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Do not sign up. You will not get a bonus. When you try to claim a bonus they give you the run-around and lots of BS (sounded like copy and paste response). The platform is bad. Response time even worse on the platform. On-line help / support is NOT available 24 hours a day on week days. Half of the time the platform does not respond to either closing or opening with trades. It also takes very long to get a response via email. I would NOT recommend this broker. Very dishonest.

InstaForex   Zee   28 May, 2020  

Olymp seems to be a nice broker. However, my major is that I started noticing a time delay when placing trades on binary options. You execute a trade and it keeps loading for about 6 secs before the trade is opened, which is very risky for fixed time trade. I chatted their customer care and they said its normal. This wasn't the case before.

Olymp Trade   Johnny   27 May, 2020  

I am new to forex and 've been doing some demo trading and research for the last couple of months. Last week I registered an account with LBLV. I am still not sure what I am doing though. I used multiple brokers for my demo trading and LBLV wasn't one of them, but LBLV has mostly positive feedback and it just appeared as a good solid choice to try a live trading. I am taking baby steps and learning about risk management and how to find a safe place to put a stop loss. I don't quite understand how to calculate pips or how volumes work. But I am sure I'll figure it out eventually. Right now I only use EUR/USD, but I still think LBLV's wide range of currencies and cfd's is one of LBLV's biggest pros.

LBLV   Alojzy   27 May, 2020  

Xm is one of the best brokers i know. i've been using them since 2015 and i'm a profitable trader. all brokers have stories but xm ena de less drama. i love you xm you made me who i am today.

XM   linda   27 May, 2020  

What can I say for myself about this company? It's simple - I've been trading here for about 3 years and I don't want to change anything. And why, if I have everything set up here, no changes in the service (which is done here periodically) do not interfere with me and do not harm. It seems to me that this stability, which is so lacking in many other companies.

Olymp Trade   Adrien   26 May, 2020  

I have withdrawn my profits yet they are still not reflecting from Monday 18 May. The funds are still sitting on my portal.

Exness   guest   26 May, 2020  

Hello, we're sorry to hear that you have experienced inconveniences while working with us. Can you please send us your account details to us so that we can check your withdrawal and help you. We look forward to hearing from you

Exness   27 May, 2020

Wish I had looked into this company more carefully. invested $250 then decided to cancel within hours still trying to retrieve my money a month later. I've sent all relevant documents and they a manager will contact me at time that's ok for me then an hour later and only let ring once or twice then hang up sent numerous emails but they seem to have forgotten me. I think in nothing short of theft.

Askobid   W Johnson   26 May, 2020  

Spreads are bad. Withdrawal system is working like a Casino. For example you deposit 10.000USD. You lost 100USD. You want to take your money back. You cannot take your money back for 90 days. They blocked your 9900USD. They want you to stay and loose your money on purpose. This is why I terminated my account. Just stay away from them. They give 1:2000 leverage but spreads are too bad.

Exness   Murat Duz   26 May, 2020  

Dear Murat Duz, please note that you can withdraw your funds following the rules that you find on our website and on the Client agreement. In the case you explained, you may deposit 100 USD and withdraw 10.000 USD without waiting for 90 days. Kindly be informed that spread value depends on market volatility, it can be wider during economic news releases or when there's low liquidity in the market. You can find the average spread on our website. Please contact us on if you have any questions. Have a great day ahead!

Exness   27 May, 2020

I've been using Profitix services for over a year and it has been excellent. I am always surprise to see good profit in my trading account.

ProfitiX   Elise Raynolds   26 May, 2020  

Roboforex, it's your sincere Adegbenga Omotowoju. I am writing this as regards to what happened to my account recently about $266 was deducted from my account in name low margin level and equity and I was left with only $3 in my account my deposit was $100 my bonus was $30 and that of my profits was $136. please help.

RoboForex   Adegbenga   25 May, 2020  

Dear Adegbenga, Please, write a ticket on this issue in your Members Area. Sincerely, RoboForex

Manager RF   27 May, 2020

Absolute disgrace. Stay away from Askobid! paid my 250 euro's (paid in British pounds) and a the following day I was told I need to put it between 2500 - 10000 euros which was not stated to me before I paid the 250, Leo *** was who I spoke with today and he was extremely rude, kept talking over me and wouldn't listen to anything I said, when I tried to explain to him what the gentleman that I previously spoke to told me he said that he was an agency and I should not have listened to him and said that what would I do if someone said to jump off a bridge! he was very unprofessional and rude, when I asked him to refund me my 250 euro he started raising his voice even more and swearing at me down the phone and then cut the call off, so i done an online chat and explained what happened and there was no apology given and i was told she would need to talk to her manager who would need to approve the return! not good enough, they have stolen my money. everyone please stay clear they are scammers!

Askobid   Tracy   25 May, 2020  

This broker is a scam, they keep your funds without executing a withdraw.

eXcentral   Giovanni Silvestri   25 May, 2020  

I spent two weeks trading with their platform. Make a couple of thousands and requested a withdrawal last Monday. Should I be worried?

Eden   27 May, 2020

How come you don't have any new reviews at all from 2019 to 2020. That's curious, right?

