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I am yet to receive my bitcoin withdrawal I placed hours ago. They have been telling me they are having issues with Bitcoin. Please get this resolved. Thanks.

OctaFX   Uba Clinton Nzubechi   22 July, 2020  

Did you receive your withdraw? I am being told that they are having issues with VISA.

JP   23 July, 2020

I am waiting for my refunds, they are telling me, somebody will call from their office, it's been a week, It never happened till now. I suspect their activities. I will recommend these are big looters! Be careful!

Askobid   guest   21 July, 2020  

Been trading with them for almost 2 months. My account manager Matan is way beyond expectations, very professional and supporting which was very important for me as a beginner. only issue was when trying to insert more money to my account but on the second or third try works completely fine.

eXcentral   Dr. Dahari   21 July, 2020  

Dear Dahari,

Your feedback is greatly valued, as it helps us maintain excellent standard of service to our customers.
If you continue having problems when trying to make a deposit, please inform your account manager.


eXcentral   24 July, 2020

Regulated Broker, support is good, Webinars are amazing, really recommend attending it, Michalis is very helpful . Everything is good so far, one of the best!

eXcentral   guest   21 July, 2020  

Dear Sir/Madame,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review - it's much appreciated!

We are glad to hear that you are enjoying our webinars with Michalis.


eXcentral   24 July, 2020

Is any possibility how to terminate contract with Profitix? In point 5.2 is note that the client untertakes to cover the transactional requirements (statistics) of 4000 lots on the asets CFD, commodities, Indeces, stocks and 20 lots on the UNSDX contract. Do you have some experiances how to close trading with profitix?

ProfitiX   Mirec   21 July, 2020  

I was not sure how to start, my account manager helped me to activate my account and Services. after 2 days i received a call from my Senior account manager who was very helpful, he helped me to application and explained to me step by step how to start trading. Now I am trading with my money and my Senior account manager is giving me support. I tried my first profit withdrawal and went well. I am happy joining this broker eXcentral.

eXcentral   Kevin   21 July, 2020  

Dear Kevin,

Thanks so much for giving us your take on how our team is doing.

We look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future.


eXcentral   24 July, 2020

Regulated company, have MT4, web platform is ok but MT4 is better, big choice of tradable instruments also have webinars. Good company overall.

eXcentral   Kostas   21 July, 2020  

Dear Kostas,

We appreciate your feedback, and are happy to see that you have enjoyed your experience with eXcentral.


eXcentral   24 July, 2020

XM is not a good broker at all. just yesterday I tried to withdraw my profits from the $30 credit and they rejected it. then later sends an email advising that i have violated the terms and conditions of the bonus "Participation of Intermediaries/Related Parties" in the "No Deposit Trading Bonus Scheme" is prohibited. If the registration and/or trading data of a participant in the "No Deposit Trading Bonus Scheme" corresponds with the registration and/or trading information, including but not limited to the IP address, of another participant in the "No Deposit Trading Bonus Scheme", XM reserves the right to regard this matching as a reason for immediate disqualification. now why is this not mentioned while I'm busy trading? I have asked for proof of violation and nothing. I've never had a bad experience with brokers before. XM takes the cup.

XM   Hloni   21 July, 2020  

I have one word to say if you're thinking about investing with ProfitIX. Don't do it, they are an elaborate, professional scam! It all starts out when you buy into their $100 program, then follows weeks of them aggressively forcing you to add more money. They then sweeten everything by graciously allowing you to withdraw a very small portion of your alleged profits. As soon as you tell them that you've had enough or that you have no more money left to add to your account, you will wake to find your account empty. They will then call you and make some BS about how the market turned on you, and that you have to add more money to buy back your losses. Do yourself a favour and just don't do it. They will rip you off, and they do not care how they do it to. I will be more than happy to talk to anyone who has questions, anyone who wants proof that I am a real person and that I was genuinely scammed by them.

ProfitiX   Jordan Quigg   21 July, 2020  

My account is still pending verification. I uploaded my ID (which has been verified), but when I tried to upload my proof of residence I got a notice saying (my upload is being reviewed) even when I haven't uploaded anything at all. I tried reaching out to them and they never responded.

Exness   Prince   20 July, 2020  

Hello Prince, we highly regret the inconvenience and we'd like to help you with your document verification. Please contact us via live chat on our website to check it quickly. Thanks.

