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To become a successful trader one will definitely need to do research on a trading platform and perform forex market analysis. It is essential because the international currency market is one of the most unpredictable financial markets known. It may be quite difficult and time-consuming to learn all the factors that influence currency market and to sift a large bulk of the greatly varied information. Overall analysis of the fx market is based on different data and criteria as well as on the most important

Forex fundamental analysis studies price movements and changes in the exchange rates in the macroeconomic aspect. This analysis is supposed to answer the main question of any trader: which currency pair is worth choosing to trade, particularly from the long-term prospect point of view. The biggest difference between fundamental forex analysis and technical forex analysis is that the first one is based on the following thesis: the prices on fx market are the reflection of supply & demand, which in their turn depend on the fundamental economy factors. Generally the aim of such analysis is to comprehend and estimate the overall state of the global economy as well as to analyze the economy of the country the financial instruments of which you plan to work with. To be able to perform fundamental analysis you need to monitor economical events and financial news on a regular basis, which will help you to assess the factors directly influencing the dynamics of currency rates exchange.

All official data have considerable impact on the international currency market. On this page you will find deep fundamental analysis, forex reports for major currency pairs. These reports are updated daily and are based on the latest news and market events. This kind of reports is of great importance for long-term investments as they involve analyzing large variety of different economic factors and cover the changes that took place within a considerable period of time. Performing fundamental analysis is a time-consuming work and requires a lot of effort. For this reason it is considered to be the most difficult method of the market analysis: different factors have unequal impact on the forex market. Therefore, if you cannot do daily market monitoring and profound analysis on your own, then you might be interested in referring to our up to date forex market analysis which has been professionally compiled and is available for your reference. Such forex data will help you forecast the future currency value really with no effort and save you a lot of time.

FIBO Group
9 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupUS has concluded an OPEC deal

Today Donald Trump said that the United States is unlikely to agree on a decrease in oil production coordinated with OPEC+, as American oil companies have already reduced...

9 Apr, 2020   FXTMOil bulls are betting on OPEC+ production curb

Oil futures jumped on both sides of the Atlantic on expectations the world's biggest producers would finally agree on production cuts. That comes a little over a month...

8 Apr, 2020   FXTMRisk sentiment left hanging in the balance

Global risk sentiment appears to be at the crossroads, unsure whether to push higher or retreat meaningfully to safer waters, with investors still sieving for clues about the...

FIBO Group
7 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupBank of Australia maintains interest rate at 0.25%

At its April afternoon meeting, the RBA voted to keep interest rates unchanged, a few weeks after they were cut from 0.5% to 0.25% during an unscheduled meeting...

7 Apr, 2020   FXTMGlobal markets mood improves on coronavirus hopes

The mood across financial markets brightened on Monday as investors took heart from news of falling coronavirus cases and deaths in some of the worst-affected countries. Equities across the globe were...

FIBO Group
6 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupOPEC+ deal

Today, the oil market has opened with a fairly strong bearish gap, but by the opening of the European trading session, the situation has changed significantly...

FIBO Group
6 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupWeekly Calendar from Fibo Group

OPEC + is mobilizing: the OPEC + meeting should be held on April 9. However, there are some disagreements that may delay this meeting for at least 1 day...

6 Apr, 2020   FXTMOil slips after delay to OPEC+ emergency meeting

Oil prices slipped as the emergency OPEC+ meeting, which was initially slated for Monday, has been pushed back to Thursday.

FIBO Group
3 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupSaudi Arabia calls for OPEC emergency meeting

Saudi Arabia called for an urgent meeting of OPEC+ member countries, Saudi Press Agency reported April 2. The purpose of the meeting is to conclude...

3 Apr, 2020   FXTMDollar higher despite U.S Jobless Claims hitting 6.6M

The largest economy in the world is certainly not bulletproof against the novel coronavirus outbreak and this stark reality...

FIBO Group
3 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupUS Unemployment: new records

For the week, 6.648 million people applied for unemployment benefits in the United States - 30 times more than in ordinary weeks...

FIBO Group
3 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupIncredible rally in the oil market

We conclude the week with the issues surrounding financial markets which of course is a, lack of liquidity and, as a result, panic. I will begin today's review...

2 Apr, 2020   FxProDow falls 600 points as coronavirus anxiety grows

The Dow Jones fell 600 points on Wednesday as investors fled to safe-haven assets after new orders for U.S.-made goods...

