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I have opened clasic pro account id 8890936 with initial deposit $2000 with single transaction. In case of amount deposition in account, there's no-restrictions or no-limit. but for amount withdrawal they restricted to $200 maximum and most of the times they totally blocks the withdrawal and gives very lame excuses without any time bound. I experienced non-execution t/p by wide enlarging the spread (they never allowed to take profit by telling false reasons illiquidity and spread etc) I sent a Withdrawal request on 22nd july. and they said as "done it" but not credited to my account. After multiple live chatting and complaints as not receipt. sarcastically they come up by mail after 15 days on 5th August by saying "you gave wrong account details and we transferred to it. our duty is over, it's your mistake. we can't able to do anything in this case". i wondered, pleaded for reversal and paying back to me. with continuous follow up there's no response. when I requested to let me know to the which account they paid. I found it as there's no such account exists in that bank. This is very ridiculous and pathetic. it will reveals how they downgraded and bluff their traders. It's a usual practice that from which account the amount is getting deposited, to the same account they should transfer back the amount. My account num is *****644708 and cleverly they said they transferred to *****544708. When I directly enquired in the bank they revealed it as the account number *****544708 doesn't exist and which is a false account number.

Exness   Ravindra   12 August, 2020  

I'm really happy with Roinvesting's quality of service. I've worked with two other brokers before and they were nowhere near that good. Customer support is really friendly, and the trading conditions are really profitable. Highly recommend!

ROinvesting   Calvin   12 August, 2020  

Its been 3 weeks now and my withdrawal keeps on being rejected. The live chat people do not help whatsoever, the solutions they give have never worked and now they are blaming my bank for the rejected withdrawals, but when i go to my bank they tell me that they haven't rejected any incoming transactions nor did they reciece any transaction. This is a bad broker, whatever happens never deposit your money you will never get it back.

Exness   Ronewa   11 August, 2020  

Do not be fooled by this broker, at first they will be very friendly to you. please do not invest your money with them. I repeat NEVER. I created an account, at first they gave me a friendly account manager that is continuously convincing me to put additional deposits which I did and I said that I still want to learn to trade step by step that is why I am fine with my account. Then after few days, a different account manager his name is Wasi, he called me saying that I was refused by my first account manager because of such a small account of $1300, this one is very manipulative that he wants you to start big on your account because the account managers like them are not getting a good commission from your account I found them very rude and unprofessional. After our argument on his 2nd call because he cannot convince me to deposit, he told me that I just have to close my trades and just get whatever will be left from my account even losing much money on it, so I decided to close and withdraw what is left for me. After an hour, someone called me again to stop my withdrawal tried to manipulate me to trade the remaining $900 because he is very much sure that I can make profit, so I gave them another chance. I trade my remaining money where he suggested, but while my account is increasing the loss he is very much decisive in trying to push me so hard to deposit, which I did not do this time and lost all my remaining money. This Senior Account Manager Wasi emailed me that he already approved to give me back my $900 but nothing was deposited on my account since then. It's been more than a week now, I lost my hard earned money.

eXcentral   Cathy   11 August, 2020  

This is my worst experience in my lifetime. I started with $250. They keep on calling and asking you to deposit more in the account. To their trap I got myself in and deposited $2000 for trading. They guide you to the wrong investment which recoup very high losses and just like that you account is closed and your money is gone. Being a beginner they are supposed to guide you in the right investment. Shock on you. They are here to con and steal from people. Just 2 days trading and my account bal is $85. For those who want to invest. Run and don't dare to try this. You will cry or invest what you are ready to loose. I cannot advice anybody to invest with this company. Kindly do your research well.

eXcentral   Monicah   11 August, 2020  

I was tricked into a news with how money generated easily by just investing some money and it will roll automatically. So moral of the story, money don't just come in automatically, you need to work to get returns.

24option   Stupid   11 August, 2020  

How long it will take for local bank to operate as usual for deposit and withdraw? It seems FBS conection with local bank not functioning for couple of weeks unless to use with local depositors which is so slow and untrusted.

FBS   Ade   10 August, 2020  

Don't try place your money to their account, they will make it difficult for you withdraw your profit. during my trading time I closed my orders with for example: 200usd and when you check your balances 70% of your profit it's nowhere to be found. I have been trying to withdraw the profited amount only to be told that I have violated their trading style. I was so excited knowing that am going to withdraw my profit of 700usd but only to find out that I can withdraw my initial deposit with transaction fees added on. So please stay away from these people, they are scam.

FxGlory   Joel Msiza   10 August, 2020  

When I read all your messages it sounds like OMC Markets. Same names, same strategy to deposit the money.

LegacyFX   Piet   10 August, 2020  

how can I temporarily deactivate my trading account with excentral? to avoid being penalized of $80 per month. thank you for your immediate response.

eXcentral   neoTrader   8 August, 2020  

Dear neoTrader,

Thank you for your comment on
Please contact your account manager and inform him/her about your concerns. Should you require any further assistance, please contact our team at


eXcentral   10 August, 2020

I would like to withdraw my investment since my status is suspended, because I cannot provide proof of my residence. Our bills & statement of accounts are all addressed to my husband.

eXcentral   Gadi   8 August, 2020  

Dear Gadi,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please contact our team at and inform them about the issues you have encountered.


eXcentral   10 August, 2020

Have obtained profit from cent account. Tried to withdraw it failed because you require scanned copy of Deposit Card. I used Mpesa MasterCard to deposit. It is not a hard,physical card it just a system created to enable online payment with it. So Tell me FBS, how I scanned this virtual card and make withdrawal request possible.