Exness   20 July, 2020

These guys are mega fraud. Don't even go near to them and they will convince you to put money and give you the dreams like put 10k and you will earn 70k in one or two months. Especially one guys called Sam, he will call you if you are in UK and then he will give you all the dreams over the phone like hell and he will manage your account and make profits like PAMM account. Don't even believe them about PAMM. it's all rubbish and they burn your account in few days or weeks maximum. I had an experience and they cleared my account in few weeks. Sam said he has great guy who manages very big accounts in PAMM, but I think I was only guy and they made trial and error with my real money. please dont even belive these guys. if you want save your money stay aware with everfx guys. they charge you 3% for withdrawal of your money.

EverFX   Venky   20 July, 2020  

Hello, I am new at FBS and so far they few lessons i have learnt are helpful. meanwhile am finding it hard to deposit funds in my cent account since my bank has suspended online transaction until further notice. Is there any way I can use Mpesa to deposit to my account?

FBS   Okullo Robert   20 July, 2020  

Dear Okullo, Thank you for your interest!
To let you deposit and withdraw money, we've gathered lots of most popular services into one place, so you can choose between them and select those you prefer. An easy alternative option you can choose is to create a wallet and deposit money using your card through this wallet. Go to your dashboard through the site, and click "Deposit", then choose "Electronic payments". Please kindly contact our customer support via live chat or by sending an email to We will be happy to help!

FBS   31 July, 2020

There's really no platform comparable to PrimeXBT. It offers great tools, leverage, tons of market, and has unique features like the Covesting Module and PXTurbo. I've been using it for a few weeks and love it! They also have really fair fees and plenty of opportunities to get discounts and bonuses.

PrimeXBT   Emma   19 July, 2020  

This broker claims to allow deposit or withdrawal via mpesa but I can't seem to find the mpesa option anywhere. also how do I contact you through the live chats I've been having trouble to reach you.

Exness   Virginia   19 July, 2020  

Hi Virginia, thank you for your review. We offer Mpesa as payment system in Kenya, please go to your personal area and click on the deposit tab. Should you require more information, kindly contact us via live chat on our website.

Exness   20 July, 2020

I've been with exness for a few months an on my side exness is one of the best regulated brokers I know.

Exness   Christopher   18 July, 2020  

I have been trading with Profitix for around 8 months. Unfortunately I got caught up in all the hype and large profits on trades and when I signed an agreement to close my account the big profits stopped and trades they advised me take cost me just under USD600,000.00. I have read the comments on how quick they receive payments however these payments will only be 2% of your free margin otherwise they would not pay you. Ask them for a large chunk of your money back and see if you are still happy. My Broker is still trying to get a hold of me as he claims he can resurrect my account but I know this will involve more money. They are always asking for money and still only allow 2% of your free margin to be payed out, sounds a bit like a pyramid scheme. Beware and try and get more money out of them before you invest any further.

ProfitiX   wayne   18 July, 2020  

I have been with this broker for almost a week now and I deposited R1500 expecting to get my profits after 7 days, and now I received an email from the company stating that I should pay R2000 withdrawal fee, but they never mentioned anything about withdrawal fees before I started working with them. Could it be that I got scammed too?

24option   Costance   18 July, 2020  

Working with Askobid is waste of time and money. You will not earn any money with them. If you start working with them, they give you bonus money on your account. But they won't tell you that they are just fixtional numbers, you can not withdraw them at all!! So if you decide to withdraw from your account some amount of money, it can be only what you put in. So in the end you just waste your time with them, and lose money!

Askobid   NoName   17 July, 2020  

I've been trading successfully with Vlom for 3 months, and I think maybe it's time to invest $3000, this is exactly the amount of money I need for my strategy and I figured out I can give it a try. But I am hesitating a bit. Sure I think that Vlom is good and I am happy with the broker really, but right now my deposit is like $480 and it would be a huge step to invest $3000 so I am trying to collect more opinions about Vlom. Also I've heard that Vlom is an ECN broker as well and as far as I understand that, ECN brokers are more reliable?

Vlom   Jack   17 July, 2020  

On a monthly basis I am getting approximately 10-15 percent profit. I can rely on broker advise and depend on their services. Withdrawal is fast and all transactions are seamless.

