform you that withdrawals are available for you. However, you should use the same payment system that you used to make a deposit. This is according to our Client Agreement. We've sent you an email with details as well. If you have any questions, or you need help please do not hesitate to contact us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   10 September, 2019

Exness is scam , I withdraw last tuesday and it's Thursday now, but it's not yet credited in my account. It's frustrating for first timer like me I wouldn't recommend exness to my friends.

Tristan   29 August, 2019  

Dear Tristan, thank you for your feedback, and we are very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at Exness. Exness aims to build lasting relationships with our clients all over the world. Exness is honest when it comes to finance, pricing, and execution. We've earned the trust of our clients by providing high quality services and transparency. You can find financial reports and tick history on our website. Financial reports are audited by the world-renowned auditor Deloitte each quarter. Tick history provides you with historical data about ask and bid prices. We'll be able to provide a detailed explanation of why you haven't received the funds on time if we have your trading account number. Please, email us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. We'll be happy to help you!

Exness   30 August, 2019

I had entered two buy stops both got triggered and hit take profit but one buy stop was in profit and the other buy stop was in a loss how is that possible?

Nivad   6 August, 2019  

Hello! We sincerely apologize for the latest reply. Please, provide more information: account number and order number. If you face any difficulties or issues, you can always contact me directly at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you!

Exness   19 August, 2019

Exness is rejecting all of my withdrawal requests. My current balance is 15.102 usd and I've trying to withdraw my funds but keep rejecting all the requests claiming lack of trading activity which is not true at all since I have traded 11 lots in less than a week, and they keep pushing me to trade more lots to be able to withdraw my money. They behave like a scam broker because they have no right to retain a customer funds. Now I have asked them to terminate my account and return all my funds to the credit card used to deposit but they don't respond. I think everyone should be aware of this broker.

David Ramirez   31 July, 2019  

Plz guys what's is the maximum withdrawl amont can exness allow thanks

Xxconnn   4 August, 2019

Hello, David! We apologize for the difficulties you experienced while making a withdrawal. Kindly provide your trading account number, and we will investigate the case. Please send the details of your trading account at the following email address: dildora.djalolova@exness.com. We will contact you shortly. Also, please note that Exness always processes withdrawals of clients, there is not a single case in the company's history when we refused to withdraw funds of a client. I believe that there is a reason why your withdrawal is not being processed. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   5 August, 2019

Hello, Xxconnn! There are no limitations to the withdrawal amounts from our side. In other words, you can withdraw any amount of profits you make. However, there are some limitations set by a payment system provider for one transaction. In this case you can make more than one transaction at once. Please, email me at dildora.djalolova@exness.com for more information. Thank you!

Exness   6 August, 2019

I relocated and they freezes all my live accounts and for me to change numbers they ask unrealistic measures like documents that I used to open the account and yet it's a long closed bank account and I can'�t get the bank statement from it obviously, and they have my money which they're not giving me a clear answer to how else I'm going to get it. I'm moving from this broker.

Valentine   4 July, 2019  

Dear Valentine, thank you for your feedback. If you do not have access to the phone number, which is used to receive confirmation codes to withdraw funds, we can chnage the phone number from our side. To make sure that you are the actual account owner, we do ask to provide the documents that have been used to verify your Personal area. These and many more are the security measures taken by our company. I am sorry for the inconveniences caused. Please, email me at dildora.djalolova@exness.com, I will try my best to help you out. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   12 July, 2019

Hello I want to tell you that today I terminate my account and make my complete withdrawal but in exness withdrawal is completely accepted but in nettler it's not done when I talk to your customer support they said contact nettler so I contact nettler but they said there is not any pending amount in your wallet and I have trust on nettler with over 5 years .so I am 100% that problem is from your side. Account :14010399. Please resolve my issue because I have 680$ in my account

Akash Trivedi   20 June, 2019  

Hello! I regret that you have faced difficulties with your withdrawal. Please, note that I have sent you an email, and I am looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance!

Exness   26 June, 2019

I was looking for a broker with the fastest withdrawal for a long time and settled on Exness. The only thing that does not pleases me with this broker is the security, in some places a mismatch of charts and large spreads during non-trading time. Otherwise, everything is just gorgeous, I am delighted: ping to the trading server from my location is as low as 50 ms, no slippages, instant execution, withdrawal of e-wallets is really fast (always less than a minute). Documents checked for 36 hours (12 hours late against their promises). An excellent broker for mid-term and long-term traders, but day traders and scalpers should consider whether they need such conditions.

Dan   3 June, 2019  

Hi, Dan! Thank you for your feedback. Please, make screenshots when you see the mismatches in charts. One of the explanations might be that different brokers have different liquidity providers. Regarding the document verification, we apologize for that you had to wait for it. If you have further feedback or inquiries, please, do not hesitate to contact me at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. I will be happy to help!

