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they are rubber i trade with it for one month but there are not any guarante for click .

FXOpen   ali ash   16 August, 2009  

Nice choice of currency pairs and good execution with the live trading. Being Swiss you know it means quality

ACM   Stern   14 August, 2009  

I know about MRC this high quality. They always very well serve all transactions and well serve movement of money.

MRC Markets   Peres   12 August, 2009  

Very satisfied with this broker. All services have been prompt and professional.

ACM   Iman   12 August, 2009  

good running commentary, and research. their windows platform keeps crashing on my quad core Vista 64 bit PC, they blame the 64 bit OS. java platform seems to run ok, but not as flexible. their eSignals charting software is very good.

GAIN Capital   Dave   11 August, 2009  

Hi Iftikhar,<br />
You are an IB for ODL? Please may you contact me privately since I am interested in what you have to offer? Thank you

ODL   Sophie   6 August, 2009  

I do not accept these deceivers.

Forex Club   Sweet   5 August, 2009  

of 3 brokers I like most AC.Market, nice support with my demo and after with real account. Una ejecucion tremenda. worth to look at.

ACM   Claudia   5 August, 2009  

Contact FINMA, best way to find out as they are the regulating body there. For me the broker still offers the best in service and execution.

ACM   Freudfx   31 July, 2009  

nice the prize have been deposited in my account in 3 days

Admiral Markets   Mbah $urip   30 July, 2009  

i&#39;m from indoensia, i also won the first place. and now i waitting to deposited the prize in my real account. i hope i could be faster so i can tell u guys.

Admiral Markets   Mbah $urip   30 July, 2009  

I thought Crown was bust? Who is still trading and voting for them?? 4th ranked on this site!

Crown Forex   Weird!   29 July, 2009  

This broker is not honest

  The hell   28 July, 2009  

is it save I was trade in Malaysia so have it an office in Malaysia, where is it??

FXOpen   wei   27 July, 2009  

Don&#39;t worry. I think safe. I am with them for 3 months, and had no problems! Even with withdraws

Prime 4X   Robert   26 July, 2009  

How could i know if my money are in safe place if i open with prime4x...?<br />
they are not regulated .... and there is no information about the company on the web....even there is no phone # contact !!

Prime 4X   Asim   24 July, 2009  

just use his demo account last month,trader platform good,anybody show me how to put TP and SL, quick

MRC Markets   jiakeshi   23 July, 2009  

And what&#39;s about criminal filings against ACM? How are they going? The platform seems convenient enough, but what&#39;s about legal issues with the company?

ACM   Maxx   22 July, 2009  

Not sure if I will do the MT, but as an ACM client I guarantee you new guys great service and trading!

ACM   Utopia FX   17 July, 2009  

my greatest worry with cms is the constant switch off of their trading system the vt else its a wonderful broker with client oriented facilities.

CMS Forex   EZIMUO   17 July, 2009  

the fatest growing and the best broker i have ever seen with lots of bonuses for newbies.<br />
their support is very effective, their forum is lively. they offer the tight spreads on major currencies, fast withdrawal/deposit etc<br />
i recommend fxopen to everyone.

FXOpen   chinex   14 July, 2009  

Very solid place.If you want to make money and can do it there is not so many companies to choose from and FXO is one of them. As long as I experience and know there is no problems to trade profitable there. The company is very interesting and worth to try especially if you want to make real money.

FXOpen   Timon   14 July, 2009  

good broker,good support, fast,safe,simple deposit and withdrawl....I like prime4x, recomended broker, get bonus $30 for account micro min deposite $100 and bonus $300 for standart account min deposite $ 2000.letst goo open live account with prime4x

Prime 4X   shiren   13 July, 2009  

Since FXOpen give a gate to Swiss marketplace it is worth to try it.What I know they are first in the world who combined real ECN with MT4 which is really cool. I started with their ECN with $5K to start it seems very smooth and simple.

FXOpen   Stan   13 July, 2009  

Greatings, I have already seen it somethere...

Admiral Markets   ForexTip   13 July, 2009  

I trade with them all about a year and a half. Not bad at all. I like the customer service as well as trading conditions. Maybe there&#39;s better ones, but I&#39;m totally saticfied with MRC.

MRC Markets   martin   13 July, 2009  

Iґve heard they are scam and many people are moving a process of 242k on them!

Prime 4X   Aninha   11 July, 2009  

I too have opened demo, but main reason is I waiting for the Metatrader,I am told in 14 days...then is good bye FXCM!

ACM   Me2   10 July, 2009  

I have been with them for 10 months on live account.No major problems experienced.They always paid out my withdrawels on time.

iFOREX   George - SA   8 July, 2009  

i just open a demo with acm, i have liked the service so far, a good early sign.

ACM   Claudio Delco   8 July, 2009  

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