CM Trading   Boniface Odhiambo   25 May, 2020  

Don't use legacy fx. They are incompetent and they will give you inaccurate signals and try to get you to deposit more and more money.

LegacyFX   JP   25 May, 2020  

I like customer service 24 hours a day because. I can consult and solve all trading problems.

FBS   Angwara   25 May, 2020  

I am quite pleased with the conditions that Amarkets have. I can say that the spreads are so minimal that they do not interfere with trade.

AMarkets   Keranin   24 May, 2020  

All the negative comments below seems all correct! Im personally a victim to this broker!! I just started a 250 USD deposit. After that they call me and guide how to trade, after see the results, he asking me to deposit 2500, luckily I declined, due to the comments below which is very scary. He ask me again to deposit even 1000 usd. I strongly decline due to suspecious motive on keep asking money to deposit. After that i did answer anymore their call for so many times. I requested to withdraw my money but as expected was declined. So to all who gonna wish to try to this broker? Dont ever try! You only waste your money and time.

EverFX   Ariel   24 May, 2020  

I made a withdrawal of 105USD on the 5th of May, and I am yet to receive the money in my bank account. What is going on?

Olymp Trade   Ifeoma   23 May, 2020  

Ifeoma, hi there! Kindly contact our support team to get a tracking number of your withdrawal transaction. We are available in online chat on the platform ("Help" section) and on Facebook. We are waiting for your message to help you out! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   25 May, 2020

Xm is a very bad broker, when it comes to withdraws they only give me the money i deposited and leave the profit i made.

XM   Pfanani   23 May, 2020  

Not recommended. very high spread and seems manipulated at time.

Plus500   Githz   23 May, 2020  

Very bad experience. You will wonder seeing their terms and condition once you made profit. They will not allow you to withdraw money more than you deposited. ie if you made a small profit and deicided to withdraw you can't!. Zero rating.

FBS   Githz   23 May, 2020  

Stay away from Askobid! Plain and simple, they are scammers. Deposited $340 into my account, was then told I needed to pay for a VIP account to actually begin trading. Alarm bells rung so immediately requested to withdraw my funds, it has now been 20 days and guess what no money returned! I contact them via email and live everyday and every time get told "A manager will call you today to process" and yep you guessed it no phone call. Currently going through a dispute process with my bank and will hopefully get my money back but not hopeful, to be honest I am feel more ashamed that i've allowed these scammers to get me.

Askobid   Matt   23 May, 2020  

Their server halt made my balance negative. stop-loss in ICMarkets is actually nothing. During the Corona volatility, one Monday morning, on the Asia session, I realized my balanced turned to -600 (was 1,100+) in about 5 minutes.

IC Markets   Behzad   22 May, 2020  

I like to copytrade of FBS it make money do easy. If you copy someone you can get money like a boss.

FBS   Moss   22 May, 2020  

I like the mobile FBS Personal Area. This application really helped me, in monitoring my account. I don't have to depend on a laptop to make a deposit. With this application, I can directly WD and Deposit enough with my smartphone anywhere.

FBS   Shakira   22 May, 2020  

I never earned a single coin with this broker. I only spent and lost my money. it seems like a scam.

Exness   Christopher jun Langoyan   22 May, 2020  

Dear Christopher jun Langoyan, Exness has been founded in 2008 and we have 12 years of experience serving clients and providing a secure environment for online traders. Please be informed that profit or loss in the Forex market depends on the market conditions and your trading strategy. For more information about Forex trading, you can contact us.

Exness   25 May, 2020

I was scammed out of hard earned money by 24Option account manager. I still think this name was made up. They help you to invest money in the platform, then they ask more, and if you cannot invest more they help you to put up trades that will sink your money. Please be carefull, do not invest here.

24option   Dawid Pretorius   22 May, 2020  

You're not the only one that got scammed with 24Option. I lost more than 700 pounds with this broker. Please do not invest and if you did be careful.

DeVilliers Rossouw   24 May, 2020

I have trade on this broker a month ago. First. I deposit 50$ on my account. And i trade until i got 100$. But when i want to withdraw it. The System says - I have trading with robot, and they suspended my account and all of my fund. So don't invest on broker that you can't trust in it.

Olymp Trade   Robin freiss   21 May, 2020  

Hi, Robin! It's a pity that it happened to you. Unfortunately, without any data that could identify you, we can not investigate the situation here. However, if you disagree with the company's decision, you can apply to our reclamation department, describe the situation and request a further investigation. Kindly contact the team via They'll help you! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   25 May, 2020

FxPro is my broker since 2018 and that is the best broker I had the opportunity to deal with. Every time I need any help, their support is always helpful. They provide stable withdrawals and stable execution. In my opinion fxpro is good broker that really cares about their clients.

FxPro   Ivan   21 May, 2020  

Tradersway is a ripoff, I took a 300 deposit to 17k and withdraw half, I had 3 winning trades opened at 500 profit and 9800 left in my tradersway account. Someone opened up crazy trades with outrageous lot sizes and wiped it down to 900. They say they don't have access to anyone accounts but its a lie. Im fighting to get my money back but im pretty sure it's not gone happen. Procced with caution.

Traders Way   Terrance   21 May, 2020  

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