FIBO Group
2 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupOPEC oil output only rises by 90000 bpd

According to Reuters estimates, OPEC oil production changed slightly in March - an increase of 90 thousand bps. The main contribution was made by...

1 Apr, 2020   FXTMWinners and Losers of COVID-19

The first quarter of 2020 will be remembered as one of the most volatile periods across financial markets since 2008 as chaos surrounding the coronavirus outbreak fostered panic, gloom and doom.

FIBO Group
1 Apr, 2020   FIBO GroupFed will launch a new credit line

The repo mechanism for foreign central banks will be launched on April 6, and its duration will be at least 6 months. The Fed has already launched...

FIBO Group
31 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupChina manufacturing activity expanded in March

On Tuesday China announced that its official Purchasing Manager's Index for March was 52.0, which exceeded expectations for an economy affected...

31 Mar, 2020   FXTMGold seesaws around $1630, Dollar rebounds

Gold is struggling for direction after having its best week since 2008 as investors await new economic data to access the damage caused...

FIBO Group
30 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupWeekly Calendar from Fibo Group

This week, the OPEC+ agreement will cease to exist, while the world continues to fight the coronavirus. Starting April 1, OPEC and its former allies will be free...

30 Mar, 2020   FXTMRecession fears to keep Dollar supported

The Dollar index (DXY) is halting its slump, after registering losses in six consecutive daily sessions to now test the 98.35 support level.

FIBO Group
30 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupThe next financial crisis has already begun

A number of experts say that the economic consequences associated with this pandemic will be comparable with the...

30 Mar, 2020   FXTMUS oil hits a 17-year low as investors await new economic data

This week has kicked off with a new precedent. It isn't the volatile performance of stocks, bonds, or currencies that are grabbing all the attention...

FIBO Group
27 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupCoronavirus: a huge debt crisis in Europe

In 2012, at the height of Italy's sovereign debt crisis, Mario Draghi saved the euro by saying that the European Central Bank (ECB) would do everything...

27 Mar, 2020   FXTMStocks ignore economic calamity to push higher

Asian stocks are set to enter the weekend on the back of four consecutive days of gains, after their US counterparts extended...

FIBO Group
27 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupAnother 3.3 million unemployed in the USA

A crisis is a time of rapid and fairly strong changes not only in the economy, but also amongst the population as panic sets in. Last week, the main talk was...

27 Mar, 2020   FXTMDollar crumbles as US jobless claims skyrocket

The Dollar weakened against every single G10 currency on Thursday after terrible US economic data fuelled...

FIBO Group
27 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupG20: Americans want to put pressure on Saudi Arabia

USA intends to put pressure on Saudi Arabia on the kingdom's planned increase in oil production during the G20...

FIBO Group
27 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupEven a Saudi-Russia Truce Would Be Too Late to Save OPEC+ Legacy

On Thursday, the States held an urgent teleconference between leaders of the G-10 countries to discuss how to encourage the Saudis...

26 Mar, 2020   FXTMIs this the turnaround for global stocks?

The MSCI Asia Pacific Index is set to notch back-to-back gains for the first time in nearly three weeks, following the US stock market's best session in 12 years.

FIBO Group
26 Mar, 2020   FIBO GroupThe calm after the storm

The situation in the financial markets is stabilizing, but is seen as only a temporary phenomenon, since most countries still cannot control...

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9 Apr, 2020   What US stocks can grow during coronavirus pandemic

Unprecedented sell-offs in global stock markets led the S & P500 to fall by more than 30%. The Dow Jones Index fell more than 35%. Given the increased volatility, at the moment of a mood...

9 Apr, 2020   OctaFXIs Copy trading the Forex Hack We Need?

Copytrading is a new proprietary service that allows both Forex noobies and experts to profit through cooperation. It's a one-of-a-kind program that’s transforming the way people trade in the Forex market...

9 Apr, 2020   FxProKey U.S. coronavirus death projection revised down to 60000

Some 60,000 Americans could die in the coronavirus pandemic, a university model often cited by U.S. and state policymakers projected on Wednesday...

9 Apr, 2020   HotForexSupply and Demand Trading Webinar

The understanding of Supply and Demand and how it relates to support and resistance is essential to all traders. In this webinar you will learn about the definition...

9 Apr, 2020   LibertexDollar Unmoved as Event Risk Limits Activity

The U.S. dollar was largely unchanged Thursday, with activity in the foreign exchange market subdued as investors hold fire amid abundant near term event risk...