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I've been trading with VLOM for two month (it's worth noticing that I was completely unfamiliar with trading when I first started). I like trading and all and I believe VLOM is a perfectly good broker, but I just seem unable to earn anything. I've heard that the best way to trade is to never open a trade more than 2% of your deposit balance and I am trying to stick to this rule but I feel like I lose opportunities of real profits. Could you give me any advice?

Vlom   Andrew   30 June, 2020  

I have been deposited rm600 X 2 times and yet any credit available this morning. Talking to the live chat staff for several time, no refund at all after so many hours. Check the status and don't expect ask me what's the issues, I have been explaining for many times. Guys whoever new to this platform, careful, I yet to get my refund yet.

FBS   Zack   30 June, 2020  

Dear Zack!
We have checked your transactions and as far as we can see, all the deposits for the 600 RM amount have been successfully credited already to your trading account.
We bring our sincerest apologies for the delay!
In case you are talking about some other transaction, please, kindly specify the number of it so we could check more specifically. We will be happy to help!

FBS   1 July, 2020

I'd like to learn more, to be honest I am having a hard time understanding these term and explanation on how to do it. Hoping for your most basic tutorials. Thank you.

FBS   Ma. Cecilia Villa   30 June, 2020  

Dear Ma. Cecilia Villa!
The best way to learn is to try - you can do it with our Demo account. Also we provide various educational materials on our website and a lot of explanatory articles in our HelpCenter (
And in case you cannot find the information there - you always can contact us in chat or via Our customer support will be happy to help you any time, 24/7!

FBS   1 July, 2020

I've been working with Olymp Trade for only a month and a half and I probably haven't tried all the features of a broker yet (at least that's what some dude wrote me on some forex forum). I liked that Olymp Trade is very reliable and it never has any problems. But what I didn't really like was the mobile trading app from Olymp Trade. Partly, I opened an account with this brokerage only because everyone praised its mobile app. But I have problems with it running on my smartphone and it sometimes lags. Maybe it somewhat has to do with the fact that I have an old model smartphone, but nobody warned me about it.

Olymp Trade   Jeremie Welch   29 June, 2020  

Hi, dear Jeremie! Thanks for the review. The minimal Android version for the Olymp Trade application is 4.4. Also, pay attention to your Internet connection. The recommended speed is above 30 Mbps. For any questions, you can also contact us in Facebook or via online support chat (Help section) 24/7. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 June, 2020

Fxpro provides a wide range of instruments, their platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Big and reliable broker.

FxPro   Paul   29 June, 2020  

I have been trading with them for a year now and have recommended them to my relatives and friends. All of them also have good feedback about this broker.

ProfitiX   Greg   29 June, 2020  

Too many negative comments. better stay away from this broker.

Exness   Meldy   28 June, 2020  

I can see good and bad reviews on here and only started trading 2 weeks ago. I am a UK resident and noticed that some of the reviews are saying in $ rather than pounds, they advised they don't provide service to US residents. My brother made his withdrawal easily and would never recommend someone that was scamming so a little concerned seeing this. Let's see how it goes with the withdrawals. My advisor is a guy named Mike and we approached them. Also I've had good customer service and been answered straight away by Mike.

ProfitiX   Sophie Davis   28 June, 2020  

FBS is a good broker. low spread and up 1:3000 leverage. if you know what you're doing you can take advantage of it.

FBS   Abdalla A Abiya   27 June, 2020  

Dear Abdalla A Abiya!
Thank you so much for your review. We are glad to satisfy your requirements of a good broker!
Wish you successful trading!

FBS   1 July, 2020

What is a low spread? 4, 5, 6 pips is a low spread?

josh   7 July, 2020

I deposited money in to exness account last week even now it never appear on my mt4 account, I reported to them, they said they'll send my money back in 3 days, but it 10 days now. and they also closed the case I opened without giving my money back, now I opened the new one and no one is responding.

Exness   Lindani   26 June, 2020  

Hello, dear Lindani. We're sorry about your experience with us. Please be aware that we never close our cases without an investigation. Kindly contact us to check your case and help you. Thank you and have a nice day.

Exness   30 June, 2020

Who knows if they really pay contest money to traders who fulfills their requirements?

