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I have been with them for 10 months on live account.No major problems experienced.They always paid out my withdrawels on time.

iFOREX   George - SA   8 July, 2009  

i just open a demo with acm, i have liked the service so far, a good early sign.

ACM   Claudio Delco   8 July, 2009  

good company and good service. I like this broker..RECOMENDED BROKER

Prime 4X   michael   8 July, 2009  

i use oanda 2 monts now, and i can say a few bad thinds about it, their platform is really silly and slow, especialy on high volatility, and i have expierence in stop hunting, i never play o news coming, but trading on 1h TF ant stpo loss was hit 5 pips from original my SL, thats the bad way to build trust in company, but i will stay whit them and see what goona happen...

Oanda   cice   7 July, 2009  

FxOPen its the best broker i already register and trade wif FxOPen..

FXOpen   money maker   7 July, 2009  

I've been with this broker since early of this year...joining their forex courses thru local company Commerce ZOne Sdn Bhd in Malaysia...everything was gr8t...i'm really enjoy trading with them now....local deposit and local withdraw very efficient. Two thumbs up! Highly recommended.

FXOpen   Mohd Yashar   6 July, 2009  

I have been trading with this Broker for 1 year. Everything is perfectly fine. I have deposited/withdraw money many time. I have never had any issue unresolved with them. I also have account with FxPro. I think both brokers are OK. I have found one problem with FxClub.i.e it takes too much time to display Quote/Price when you want to Enter Position. Sometime it takes 1 minute to display requested price.

Forex Club   Shah   6 July, 2009  

I watch my wife struggle to get any telephone response from Dukas, they openly state they will only ONLY allow you to contact them if you want to CLOSE a pos. and are unable to.

Dukascopy   stock   6 July, 2009  

im from indonesia prime4x is good broker,fast withdrwal and deposit,simple,good suport...recomended broker and good broker....BRAVO PRIME4X

Prime 4X   budi   5 July, 2009  

FXpro is very good broker,safe,simple,fast...RECOMENDED BROKER

FxPro   andry   5 July, 2009  

i did interbank with foreign trade Moscow 1987. we quoted 3 pips spread for 100 and more. done. so looking for a broker up 5 to 25 or more via internet its ok. so u hv to decide whether u hv a direct line to your bank for a fucking management position and you can forget abitrage or play with Duka. i tell u they quote u choice once u get them on phone. cheers

Dukascopy   MP Germany   5 July, 2009  

Jean Claude blaming the broker is one thing but "legal" excuses not to give you your profits is quite another I dont think you read the comments proprerly

Saxo Bank   Gary De Lacy   5 July, 2009  

why do they exclude the hedging rule???

InterbankFx   farz   3 July, 2009  

&quot;Ronnie Biggs&quot;...that&#39;s funny man!! <br />
Great Client services, helped me tons. Great spreads, am happy with this broker.

ACM   Jason   3 July, 2009  

Yes it is final to all local people clearly that forex club is a deceit. If the broker gives a spread a zero it designates that they will earn nothing from trade of dealers. Then why they such good? Because they would want that we did not win and specially place traps for this purpose.

Forex Club   Simon NY   2 July, 2009  

I think they pretty good broker. i would recommend them!

FXCM   Sergei   2 July, 2009  

This Club cannot be called Club at all. Which they tell all those words about themselves it is a lie. I see after reading here one guy wishes to rehabilitate these people but it cannot be the truth because other people all see and tell the truth about this Club.

Forex Club   jon   2 July, 2009  

Stop bullshiting. On ExpressFX trading platform you trade with NO SPREAD at all! How the prices can be wrong? And you pay FIXED commission only when you green. This is a best term availiable.

Forex Club   St.Marcus   2 July, 2009  

It at all that that is necessary for trade. Trading terminal Forex Club deceives it on indicators of trade gives completely not true and deformed signals. So to trade it is very unprofitable. Still there are many questions because I cannot trade under that price which I see in their platform. They give the incorrect prices. It is a serious deceit.

Forex Club   St. Frank   2 July, 2009  

Happy with their &quot;after live account&quot; services, very professional.

ACM   Ronnie Bigs   2 July, 2009  

requote and requote

Admiral Markets   fredli   2 July, 2009  

I love their platform. No spreads and commissions only for profitable trades. Basically, if I don&#39;t profit I don&#39;t pay anything for a trade, if I do profit, I pay a small commission. That&#39;s awesome!

Forex Club   Andrew   2 July, 2009  

how cam all those comments cab be true ones &quot;they don&#39;t pay me&quot; - that is simply impossible, otherwise go and fill complaint with their regulator and they will be fucked...<br />
<br />
so one thing - they are HONEST and GOOD broker being spammed by other companies or SHITTY TRADERS who&#39;ve lost because of lack of their brains.<br />
<br />
That is easiest thing to blaim broker of your losses.<br />
<br />
Go FxPro in F1 with BMW Sauber from loyal client and huge F1 fan

FxPro   Lukas // London   2 July, 2009  

It is lie. It is very artful calculation.

Forex Club   jon   2 July, 2009  

god company and recommended forex broker

Prime 4X   arthur   1 July, 2009  

At Forex Club you trade with ZERo spread and you pay commission only when you profit! Its says it all. It is a best trading terms on the market.

Forex Club   Francesco   1 July, 2009  

I have traded with ac-market for 16 month, I was contented with it overall. In the last month somehing change for better, I see less spread enlargisment with news trading that before, I do not know why this is but I am happy.

ACM   Szeretfx   1 July, 2009  

Great broker!I recomend for everyone to use it because they very good with great trading conditions,

FXOpen   Parmish   30 June, 2009  

Very artful company. I cannot be surprised if against these people never win. When I played with them I have understood me wish to deceive. Always at my victory they did not start up me in game yet have not taken away from me money. People you cannot trust them because they swindlers.

Forex Club   ADAM SOFTINGER   30 June, 2009  

Good company. Opened account 2 weeks ago and got a $100 margin bonus plus Autochartist. Everything works perfect so far.

Forex Club   Creg   30 June, 2009  

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