Forex Broker Reviews — Forex Comments 2021

This broker really earned my trust and respect over time. Amazing work ethic and approach towards its customers.

ROinvesting   Nick   22 April, 2021  

Reasonable trading conditions and a huge variety of tools, really pleasant process of trading. I'm happy with HFTrading.

HFTrading   Andrew   22 April, 2021  

With three years of trading with Instaforex, I have experienced all their services and I can say that I have greatly benefited from them. The trading platforms are all working perfectly but my favorite is the mobile platform. It is very handy yet still fully functional. The spreads are tight as well leaving no worries to traders. Most importantly, the withdrawal process is fast.

InstaForex   Inna   22 April, 2021  

Hello, we are really thankful for your choice and trust. Thank you for the positive feedback!

InstaForex   22 April, 2021

Thank you all for your comments, was about registering when I stumbled on this thread. You just saved a life. Love you all.

FXTM   Raimundo   21 April, 2021  

FxPro is not my first brokerage firm but at least I'll stay with them for a long time. I can recommend their cTrader platform. Very modern and convenient. Also, they provide great conditions and allow algorithmic trading.

FxPro   Ziggy   21 April, 2021  

I decided to leave a small FxPro review. So, I liked the company for its thorough approach to business. There are many useful tools and solutions for traders here. For example, it is a mobile app for easy account management. After all, in FxPro, you can create many accounts on different trading platforms. This is convenient because, for example, there are no futures in cTrader, and for some traders, these are essential assets. That said, everything else is more convenient to trade in cTrader. That is why I like that FxPro does not require compromises. Do you want to trade different assets? Trade on different platforms at the same time. And you can easily manage your accounts at the touch of a finger. That's what I call first-class service. The second thing I want to mention in my review is the availability of the FxPro Wallet. It's a handy wallet that allows you to keep your money in a separate account. This is an account where you are not afraid of losing trades. And the deposit is safe. Such services are precious. I want to thank the broker in my FxPro review for such possibilities.

FxPro   Klods Budreiko   21 April, 2021  

Really high quality of services and helpful support. Everything works smoothly and efficiently.

ROinvesting   Andrew   21 April, 2021  

Minimal slippage, accurate signals and fast withdrawals are just a few among some good services of this broker. Highly recommended broker.

Investment Center   Christine Kuefer   21 April, 2021  

Excellent live chats.They can resolve concerns via chat, that good. I don't need to call them most of the time. They also respond quickly.

Nixse   Sabine Ebersbach   21 April, 2021  

Affordable initial deposit. I am happy I did start with minimum deposit but now earning really good profit after a few months.

Kiplar   Daniela Muller   21 April, 2021  

Broker with good terms. Have 1:30 leverage. Good services, overall.

Finmarket   Andrea Nadel   21 April, 2021  

I'm satisfied with platform, customer service, pricing, signals and everything. Been with them for a long time and I'm keeping the services.

InvestiGram   Daniela Scherer   21 April, 2021  

I placed wIthdrawal request on 16th Apr request id is W2620586 but still it is pending. every time I contacted support team they are telling funds been sent to bank and waiting for bank approval. I could see many people are suffering from withdrawal issues. There are chances our money is being used somewhere else as there is no proof of real transfer request this could be a big scam. The bank says they never received a request and this guys say they have processed our withdrawal request. And they dust out there are is huge count of similar issues guys we need to spread this and not let other loose hard earned money.

OctaFX   Madhusudhan Reddy   21 April, 2021  

101investing is a top broker, which offers me an extremely wide range of stocks and tools for online trading. My transactions are successful in 7 out of 10 cases. It is pretty good result!

101investing   Lewis   20 April, 2021  

Don't ever trust this broker. Some of my trades triggers stop loss instead of take profit. Don't be deceived by their low spreads and commissions because they will double it in withdrawal fees. I have evidences.

InstaForex   Francis Rafael   20 April, 2021  

Hello, we are sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Have you contacted our support service regarding the problem? Tell us your trading account number. We always try our best to resolve any misunderstanding.

InstaForex   21 April, 2021

Great broker to work with, deposits and withdrawals go through smoothy, spreads and leverage are decent.

TradedWell   Joseph   20 April, 2021  

Working with HFTrading has been a pleasure, I've managed to make quite a few decent withdrawals which have been really helpful. Highly recommend this broker!

HFTrading   Joey   20 April, 2021  

very easy to work with, even for newbies. customer support works really well.

ROinvesting   Lewis   20 April, 2021  

There transparency is outstanding. I trust them high enough with my investment. They did well in what they do and works efficiently.

Vlom   Claudia Baader   20 April, 2021  

Transparent on all transactions. I never had any gray areas from my trades. All are well-explained.

ProfitiX   Stephan Ackermann   20 April, 2021  

Aside from good services I love their educational provisions. I get to learn so many things from these.

LBLV   Christina Koertig   20 April, 2021  

I'm currently satisfied with this broker. Fxpro never failed me. I know that they reliable and in any case, everything will be fine with my deposit because they ensure their client's funds. They provide very good conditions for profitable trading. I can confidently recommend this broker.

FxPro   Hasan   19 April, 2021  

I had several brokers. Traded on different accounts with different brokers. I have been trading for a long time and I thought it was hard to surprise me. But then I saw FxPro. I was impressed. here one broker had everything I needed. All trading platforms in one place. I started working only with FxPro, it is very convenient. You see, I have different trading styles: I trade both MT4 and MT5. As you can imagine, I use MT5 for stocks. Now there are interesting movements on the market and you can make good money, and this broker provides the latest news and good analytics.

FxPro   Miruna Ion   19 April, 2021  

Tight spreads, good trading terms overall. Good customer service too.

Investment Center   Sienna Ludowici   19 April, 2021  

HFTrading is a licensed and credible broker that is really well-organized and easy to work with. Convenient trading and withdrawal process.

HFTrading   Regina   19 April, 2021  

I deposited. In members area. They say they not receive any payment.

RoboForex   GG trade   18 April, 2021  

Trading with T1Markets is safe, as they got a special license. Besides, the b broker provides very profitable signals, tight and fixed spreads.

T1Markets   Daniel   16 April, 2021  

Tradedwell is a perfect broker to me. No complaints, all services are good. Customer support is v very friendly and helpful.

TradedWell   Isaiah   16 April, 2021  

The best customer support so far. Withdrawals are fast and all services are overall very efficient.

ROinvesting   Lucas   16 April, 2021  

Recommended trading brokers. Signals are profitable and services are great.

Investment Center   Brianna Verdon   16 April, 2021  

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