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I want to keep having the option of hedging, I need a non-US broker recommended, preferably with MT4 or a well recognized proprietary platform! PLZ help me!

Forex Club   HELP!   23 April, 2009  

That's true Malvin, but thank goodness we found out later in the same papers and now the forums that it was an attempted blackmail scam done by their client MexBank who themselves are under investigation in the US for Fraud and Money Laundering, funny how you didn't pick up on the rest of the story Malv buddy!

ACM   Greg   23 April, 2009  

"The hills are alive with the sound of music" - Swiss Hedging ACM style!

ACM   HeidiPip   23 April, 2009  

I heard that in their office was police as they manipulated with data feed for some big client. It is terrible and also I doubt if they now will get banking license.

ACM   Malvin   23 April, 2009  

I was about to open a smaller second account with a new broker, forexclub, but cancelled payment just in time. This would have been my first funding with a US broker but thanks to the NFA I declined. The USA has made a positive step forward in becoming a Nanny State,as soon as they see anyone making good LEGAL money they do something to clamp it down. Well screw you. I will happily keep hedging with ACM.

ACM   ToroPip   23 April, 2009  

I come to america for an american dream, I like america and NY stete, I like freedom to trading in Forex with hejing. now america coming like soviet union, to much control by the government. i call today ACM who every body seem to like, they very profesional, this I like. they also tell me soon they will be offer good russian platfrom MT4.

ACM   Igor Panaiotov   22 April, 2009  

Absolutely Bullhorn. I am in the exact same boat buddy, NFA has more or less terminated my US account, and like you I want to move to a new broker, was told to look at this site and going by what people are saying, looks like I'm going to give a good look at ACM.

ACM   NFA done me.   22 April, 2009  

Uncle Sam's NFA has pretty much killed off hedging with our US brokers. This is forcing me to close down my ODL account and move it all into my ACM account. Not good news for US brokers, I'd be interested to find out how they will react. Must feel like a kick in the teeth seeing as they were forced to keep upping their net capital. I'm lucky to have a reliable Swiss broker that will allow me to keep on hedging! For those that want to move out, this is a broker you should look into.

ACM   Bullhorn   22 April, 2009  

Thank you forex-ratings for your very useful site. Although the opening process is slightly lengthier with all Swiss brokers, it is well worth the extra effort if you want to experience ACM's excellent trading conditions, they have a masterful platform and their spreads are very competitive.

ACM   Melvin   21 April, 2009  

This is first broker that I have no slippage with, I like very much the platform it is very responsive with my stile of quick trading.

ACM   Dmitri   21 April, 2009  

To Ben, they only take commission costs when you, the trader, makes a profitable trade. Therefore, they only make money when you make money. And that commission cost is a flat rate, which makes me question what concealed price you're talking about. In addition, no slippage occurs on their platforms. I don't think you ever traded with them.

Forex Club   Rich   20 April, 2009  

Best 2009 Platform, Best 2009 Broker, lowest fractional pips, new currency pairs and now a partnership with the banking software giant Eri. OK, forget that they're heading over the horizon, more like leaving the atmosphere! <br />
What other pleasant surprises has ACM up their sleeves we ask ourselves? needles to say that I am a proud client and happy trader!

ACM   Askja   20 April, 2009  

Compared to other brokers I tried, ACM proved to me to be the only one close to being 100% professional, right down to the smallest pip.

ACM   Activia   16 April, 2009  

It&#39;s all hype and fraud. Concealing of real prices, shift against the client, slippage...<br />
They ignore you when you demand to open or close a position. I faced it several times! They care only about their profits and their goal is to rob you out of your money instead of providing access to world exchanges.

Forex Club   Ben   15 April, 2009  

Professional platform giving me professional trading, wouldn&#39;t think of moving.

ACM   FXAlert   15 April, 2009  

Just celebrated 2 years live trading with ACM, the romance continues! :-)

ACM   Carol Pip   15 April, 2009  

it&#39;s seems that Oanda has deeply stucked in the last century. It&#39;s so obsolete! Awful charts, no trainling stops, no good instruments, very poor technical support... How can one get a trading experience with such company? They don&#39;t give a damn about real needs of their clients.<br />
What about high-tech solutions such as provided by other brokers? It&#39;s a real shame they aren&#39;t aware of the last achiements in Internet-trading.<br />
Besides, today, when other brokers offer spreads starting from 1 pip, they provide an enormously huge spread!

