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These guys are voting for themselves...there's no way on this earth a small new Mauritius on top of it... can have the number of votes that suddenly out of nowhere places them higher than FxPro, Oanda, FXCM, ACM etc...they are playing the field...beware.

  Scotia   16 October, 2009  

Never heard about them...will check and comment later

Forex4you   Butterfly   15 October, 2009  

This is kinda fast broker in Asia.

Forex4you   Robert   15 October, 2009  

Arnie, I have nothing aginst this Island nation, I would love to go and sun myself onone of their beautiful beaches, in fact I know 1 of the top chefs there!<br />
But when it comes to trading and regulation, there are more long term established places in the world, places whose regulations set the trend by which others follow. AS for FXcompany, I still have no clue who they are, and I have asked some long time traders who also have never heard of them.

  Jo Schneider   14 October, 2009  

Jo, you chauvinist! What do you have against Mauritius? It&#39;s a fine sunny country!:))))))

  Arnie Webber   14 October, 2009  

Petric, I IB with some of the FX big guns and the medium sized ones, but I have never heard of this FX Company, registered and regulated in Mauritius? May as well say registered on planet Mars.

  Jo Schneider   14 October, 2009  

Yo Petric, you sure you don&#39;t work for FXPro or FXCM?! I Don&#39;t trade with FXC but I should think contacting your broker would be the first thing to do if you believe theyz manipulating your execution!

  Uhummm   13 October, 2009  

Sir, I suggest that you contact Customer Care directly with your problem and we will do our best to help you. Trust me if you want your funds withdrawn - they will be withdrawn.<br />
<br />
Accusing broker of being a scam because nothing yet happened, &quot;you are afraid&quot; - is something I don&#39;t actually understand. Please contact us, we will solve your problem.

  Peter Thompson   13 October, 2009  

I email to complaint that I haveing problem to close positions, always very slow if I in profit and I get very often &quot;order did not execute&quot;. They dont reply me, so i speak with a Mr Pietr Tomson who say is manager in FXCompany. He is very rude to me, he say problem is not broker and is not ther fault because it is a Metaquotes platform and he can do nothing. I wanting close down accont but afraid they will not give me my money. This is unprofesional - do not open with this Mauritios broker -THEY IS S C A M !

  Petric   13 October, 2009  

@Siang-Loke, <br />
You are having problem with your English, why didnt you use your official language instead of disgracing yourself in public with filthy comments about a program majority of people are voting as the best? Were you paid to come and disgrace yourself here? Dont you think you are over-stressing yourself? I bet you, you dont even know anything about FOREX... lets bet??!!!

FxPro   Unyime Edet   12 October, 2009  

Good trading conditions ;) Enjoy!

Broco   Wael   12 October, 2009  

Wow! PAMM services! I wonder if there are still people that DUMB to bring their money to these Belarussian cheaters...

FXOpen   Jerry   12 October, 2009  

I think it Broco a good broker. Look at the statistics: . I&#39;ll try to work with them.

Broco   Alex   10 October, 2009  

I am pleased with the service level, unlike most of "well-known" companies out there, they do their job and do it good. A very rare thing in our time. A+ rate.

  Sairos   8 October, 2009  

Well, I am Indian who knows little English. That&#39;s because I speak 2 more languages like many other Indians. Trying not to get emotional about "trading" talk, I would sincerely appreciate if experienced traders, whether Russians/Americans/anywhere reading this forum throw some light on MRC&#39;s services? Please share your experience about alternatives to MRC in market today. Don&#39;t worry about fake customer responses because a "would-be" successful trader should be able to see through that !! Forex trading is all about "seeing through" breakouts and fakeouts !! Pls go ahead.