ProfitiX   Grace   17 July, 2020  

I found Olymp Trade to be an adequate brokerage. A friend, who has more than three years of experience with this broker, advised me it. He has told me about Olymp Trade several times before, and about his trading experience. And when I was changing a broker, I immediately decided that my future broker would be Olymp Trade. And this decision has paid off. I won't write how much more profitable I've become and stuff like that, as it's not entirely the achievement of a broker, but mine. The broker is only good at helping me to reach my potential and take my trading to a new level. My opinion about Olymp Trade is that a broker is perfect both for beginners who are still trading on a demo, and for experienced traders who implement the most courageous trading strategies in their accounts. And it is cool that the broker understands both groups of traders and creates such conditions, which won't only allow traders to grow and develop, but also become profitable.

Olymp Trade   Felix Mosley   16 July, 2020  

Dear Felix! Thanks for such a detailed and objective review. It is great you have chosen us when it came to changing the broker. There are no doubts that the progress you made is your achievement as a trader. We from our side provide the right conditions, explicit educational base, and demonstrative trading tools. We are glad that you find our platform suitable for both - beginning traders and experienced ones. Wish you lots of success. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   16 July, 2020

Many bad reviews are from ignorant lazy people. I've been with xm for 1.5 years and I prefer it. I withdraw into my bank in 2 days with no issues. I do what i want in my style and no issues. The only thing i dont like is that here in Indonesia a lot of forex websites are banned even if well regulated. Even with vpn sometimes takes a few tries to open website, makes you think the broker went down. XM is involved and legit. Be informed and stop whining.

XM   Jo   16 July, 2020  

It's a huge scam. Do not invest. You will not get a single cent back.

Uptos   R K   16 July, 2020  

I had a really bad experience on a major crypto trading platform, so I left in search of a more trustworthy and reliable trading venue. I found PrimeXBT and have been super happy ever since. Great features, great functionality, and amazing for new and experienced traders alike.

PrimeXBT   TooSmart   15 July, 2020  

Fxpro is not a bad company. I've made a nice profit working with them. Also, I improve my trading skills with their webinars. It's really cool and very useful!

FxPro   Jeremy   15 July, 2020  

Why debit card details is compulsory for deposit money for trading in Olymp trade platform?

Olymp Trade   Subhasis Chakraborty   15 July, 2020  

Subhasis, hi there! Card details are required to identify users and request a code error you may receive when trying to make a deposit. The first six digits of your card number are the issuing bank's identification numbers. The last four digits are a unique personal identifier. Providing this data is absolutely secure. Wish you a succesful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   16 July, 2020

Why debit card cvv no.?

Subhasis Chakraborty   17 July, 2020

It is the best broker, regulated, secure, fast withdrawal and very good trading. Admiral Markets have low spreads, best execution, better liquidity than other brokers.n 1 for scalp traders.

Admiral Markets   Roben   15 July, 2020  

I switched to EightCap after trading with another Australian broker who I won't bad mouth here. EightCap have been a refreshing change for me. They actually want your business and provide genuine care with their customer service. I had a trade stopped out over a news event (my mistake) that I wasn't happy about but the staff were helpful to explain all the market dynamics and how it occurred. Most importantly they gave me a lot of their time to explain. I would recommend.

Eightcap   G Kohl   14 July, 2020  

They were good, but now bad. I traded with them since 2014, but recently left for ***. Pepperstone has problem with filling trades over news events, huge price spike that aren't on other broker platforms, and their customer service has gotten so terrible. I can't stand dealing with them anymore.

Pepperstone   G Kohl   14 July, 2020  

I have a problem to my account. On metatrader my balance is 1930.34$, but when I log in to FBS app it says 20$. why and how is this happening?

FBS   Onke sishuba   14 July, 2020  

Unfortunately, you didn’t leave any details so we could check. Please kindly be noted that, if you have opened Cent account type, kindly take into consideration that in MetaTrader, your Cent account balance and your profit appear in cents, i.e., 100 times bigger ($1 = 100 cents). While in your Personal Area you see the balance in dollars. Feel free to contact our Customer Support Team via Live Chat or email us at, providing more details of the issue and your account details and we will be happy to investigate and assist further.

FBS   31 July, 2020

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