Oanda   Robert   15 April, 2009  

38 currency pairs ... is that all?!?!?!?!?.... ugh... it&#39;s not serious for a company which claims to exist for 13 years with offices in three countries.

Oanda   Dennis   15 April, 2009  

Good company! they provide tight spread, execution service is quick. Recommend.

Prime 4X   Tammy   14 April, 2009  

For all positive reesons given here I find correct, for most of this I had not with MIG and so I move to ACM.

ACM   MIG Escapee   14 April, 2009  

Formerly I thought that forex was not for me, I read comments on different companies here and was really scared. One and the same broker received opposite opinions. So, I opened small accounts with two domestic and three foreign brokers. Now I prefer MRC of all brokers. Their pros are the following: transfer of funds is very quick, they offer plenty of ways to deposit and withdraw money, the number of instruments is enormous, I can trade at forex, at London, Tokyo, MICEX exchanges and so on. And spreads are unbelievably low! I observed 0 on stocks, leverage 100 on forex, leverage 20 on stocks. And their approach to quotes is very accurate. <br />
Now, about cons against MRC: they accrue interest on deposit. But in fact, the interest accrues only on funds unused in trade. Swaps are negative in both directions. However, they wrote something about entering into a new agreement with banks and cancellation of swaps. We’ll see….<br />
So, that’s my opinion. Guys, try to be polite and tolerant to each other! When you offense other, this indicates your weakness.

MRC Markets   Richard   14 April, 2009  

money rain is very good company, they provide very tight spread, and also gives us interest on unused money, there execution service is very quick and fair.customer service is excellent and very friendly.I am enjoying and very happy to trade with this company.thanks money rain for your excellent serive.

MRC Markets   Dave   13 April, 2009  

i never had such a bad experience before as i had with this broker.i was facin same problems as i had before with other brokers like my poor feedbacks.they even don,t let me know about the reasons when they disabled my account

ODL   joyuk   11 April, 2009<br />
<br />
<br />
Police raid Geneva forex firm in fraud probe<br />
by Malcolm Curtis<br />
Geneva - 03 April 2009 | 18:05<br />
EXCLUSIVE: A squad of 28 police officers raid the downtown Geneva offices of currency trading company ACM and seize documents, a computer and other evidence in a suspected financial fraud case. Swisster discovers the unprecedented affair, being directed by an inspector and detective for the cantonal force’s financial fraud brigade, may take weeks to unravel and has involved the questioning of top officials from the company, who are refusing to comment.

ACM   Wayne   10 April, 2009  

Don&#39;t trust FXCM. I had an account with them that I funded by credit card without any trouble. I did O.K. but when I needed to make a further deposit so as to avoid a margin a call I was unable to so due to a deficiency in the payments platform. FXCM neither answered emails or phones calls and because of the time/day I wasn&#39;t able to wire it. Of course they closed the account out and the next day it would have been in profit. I thought about why a company would risk its good name by being so cavalier and then I noticed how much advertising they do. They&#39;ve only got to open a couple of thousand clients a week and screw half of them and they&#39;re doing very nicely. I wish I had come upon this site before I came upon FXCM. Be warned - stay away from FXCM.

FXCM   Norm   9 April, 2009  

Fantastic mobile trader i used all time when I am on travel, all platforms integrated that allow me to keep close to my trading all places I go.

ACM   Swiss Pips   7 April, 2009  

Love the spreads, excellent platform with true 1 click execution. Good to see them spreading their wings with the new Zurich office.

ACM   Callum   7 April, 2009  

I see ACM is opening yet another office, this time in Zurich. It speaks volumes to see a broker make the effort to remain in regulated locations like the UK, US or Switzerland and not open in places like The Seychelles.

ACM   Pecan   6 April, 2009  

Real great spreads, last week I made my biggest profit yet. I needed to tweak my strategy due to the new fractional pips and man did it pay off! looking forward to them getting their banking licence.

ACM   Richard Askwith   6 April, 2009  

I use this broker for almost 3 months and make Wd in 2 times with no problem, honest support (Recommended)

FxPro   Vicky   5 April, 2009  

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