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We feature the top forex news feed being updated daily so that you always have the latest daily forex brokers news at hand. We track every single change in the fx world and immediately share the news with our readers. This feature is crucial for day-to-day forex trading. Additionally to the mainstream financial trends, this section features latest forex brokers news to make you able to quickly evaluate the situation and take care of the relevant strategy changes.

30 Sep, 2020   T1MarketsT1Markets: New say in commodity trading

Commodity trading is probably as old as humanity itself. Generally, there are two groups of commodities: hard and soft. Hard commodities represent natural resources...

29 Sep, 2020   HotForexHotForex honored with Best Forex Trading Conditions Global 2020

Leading forex broker HotForex proudly receives worldwide recognition for its exceptional trading conditions after being honored with major prestigious accolade...

29 Sep, 2020   HotForexHotForex celebrates double award triumph in Africa

HotForex, the internationally acclaimed multi-asset broker on CFDs, has raised the bar in the FX industry since the company has received two prestigious titles from...

28 Sep, 2020   T1MarketsCryptocurrency trading with T1Markets

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most powerful places for futures contracts trading. Any chosen coin is highly secured by cryptography and is nearly...

28 Sep, 2020   eXcentralThe Past, Present and Future of Trading Success

Let's have a look at some basic needs to find out our story. Let your mind go back to the past, remember that first day when you decided to make your first trade...

25 Sep, 2020   FXTMFXTM Trading Schedule for Hong Kong National Day 2020

Please note that in observance of the upcoming Hong Kong National Day holiday from 1-2 October 2020, there will be temporary changes to FXTM's trading schedule...

24 Sep, 2020   T1MarketsT1Markets Professional trading account

Boost your account tier with T1Markets premium features for a full-scale professional trade. For experienced traders with a substantial transaction background...

FP Markets
24 Sep, 2020   FP MarketsFP Markets crowned Best Global Value Forex Broker 2020

FP Markets is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Best Global Value Forex Broker for 2020. The Global Forex Awards 2020 awarded excellence...

24 Sep, 2020   eXcentralWhat is your legacy?

When you enter the world of trading then you can consider yourself a part of the world of markets. Your actions will be the ones that will determine your identity...

23 Sep, 2020   ForexTBCryptocurrency Trading with ForexTB

Cryptocurrencies are web-based digital currencies that use cryptography to secure the financial transactions. A feature of cryptocurrencies, is that they are generally...

23 Sep, 2020   ForexTBTrading Commodities with ForexTB

The basic definition of a commodity is usually an agriculturally grown or naturally-occurring material that can be traded (bought and sold). Commodities of the same type...

Grand Capital
18 Sep, 2020   Grand CapitalStock ETFs now available for trading at Grand Capital

Grand Capital has introduced stock ETFs, a new group of trading instruments for Standard, ECN Prime, and MT5 accounts. The list of available stock ETFs includes...

17 Sep, 2020   101investingThe Finest 10 Cryptocurrency List To Look At!

Cryptocurrency is a revolution that has erupted the financial world with the possibility of having a digital currency. Today, the cryptocurrency list we have tends...

Grand Capital
17 Sep, 2020   Grand CapitalUntether your trading experience with mobile app Grand Trade

Grand Capital launches the new trading app Grand Trade, and invites you to check out how easy and comfortable it is to trade and manage your finances...

14 Sep, 2020   LibertexLibertex to launch new and improved mobile Trading Signals

Starting from 7 September, our clients will have access to our revamped mobile Trading Signals feature. Trading Signals have long been a favourite tool for Libertex...

14 Sep, 2020   eXcentralWho Can Trade?

Since we already saw what trading is, it's about time we also see who can do it. Keep on reading if you're interested in finding out more about regulations and...

10 Sep, 2020   LibertexTottenham Hotspur Partnership With Libertex

Tottenham Hotspur Announce Multi-Year Partnership With Libertex. Libertex has become the Official Trading Partner of Tottenham Hotspur...

10 Sep, 2020   101investingCommodity trading with 101Investing

Commodity trading is the world's oldest financial activities as popular now as it was many centuries ago. Trading on the margin with 101Investing opens the trading doors...

Grand Capital
8 Sep, 2020   Grand CapitalTrading robots: why and how to use them

Trading robots are special pieces of software designed to use with the trading terminals MetaTrader 4 and 5. Robots can open and close trades and...

8 Sep, 2020   101investingStrike cryptocurrency market with 101Investing

Solid ground for your bids and multilateral approach in cryptocurrency trading. Is that what you are looking for? 101Investing offers you a shoulder to lean on...

Grand Capital
7 Sep, 2020   Grand CapitalQuarterly investment portfolio for September-November 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions by novice investors is: How to find your way around the variety of financial instruments and make money?

3 Sep, 2020   FXTMFXTM Trading Schedule for US Labor Day 2020

Please note that in observance of the upcoming US Labor Day holiday on September 7 2020, there will be temporary changes to FXTM's trading schedule...

31 Aug, 2020   NordFXNumber of Accounts Opened in NordFX Exceed 1500000

Since its foundation in 2008, NordFX brokerage company has become one of the recognized leaders in the international forex industry, as evidenced by the trust...

28 Aug, 2020   LonghornFXIncreasing Earning Potential with Leverage

Leverage allows traders to open larger positions with less capital. Trading with leverage is considered to be one of the main benefits associated with CFD trading...

26 Aug, 2020   LibertexApple and Tesla's stock split just around the corner

Tesla and Apple rocked the finance world when they announced plans to split their shares within weeks of each other. This August, investors will have...

Grand Capital
26 Aug, 2020   Grand CapitalSplit-adjusted basis trading for APPLE and TESLA CFDs

Apple Inc. announced a 4:1 stock split, while Tesla Inc. notified a 5:1 stock split. Both corporate events are to be over 31st August 2020. In this regard, upon the end...

24 Aug, 2020   FXTMTrading Schedule for the UK Summer Bank Holiday 2020

Please note that in observance of the upcoming UK Summer Bank Holiday on 31 August 2020, there will be temporary changes to FXTM's trading schedule...

20 Aug, 2020   CommerceWealthMetaTrader 5 tulti-asset trading: most flexible platform

MetaTrader 5 is a cross-functional, state-of-the-art, platform that provides outstanding trading possibilities and advanced technical tools, as well as automated trading systems...

19 Aug, 2020   InstaForexInformation about the upcoming split of Apple and Tesla shares

The Apple (traded under #AAPL symbol) and Tesla (#TSLA) corporations have announced plans to split their shares in proportion 4 to 1 and 5 to 1 correspondingly...

17 Aug, 2020   LibertexLibertex and Getafe CF say goodbye after an eventful season-long partnership

They say all good things must come to an end... and Libertex's partnership with Getafe CF is no exception. After a fantastic season together...

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