Forex Expert Advisors Rating – Best Forex Robots 2021

Expert Advisors Rating features high-quality Free and paid Forex EA most popular on the market today. Our rating of forex robots aims at helping traders interested in automated trading to understand principles and aspects of functioning of various advisors, and to choose the most appropriate one. It is important to remember that popularity of this or that Forex Robot should not be a critical factor in making a decision in favor of it; the chosen Forex EA should be adaptable to safe and profitable trading, and that’s what really matters. It is necessary to puzzle out the right operational algorithm and to set required criteria to make sure that the robot executes deals in accordance with the proper criteria.

# Advisor Rating Free Yield, % Class Type Dep., USD Lev.
1Flex9.5300middle termtrend3000500
2Fortnite9.4135middle termhedge, trend500100
3FX Classic Trader9.3335middle termtrend20050
4Happy Frequency9.21163middle termtrend, grid, hedge, semi-martingale4000100
5FX BlasterPRO9.1180middle termtrend, grid, hedge1000100
6Trade Manager9.0765.39middle termtrend10050
7FXCharger8.9177.31middle termtrend1000100
8Forex Truck8.88246middle termtrend2000100
9Alfa Scalper8.5749.36short termscalping10050
10XFXea8.55180middle termnon-martingale500500
11Forex Megadroid8.5395.82middle termtrend100100
12Forex Gump8.522200middle termtrend40100
13WallStreet Evolution 2.08.5185.3short and middle termscalping100050
14Yeti Forex Robot8.4414middle termtrend500100
15Happy Market Hours8.2387.62middle termtrend, grid, hedge, semi-martingale100100
16Earth Robot8.1980.9short termscalping50050
17CovertFX7.9342.1middle termbreakout10050
18Grid Master Pro7.9162middle termtrend, grid, hedge1000500
19Forex Diamond EA7.863.39middle termtrend, countertrend1000500
20NCM Signal7.782middle termtrend3000100
21iProfit Forex Robot7.65183middle termneural networks500100
22Happy MartiGrid7.6171middle termgrid3000100
23Pivot Trader PRO7.565.42middle termscalping500400
24Forex Robotron7.4585middle termtrend5000100
25Channel Trader PRO7.42000short and long termscalping200100
26The Skilled Trader7.3153middle termtrend5000100
27BumbleBeeFX Pro and medium termtrend1000400
28FXSecret Immortal7.197900middle termtrend, hedge1400100
29WallStreet Forex Robot7.194.57short and medium termtrend1000500
30ForexBot287.040middle termneural networks10000500
31Z Trader FX6.9867.21short and miffle termtrend500100
32Linear Weighted MA-Cross6.9542.77short and long termtrend500500
33The Wave Scalper6.9110short termbreakout50100
34FxDiverse6.81380middle termtrend10000500
35FXStabilizer6.7452middle termtrend3000100
36RSI Range Trader6.653.37short and long termtrend500500
37Happy Fast Money6.611middle termtrend50001000
38Million Dollar Pips Robot6.547.35middle termtrend100100
39GPS Forex Robot6.5345short termtrend, grid, hedge250500
40BestScalper6.516short termtrend10000100
41Forex inControl6.4894middle termtrend, grid, hedge1000100
42On Control6.3528.49short and middle termtrend10050
43Forex Real Profit6.2833.61middle termtrend10050
44Morpheus MT56.1135short termbreakout 500100
45Gold Rush5.9180middle termtrend100100
46Asia Range Grid5.756.81middle termtrend1000500
47Expert 10 Pips3.514.87short termtrend1000500
48Ilan Dynamic Pro 2.78.30short termflat5000500
49Spartan Bolt EA2.2610.23short termscalping1000100
50ProTrader2.2314.89middle termnetwork1000500

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Forex Advisor Yield, %
3FX Classic Trader335
4Happy Frequency1163
5FX BlasterPRO180
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