Exness   9 June, 2019

Hello, Sam! Please, note that we treat every client fairly and try our best to resolve any issues in case there is any. Exness is a trusted broker which has been operating in the industry for more that 10 years. You can find Client Agreement on our website. Also, please, know that our door is open for you if you need any help. You can email us at dildora.djalolova@exness.com.

Exness   17 May, 2019  

How can one broker have so much negativity.

Sam   14 May, 2019  

Exness team please help me understand why im not allowed to deposit less then 2000 usd currently living in South Africa and the amount need me to deposit is abit unfair as i see it can i see in the rules or information on your or my profile when it comes to deposits im a beginner and think its fair if the team or management would allow me to deposit lesser in order for me to grow and learn and become a proper trader please let me know how i can get in contact with you guys relating this

Jonathan   21 April, 2019  

Hello, Jonathan! Minimum deposit on Cent and Mini account is 1 USD. Please, register one of the accounts in your Personal area. If you require further help, please contact me at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you!

Exness   23 April, 2019

They make fake setup to blow ya account today 15 April they dd it and when ya wanna wildral they don't allow ya in south Africa are nt regulated they are scammers

Emanuel   15 April, 2019  

There was an issue during a period of planned maintenance, and it, unfortunately, resulted in a number of price spikes between 05:15 GMT+0 and 06:42 GMT+0 on 15 April, 2019. Exness is committed to offering the fairest trading conditions. We have compensated those clients who had losses as a result of the price spike. If you have not yet been compensated, please, contact me directly at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. I'll be happy to help you!

Exness   17 April, 2019

Thank you for that information. I was about to deposit, but now I'm thinking of deleting the whole account with exness. It's so sad that we have to face all of this with brokers.

Kevin   12 August, 2019

Biggest fraud by exness in last 5 years of trading, EURAUD dropped by more than 10000 pips in 5 minutes washing away more than 3000usd , screen shots available for this fraud

Rohit   15 April, 2019  

The issue occurred during a period of scheduled maintenance, and resulted in a number of price spikes between the hours of 05:15 GMT+0 and 06:42 GMT+0 on 15 April, 2019. In line with our values and our commitment to offering the fairest trading service in the industry, we immediately compensated those clients who incurred losses as a direct result of this issue. If you have not yet been compensated, please, send us an email at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. We'll help you shortly.

Exness   17 April, 2019

It sucks, I've been trading with them for 2 years now. I am currently looking for new broker. They increase spread to more than 22 pips. I have recoded videos of my live trading.

Sean   6 March, 2019  

Hello! I am an Exness representative, and always happy to help. Please, send us more information by email, and we will help you shortly. We apologize for the late response.

Exness   17 April, 2019

I signed up recently with exness, but so far it's ok. I tested the wd with a small $ and went through.

Jordan   8 February, 2019  

I've been trying to withdraw my money from my exness account and am failing, they promised to help me but there's no nothing I've been waiting for you to help me, I was commuting via WhatsApp

William   26 December, 2018  

Hello! We sincerely apologize for the latest reply. I am a new Exness representative on this forum. If you face any difficulties or issues, you can always contact me directly at dildora.djalolova@exness.com. Thank you!

Exness   17 April, 2019

Account No.10718205 (Mini). I have an account with exness since February 2018. So far they are ok. I didn't get an opportunity to withdraw hence I can't comment on that however I expect them to make withdrawals without any issues. One problem I faced recently they are not entertaining Master Card for funding my account which I used earlier. Since I don't have Visa card I am unable to fund my account now. I hope the authorities responsible will look into the matter. Otherwise everything fine so far.

Mohammed Shabeer   10 November, 2018  

Disappointed with the service. Have been trying to withdraw from my account for 3 weeks not with no luck. Support always says they transfered my case to finance department but still nothing. I'm moving to another broker

Cebo   22 October, 2018  

Which broker are you moving to?

Vee   24 October, 2018

Stupid and scammers today I will trading I placed orders trading audusd as buy but the changed them to sell and gbpusd buy they changed to sell I course my account to blow while I never made loss it's scammers

Emanuelntombela   9 April, 2019

i started to trade with this broker on the 16, august, 2018, today i opened a pending sell order in AUDCAD when CAD news was almost going to be released, but am i am very disappointed the moved my order very far from where i pressed my trade is this broker works like this?

asanda   17 August, 2018  

have failed with this broker. to begin with i hate its website! those pop-up windows. but i am fond of formula one where exness is a partner, so i tried to trade here. mt4 and mt5 - a good choice, but there are a plenty of brokers offering these platforms. so what? ecn account with spreads from 0 pips is more interesting feature but useless because the spread is variable and widening all the time and the execution is slow.