LiteForex   franklin   26 June, 2020  

Greetings fellow traders! I could use some help. I have some experience in trading, so I understand how things work, but wherever I try, I always end up losing money. I really want to break this circle. I opened an account (with LBLV, because I heard a lot of good reviews about them) and this time I want to do everything right. I want to start with a decent balance, but I am still not sure about my financial goals. Should I invest the minimum amount of money or consider starting with larger balance? Just to clarify, I am asking not because I want to double my balance on daily basis, I understand, that this is impossible (or improbable?) but because I know that I can make mistakes and I want to be safe. Thank you!

LBLV   Konrad   26 June, 2020  

Working with this broker for a year. Everything working well. Especially support service. For all the time I managed to earn more than $ 2,000. Great addition to basic income.

HFTrading   Arnold   26 June, 2020  

excellent. 9/10 platform, good options and very stable, fast execution, 9/10 support, they are active and pls note to get verified asap and comply with required documets. total live trading is 8 months, 2 withdrawals made no delays. premium account with no bonuses. very pleased. an easy recommendation.

HotForex   Chris   26 June, 2020  

I am afraid this broker is scam, I have sent undisclosed amount of money to the bank account representative in my bank (Windy - BCA), when I am submitting the proof it keeps on going error and says "Unable to connect. Check your Internet connection or refresh the page." I mean what to do about it? regrets.

FBS   roger   26 June, 2020  

Dear Roger!
We are sorry that you have encountered such situation. Unfortunately, you didn’t provide any account details so we could help you more specifically. First and foremost, we recommend you to try to upload the confirmation with wi-fi in case you used mobile internet (or vice versa). If the issue persists, please, kindly contact our customer support via e-mail or in chat which you can find on our web-site or in the applications - we will help you with your deposit! Do not worry, it will definitely be credited!

FBS   29 June, 2020

What is withdrawal maximum on FBS?

FBS   Sihle   25 June, 2020  

Hello, Sihle!
In general there’s no withdrawal maximum, but, please, kindly take in consideration that some payment systems may have withdrawal maximum a day. This means that if you want to withdraw more than this maximum, you will be able to do this in several transactions in several days.

FBS   29 June, 2020

All of these things that the people are saying on the reviews are true. I also got scammed don't trade with these people. they say they going to help you. than a week after that they want you to invest in commodities and if you don't your trades will close on there own.

24option   Allan   25 June, 2020  

Can I withdraw to different Debit card registered under me? What If the card I used to fund my account has expired? Can I still get my money back?

FBS   Ekene   25 June, 2020  

Hello, Ekene!
Please, kindly be informed that Visa/Mastercard is a payment system, that allows only a refund of the deposited funds.
This means that you can withdraw only back to the card which you have used for deposit. In case the card which has been used for deposit is expired, you need to send the confirmation of it to our e-mail and after that you can withdraw to any electronic payment systems available for your country (you can check in Personal Area). Don’t worry, our clients always can withdraw their deposited funds!
In case you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail or in chat which you can find on our site.

FBS   29 June, 2020

Personally, I satisfied with FxPro. This broker provides quite competitive conditions, also they offer a good education and mobile trading.

FxPro   Sam   25 June, 2020  

A good broker, it really has something to offer its clients. In four months of working with a Olymp Trade, I've always seen only its advantages. The only thing I didn't like (but it isn't the broker's fault) is that you can withdraw money only through the method you deposited it. To add a new withdrawal method, you must deposit the money this way first. I understand that there are rules and bla bla bla, but it's a little discomforting.

Olymp Trade   Abdar   24 June, 2020  

Thank you for the review, Abdar! We are glad that you appreciate our platform. The withdrawal principle is a peculiarity of the payment process, that's why we have to proceed it this way. We like it when everything is secure and legal. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   25 June, 2020

Great mobile app! Before the pandemic, I regularly traded with a smartphone. Very comfortably. Now when the opportunity to travel is back, I plan to return to the usual activity - trading and traveling in Europe. If you already have experience in trading, I recommend this broker.

ROinvesting   Bryan   24 June, 2020  

Fast and easy withdrawals. Easier account verification process and faster withdrawal process. I am satisfied with my trading profit but customer service is bit slow to reply.

