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2 weecks waiting a email and no answer, he have hidens comision cost so you never make wins hier , charge 100$ comision when you make 50, 60 $ profit the comision bring you to loose money, false 0 pip liar company

Forex Club   paul   11 June, 2009  

big liar company, terrible high spread you only loses hier, to become my money take 3 monts and he scamm , dont use this comapny , only for losers !!!!!!!!!!!!

easyMarkets   paul   11 June, 2009  

0.5 pip on EUR/GBP is frequently reached in normal market conditions, but have to admit that I can only recall it to briefly reach it in news trades.

ACM   Masood   10 June, 2009  

Say 0 spread pip but have hidden cost that they don't say you, 100$ commission every trade.
So when you make 40$ win you lost 60$. It is not a clue 0 pip.

Forex Club   olaf   8 June, 2009  

false advertising say 0.5 pip not true , are not serious telling false propaganda inclusive look higher and can see them 0.5 pip low spread

ACM   olaf   8 June, 2009  

i trade from past one year i am an introducing broker of odl i introduce 5 peoples to odl no problem at all everything is perfect<br />
till now there mt4 works good spreads r low when ever i need remitance they transfer in seconds my clints also have no issues<br />
with odl.i realize that these guys did good job from past 1 year.

ODL   Iftikhar Ahmed   6 June, 2009  

Comments regarding Forex Peace Army (FPA) are 100& true, they are a bunch of cowboys come from the East making a Buck by selective slandering on their site. Rgarding FXCM, ...Norm, no successful broker worth their salt would screw their clients so willy-nilly, it is so counter productive and suicidal! All big brokers, FXCM, Oanda, ACM, Saxo etc are companies that look to a long term future...not a flash in the pan, get rich quick by screwing the clients moment. Get real.

FXCM   Marketa   4 June, 2009  

Not a bad broker - more satisfied than not.

ACM   Win-howl   3 June, 2009  

Fournier, read my lips &quot; FXCM has more crap written about them than any other broker...I&#39;m still there and doing just fine....&quot; your anti ACM excitement, you didn&#39;t see dragons, you saw get off your high horse and back on your donkey!

ACM   Marketa   3 June, 2009  

so why would ACM even bother going there? why would they want to raise their ratings on such a scam site anyway? <br />
Marketa, Candice and whoever else, you almost got fired already, why are you still trying? your company is finished, your bosses dont give a damn about you, they are just trying to get their last cash and run! so why dont you start looking for real jobs instead of wasting your time on desperate attemts to save their greedy faces!

ACM   J Fournier   31 May, 2009  

a very old obsolete oldie platform. leverage only 1:50 to low low spread but very high in demand time goes up not 0.8 goes to 2.5 not funny, scarpy platform and leverages changes them please

Oanda   jon   29 May, 2009  

since they changed the platform they spread are variable and very high. I'm disappointed, bad customer service since Daniel is going out the service is badly and terrible high spread

Finotec   arno   29 May, 2009  

dont use this company , spread terrible high 7 and more by gold 12 pip they are not serious, beware to trade , not confident im very disapointed, charge rollover and

easyMarkets   jon oliver   29 May, 2009  

not serious company a Mr fignole is a layer in this comapny i lost money and he dont take the responsability , to high spread you loses money in them the fta mus close this mafiosi comapny

easyMarkets   paul   29 May, 2009  

Very smart answer Candice. Very dumb answer Pavel, why? because anyone offering FX is on that stupid, scam site with negative and false accusations. In fact my FXCM has more crap written about them than any other broker...I&#39;m still there and doing just fine.

ACM   Marketa   29 May, 2009  

You can check in forexpeacearmy what they found about this company. It is really mess what they are doing.

ACM   Pavel   27 May, 2009  

very good arabic support, friendly, and have great promotion deals. I highly recommend to others.

