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Etfinance is probably the best European broker I have worked with. Before the epidemic, I often traveled and was very comfortable using the mobile app. With Etfinance, I could trade from London, from Berlin, from Barcelona, etc. Moreover, the app has always worked quickly. Only a couple of times there were problems, but I could always get through to the support service, where I was always provided with the necessary help, whether it was a simple login or urgent withdrawal.

ETFinance   Patrick Crawley   18 May, 2020  

Itrader is a great broker. I started working with him at the beginning of the year and, damn it, it was a good choice. During quarantine, Itrader allowed me to earn extra income. Yes, and there is more time for trading. Probably after removing all restrictions, I will trade less actively, but I will not completely abandon it.

ITRADER   Rob McNiel   18 May, 2020  

I nearly made deposit to start trading but all these negative reviews are scary. I don't want to loose my money at this period in history.

Exness   Augusta   18 May, 2020  

I have been trading with Olymptrade for a while now and to be honest it's very good and convenient ,no issues with withdrawing infact it's the fastest compared to other brokers i previously dealt with.for some brokers it's easy to deposit but very hectic when it comes to withdrawing your hard earned money .Olymp is the best for me so far and i just hope they remain the same or change positively in the near future.

Olymp Trade   Simon   18 May, 2020  

Hi, Simon! Our team is pleased to read such reviews. Thank you and have a prosperous trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   18 May, 2020

I have to say that InstaForex giving outstanding service. I am not so skilled trader and I have not that much time to trade, so I am just using their PAMM service, which is very profitable for me. I invested $ 800 and every month I earned around $250. My withdrawal requests are comes to my account within same day. Never experience any withdrawal delay. If you have no experience in forex I would recommend invest on PAMM service because here risk in very low and change to make stable profit.

InstaForex   Ptrhost   18 May, 2020  

I made a withdrawal the beginning of April till this day I haven't recieved my money

XM   Riley   18 May, 2020  

I think I have to decide to stop trading their 100 no deposit bonus, just under 3 days i made a profit of 35 dollars, I think they are just making profit out of me. looking at the comments I feel discouraged to continue trading the bonus.

FBS   neil sagun   17 May, 2020  

So far i had used skrill for deposit and withdrawal. EURUSD, GBPUSD for trading. Micro account with small funds. The services are good so far.

HotForex   Ambala   17 May, 2020  

Customer service is shocking, they refuse documents for Account validation then don't tell you why they refuse, you send them a email and then you get a computer generated reply! more then willing to take the deposit but you cant trade or withdrawal until you have validated your account!! I sent the same documents to my offshore bank and they accept but XM. They take 24 hours to reply to one email so make sure it has all the information you require.

XM   guest   17 May, 2020  

I have open account with fbs but with the type of complain I see here it seems like they are very bad broker.

FBS   Palofha   16 May, 2020  

Thanks for the reviews, I'm not interested any more.

Exness   Joe   16 May, 2020  

Great broker over all. I have traded with them for a year now, mainly using skrill. no delays not once. spreads are acceptable still tight on most major pairs. but I would prefer swings. market a bit odd lately. but i guess thats a given

HotForex   Josh   15 May, 2020  

I am still having balance in there but losing a lot already. And I have been scammed too by someone who alleged as a staff from financial department. This guy knows well about this company policy and practice and know my withdrawal request is having some obstacle. Then he asked me to open a bitcoin account and make deposit so that it can be linked with my investment account to withdraw my money. Of course it's a fraud and ExCentral did nothing about that. But I truly think they are cooperating together to make me scammed as the guy can tell a lot of my personal details. To be honest, nearly half of my deposit can be withdrew back before but not all because my account manager keeps calling me and induces me to keep on investing. I've made my request yesterday to withdraw all of my remaining capital and see how is it going.

eXcentral   Victim H   15 May, 2020  

First time open acc with instaforex. I deposit using online banking. Supposedly it take 1-7 hours. Unfortunately after one week still pending. Now the transaction history in client cabinet was missing. Very bad. Never experience deposit problem with any broker before this.

InstaForex   Faiz   15 May, 2020  

Too many complaints about these broker, I'm staring to doubt it, should I trust it and continue with them?

Exness   Teddy   15 May, 2020  

I just opened an account with FBS but looking at the reviews I don't think I can continue risking my money.

