FBS — Forex Broker Rating and Review 2020

FBSFBS Markets Inc. website
Regulation IFSC, CySEC
Trading software MetaTrader 4/5, MetaTrader Mobile, Online FBS MT4/5 WebTrader, MultiTerminal
Headquartered No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, C.A

FBS is a reliable Forex broker trusted by millions of traders around the world. The company has been in business since 2009 and now is present in over 190 countries.

Working with FBS is easy, convenient and profitable with exclusive terms to meet the interest of any trader.

Multiple international prizes and awards are another confirmation of company’s reliability. Once an FBS client – forever an FBS client. Deposits and withdrawals via various payment systems as Visa/Mastercard, Сardpay, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Fasapay; and other local payment methods.

FBS trading information

WWW http://www.fbs.com/
Address No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, C.A
Headquarters Belize
Free phone Callback, live chat
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Forex contests, competitions
1st deposit bonus
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24 hour trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Pip spread on majors 1.1
Spread Type fixed, variable
Maximum Leverage 3000
ECN, $ 1000
STP, $
Standard account, $ 100
Micro account, $ 1
Popular payment methods Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Money, OKPay, Fasapay
Account currencies EUR, USD, THB
Available assets Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, BRN, DAX30, WTI
Languages English, Indonesian, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, German, Italian, French, Burmese
Platforms MetaTrader 4/5, MetaTrader Mobile, Online FBS MT4/5 WebTrader, MultiTerminal
Broker type Broker
Regulation IFSC, CySEC
Foundation 2009

If you are looking for an easy and fast withdrawal broker, I recommend FBS for you because all my withdrawal experiences with FBS are processed quickly and easily regardless of the amount of my withdrawal. Even more interestingly they provide the choice of local banks to withdraw without commission.

Sahrul   3 June, 2020  

I am interested in FBS League, a trading contest. Looks like if you win the trading contest, you will receive $.

Mike   3 June, 2020  

With the comments I see I don't think FBS is a safe broker we should rely on.

Philip   1 June, 2020  

They have a 100 deposit bonus promo which allows you have a chance to double your deposit, you couldn't waste that.

Annie   29 May, 2020  

To be honest with all of you guys complaining and crying about the problems like babies here. I found out that FBS is the most hard working and honest broker so far beyond all the hundreds of hocus-pocus brokers listed on here. PERIOD. NO B.S! For real. I'm not an employee working for FBS to make up any false review here(i have no time to do that b.s), nor am i the affiliate/sponsor for a christ sake. I have done demo trading on this broker's platform for 1 and a half years and started trading on a real account, had no difference between a demo and a real account because i'm a very serious full-time individual forex trader who knows what he's doing with a thoroughly back-tested strategy. I have been reading trillions of reviews over 100+ brokers from the ranking number 1 all the way down to the 100 here. To be very honest, you will never find any other forex broker that confronts every single major-to-minor issue that you want to solve with. I've never seen a broker who answers each and every dude saying "this broker is a scam because blah blah blah" when in fact, it's 99.9% your fault unless there was an electronic system failure in the first place which is possibly the only reason why they work hard to find out if there's any problem like that. You know why? I can tell you guys this in 100% certainty-you must have never read the "customer agreement". If you are dead serious about your money, you would read all the provisos, t&c, etc before you sit down and trade. What does that mean? Go download the customer agreement on the fbs main page right down at the corner and go read up on every single clause right now. I promise you, for sure, that you will solve your problem, and you may feel apologetic to this broker who works like hell to answer every petty issue they probably know even before they read the complaints. All you guys on here claiming FBS stole my money, moved my order, doesn't allow me to withdraw my money, doesn't give me profits from the bonus accounts, blah blah. Sigh...same claim over and over and over again! What a comedy! I can answer all of you as an experienced individual trader that trades with FBS and has always withdrawn funds successfully with zero effort: 1. You have problems with withdrawal?use the card you used for a deposit in the first place. If you split your deposit xyz times, split your withdrawal xyz times in the same manner. That's called a refund. Every legit broker i know(at least non US-based) has to abide by this rule due to the AML policy and if you are smart enough, you will understand why debit/credit card refund is a top priority for brokers - forex clients are from everywhere around the world, 1st world 2nd world 3rd world, doesn't matter. BUT, brokers have zero responsibility to advocate tax issues for you in case you fund your account with a considerably big amount and your local bank asks you for it since card payment entails currency conversion into USD. Remember, forex brokers are international firms protected by the laws based on where they are located. Every client is under different laws from different countries. That's why their priority is a card payment before paying you profits with different methods. For example, let's say you are rich. You funded 1M USD via card. Since FBS is a non US-based financial service firm, you won't be a US citizen meaning your local currency will be converted before it goes to FBS. Your local bank accuses you of violating a domestic law and investigates you for the alleged "capital flight". In this case, it's 1000% your fault because it's your law from your country. That's why you have to use e-wallets in this case. Convert your money "legally" into the allowed limited amount of dollars at your domestic/local bank first and deposit dollars into e-wallets. That's why forex brokers allow E-wallets. Also, e-wallets are a thousand times faster than card withdrawal since your money doesn't have to go through all the complicated processes of Master/Visa card. You see what i'm saying here? 2. Your order was not filled at the right price?dude. stop trading and go back to either investopedia or babypips and study what slippage is, and how orders are executed in the market. Educate yourself properly until you get the grasp of how trading works. 3. "Pay my bonus profit!"?dude...no doubt you have ever read the underlying conditions of bonus profit before you trade...write down all the conditions on the A4 paper and everytime you make a winning trade on a bonus account, try matching up your trading history to the underlying conditions of bonus account, then you will apologize to FBS after paying you profits. Seriously done talk guys. successful clients from FBS don't have any problems at all. Don't blame the market when you lose money because market is always right as long as you are trading with a STP/ECN broker. Don't blame an honest broker that works as hard as answering every single review with no automated forms. Other brokers don't even bother to argue on your claim dude...look at other brokers review with bad ratings..the brokers don't even care! For my words to FBS, I greatly appreciate your work for the CS department. For real though, i've been reading at least 50+ customer claims on FPA, and you guys really earned my respest. At first, i thought you guys were just like any other scam brokers who play with clients' money, but i came to a conclusion that this broker is one the most legit broker i've ever traded with. There are 5~6 other brokers i know that are legit and reputable, but i stay with you FBS only because your CS team has done so much work and are very exclusively responsible. When i get more and more success with you over time, i hope to visit the HQ and say thank you to all especially the customer service team hahaha. Keep going!

