Forex Broker Reviews — Forex Comments 2020

I will like to try this broker. I hope the reviews here are good enough to convince me.

HotForex   Mary Jane   3 June, 2020  

I am interested in FBS League, a trading contest. Looks like if you win the trading contest, you will receive $.

FBS   Mike   3 June, 2020  

These reviews are so terrible. Thanks guys for sharing. It's always too good to be true. Always disclosing mode of payment but not how u retrieve ur cash. Very bad

eXcentral   Nana   3 June, 2020  

It's a big scam. I am still waiting for my refund that they promised I would receive in 3 working days. Do not fall for this. I like others wish I had read more reviews beforehand.

Askobid   Emma   3 June, 2020  

Be careful with them! It s a BIG scam! When you want to withdraw your earnings, you cannot! Believe me, I am in this case at the moment!

Uptos   A.M.   2 June, 2020  

Scam. they are not interested in giving money back. they just ignore your emails.

eXcentral   Bob Devonshire   2 June, 2020  

Hi guys! Just wanna ask if you will use a credit card, is it really required to send them a picture of your credit card front and back with your signature? because they send me an email that in order to process my withdrawal, i need to send them that pictures.

eXcentral   Aleksey   2 June, 2020  

Be prepared to lose whatever you deposit with them, they are just a scam. Check other reviews about them online. you will see all the horror stories about them. The broker is worst experience ever!

eXcentral   Warning   2 June, 2020  

I transferred 50k INT through online transfer on 31st May, still its not credited to my trading account. There is no proper response from the customer support. They say we are working and nothing works.

Exness   Sathya   2 June, 2020  

Dear Sathya, we are sorry for the experience you had to face. We will check the transaction and help you at our best. Please note that it can take 24-48 hours to investigate the case (from the moment you contacted us). Kindly wait for our email or contact us at exness. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   3 June, 2020

With the comments I see I don't think FBS is a safe broker we should rely on.

FBS   Philip   1 June, 2020  

Hello everyone! I am curious about Vlom and I want to know what community's opinion about them is. I opened an account but didn't invest any money yet. I have a bit of experience in forex trading, but I screwed up big my first time and I don't want to go through this again. So I heard that Vlom is a good broker that's why I chose them, but I'll really appreciate any feedback.

Vlom   Ive   1 June, 2020  

In my opinion lblv is a quite good broker. I've been trading with them for 5 months, and I'm aware that this is not so very long, but my experience in the forex industry in general is 4+ years so I am able to see signs of good brokers. So about lblv: their spreads are competitive and execution is rather decent. I opened an account at lblv to simply test their features but now I consider lblv as my main broker.

LBLV   guest   1 June, 2020  

I've got a nice opportunity to deal with a credible broker. There are many trading tools and MT4 which are very helpful. I highly recommend HFTrading for skilled and newbies.

HFTrading   Elliot Bailey   1 June, 2020  

This is a scam company that resorts to pressure tactics and threats to their users. They will pressure you to put in more money and make bad investment decisions. Absolutely unethical, and will not allow you to withdraw your investments. When trying to make withdrawals, they will threaten to take legal action even when you do not have any balances with them. If you have been a victim, please report them to International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) to raise awareness.

eXcentral   Excentral Victim   1 June, 2020  

Trading with iforex has been one of the worst experiences of my life. They are frauds and will cheat you of your money after a couple of trades. Most brokers give a "no deposit bonus" of up to $2000 or they give 30-100% trading bonus for every deposit you make in the account. iforex gives less than 5% trading bonus in spite of promising a higher bonus before opening the account. The worst part, they close your deals when they see a small negative margin of 0 in your account (This made me lose over $25,000 which was in the account) My deposits could have been protected had they honoured the promised bonus which would take care of intraday movements. Clearly fraudulent practices - not at all ethical and competitive in the market. iforex closed my deals twice without a reason and re-instated after contacting them (very distressing especially when they do not answer your calls/emails most of the time) claiming there was a technical glitch. Very clever! All the while the India account manager was unavailable to help. What disgusts me the most is that their phone numbers ring but nobody receives the calls. Even their international numbers do not work. They do not have chat support or staff responding to emails sent to them. In an emergency, you are left in the lurch. My account manager Mr. *** gives his phone number which is out of service but calls you if he pleases to do so after receiving an email. This is dangerous when you have invested your hard-earned money and find the contacts are not responding when there is a problem. Please stay away.

iFOREX   Abhijeet   1 June, 2020  

I like to do my trading with the FxOpen Broker as the ECN spreads in this broker are very low and my trading is also giving me more profits now. It is always better to wait for the news before doing your trading so that you can get more profits.

