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Easy and fast withdrawal processes. I have been using the service for a year and all my withdrawal requests are smoothly processed.

Investment Center   Uwe Junker   26 January, 2021  

Awesome trading offers. I can now quit my job, I am earning great profit. Thankful to have met this broker.

Nixse   Dorofei Zotov   26 January, 2021  

I made the right decision of grabbing their offers. Signals brings good profit and withdrawal is fast.

Kiplar   Lucinda Oldaker   26 January, 2021  

Great trading partner. They have been very responsible and they are dedicated in doing thorough market research.

Finmarket   Parnella Bellemare   26 January, 2021  

What I like the most about this broker is that I am getting good profit and I can withdraw it smoothly. I personally would recommend this broker.

AussieTrust   Christin Lehrer   26 January, 2021  

Good tools for forex trading. They have so many features that are useful in my trading career.

Vlom   Levi Whyte   26 January, 2021  

24 Option did eventually let me have my remaining money back after I made them a small fortune and lost most of mine.

24option   Sharon   26 January, 2021  

In general I have a rather positive impression of this brokerage company because everything is thought out and calm here and it is really possible to develop and even try something unusual, if you have such a desire. Speaking of technical parameters I can mention that there are several trading platforms, each of which deserves attention and you can change them without any restrictions. There is a demo and a lot of a ssets, in addition (and most importantly) here you can freely withdraw money - without delays, restrictions and stress.

FxPro   Ngan Bui   25 January, 2021  

no facility to contact by phone. not helpful.

LBLV   Capt D'Antifer   25 January, 2021  

Is there any difference in the leverage size for various jurisdictions in FxPro?

FxPro   Gilbert Le Mace   25 January, 2021  

this are scammers. they push you to deposit even without verification. then after you request for withdrawal they keep quiet no response at all. their rating is extremely very bad. they really on your hard earned cash. never ever invest here, you will continually cry.

eXcentral   esther   25 January, 2021  

Dear Esther,

Once you have made a deposit you can withdraw at any time after opening and closing at least 1 trade. A trade can be opened and closed within a matter of seconds. We can have an account manager assist you with this transaction or you can obtain assistance via the live chat on our website. Once a trade has been opened, you can withdraw freely without incurring any inactivity fees, as you can see the support team is trying to assist you in avoiding unnecessary fees. Please note the above is also confirmed on our General Fees document which is available via the website. If you require any further assistance please provide us with your account number and make sure to inform our support team about your experience at


eXcentral   26 January, 2021

I can rely on 101investing as it provides me with support, safety, Forex trading, CFD, and leverage. I experience intensive trading. 101investing is my source of getting income online.

101investing   Shelby Gill   25 January, 2021  

Trustworthy company, the withdrawals are quick without any crazy fees and charges.

101investing   Robin   25 January, 2021  

I like the speed of execution and withdrawals. No delays and it is smoothly done.

Uptos   Naina Repina   25 January, 2021  

Easy and quick withdrawals. I am by far satisfied with this broker service.

InvestiGram   Murat Repin   25 January, 2021  

I can depend on the services. They attend to trading needs promptly.

Fundiza   Sophia Josephson   25 January, 2021  

Investing time and money with this broker is all worthwhile. I get good trading returns.

CommerceWealth   Joseph Langelier   25 January, 2021  

Impressive trading signals. I always get effective trading instructions from the brokers.

Kiexo   Max Zimmerman   25 January, 2021  

I have just joined this broker company last month. As early as one month I can see good things, trades are profitable and services are good.

ProfitiX   Pierrette Covillon   25 January, 2021  

I will keep this broker service. I have gain decent profit after all.

LBLV   Anne Schwab   25 January, 2021  

The broker keeps on asking me to deposit more and more. Their team work always suggest to pleace order very high risk because thoese are not their money. They do not care their customer to protect my money that I just asked for a little profit per day. Now I lost all my deposit and can't seem to withdraw what was left. Is this a scam? Can someone please help me?

InvestLite   Am   23 January, 2021  

Itradefx are scammers. they had run a special for weekend. I deposited the money and sent proof. the CEO even gave me time to update me but i found myself being blocked from all socials. I don't why yjey say the company is legit while it's not.

ITradeFX   Maria   23 January, 2021  

Exness, I withdrew my money Friday using bank card, hope I'll get it in my account this weekend. And why can't I withdraw my profit. This is the second time this is happening.

Exness   Debola   23 January, 2021  

Hi Debola, thank you for you review. Please note that a refund made with bank card takes 3 to 5 business days to reach your account, a profit withdrawal may take from 1 minute up to 7 business days. You should refund all the deposits you made with bank card, after that you will be able to withdraw also your profits. If you have other questions, kindly contact us via live chat on Have a nice day!

Exness   26 January, 2021

All those saying they received on time, stop lying. I've been waiting for my withdraw for over 21 days now.

ProfitiX   Shahed   23 January, 2021  

With Just2Trade, I managed not only to learn a lot but also to make good money. Personally, I was always surprised by those who complain about the broker, accusing him alone of draining the deposit. Guys, have you ever thought that you are to blame? Just2Trade has all the necessary training materials, and the help of a personal mentor is provided. Listen to the advice of professionals, and you will be happy. The office is honest, it pays.

Just2Trade   Vova   22 January, 2021  

Warning! they take long time to withdraw i didnt see my funds yet and you can only withdraw with bitcoin method.

AMarkets   Guy Biton   22 January, 2021  

Really efficient broker, withdrawals are quick, customer support always responds, great trading conditions.

InvestLite   Samuel   22 January, 2021  

This broker meets all of my trading needs. I can definitely recommend it for newbies.

101investing   Philip   22 January, 2021  

Excellent services. I am privileged enough to have such a good broker.

InvestiGram   Patrick Meyer   22 January, 2021  

Easy and fast withdrawals. Great support. I am satisfied and happy with this broker company.

Fundiza   Ines Lehrer   22 January, 2021  

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