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I have very happy with masterforex, no problem everything running smoothly

MasterForex   greggy   9 October, 2008  

ATTENTION !!!! Admiralmarkets swindle in Poland.

Admiral Markets   Adam24   8 October, 2008  

Problems with pay back.

  profy60   26 September, 2008  

Lightning execution giving Financial news trading at its best!

ACM   Rich Pips   25 September, 2008  

I started using it it was very easy in like 5 minutes or something anyway I opened a $50 account and now I can use 2 Trading Platforms and I can trade Forex and Stocks and oil etc. all using one company. I was using 3 companies to trade with, anyway the Customer Support was great and I even got free money to trade with because I got a friend to sign up.

HYCM   Ashley D   24 September, 2008  

Very good broker, excellent execution, appropriate for active traders.

ODL   DenisD   23 September, 2008  

Not very good broker, slow execution.

  DenisD   23 September, 2008  

for your information, masterforex is better now. withdrawal process are faster. you can try by yourself

MasterForex   andre   22 September, 2008  

I have been trading with since 2007 (and demo trading with others). Conclusion:
1-By far the most efficient platform (user friendly-simple and clear, all what you need is there!)
2-Slippage is everywhere the same during announcements
2.1-Spread is a little wider than some, but same on majors but what it is a fix one
3-execution is fast
4-Customer support with chat tool is decent

PS: If you lose money you will hate your broker ...if make some you will defend him ! C'est la vie   Youssef K.   21 September, 2008  

I think they good broker, this broker was paid me in 2 days working days, thanks

  greggy   20 September, 2008  

they don't have anything and not trust full .
and don't forget they are not registered
tradeplatform not good

iFOREX   mehmet   17 September, 2008  

Very good broker

Ikon-Royal   WIlliam   16 September, 2008  

I have been happily trading Futures with Saxo bank for many years now, but when I decided to diversify my trading to also include Forex, I opted to open an account with ACM. This broker has always given me a trading platform and service offering total peace of mind, it has allowed me to keep travelling around the world freely with the certain knowledge that my positions will always be at the end of my fingertips. Definitely worth a try!

ACM   Norton   14 September, 2008  

You can't beat their new trading platform. Try it before you knock it....blows everyone else away

Money Gram   Ali   10 September, 2008  

masterforex launch a new promotion, $100 bonus for trading 10 lot. and the other good news, deposit and withdrawal process faster now!!

MasterForex   andre   5 September, 2008  

Have traded with them for over two years. Highly recommend them for serious traders managing large funds only. They do have some quirks with their software and charts, so best to use other charts and simply execute trades with them. When properly implemented, trades execute the fastest I have ever experienced and slippage is completely manageable. Just note that fast execution comes at a price of tight spreads but also commissions on every trade. Customer service is awesome!

Dukascopy   Tradefx   4 September, 2008  

does anyone know why ACMUSA.COM site is down? Or does anyone experiencing any problems visiting their home page? I called them and they said that they were doing maintenance but it is very odd that they are doing it during the WEEK not weekend and they didn't warn their clients.

ACM   pratra   3 September, 2008  

Thank you Forex Ratings for helping me a good decision, your graphs and ratings made my choice easier.. good site. I went with ACM when I see how well placed they are rated over months.

ACM   Michel Burki   31 August, 2008  

big time scam ,took my money on verry large spread in normal trading hours

Ikon-Royal   vic y   30 August, 2008  

I think there OK if you have a small account , but if you are a professional trader with big money this is not the place your looking for, they would have a problem covering U,but never the less , it's a good place to start for new traders,winners or loosers.

Crown Forex   Pipo   23 August, 2008  

I too like the speed of the ACM Java platform, great and service, I have had nothing but 100% professionalism.....No Bull! Just BULLISH Attitude!!

ACM   Freddy Csapat   20 August, 2008  

My husband did years of trading with Polish FX broker, very bad experience, little money made for us, only broker make money! I ACM advertising in Geneva airport and we decide to try, it really is so much better, we make money money now, we find the advanced trader platform very fast, my husband like that there is no slippage as well, good bye Polish broker!!!

ACM   Katalin Kovacs   19 August, 2008  

I am having an account since years with Interactive Brokers (IB), which I am very happy with. The advantage is I can trade all markets on one platform, including the forex. A friend of mine who trades with ACM since 1995 recommended me, that ACM has far better conditions than IB in the forex market. I gave it a try only in June 2008, and I must say I could have saved a lot of money if had done so already earlier. I opened with 10000 USD, now I am at 12800 USD, and I compared the trades with my IB account which I still have, and I must say it is hard to compare it exactly, but I saved at least 400 USD only because I do my forex now on ACM. Apart from that, the ACM platform is the best I have worked so far. Highly recommended!

ACM   David UK   17 August, 2008  

I am a professional trader. ACM has demonstrated to have the best and most accurate execution of my trades and transparency of the forex market. They are truly the best!!!!

ACM   Alexandr   15 August, 2008  

Let me cut straight to the chase, after 2 unhappy relationships with other brokers, ACM has proved to me that they are the internet currency trading leaders, their no slippage is what keeps me with them

ACM   CABLEGUY   15 August, 2008  

Great platform, supper quick, I also like the way that I never receive any problems getting my hands on my profits, usually within 3-4 working days. Hey Spheres, if after 22 attempts you are not happy then I think FX ain't for you, I find it hard to believe you have never been happy!

ACM   The Malk   14 August, 2008  

hi, guys i see etoro is good broker i traded on demo for 2 months and after that i deposit real money they give 100% bonus. yaa they has a problem of server failing some times it shows error whenver we go to open their plateform.

eToro   jatin   13 August, 2008  

I've traded with Oanda for 3 years now and no other broker came anywhere close to Oanda's stability, execution and sensibility to their traders. Seeing ACM rank close to Oanda just shows ACM respectable reputation as a forex broker. I'd give them try.

ACM   Lord Of Pipins   11 August, 2008  

I am actually writing this comment on the ACM section as I am with them, and yes I am enjoying my trading and their platform on both my computer as well as my cell phone, no slippage out of news time (then only ever so often). No, I want to write about forex-ratings .com. Guys this site is awesome! It is so good to be able to offer independent information to the people out there, invaluable. I ended up recomending you to my family in Latin America as you have the Spanish section. had used other sites but I found them not to offer the perfect visuals like, infact, this is the only one that "rates" every month....and yes, my guys are #1 again! and cousins went with ACM.

ACM   Fabricio Messi   11 August, 2008  

Good company! Recommend!

FxCast   Mark   8 August, 2008  

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