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Ive tried the major forex brokers out there and ACM is the only one that lets me put trades through during financial announcements.

ACM   jango   31 July, 2006  

The demo is very good but the live account is not as good. Even the pips are not accurate because they change alot

Oanda   NT-FX   31 July, 2006  

obviously a market maker. I dont trust them

Oanda   Forex pro   31 July, 2006  

ACM has aan excellent service and follow up. There execution is very fast and no slippage what so ever.

ACM   Tarek Bazrbachi   31 July, 2006  

total crap I agree buddy, I actually hate this broker now more than anything else

FXCM   profxtrader   31 July, 2006  

Yeah Mr Forex well not everyone out there is a beginner. If you knew anything you would know that to get on the market its 100K lots so all brokers offering mini accounts are market makers who just steal your money by creating the positions against you, thats great to start off yippee!!!!!! To trade forex if you dont have at least 10K to put down and eventually lose than this market is out of your league. I'm not saying this broker is any good I never used it but just wanted to put in that fact

Hotspot FX   profxtrader   31 July, 2006  

Doing the job for me, very efficient

ACM   FX Chopper   31 July, 2006  

Well it's been about 7 months that I have been trading forex online and I've tried FXCM, GFT and now ACM... its shocking how there is absolutely no comparaison, ACM is by far a way better platform compared to the others. The most shocking is that they put in your orders during the news announcements regardless of the volatility which the other brokers always ran me off on and made me lose enough to push me to a change. I ended up with ACM and I'm totally satisfied with my decision. I even tried clicking and buying eurusd during the housing announcement and I never got rejected once !! It was going up up up and I made approx 15K in 10 minutes!! During that time other brokers dont even let you trade (FXCM) or at best put one out of 10 though, with a requote (GFT).... thumbs up for ACM its fantastic! MA

ACM   Mark Albadejo   31 July, 2006  

The best ideas and services ever.

ACM   alain zagote   27 July, 2006  

Unparalleled service and transparency. The only place to trade forex.

ACM   Philippe Meyer   27 July, 2006  

Wonderfull !!!! I love you my Oanda......

Oanda   Pascal   27 July, 2006  

Super et encore super et toujours super...

Oanda   GuyTina   26 July, 2006  

really bad broker, maybe one of the worst. All the pro traders know that.

ACM   Pascal   26 July, 2006  

I think they is very good

ACM   Dalibor Karac   20 July, 2006  

I do not belive in cutting and pasting, just have a look at this link about this website ?

CMS Forex   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Not sure why the best but maybe will try soon. I am having good luck with INFX at the moment, I like there platform easy to work with

ACM   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

If you ask me 500 dollars to open a account is a bit much for the person that is just learning...... and way to little to the Pro standard account.

CBFX Markets   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Ј3000 is not for the light forex market player. This is about $5500 large again if you are a beginner watch this one

ETrade FX   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Great company to say the leased working with 31 different pairs ? this can be very confusing with the new guy on the block. be very carfull when starting you do not get mixed up with a pair you know nothing about or you will bust the bank fast

Oanda   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

$7,500 to open a standar account is a real down fall with this company. No room for the little guy to get started

Hotspot FX   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Good company backed by gain capital. very big company and you can get lost in the system   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Been there and done that, the platform is not as good as others. not for the person just starting out

FX Solutions   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

This is site is very slow to respond to email and service seams very one sided at times, service may be good 9 times but it is the tenth time that hurts you

FXCM   Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Simply the best

ACM   albert   23 June, 2006  

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