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Forex Rating priority is to provide relevance and accuracy in the monthly counts of the voting results. Our clients have all the necessary instruments for analysis of the Top Forex Brokers 2020 by multiple criteria; moreover, the brokers’ popularity can be tracked as a dynamic process. Our rating’s distinctive advantage is a long-term monitoring of the tendencies in the brokers’ performance and traders’ feedback. This means not just the quick-fix snapshot, but demonstration of the direction and trends in a company’s progress and its positions in the ratings within a considerable period of time, such as six months or more. uses special methodological tools developed by our team. These tools help carrying out comparative analysis of the ranking positions of different brokerage companies and constructing correspondent graphical models on an intelligent and interactive basis. It is possible to activate/deactivate selected rating nominees and review changes in their ranking positions within a certain timeframe.

Use of graphical form and results’ mapping for analysis allows visualization of the traders’ current preferences and emerging trends related to Forex brokers. The derived results representing the current traders’ evaluation become the subject of analysis and subsequent interpretation: the current market situation is modified by relevant tools. The voting system allows seeing the number of the actual “for” and “against” votes for any particular broker as well as the percentage ratio along with other indicators. Our ForexCharts application is available in all browsers and operational systems; moreover, it is possible to pring and export data in various graphic formats (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .svg). In the nearest time we expect to introduce advanced functions of choosing time interval as well as additional criteria for filtering and evaluating forex brokers on

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Exness   Ravindra   12 August, 2020  

Dear Ravindra, the minimum and maximum amount you are allowed to deposit/withdraw depends also on the payment system you use. You may check the amount on our website. If a withdrawal is rejected, the reason is also visible in your personal area, in the withdrawal tab. In your case, as mentioned, you've entered the wrong account details during your withdrawal. As advised via email, we kindly request a letter from your bank in order to help you further. We look forward to hearing from you.

Exness   13 August, 2020

Exness   Ronewa   11 August, 2020  

Hi Ronewa, we understand you had issues with your withdrawal and we regret that. Please note that we always help our clients to withdraw, kindly chat with us and follow the steps/solutions we recommend to withdraw. Thank you.

Exness   13 August, 2020

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