FBS   Frank   14 May, 2020  

Almost got fooled too. But for a small detail. I thought I saw a min 25 dollars before getting to the deposit page to see 250. So I stopped to double check on them. Thanks for all the information. This is what we have done to our world so it's difficult to believe anyone.

eXcentral   Wisdom Anku   14 May, 2020  

This broker its 100% scam broker i deposit my money into them me and my friend we made sane Trades after it was scalping method and we used same SL but i wonder my SL hit with loss of 900 usd but my friends where shocked after I told signal provider about that because all of their trades wher in profit. I don't recommend you to use FBS, besides that their process withdraw fast if you are withdrawing less than deposited amount. I can review with screenshot, I'm not talking lies here

FBS   Tinotenda Kalumbwana   14 May, 2020  

I am newbie in forex trading and it's a first time I decided to go "live". I have been looking for a broker that has good customer support (both email and chat), ecn or stp and high reputation. LBLV has been on my radar for a while so I checked client reviews and decided to give LBLV a chance. And I am not disappointed, it matches my demands perfectly, technical support really helpful and nice, commissions are low and also withdrawals are free. Would be nice if LBLV had some cryptocurrencies, but this is not a big deal.

LBLV   Volodymyr   14 May, 2020  

But LBLV does have cryprocurrencies. Check your metatrader. Or do you mean crypto as an option for withdrawal? Then no, there is no such option.

LKL   19 May, 2020

I can tell you firsthand this company is a scam and simply wants you to deposit money with them any way possible and they will make it disappear very quickly. They will pressure you to deposit more and more to cover the losses and then you'll eventually be left with $0. Stay away from LegacyFX!

LegacyFX   Pat   14 May, 2020  

After going through all the negative review I noticed that this guys are not serious why looking for brokers money, trade with your own money, for the pending order issue never experienced it. I love FBS my only issue is that they not offer Lamm services all my clients wants to copy my trade and some don't like mam service offered by them.

FBS   Tidyluckystar   13 May, 2020  

ROinvesting is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I got a chance to expand my portfolio as well as to learn the features of trading. It's a wide experience for me because now I feel very confident about my trading skills.

ROinvesting   Theodore   13 May, 2020  

I have lost my entire life savings, $400,000 AUD in less than twelve months with ProfitiIX. They only care about you, the client, when they know you have more funds to deposit. The wooing and promises, the affection and communication knows no bounds. When my broker Benjamin *** understood I was in debt to fund my account, and had no money to pay rent nor bills, like magic the emails, phone calls, offers, incentives, messages, promises, they stopped.

ProfitiX   Andrew Ryan   13 May, 2020  

have you recovered your money?

Manuel   15 May, 2020

Excellent broker, customer service, low spreads and fast withdrawals. I have been using this broker services for almost a year and I am quite satisfied with the services.

ProfitiX   Ralph   13 May, 2020  

Don't put your money in there if you are serious about trading or even want to try trading fr lmao. do your research.

FBS   Mike   12 May, 2020  

I am a potential client, looking for a binary option platform to trade. So far (based on my personal demo experience), Olymptrade seems to be the most user friendly. However, there are to much complains on non payment and unsolicited blockage of accounts without refund to clients, especially clients that have made over 50% of their initial investments. So I have two questions. 1. I need an objective person to recommend a binary options broker for me and 2. Are there clients of Olymp Trade that have doubled their investment and still do not have any issue on their account.

Olymp Trade   Skongiano   11 May, 2020  

My payout of $2700 is pending. The money is debited from my Alpari account but the withdrawal is not processed. I have raised a Ticket#101365892. Even after repeated followups there is no response from the Alpari team. My account Manager Vashna Hanadon doesn't reply to my emails nor the payments department is responding! I have also marked a copy of my emails to Unfortunately, they are also not responding!

Alpari   Vivek   11 May, 2020  

I have been trading with Instaforex for 3 months I have had numirous problems with the webtrader freezing for hours with trades open, can not close the trades and have lost money due to this. There is no person that can help you at support, online you will get stupid answers like #XBZN 20 have expired 30/4/2020 while my trades are open. Will have to close this account

InstaForex   Nicholas Verster   10 May, 2020  

I had deposited 250 $ to start trading with excentral. before depositing money they said it's a auto trade platform you don't need to do anything or it's fine if you don't have any market experience. After taking money account manager said we have closed auto trading 1 month back now I will guide you how to trade and where to anyways after heard all this I said I want my money back than said 80$ will be charged if you withdraw without any argument I said ok send me the rest of 170$ in my account I request the withdrawal than they get me stuck in one by one step after 20 days they said we approve your with request you will get your money back in 5 business days and said we are sending you this ARN number which I a proof of successful transaction I thanks to them and dart waiting they approve on 21/4/2020 and till today I haven't got any single penny in my account and between this period of waiting I emailed them several times they always replied you will get it soon track it with Arn and now 2 days before they asked me to proof that you haven't got the money from us give us your bank statement than we will investigate. I want to complaint about them for the legal authorities who can help me to take my money back from excentral. Please people don't get scammed with excentral they are a big scammer. Some one please help me to get my money back I know it's not a big amount by it was my hard worked earned money. Faiza Hameed

eXcentral   Faiza Hameed   10 May, 2020  

Did you managed to get your money back? I am in the same situation and am hoping they would refund me the money