  Mohammad   26 May, 2009  

Jen, do what I did - pick what we can see are obviously facts e.g. Happy Client&#39;s mention of the April 2009 &quot;Best..&quot; award in London as reported by PR Newswire and Askja&#39;s mention of this Febuary&#39;s &quot;Best Broker&quot; award from Dubai, all checked for authenticity and all correct. Add the constant top 5 ranking on this site. The rest is up to you to decide if honest or not, but facts are facts.

ACM   Candice   26 May, 2009  

Unable to understand so much childish act on all this comments which posted in here. If you are good in what you are doing, words will spread by itself. Trying to find a new platform to trade but get confused to see all this comments that being posted and yet don&#39;t know which one tell the truth.

ACM   Jen   24 May, 2009  

Fx Pro is ok,ive been trading with them for a while n making good money ,withdrawal is fast even down to Nigeria where i reside jus takes 3days.

FxPro   Dan Egbuna   23 May, 2009  

ACM is truly one of the best brokers, but they are a SCAM anyways. i worked there and saw how their dealers manipulate prices, apply manual margin calls on non-excistent prices and treat clients of liars whn they contest!<br />
they are dirty businessmen in all seneses of the word, they use all possible techniques, whether legal or not to get what they want. <br />
ACM makes own employees visit ratings sites and leave positive comments. the brothers of the bosses are in charge of this. check the <br />
comments on <br />

ACM   Jon   23 May, 2009  

I have been working with this broker for 8 months. I enjoy the instant account funding by Webmoney that would be so useful in extreme market conditions to prevent you loose all your money. I have recently withdraw 3000$ and they payed me in 1 day. Smaller withdrawals during this 8 months period usually takes 1-3 days no problems yet.

MasterForex   Amir   21 May, 2009  

I&#39;m a dissatisfied customer of Oanda. I already withdraw all my capital in my oanda&#39;s ac and now looking for other high rated broker. ACM somehow catch my attention, and I just try it&#39;s platform. I think it&#39;s good if ACM has an open position&#39;s calculator like Oanda. It&#39;s a handy stuff.

ACM   Andre   19 May, 2009  

I found ACM offered me the trading conditions to best suit my lifestyle, I am very happy so far.

ACM   Greg Moody   19 May, 2009  

For all they promise with their catchy centralized decentralized market, you would expect 1) immediate execution 2) no slippage 3) no requotes as they claim the best liquidity with this market, sadly execution suxs (20 seconds! guess where the price went !) and requotes are pretty are the no executions. If they make it as a bank, they need to get it together, especially with an opening amount of $50K!

Dukascopy   Poor   19 May, 2009  

I donґt like the way Alpari work with interest rates.

Alpari   Donlic   15 May, 2009  

Thank you AC-markets, for taking the time to listen to me, by not pushing me to fund a live account asap, and by always being there for me. These are the solid and professional foundations required in a service industry that will guarantee a long term relation.

ACM   Linda Guapa!   14 May, 2009  

I seeing the awards they win already this year, I read on all review and decide that I call them, then do demo. I do 3 demo in total, and all very happy with service, no push for to open live. I decide ACM the one for me and I go live 2 week ago. ACM is good broker, try to see if you like also.

ACM   ACM   14 May, 2009  

Me have gone to Dukasponzi office as well, I having problem having paid my IB rebates, i do not tell them I coming. 1) office is like extension of Geneva airport...for fast escape! 2) office is like a long corridor with cheep Ikea furniture. Raivis zille, the person I spoke with is VERY RUDE with me, i bring them much client and they treat me like dirt!

Dukascopy   DukasPonzi   13 May, 2009  

Trder 123, you are an funny person, haha, DukasCrappy has 4th best plataform in Swizerland, no sorry, 3rd now that Crown Forex will be to go! Every body know that MIG and ACM have better plataform, better spreds, more currencys, and less slipagge. Offices, DukasCrappy can not compare to ACM office or MIG. Get your head out the sand you ostrich!

Dukascopy   Andrey Ducca   13 May, 2009  

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