MRC Markets   Partho   6 October, 2009  

Albeit, their ExpressFX platform is a load of garbage: it&#39;s a gimmick to help complete newbies familiarize themselves with order making, etc. Their Rumus2 platform is a bit unorthodox in its presentation, and can be downright confusing. It is usually just better to watch prices and do your charting in MT4 and execute your trades from the platform.<br />
<br />
If you require fast execution, then this broker is NOT for you. Their dealing desk often takes quite a while to quote a price. Scalping is a fool&#39;s strategy anyways (no, seriously). If you think you can be successful at forex through scalping, you are just kidding yourself.<br />
<br />
A lot of negatives so far. So why do I rate it 3 stars? Well, if you can get past all of the inconveniences, take a look at the terms of trading. They are actually quite favorable to the trader compared to many other brokers.<br />
<br />
First of all, there are no margin calls (ie your positions are closed once equity is zero, not when available margin is zero). Many balk at this and say it encourages traders to risk their entire accounts. But let&#39;s be serious here: if your account size is $1000 or smaller, having a margin requirement is silly, since in the big scheme of things $1000 is pocket change. This actually ends up being an advantage to the trader because it gives him extra drawdown depth.<br />
<br />
My whole point regarding the margin call issue is that, unless you are doing 10 lot positions or larger, margin requirements are unnecessary because there is hardly any risk for the broker to absorb.<br />
<br />
The next advantage the terms offer is that each dollar in your account can buy 100 units of BASE currency, regardless of the exchange rate. So with 100 dollars you could buy 10000 GBP/USD even though this would be impossible otherwise, since 100 USD at 100:1 leverage should only buy you 6250 GBP/USD at the current exchange rate.<br />
<br />
To the keen eye, it becomes apparent that this broker is really trying to lessen your barriers to entry if you have a small account size.<br />
<br />
Their spreads are 1 pip larger than average on some pairs.<br />
<br />
I got a withdrawal through paper check no problem; it took about 2 weeks (if you think getting a check in 2 weeks is too slow, then I don&#39;t know what to say).<br />
<br />
I will probably be labeled a shill because I have submitted a detailed review and am not part of the army of crybaby losers that pervade these ratings boards.

Forex Club   Lefty   6 October, 2009  

As I see the dear friend foreigner you not so strong in English language. What for you reproach with it wiliam? He tells about trade with MRC, instead of gives lessons of english language. You require correction of your english and you require the good teacher. Here guys speak about brokers.

MRC Markets   See   6 October, 2009  

aaaah Mauritius! The most highly regulated region on the FX globe...NOT!

  FSA.NFA.FINMA   6 October, 2009  

If your name was WiLLiam , spelt correctly, then your English would be better than the scrawl you posted as a fake MRC client. Here we have further proof of Russians trying to shift the voting and con prospective clients. So Wily boy, according to you the excessive slippage on the MRC platform as well as the delayed execution makes it the best place to trade forex? Hmmm, I wonder how many will believe you now?

MRC Markets   foreigner   6 October, 2009  

good broker..and so comfort..WD and DEPOSIT

MasterForex   athalla   6 October, 2009  

ok broker, but very slow execution!!!!!!!!

FXOpen   ulagac   4 October, 2009  

I had trade at many brokers.<br />
The best service is at MRC. For trade on forex it is the best broker.

MRC Markets   wiliam   3 October, 2009  

I am going to start FX trading with MRC..I am a relative new comer in FX. Is there any better service for beginner-intermediate level of expertise in FX trading?

MRC Markets   Partho   3 October, 2009  

Hi, i am very pleased with HY Markets as a broker. Their online help is always responsive and is very easy to navigate through their site. Not only that, but I also managed to go through the verification process easily. And with drawing my money is easy and not to mention very fast.

HYCM   meowis   2 October, 2009  

using the ACM MT4 and enjoying it. What is totaly cool is that they offer no margin hedging.

ACM   MT4   1 October, 2009  

They are pretty good in every aspect. I have been with them for 1 year. Their platform is visually stunning but uses a lot of memory. <br />
A minor thing is that not all their tech support reps are on the same page as far as tech issues but this applies across the board for all brokers. The good thing is that the software has very good tracking capabilities so you can see and later check everything that you expected to happen but did not. their spreads are among the best (not the best). I made a good choice BUT DON&#39;T EXPECT THEM TO BACK UP YOUR POOR TRADING SKILLS BECAUSE THEY WON&#39;T !!

CMS Forex   Cristian   28 September, 2009  

Got slipped sometimes. But in general I like it, can recommend.

LiteForex   Terry   25 September, 2009  

funny comments...who can really complain about oanda? I am a rep of Oanda as the other positive talkers ...go get a life, or bs about sthg else!

Oanda   Uygar Saral   23 September, 2009  

I think nobody can beat there spread with you take loss trade reverse commision. Great service trading with them for while no issue with service. very polite staff.I think dont listen to people try yourself with $10 dollar you will see the difference compare to other brokers.

Forex Club   David   21 September, 2009  

Opened a live account 2 months ago. Excellent execution and spreads.

Broco   Naji   21 September, 2009  

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