Eileen   15 May, 2020

Total scam. I lost $250 simply they stolen, complaint lodged through their support, but refusing still despite of providing all evidences including screenshots, system logs etc. but still looking forward for their final response from their superiors.

FBS   javed karim   10 May, 2020  

Dear Javed Karim,
We are grateful to you that you have raised the issue with our Customer Support first.
Let us kindly repeat here the answer that was sent to you by our Customer Support agent.

We have considered your claim regarding the orders
1145986122 (SELL 0.20 on USDCAD with Take Profit level 1.39204 executed at 23:57 on 2020.05.08)
1145988711 (SELL 0.15 on USDCAD with Take Profit level 1.39244 executed at 23:57 on 2020.05.08)
1145988335 (SELL 0.15 on USDCAD with Take Profit level 1.39200 executed at 23:57 on 2020.05.08)
1145989894 (SELL 0.15 on USDCAD with Take Profit level 1.39246 executed at 23:57 on 2020.05.08)
on account 220401855, checked the log-files of the server and the chart history and would like to inform you about the following:

According to the Customer Agreement p.3.6.2.:
The Company is entitled to mandatory closing of Client open positions without prior notification of the latter one, if a Margin level is lower than 20% of the necessary margin for maintaining open positions.
This is exactly the case of your order: on 2020.05.08 the margin level for this particular order fell below 20%, that is why the mentioned orders were executed at the first VALID (i.e. available for trading) quote after the stop out option was triggered,
The corresponding comment to the orders proves this fact:
1145986122 - so: -11.5%/-3.7/32.5
1145988711 - so: -18.8%/-4.2/22.5
1145988335 - so: -42.1%/-3.2/7.5
1145989894 - so: -30.4%/-4.6/15.0

Where "so" stands for earlier described Stop Out, and the percentage amounts specify the amount of margin remaining after the order closing, not 20% losses as you were inclined to believe.
Let us take an example: Order, opened with 100$ margin is closed with SO function when the margin amount reaches lower than 20$, indicating 20%.
We suggest you considering this option which is directly related to your margin level in your future trading.

You may also kindly check the available quotes at the moment of your order execution via the following table.

Please, kindly note that SELL orders are being opened on BID price and close at the ASK price.
Due to the specifications of Metatrader 4 platform, the graph shows only BID price, The high and low are also mentioned per BID prices only.
In order to see the ASK price, you need to activate the ASK line in graphic settings.
Also kindly note that it is possible to check the exact ASK price only at the exact moment by following the ASK price line or via quotes provided to you below.

08.05.2020 23:57:49 ; 1,39233 ; 1,39337
08.05.2020 23:57:49 ; 1,39241 ; 1,39361
08.05.2020 23:57:49 ; 1,39241 ; 1,39408
08.05.2020 23:57:50 ; 1,39241 ; 1,39409 - the exact price on which your order 1145986122 was executed
08.05.2020 23:57:50 ; 1,39252 ; 1,39410 - the exact price on which your orders 1145988711 and 1145989894 were executed
08.05.2020 23:57:50 ; 1,39224 ; 1,39404
08.05.2020 23:57:51 ; 1,39223 ; 1,39403
08.05.2020 23:57:51 ; 1,39223 ; 1,39397
08.05.2020 23:57:51 ; 1,39221 ; 1,39401 - the exact price on which your order 1145988335 was executed
08.05.2020 23:57:52 ; 1,39211 ; 1,39391

Thus, the orders under consideration were executed correctly and in full accordance with the trading conditions and Customer Agreement.

Also, we would like to remind you that the Market was extremely volatile at closure on 08.05.20 (check the chart screenshot, please - ) which stipulated high spreads as well, unfortunately.
We do understand your frustration and would highly recommend you to calculate your risks beforehand very thoroughly. To reduce risks we would advise you to try trading with less volume and less leverage.
Also, we recommend you to see if your trading strategy is appropriate by trying it on Demo-accounts.

FBS   13 May, 2020

The fact that you openly defending yourselves in public and revealing traders' positions says a lot about you as a brokerage. You are scams

guest   20 May, 2020

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