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Interview 2 - I was in their office. You are scamming or you are working with some other brokerage company. Their office is really big and what they offer is very good. Such technology till now no one broker can offer.

Dukascopy   Trder123   11 May, 2009  

For me Ava seems ok. I've been trading with them for about 1 year. Withdrawals sometimes take very long time. But I would say, everyone has its own disadvantages, and encounters unexpected problems. You know, there is no perfect broker.

  Altangerel   11 May, 2009  

ACM are pretty good, but only 4 points from me because I need to see their banking license, which I do not doubt they will get, but with the Swiss it may take a while...I think. Also, I think they should add the MT4 to their offerings, that way I can close my other broker's account. Otherwise the trading is stable and solid.

ACM   Office Ghost   8 May, 2009  

I am very happy to see ACM win this award in London, I am proud of my broker and very proud of my Switzerland!

ACM   Yutzler   5 May, 2009  

I just read on the web the PR Newswire announcement that my fab broker ACM was just awarded the "Best Currency Trading Services" at The World Finance Awards in London. When I tell you I recommend them, I mean I recommend them!

ACM   Happy client!   5 May, 2009  

Gotta be the best, anything out of Switzerland usually is!

ACM   swiss pips   4 May, 2009  

I learnt what pure STP was really about when I moved to ACM, even in news time there is a 98% certitude of being executed at your price!

ACM   Pure STP   4 May, 2009  

A cert to improve your profit making with ACM's platform technology than with any other broker, I was astounded by how much.

ACM   Platform leader   4 May, 2009  

Well Ed, there is always an exception to the rule...looks like you are it buddy! ACM, top broker!

ACM   No Probs!   4 May, 2009  

Acm is great unless you care about honesty and transparency. DO NOT trade gold and silver with them! They have short,secret trading hours,( hours for trading gold should be on their web site... its not) , no overnite fees listed.( for gold and silver.) SHADY!!! <br />
Oh and they treat your money like its theirs ...very slowly. Pay-pal instant transfer, what a joke 4 days to show up in my account. Out going withdrawal... (Pay-Pal ) its been a week and no withdrawal yet!!! Acm is BaD !!!

ACM   Ed P.   2 May, 2009  

Oanda is one of the best in the forex market and very stable trading platform Two things need urgent improvement One is open position on the chart and the other one is able to hedge trade on open position. One best one is CMS free technical trading systems is good for beginners and hedge trade on open position with out any extra margin.

Oanda   Ponnu   2 May, 2009  

They tried to force me to move my MT account to FXCM UK, as it was I was getting tired of their slippage and was actively looking for a new broker, NON- US! I found out ACM are about to offer the MT as well. When I went ahead to close my FXCM account, my rep, as a last gasp attempt to hold me, started to bombard me e-mails with nothing but negative slander on ACM. Disgustingly unprofessional! On the other hand, when I happened to mention this to ACM, my new rep just shrugged, &quot;try our demo and see&quot; he said. I did, I loved it and I am now with them. Do the same, give them a look in, try out their demo.

ACM   GOODBYE FXCM!   1 May, 2009  

Nothing but praise for this broker, even way before the NFA ruling. apart from the hedging subject there is now the new FIFO rule that will limit further the US brokers, it will, I understand, kill off the OCO and others too. Not such a good job NFA.

ACM   David Astino   1 May, 2009  

i had a situation with avafx. i deposited 100 UDS followed by another 100 i lost first one in trade after i deposited second one i realized that they are cheats. i asked them to have my 100 transfered back to my credit card. they wont do that by providing all sorts of excuses. i called their bank in germany who advised me to contact my credit bank and file a dispute. i disputed both transactions thru my credit card bank who issued a charge back to my credit card so i got my 200 USD back. take home message: do not trade with ANY cyprus based forex broker, and never with avafx, second, to get your money back file charge back (dispute) to your creditor and get your money back safe and sound.<br />
<br />
FYI: All the names of their agents are fake. their real names are different. and most of them know me very well cause i screwed up their a**

  forexscambuster   30 April, 2009  

Trading conditions are by far best in the industry. Tight fractional spreads coupled with their execution technology leaves the competition in their wake.

ACM   Ralph Caps   30 April, 2009  

I like that company they offer no commision or margin call or even intrest even the banking fees they pay it I recommend that broker to everybody

Prime 4X   karen   30 April, 2009  

Panda, go back to e-Toro and learn you nube, if you don&#39;t know how to make money with the best platfrom out there, awards vouching, then you need to go back to school. The only LOOSEr here is you!

ACM   Tiger   30 April, 2009  

With the ACM platforms I can loose anytime, anyplace, anywhere

ACM   Panda   30 April, 2009  

With the ACM platforms I can trade anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

ACM   TimelordFX   29 April, 2009  

Finally - they just changed to MT4, which allows me to use my expert advisor used with other brokers already. Now the also offer CHF accounts. That and tighter spreads, excellent customer service made the difference for me.

  Hans   29 April, 2009  

i am totally agree wid bernie.we can create our own settings and alter according to our needs.i am trading succesfully wid mrc for last 3 years.the interest giving facality on unused amount is excellent as i cannot trade every time.

MRC Markets   orlando   29 April, 2009  

The platform is as stiff as a prick.....and so frigging complicated for starters...I was out in a sec

GFT Forex   Ifeanyi   28 April, 2009  

what is good about this broker are its fractional pips, because the platform is extremely quick you are able to take advantage of them. very sweet!

ACM   Jim Logan   28 April, 2009  

I thinks acm is very good brocker, platform works very good and very fast, I like to the very good spreds.

ACM   good brocker.   28 April, 2009  

Opening with ACM so I can hedge, the paperwork for Switzerland is somewhat tedious, but when I read they were making the MT4 available it really felt like the right thing to do. Award winning proprietary platform, Metatrader option and hedging facilities, looks all positive for me. Thanks NFA for having forced me to find a top broker!

ACM   Thank's NFA.   28 April, 2009  

friend of mine have won the first place in admiral contest. they really pay the money. i swear to God

Admiral Markets   black   27 April, 2009  

WOW, honestly, this has to be the most responsive 1 click executing platform I have used to date, and I've tried 3 others. Now I really do know what people mean by milli second execution.

ACM   Shocked!   27 April, 2009  

Technically sound platform, never a moment of down time and slippage is limited to news time, but then it&#39;s only for a few seconds, and the execution is still responsive. Read in a forum that they are about to introduce the MT4 in the coming weeks, good news indeed.

ACM   Cole Bryant   27 April, 2009  

Excellent wd 35k profit without any problem

FxPro   Feby   25 April, 2009  

Good platform (can hedge legally!) nice to see ACM's Peter Rosenstreich on CNBC this morning.

ACM   Paul Cohen   24 April, 2009  

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