Key   29 May, 2020  

My tp was not hit and the market eventually reversed and hit my stop loss. i emailed the suppor but still no replay. it's rely discouraging.

Frida   29 May, 2020  

Dear Frida!
We have searched for the information regarding your issue in our system and have found out that our customer support agent had answered you the same day (26.05.2020). In case you didn’t receive any letter from us, please, kindly check your Spam folder - the letter could get in there.
Let us kindly repeat our agent’s reply here:
We have considered your claim about bespoken pending order #1606636755 SELL 0.01 AUDNZD, consulted with the server data, checked its log-files and come to the following conclusion:
We would like to remind you, that according to the Customer Agreement:
4.5. Order execution
g) Take Profit order – for an open selling position, when Ask price in the quote flow is equal or smaller than an order level;
Be reminded, that SELL orders are closed by ASK prices.
Due to the specifications of Metatrader 4 platform, the graph shows only BID price,
In order to see the ASK price, you need to activate the ASK line in graphic settings.
Also kindly note that it is possible to check the exact ASK price only at the exact moment by following the ASK price line.​
We do understand your frustration and would highly recommend you to calculate your risks beforehand very thoroughly. Also, we recommend you to see if your trading strategy is appropriate by trying it on Demo-accounts.
Also, we would like to add that via support@fbs.com you can request the ticks to see the lowest Ask price for the moment where you have expected your Take Profit to trigger.
We hope that we have managed to resolve this issue and thank you for your understanding!

FBS   4 June, 2020

Market owes you nothing Ma'am. when you get better at your own trading game, you can check your review again.

Nick   1 June, 2020

Good experience with FBS. Especially, I like their 100% bonus. They credited me the bonus twice. How generous!

Mike   28 May, 2020  

Dear Mike!
We are so glad to hear that you liked our promotion! We wish your trading with FBS to be always this successful!

FBS   2 June, 2020

I like customer service 24 hours a day because. I can consult and solve all trading problems.

Angwara   25 May, 2020  

Dear Angwara!
Thank you for your feedback - it is really a pleasure to know that our customer support is helpful to you!
We would like to add that though contacting our Customer Support is the fastest way to get help, you can also check our Help Center (support.fbshelp.com) - there you can see the answers to the most commonly asked questions!

FBS   2 June, 2020

Very bad experience. You will wonder seeing their terms and condition once you made profit. They will not allow you to withdraw money more than you deposited. ie if you made a small profit and deicided to withdraw you can't!. Zero rating.

Githz   23 May, 2020  

Dear Githz!
Could you kindly specify which Terms and Conditions do you mean? Do you mean any promotion Terms and Conditions or the Customer Agreement? We highly recommend reading Terms and Conditions before taking part in any promotion - any client can get acquainted with them beforehand. As for the Customer Agreement, we would like to remind you that by registering an account with any company (not only FBS) usually you accept Customer Agreement conditions as well, and as with the Terms and Conditions of promotions, each client-to-be should read this document in advance.
Regarding the comment about withdrawal, we cannot help but consider it as libel - FBS never uses any unethical ways of making profit off clients, all clients can withdraw their honestly earned profit.
Please, provide your account details so we could investigate your situation and help you with your withdrawal request. Also you can contact us in chat or via support@fbs.com.

FBS   2 June, 2020

I like to copytrade of FBS it make money do easy. If you copy someone you can get money like a boss.

Moss   22 May, 2020  

Dear Moss!
Thank you for sharing with us your feedback! CopyTrade is really one of the ways to gain profit almost effortlessly. Just do not forget to thoroughly check the stats of the Trader before copying him/her, copy several Traders at once and use StopLoss option to reduce possible risks. Also, you can become a Trader yourself, and receive not only profit from trading, but a commission from the Investors as well!

FBS   2 June, 2020

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