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Separation of EGlobal-Cent server<br />
<br />
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Forex4you   Forex4you   11 February, 2010  

Vote for us at

Forex4you   Forex4you   11 February, 2010  

Be part of our team.<br />
Free training system with all features as for real trading. Learn more about FOREX trading and try your strategies absolutely risk and money free!<br />

Forex4you   Forex4you   11 February, 2010  

See our fees for add/withdraw funds &gt;&gt;&gt;

Forex4you   Forex4you   10 February, 2010  

Deposit via credit card<br />
<br />
1) maximum amount for transaction is $1000<br />
2) our FinDep can ask some docs for verification (by e-mail) if transaction is above $500

Forex4you   Forex4you   10 February, 2010  

Discuss anything from trading strategies or just getting to know each other.<br />
A place for traders of Forex4you to gather and share the thoughts with the company or any other traders<br />
of Forex4you.<br />
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Forex4you   Forex4you   10 February, 2010  

We&#39;ve been with them for over a year. True, the platform plays sometimes stupid tricks, especially while scalping with small lots (smaller than 0.25 million). We&#39;ve made money and we&#39;ve lost some, but it wasn&#39;t the fault of Dukascopy. We more than doubled our money in a month and we had our profit (over $ 50,000) transferred to our bank account in less than 36 hours, and the only fee was the $10 charged by OUR BANK. We consecutively lost almost $ 110,000, but we may only blame ourselves for that. The platform is quite complex and it takes a lot of time to learn how to navigate through it. The news service is shitty, although somewhat improved recently, but you have Bloomberg, Reuters and DJ services. Overall, if you don&#39;t know what you&#39;re doing, it&#39;s not for you. Right, you sometime have to wait a day before your more complex technical questions are answered, but they are eventually answered COMPETENTLY, TRANSPARENTLY AND HONESTLY (IF ABSOLUTE HONESTY EXISTS AT ALL).

Dukascopy   Richard and Zyg   10 February, 2010  

I am not happy to work with FxPro. The company defaults undertaken. Very slow performance of demands. The prices do not correspond to market prices. Very bad company and I any more will not entrust them my money.

FxPro   SAMUEL   9 February, 2010  

I wish all to warn that exness not licensed company and still they are in Russia. It very dangerously also can lead to loss of money because they work illegally.

Exness   Stefani   9 February, 2010  

Our mission is to become one of the key players of the retail Forex market by providing our customers with the best possible service.

Forex4you   Forex4you   8 February, 2010  

What&#39;s a market means in FOREX? <br />
Forex is a trading place of the world&#39;s currencies. <br />
<br />
For example, on Forex you might pay in American dollars and buy some Canadian dollars. Or, you could sell your Euros for Japanese Yen. There&#39;s nothing more to it than that.

Forex4you   Forex4you   8 February, 2010  

FxPro it is swindlers. I know that at them now the big problems. Because they have deceived some very influential guys.

FxPro   jim   8 February, 2010  

You can buy credit(deposit) easier thru IB. Just contact IB thru YM or sms, confirm your amout. IB will inform you of his bank account to deposit. Make the deposit, cut n paste the transfer confirmation. Let IB know of your fx4u acc no and name to initiate the transfer. That&#39;s it!

Forex4you   Anuar   5 February, 2010  

I&#39;ve never had any issues with them.. They don’t mess with your orders at all; fills are fast; they could care less if you scalp or hold overnight.

  John   4 February, 2010  

Forex4you offer a 3-tier affiliate scheme and pay 1/2 of spread for 1st level customers, 1/6 of spread for 2nd level customers and 1/18 of spread for 3rd level customers.<br />

Forex4you   Forex4you   3 February, 2010  

Feel. not true, I waited 8 days and came to depend on your bank

FxPro   jim   3 February, 2010  

MRC markets it is the best European broker. I receive from them money every week. These guys are pleasant to me the friendliness and good support of my trade.

MRC Markets   Steef   3 February, 2010  

Fx4u wants to help its clients to go the way of a successful trader. We want our customers to know more about trading on FOREX, so that they could trade more professionally and earn more. Our clients interests and needs are our priority and we do our utmost to provide them with the best services possible and satisfy their requests.

Forex4you   Forex4you   2 February, 2010  

RE- Honest Review. Exactly right. You hit the nail on the head. I learned not to trust these people.<br />
I traded their Demo account sucessfuly, full time, for 6 months then ..... Slippage .... last night was the last trade - Entry order was supposed to execute in 20 pips - it finally did at 20 +48. They s>>>   Jeff   2 February, 2010  

They best European broker in Russia. European service is not comparable with our domestic brokers.

MRC Markets   chega   1 February, 2010  

Due to the maintenance works at EGlobal-Cent server, the minimum lot for new orders will be increased to 0.1 as of 01.02.2010. The reason of this change is to stabilize the server operations, thus enhancing customer experience. Moreover, the maximum order size will be increased to 1000 lots.<br />

Forex4you   Forex4you   1 February, 2010  

very bad broker.......beware if you are using any other currency for deposit apart from USD$ as anytime when you start your trade, you will either have an advantage or disadvatage on the base currency that you used to deposit due to open market movement on this. This even happens to pending orders ( Scam).........spread and interest rate as most of you have been aware, very wide in term of other market maker. Charts isnt streaming real time quote....and the use of Java has also make the chart slow to flash up ( especially in busy hours) that is making you losing out on yout trade opportunity....Customer service is equally bad as there system

easyMarkets   Daniel   31 January, 2010  

They have been great Luvin MB Trading

  HarryFX   31 January, 2010  

the best fxpro using. visa debit card 3-6 day

FxPro   gia   31 January, 2010  

I swear, this broker is very bad and cruel. I buy gbp/usd, and they destroy all of my winning. after i ahve 115% profit of my total initial deposit they make my execution very slow, so many slipage. there&#39;s nothing wrong with my connection, because i use broad band internet service. when i ask customer supprt the do not respond it atv all, eventhough i said i will tell ebout it in many mailing list. and the good news i have all the evidence about it. so stay away from fxpro if you dont want loss your money stupidly. sorry to say, but your so cruel fx pro.

FxPro   bary sutrisno   26 January, 2010  

Yes this guy tells the truth. I can&#39;t trust FxPro at all of them word continuous lie. It at all the broker. They don&#39;t have exits on the market they close all transactions inside and consequently all dealers bear very big risk. I don&#39;t advise to trade with them.

FxPro   Sweet   26 January, 2010  

Lets join us to Forex Expo Jakarta<br />

Forex4you   Forex4you   25 January, 2010  

Ive been trading with them as a retail trader and this broker is good<br />
Now i am Introducing Broker in Asia for Exness<br />
Always pay my profit and other trader profit

Exness   Scalperzmania   24 January, 2010  

Free Seminar from Fx4u. For more further info view

Forex4you   Forex4you   21 January, 2010  

Get connected with the company or other traders in the forum for forex4you at :-<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Register today and become a part of the company. Any given thoughts by our members will be taken into consideration by the company in order to build a brighter future for

Forex4you   Forex4you   20 January, 2010  

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