FXOpen   Harsh Nayar   31 May, 2020  

Guys, this is the worst broker, please do not work through them. I repeat never. I created an account and for some reason I found them very dodgy with manipulating my personal information and quite skeptical, one of them even asked me to install TeamViewer on my computer so that he could teach me somethin but I knew it was to get access to my databases. Well I made it look like I didn't know what that software was but deepdown i knew what he was upto. He was very manipulative with everything guys. I immediately changed my mind and requested for a refund.It took them 20 days to reply my mail and said they would deduct $80 out of $250. I was okay with it considering the danger which could come along with them, I said thats fine and requested the rest of the amount. It's been 4 months now and they neither respond my email nor my call. I lost my hard earned money guys.

eXcentral   Jack Shrestha   31 May, 2020  

Yes glad I read this before investing. Thought I'd do a little research before adding my credit card details. I added my name and address along with my mobile number. Whilst reading the awful reviews I received a call from askobid asking do I want to continue with making an investment. When I said I'd not like to invest she asked why. I explained if the reviews that I'd been reading. She tried to say there not true. I said but for that reason I feel uneasy investing any money today. She replied whatever and put the phone down. Proper rude. So I think I made the correct choice.

Askobid   Robby   31 May, 2020  

It started good, when i not want to pay any more they blocked my account. They do what they want, my money is gone and Benjamin *** too.

ProfitiX   Lars   31 May, 2020  

I nearly got roped in, but when I saw their webpage you know its a scam, with 3 different levels of account. Wow look what you get in platinum account. Oh you must have one with all those signals.

LegacyFX   zbobz   31 May, 2020  

This is a complete Scam broker. Please don't even think of doing any transaction. Just, lost $90000 Singaporean. All my earning and savings are gone.

eXcentral   Rita   31 May, 2020  

is olymp trade an ECN or market maker?

Olymp Trade   scam   31 May, 2020  

Hello there! Olymp Trade is not a liquidity provider. Our company uses quotes from the largest ECN sites, such as Currenex, Hotspot, Bloomberg Tradebook FX, Fastmatch, Gain GTX, FXAll, etc., and translates the weighted average value to the platform. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   2 June, 2020

If you have decided to be a trader, then prepare yourself for what you simply will not have, because you will face a lot of certain difficulties, which you will have to work with yourself. In this case, a broker will not be able to help you directly, even if you have training videos, etc. Because you have to study it yourself and take it into account, learn to use it in practice. The responsibility first of all should lie on you, only in this case you will be able to start a business and make a profit that suits you.

Olymp Trade   Mukund Chaudhuri   30 May, 2020  

Thank you for the review! It is really nice to read such wise things. Trading as any other job requires responsibility. We wish you a pleasant trading with Olymp Trade! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   1 June, 2020

I traded with this platform, but just when I am winning at the very last second the price turn reverse abruptly. and I am a loser. In this way, I already loss handsome bucks. I am sceptical that there was some interference from the other side to siphon-off my money. I was very sure to win in those trades, but it used to reverse. Can somebody set against my trading to let me loss?

Olymp Trade   Lalmuanthanga   30 May, 2020  

Hi, dear! The chart on the real account and demo is the same. All quotes are broadcast to the platform equally. Quotes are the direct stream of data which we can not influence. Our suggestion is that you trade for 1-5 minutes. In such a short time period the price can not change significantly. We advise you to make trades from 15 minutes and more to make your forecasts more accurate. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   1 June, 2020

Please someone how can I remove my account because they forcing me to pay. what to do?

eXcentral   Unknown   30 May, 2020  

They have a 100 deposit bonus promo which allows you have a chance to double your deposit, you couldn't waste that.

FBS   Annie   29 May, 2020  

Does anyone here succeeded at withdrawing from excentral?

eXcentral   Sam   29 May, 2020  

Hot forex is becoming bad broker. I have an account with them but they don't allow me to place my orders if they know that event might move with greater points. Even I am using a lot size 0.01 they don't allow me. This is a bad broker. It's only good for technical traders.