FBS   guest   8 August, 2020  

How to withdrawal profit from instaforex 100% start up bonus, please help.

InstaForex   Rodney   7 August, 2020  

IC Markets are Scammers. Depositing is easy but withdrawing is horrible. They have a 1000 excuses why they can't send money back.

IC Markets   funkyman   7 August, 2020  

Fast and easy withdrawal process. Smooth transactions and customer supports are easy to deal with.

ProfitiX   Sue   7 August, 2020  

One of the best brokers in Australia. Spreads are really good, but what I like the most is the fast withdrawals.

HFTrading   Peter   7 August, 2020  

Hi, have been using fbs for couple of years now. Don't know why recently it rejected credit card deposit. As for malaysian banks like MBB, PBB for direct online deposit wise, it used to work out well until recently, such option is no longer available. Instead, choices for deposit is via local depositor. Problem with the local depositor is slow transaction. Used to be instant. It has been more than 90 minutes now while i am typing this comment & my deposit is still not inside my account yet.

FBS   jason   7 August, 2020  

I have been trying to withdraw for quite some time and exness keeps depositing the money back to my account. I have emailed, tried to reach out to support team and life chats but still none of them gets back to me. I sent my account details via email and still just another dead end. Exness will really piss you off and will demotivate you from trading. As brokers they are genuinely not doing the best job because they failed to manually process the withdrawal from their side. Am so disappointed in them am ready to find a better broker than this.

Exness   Zee   6 August, 2020  

Hi Zee, we're sorry to hear and we'd like to help you with your withdrawal. Please send your account details via email, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Exness   7 August, 2020

My dream is to start trading and be good in this industry. Maybe that's only one reason why I decided to trade with Olymp Trade, not any other brokerage. Education there is really good, as brokerage combines both trading blogs (in different languages) with video-tutorials and webinars, so you can learn basics with tutorials and then check everything in action watching webinars. I'm trading demo now, but of course I have plans to move up to the real trading. As I understand, Olymp Trade has 2 trading platforms - MT4 and OT platform. Which one is better, guys?

Olymp Trade   Pirzada Dixit   6 August, 2020  

I am very satisfied with LBLV, it's probably the best retail broker I've seen to date. Their withdrawals can take a while and only one account option with fixed spreads, but overall good conditions, well organized and reliable. I can even request to get my transaction history monthly report, order by order, and it really comes in handy! A lot options for charting, and I usually use LBLV for trades I am going to close the same day.

LBLV   Yusef   6 August, 2020  

Why can't I withdraw my profits on my standard micro account. They say I can only withdraw the amount deposited.

FBS   Abisola   6 August, 2020  

Trading tools, technical team's work, educational resources. all these are at a high level. Trading with ROinvesting was my best decision ever.

ROinvesting   Isaac   6 August, 2020  

Avoid at all cost. They are shameful bunch of scammers, stay well clear do not invest any money. Hopefully fraud police will be catching up with them soon and they will feel the force of the law. Disgusting bunch.

EverFX   Sb   5 August, 2020  

Their aim is to make you lose all your money. When you decide to close account with a profit, they'll come up with T&C so they don't give you anything. Good luck getting a cent back. I invested $200k AUD and made $100K profit, I didn't get a cent back.

ProfitiX   Sid   5 August, 2020  

FXTM are not reliable. Have been trying to withdraw since May 2020, up till I haven't been able to withdraw my money. what's happening?

FXTM   guest   5 August, 2020  

Do not trust Profitix, 100% professional scammers. Not regulated. As an Australian trader, I was scammed for all my profits of $100k AUD. They are very aggressive, they force you to put in as much money as you can, they trick you by giving you little money back to trust them so you can invest more money, but when it come to wanting to take your money out, you will not see a cent. Managers are all liars! I've been working with them for a year telling me they are from Hong Kong but find out they are from a small island in the caribbean. Don't be fooled. Don't trust Profitix with fake reviews.

ProfitiX   Hussein   5 August, 2020  

On ROinvesting platform I found plenty of opportunities and tools to trade and gain. Credible broker, I'm glad to deal with.

ROinvesting   Beatrice Jellis   5 August, 2020  

Glad, I was able to read reviews would have been blaming myself. Same thing with FBS. they are good in manipulating. was just gonna try exness with 10k usd. thanks for this reviews.

Exness   Yayo   4 August, 2020  

The copying app is good. The system is easy to use. I can find many profitable traders and I can trade everywhere as well.

FBS   Mewz   4 August, 2020  

I really would like to know why eXcentral takes too long time to process a withdrawal? eXcentral took less than five minutes to process a deposit through Rapid transfer for me. But, withdrawal is already taking 8 business days to be processed. Support team just tell me that it can take more time, although eXcentral policies says 3-5 business days.

eXcentral   Anderson Gimenez   4 August, 2020  

Dear Mr. Anderson Gimenez,

We appreciate your feedback, and we are deeply sorry that we were unable to accommodate your refund request within a reasonable timeframe.
We understand your frustration, but sometimes it may take longer for refunds to process. We hope to have your issue resolved soon, and rest assured, your funds will be returned to your account.
If you require further assistance, please contact


eXcentral   5 August, 2020

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