ProfitiX   Sarah Ying   24 June, 2020  

There's no clear guideline from exCentral or from account manager about the roll over fee. The roll over fee of my open trades suddenly doubled up within two hours, that made my profit turned to a loss. I have been requesting to change my account manager, Barnes A, as I thought he totally under-level as a trading manager for every aspect but ask me to deposit a big amount of money after he saw my credit card statement. An other guy, Simon, contacted me after I made a withdrawal of all my deposit, said he wanted to build a healthy trading relationship with me by giving me back a USD300 credit for trading for a return of cancelling my withdrawal request. These so-called managers not dare to take emails as a mean of communication because they do not want to leave any evidence. I have been receiving a lot emails from other clients of exCentral warning a bunch of other clients to beware of exCentral. I cannot have a full explanation on the sudden doubled-up roll over fee until today.

eXcentral   kimberly   23 June, 2020  

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback. We have taken your feedback seriously, and have informed the team accordingly.
Please do not hesitate to contact our support team at, and share your experience with them.


eXcentral   26 June, 2020

Olymp trade need to work on there so called limit for month now, I can only made a trade of $1.67 for the whole day and they said it was automatic. It olymp trade is a buy and sell platform, why must they tell a trader the limit or the amount to buy for the day and while it remains, is it not the traders money even if the trader is to lose his or her money. I believe this platform is not honest. Other broker like IQ option don't have limits, but this broker that called themselves olymp trade has nothing for now to offer traders on the long run for traders operating on fixed time trade. Hope olymp trade will work on that wrinkle on their platform. Thanks

Olymp Trade   Samuel sam   23 June, 2020  

Hi there, Samuel, thanks for the feedback. The automatic risk-management system is aimed against reckless trading like overexcited and risky trading. Our experts advise to use less than 10% of your current balance per trade to prevent the system from setting the limit. We also advise you to correct your trading style: avoid trading too much on the currencies with a high volatility, increase the expiration time (up to 10-15 minutes, and more). We hope it will work to change and eventually reduce the limitation. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   25 June, 2020

ROinvesting offers high leverage which is positively impacting my trading results. Finally, I got a chance to trade effectively with a decent broker with high quality trading conditions.

ROinvesting   Travis   23 June, 2020  

What happens if I make 100$ profit before 30 days end?

FBS   Lerato   23 June, 2020  

Dear Lerato!
We would like to draw your attention that 100$ profit is not the only bonus condition. Please, kindly be reminded that according to the promo terms and conditions:
The conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to withdraw the profit:
The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is a day when the order was opened or closed);
Positive pips difference (the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be bigger than the total number of pips from losing orders);
Client should have at least 5 lots traded in the period of 30 active trading days;
The conditions of the bonus should be fulfilled in 50 days in order to withdraw the profit;
Only orders with 10 points (100 pips) difference between opening and closing prices meet the conditions.
This means that even if you have already made 100$ profit before 30 trading days have ended, you still need to continue trading in order to be able to withdraw your 100$ profit.

FBS   25 June, 2020

To those who claim to be happy with XM, why aren't you sharing your methods of withdrawing funds from trading accounts to bank accounts without having issues, which is the most mentioned issue here.

XM   Disappointed trader   22 June, 2020  

Great broker. The amazing pool of tools, good leverage, fast withdrawals. Work with HFTrading for a year and pretty satisfied

HFTrading   Paul Brays   22 June, 2020  

They respond quickly to trading concerns. I never had any problem with any of the service nor the people I dealt with. All good for me.

ProfitiX   Lyn Kho   22 June, 2020  

I started to use FXCC in 2017, it was good before and I even recommended the company to my family and friends. However, the good service was already a history and now its become an absolutely scam. I repeatedly chased FXCC Finance for the withdrawals in June but did not receive any response from them at all. To this point, the total withdrawal amount of USD58,137 for four accounts has already been requested for more than 3 weeks already but still not being processed! This is totally unacceptable and it is extremely irresponsible for FXCC to withhold the withdrawals without any reason. So for the new traders, stay away from this scam company. For the victims, please raise complaint to CySec, so that these regulatory authorities can impose some pressure to FXCC or even strike off its license to preempt further unjustifiable activities on the side of FXCC.

FXCC   STH   21 June, 2020  

Hi, after reading your posts, I realised that your situation is very similar to mine (you can read my review dated 8 June). For your information, my withdrawl was only approved (by FXCC's legal department) and processed on 23-Jun-2020 (about 4 weeks) after my withdrawl request on 28-May-2020. I fully understand your anxiety as I have experienced the same situation before. I hope that you will be able to get back your money some day.

CHE   25 June, 2020

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