HotForex   Frans   29 May, 2020  

To be honest with all of you guys complaining and crying about the problems like babies here. I found out that FBS is the most hard working and honest broker so far beyond all the hundreds of hocus-pocus brokers listed on here. PERIOD. NO B.S! For real. I'm not an employee working for FBS to make up any false review here(i have no time to do that b.s), nor am i the affiliate/sponsor for a christ sake. I have done demo trading on this broker's platform for 1 and a half years and started trading on a real account, had no difference between a demo and a real account because i'm a very serious full-time individual forex trader who knows what he's doing with a thoroughly back-tested strategy. I have been reading trillions of reviews over 100+ brokers from the ranking number 1 all the way down to the 100 here. To be very honest, you will never find any other forex broker that confronts every single major-to-minor issue that you want to solve with. I've never seen a broker who answers each and every dude saying "this broker is a scam because blah blah blah" when in fact, it's 99.9% your fault unless there was an electronic system failure in the first place which is possibly the only reason why they work hard to find out if there's any problem like that. You know why? I can tell you guys this in 100% certainty-you must have never read the "customer agreement". If you are dead serious about your money, you would read all the provisos, t&c, etc before you sit down and trade. What does that mean? Go download the customer agreement on the fbs main page right down at the corner and go read up on every single clause right now. I promise you, for sure, that you will solve your problem, and you may feel apologetic to this broker who works like hell to answer every petty issue they probably know even before they read the complaints. All you guys on here claiming FBS stole my money, moved my order, doesn't allow me to withdraw my money, doesn't give me profits from the bonus accounts, blah blah. Sigh...same claim over and over and over again! What a comedy! I can answer all of you as an experienced individual trader that trades with FBS and has always withdrawn funds successfully with zero effort: 1. You have problems with withdrawal?use the card you used for a deposit in the first place. If you split your deposit xyz times, split your withdrawal xyz times in the same manner. That's called a refund. Every legit broker i know(at least non US-based) has to abide by this rule due to the AML policy and if you are smart enough, you will understand why debit/credit card refund is a top priority for brokers - forex clients are from everywhere around the world, 1st world 2nd world 3rd world, doesn't matter. BUT, brokers have zero responsibility to advocate tax issues for you in case you fund your account with a considerably big amount and your local bank asks you for it since card payment entails currency conversion into USD. Remember, forex brokers are international firms protected by the laws based on where they are located. Every client is under different laws from different countries. That's why their priority is a card payment before paying you profits with different methods. For example, let's say you are rich. You funded 1M USD via card. Since FBS is a non US-based financial service firm, you won't be a US citizen meaning your local currency will be converted before it goes to FBS. Your local bank accuses you of violating a domestic law and investigates you for the alleged "capital flight". In this case, it's 1000% your fault because it's your law from your country. That's why you have to use e-wallets in this case. Convert your money "legally" into the allowed limited amount of dollars at your domestic/local bank first and deposit dollars into e-wallets. That's why forex brokers allow E-wallets. Also, e-wallets are a thousand times faster than card withdrawal since your money doesn't have to go through all the complicated processes of Master/Visa card. You see what i'm saying here? 2. Your order was not filled at the right price?dude. stop trading and go back to either investopedia or babypips and study what slippage is, and how orders are executed in the market. Educate yourself properly until you get the grasp of how trading works. 3. "Pay my bonus profit!"? doubt you have ever read the underlying conditions of bonus profit before you trade...write down all the conditions on the A4 paper and everytime you make a winning trade on a bonus account, try matching up your trading history to the underlying conditions of bonus account, then you will apologize to FBS after paying you profits. Seriously done talk guys. successful clients from FBS don't have any problems at all. Don't blame the market when you lose money because market is always right as long as you are trading with a STP/ECN broker. Don't blame an honest broker that works as hard as answering every single review with no automated forms. Other brokers don't even bother to argue on your claim dude...look at other brokers review with bad ratings..the brokers don't even care! For my words to FBS, I greatly appreciate your work for the CS department. For real though, i've been reading at least 50+ customer claims on FPA, and you guys really earned my respest. At first, i thought you guys were just like any other scam brokers who play with clients' money, but i came to a conclusion that this broker is one the most legit broker i've ever traded with. There are 5~6 other brokers i know that are legit and reputable, but i stay with you FBS only because your CS team has done so much work and are very exclusively responsible. When i get more and more success with you over time, i hope to visit the HQ and say thank you to all especially the customer service team hahaha. Keep going!

FBS   Key   29 May, 2020  

The platform of olymp trade is user friendly, but I am skeptical when I am using fixed time trading. When I put a trade, just when it is coming to my advantage to get the profit, it immediate reverse and I loss money. This happen many times. I feel that it had been manipulated from the other end. I might be wrong, but this cause me huge bucks.

Olymp Trade   lalmuanthanga   29 May, 2020  

lalmuanthanga, hi there! We understand how you feel. Please watch Youtube playlist to learn more about trading psychology. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   1 June, 2020

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