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what i can say is FINEXO works against CUSTOMERS... be careful... spreads are too wide... go to another platform but not finexo and its sister BTRADE.COM

Finexo   fx guru   18 September, 2009  

FXCM has the best spreads in the forex world... direct execution, no dealing desk... 0,7 pips for eur/usd ...even smaller... i tried finexo, dukascopy, saxo and some others.. but believe me that FXCM has much better conditions and customer help... i hope i ll earn more money with them.

FXCM   fxbuyer   18 September, 2009  

They are a bucketshop but the US Government is a lame duck and won't do a thing.

GFT Forex   mike   18 September, 2009  

My EUR/GBP Stop Buy was executed 3pip above market day high 0.8936 in the morning and I also could not find any executed 0.8936 in other dealers quote. My identical order in MF Global was not executed and confirmed my STOP order must be reflective to be valid. Whereas GFT dealing desk arrogantly reasoned their market/chart price only displayed their BID price 0.8933 whereas executed ASK [Stop Buy 0.8936] price is not shown and this is how their system work!! This means their ambiguous spread range is damn dynamic, flexible and justifiable to execute any favorable or unfavorable STOP order... there is simply no transparency... you'll never make money when they can trade against your stop without a display executed price.. They’ve conveyed otherwise when they want the account and I’ve yet to find any information on this non-displayed of "spread" executed price clause. Watch out and it's unfortunately for me to be impressed to further evaluate their program/service with real money.. Make your wise choice!

GFT Forex   Koh   17 September, 2009  

But also anything good I will not tell about FC. Russian cannot be trusted.

Forex Club   Stiff   17 September, 2009  

Best if you know when to trade and not to trade. Best if you trade Eur/usd. If you trade without paying close attention to spread, surely Oanda can empty your account faster than other forex market makers.

Oanda   Forexia   15 September, 2009  

Can't say anything bad about this broker. Execution, quotes, dow jones news, market signals - 4*

Forex Club   George, Texas   14 September, 2009  

why you say this things? ACM website is a good broker site not a fake, you talking trash!

ACM   Tu loco   14 September, 2009  

The best software all the times

CMS Forex   BrumBrum   13 September, 2009  

I lost so many trades with them....when i also did trade the same exactly position with other brokers and reached the TP!!!<br />
They totally don t want you to win and. Once they just closed one of my positions that was going to make more profit. Sometimes you can not close positions that are in profit, sometimes you can not open new positionsbecause they know this is a wonderfull entry for the trader.<br />
They almost always give you a bad price on any Stop-Order - up to 5 pips more expensive - but in case you reach a TP with fxcm they never ever gave me a better price. STAY AWAY. When you complain they tell you it is the traders fault......It is hard to make money in the market but kind of impossible when your broker plays games with you!!!!!

FXCM   Manni   12 September, 2009  

Bad service. I&#39;m waiting my money for 14 days.

Alpari   Alex   11 September, 2009  

Fast withdrawal and good customer service. Keep your services good, fxcompany!

  Ahmad   11 September, 2009  

NordMarkets NEVER! The worst of the whole list broker. Manipulate prices, no longer operational platform, do not respect Tp, no hisses Buy limits, money disappears from your account, they charge you a commission exaggerated.

NordMarkets   Antonio   9 September, 2009  

Recently, I enjoyed using Oanda but now I have to let them go....simply because their interface is TERRIBLE!! It always has glitches and I always have spyware and adware EVERYTIME the software opens because I scan my computer after I close it out with spydoctor. It always closes out on its own and this is VERY annoying!! Plus, you can&#39;t use an automated robot with the software if you wanted to. It has A LOT of downfalls. I also keep constantly losing money trading. <br />
<br />

Oanda   Mac   7 September, 2009  

opened an account at FxCompany about 3 weeks ago, got 69% profit, got fast withdrawal, continuing to trade there.Not bad, actually, quite good

  Eholo   6 September, 2009  

Indeed, a very good broker unlike the majority. Highly recommended due to tight spreads and fast execution.

  Victor   6 September, 2009  

I didn&#39;t open a live account but I traded the demo extensively. Lots of slippery little broker tricks to cause slippage ..two step order processes......smal entry and exit buttons and boxes.... colors changing on the buy/bid buttons cause errors in execution due to sell buttons changing from green to red and vice/versa...charts do not update quickly and hang with incorrect data...cumbersome support.... all in all I would not recommend this brokerage due to poor software not to mention they are also market makers and this in itself should make you wary to trade in competition with the brokerage executing your trades...JMHO

GAIN Capital   Jim   28 August, 2009  

It Is Not Possilble to have people post on this FX Broker than any others. This one has 9 pages and the next popular one only has 2 pages of comments. DOESN&#39;T look real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be Aware!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACM   FAKE WebSite   26 August, 2009  

" Regulated by FPA (Forex Peace Army) " that&#39;s a LOOOOOOL.

FBS   ilia   26 August, 2009  

Anything good. One guy from Russia spoke to me about them. The deceit from their party is very well latent. But it at once you understand, as soon as at them you will trade. The wrong prices and work against clients it is style FxClub.

Forex Club   Leeon   25 August, 2009  

ALL BS. Good broker. Fair quotes. No hidden fees. 5*

Forex Club   Rufin   24 August, 2009  

I been with this broker for 6 mon , never had any problems , and i have use a lot of brokers , in my 5 years in trading, you need to check out how you are trading before you post are say something bad . .

Prime 4X   JOHN RICE   24 August, 2009  

All other brokers already a lot of time execute orders instantly but only FC cannot do it. Thus FC has an awful trading platform which incorrectly shows the prices and indicators work not as for all others. Therefore their service very much poor quality.

Forex Club   GREGORY   22 August, 2009  

Moved to UK moffice to hedge, man they are the kings of SLIP! maybe &#39;cos they&#39;s new there but sure ain&#39;t hanging about just to lose my money, there&#39;s got to be better hedging brokers out there!!

FXCM   Hedgeboy   21 August, 2009  

The ACM iphone platform is very nice, it adapts so well with the phone&#39;s futuristic abilities. A pure joy to trade with.

ACM   Saul   21 August, 2009  

I can&#39;t say they too slow. It takes time to get a quote for market order but this quote is guarantees for 5 seconds which i very beneficial. I like their terms. Would recommend to try them.

Forex Club   Vasily   20 August, 2009  

i have been trading with iforex from over 6 months now .. withdrawals are paid on time , i would recommend this firm. contact ,e at if you need more information.

iFOREX   Nitesh   19 August, 2009  

I have just downloaded the new ACM IPhone platform and tried it out, 1 word...WOW!

ACM   Vileno   18 August, 2009  

All fine day. I will disagree with those guys which encourage FxClub. When the broker cannot execute in time my orders on trade it the broker badly means works and for it bad service.

Forex Club   Sautas   18 August, 2009  

Jforex platform works perfect. Only stupid will not understand how it works. Great product

Dukascopy   Nicholas   18 August, 2009  

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