Kumpulan   30 April, 2018  

i am working with exness for 6 months. but now exness is not giving my withdrawl. i refund to bank card but i did not receive refund. Support is saying they processed my withdrawl but my bank did not found any transaction. i have been waiting since 8 days already. but now support says wait one weak more for confirmation letter. i am very disappointed with exness. because they are telling lie that withdraw has been processed. Please resolve my issue and give me money back. my account number is 11047517

jawad sharif   6 July, 2018

hello. i'm hamoudi said , so i took a part of the first round of forex world cup 2018 , the too hard very high results , anyway i traded hard and fairly and at the end of the competition i made the fourth place so i was very happy because i never made a result like this before, at saturday just when the competition finished the y disqualify many peoples but not me, i must wait 10 days to announce the winners, i did, but after the 10 days a few hours before announcing winners they disqualify me without any reason with no justification, i tried to contact live chat, and i din't get the explanation i want , they send me an email after 24 hours telling me i broke rules, they gave me general rules , but they the one who borke rules by do not give me the reason of disqualify , i'm sure i didn't broke any rule i read it many times , anyways i start talking to chat via website or phone and every single time one of them give me a different cause , they suppose to give me a justification a straight answer but no they keep tellen me our decision is final , means if we were wrong you will not take your right back, sometimes they saying it was ip matches some times phone matches sometimes i have many accounts sometimes same names , and all this is not the truth if it was and i'm sure from myself they will give me a proof but no they saying we don't give internal information, so how do you accuse me with something you don't have the proof of it , if you have it you must give it to me because your rules say "If a contest account is disqualified after the end of a contest, an explanation for such disqualification must be provided." they didn't say a word until i keep talking to chat, they broke this rule , and i'm sure they will come here and keep denying saying final decision, its my right people i lost my time trying to get this rank and you took it from me unfairly.

hamoudi said   22 April, 2018  

Great service, great experience. No problems at all with Exness at all.

Rowan   13 April, 2018  

If you deposit using bank card and you want to change your withdrawal method such as neteller, you're going to have a nightmare with the support team.

Amir   26 March, 2018  

Fast withdrawal and best execution speed.

Sam   24 April, 2017  

No pain no gain. This is about forex in general and Exness in particular. I came across exness through recommendations of friend of mine. No previous experience and understanding how to trade currencies. I took some courses on trading from broker, also watched all free webinars. The whole idea was to extract essentials and apply it to FX trading. I traded on demo accounts, and then opened Cent acct, then ECN and are almost ready to switch to Classic one with minimum balance $2000. I think 0.1 spread is not too big. However trading on cent and ecn accounts are have advantages but involve more expenses. In conclusion, broker offers comfortable trading environment created to work on FX market. I started from 200 bucks on account and made around 700% profit for 11 month.

Vikky2017   21 February, 2017  

I still have an account but thinking to transfer to another broker. Few months of dissatisfaction and consecutive losses brought me to conclusion that there is still a big gap between ads, commercial on internet and real quality of provided services by company. Just to be honest, you need to decrease quality of all features by 50% to get actual picture. Especially those services related to automated trading. Very disappointing.

M. Herman   6 January, 2017  

Hello M. Herman, We are sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with our services and we would like to review the issues that you have faced. Please do send us your particular to our support email address and we will be more than glad to support you in resolving the matter. Our support team email address is support@exness.com. We hoping to hear from you.

Simane   1 May, 2017

i have failed with this broker. to begin with i hate its website! those pop-up windows… but i am fond of formula one where exness is a partner, so i tried to trade here. mt4 and mt5 – a good choice, but there are a plenty of brokers offering these platforms. so what? ecn account with spreads from 0 pips is more interesting feature but useless because the spread is variable and widening all the time and the execution is slow.

fx1fx   22 June, 2016  

I haven’t seen MetaTrader 5 to operate so awfully before like it does here. This advanced version of reliable “the forth” must show the best productivity ever! But it runs slow making my orders to be executed with a delay and at the worse prices. I am not able to take advantages of all proposed benefits which the Metatrader wants to give to traders. Those stop limits here do not work. Still in order to trade on real account I have to use only MetaTrader 4. Gonna move to other platform or even to other broker.

Matt   20 June, 2016  

gonna make a negative comment. i’ve lost almost $ 1500 with exness. and the reason is really silly: server shuts down. ok. why did their problem become mine? – i asked the support service about it. almost for a week i have been waiting for the answer… nothing. and the stable connection of a server is a vital thing for trading. when there is a disconnection, i lose control under opened trades. and they do not solve the problems at all. as to the other features… registration is long and troublesome. is it ok when the request is processed more than 7 working days? order execution is no great things. the spreads widen as they want. forget about exness!

reeelly   14 June, 2016  

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Exness was founded by a group of like-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology in 2008. It soon became one of the world’s leading online forex brokers and became known for some of the industry’s best trading conditions, including the ability to trade with...

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