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The broker is normal, I traded here for months, and I no longer see any reason to sit in the shade. I replenished to $ 5000, for me this is big amount, but once I decided to have something with forex, I have nothing to count for $ 250, I set myself the goal of earning every day, one percent of the deposit, this is quite a possible goal, and I've already earned it during the month. There are, of course, unsuccessful days, but the TS is the TS. In general, I ike to trade with the broker

HQBroker   Matt   21 June, 2020  

If I don't meet the bonus-profit-withdrawal requirements, what happens to the profits I made? Do I lose them too?

FBS   Bibo   20 June, 2020  

Hello, Bibo!
According to the bonus conditions, you can withdraw only 100$ of your profit in case all the conditions are fulfilled.
If you don’t manage to fulfill the promotion conditions, unfortunately, the bonus will be cancelled as well as the trading result.
Still, even with this scenario you can take part in our other promotions, like 100% bonus on deposit or FBS League!

FBS   22 June, 2020

I registered with them since last year. They call me to make deposit and start trading but I decide to review them. But with this withdrawal issues I'm seeing, I m not funding my account anymore. Please I need trustworthy brokers for Nigeria.

LiteForex   Ayodeji   20 June, 2020  

Dear Ayodeji, LiteForex do not have problmes with deposit and withdrawal. You can be sure that your money in safety. Best regards, representative of LiteForex Investments Limited.

LiteForex Official   24 June, 2020

Fast responding. Customer support is available 24/7. Staff are competent, fees are low, what else?

Alpho   DaveDrake   20 June, 2020  

You will loose money. Fund has withdrawn. Email came. Suddenly they changed withdrawal amount. When we enquired , no reply.

Olymp Trade   Jenish James   20 June, 2020  

Thank you for reaching out, dear Jenish James. Olymp Trade always withdraws the funds to traders. All the money on your account belongs to you, we have no opportunity to adjust this amount. Our suggestion is that the amount of withdrawal was automatically split by the payment system or your payment system charges a commission for operations. Kindly contact your payment system to check the commission. And please, contact our support team (available 24 hours) in the "Help" section of our website to check if the amount was split. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   25 June, 2020

FXTM is not a reliable broker. Still waiting for my withdrawal money.

FXTM   Ahmad isa   19 June, 2020  

Hello! We kindly ask you to send us your MyFXTM number and the request number to We will be glad to investigate this case and provide you with a detailed response.

FXTM   25 June, 2020

To be very straight forward they are reliable broker with mt4/mt5 trading platform. Spreads are tightest on majors. Leverage is also accepted and withdraws always on time.

HotForex   Fayaz ul H   19 June, 2020  

Don't invest with Pepperstone. Not a good broker. Customer service sucks. They are not well trained or well informed.

Pepperstone   Javed   18 June, 2020  

Pepperstone is the worst broker. To start with, worst customer service, their customer reps are not well informed about their own regulations which in turn you loose your money. They take days to answer and forever to solve an issue and i suspect they share your personal info to third party. I had a very bad experience and i lost money without even trading money. I lost one month of time to create and deposit money. They lie about bank transfer/deposit time duration. It takes 1 month to deposit or withdrawals. And at the end they decline the transaction saying they don't accept money from certain countries, which you may end up loosing some bank fee and time after these guys and not to mention an headache in dealing with them.

Pepperstone   Javed   18 June, 2020  

I was thinking to open an account with LBLV a while ago. I liked the tharing conditions they offered a lot, because trading conditions include good leverage, a wide range of currencies and other trading actives, tight spreads among other things. Not to mention that LBLV is a regulated broker. Can someone help me to decide and share their stories about trading with LBLV?

LBLV   Konstantin   18 June, 2020  

I am currently trading with Profitix and among the brokers I have dealt with, they have the best trading service. And here is where I get the most profit.

ProfitiX   Bea Park   18 June, 2020  


Melinda Jill Boyse   22 June, 2020

Anyone who wants to use Exness will be really disappointed. I have accepted that I have lost my profits, that's it this broker is straight scam. never recommend this to anyone.

Exness   Saire juma   18 June, 2020  

Hello Saire, unfortunately we don't understand well your issue. Please provide more details of your issue. Kindly contact us on our website to help you out. Thank you

Exness   18 June, 2020

I'm very happy with FBS because im new in forex and i don't know how to trade,but with FBS i can use FBS Copy Trade App so it's more easier to me make profit just copy the good trader there.

FBS   Nizam   17 June, 2020  

Dear Nizam!
Thank you for sharing with us your feedback! CopyTrade is really one of the ways to gain profit almost effortlessly. Just do not forget to thoroughly check the stats of the Trader before copying him/her, copy several Traders at once and use StopLoss option - this is the best way to reduce possible risks. Also, you can become a Trader yourself, and receive not only profit from trading, but a commission from the Investors as well!

FBS   22 June, 2020

I'm having my best trading experience with this broker. ROinvesting has high-quality services and decent trading conditions.

ROinvesting   Aaron   17 June, 2020  

I have great respect for this company because they have managed to create a real asociation of traders who can work as one cohesive team. And they did not have to make any great efforts for that, because they just created pages in social networks, which can be used by all traders without exception. And it was a real sensation, because usually brokerage companies do not provide such an opportunity, and your only communication is with managers from the company. It is also very convenient to choose the leverage, which has been replaced by the multiplier, which allows you to understand this issue faster even if you are just starting to work in the market. And there are also stunning reviews of the market and strategies, always something to read.

Olymp Trade   Kamron Fadel   16 June, 2020  

Dear Kamron, thank you for the review. We are happy to have you in our community. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   25 June, 2020

Used them recently, Worst company ever, even with Cysec regulation they are still the worst, never do I want to deal with them and i recommend that to everyone, already invested 100,000 USD with them and made a profit of 667,834 USD yet they took the funds and decided to never reply, such a scamming company.

FXCC   Vladimir   16 June, 2020  

I encountered the same problem. Shall we report this to FCA and CySec for help?

Robert Watson   17 June, 2020

Worst broker ever they trade against you, they prohibit you from adding a stop loss or take profit once your order have been place and their customer service does not even know what they are talking about and they always come up with excuse to do with client network.

FxGlory   Idris   16 June, 2020  

The main problem is insufficient training. I mean the managers are there at your disposal yes. but they should have made you know the major concepts and actions that could lead to your loss. They must pull up their socks because it is unfair for anyone to navigate alone hoping to make profit as novice in forex trade only to stare at zero harvest. Your loss is their profit. I see.

eXcentral   Muhidin   15 June, 2020  

Dear Muhidin,

We appreciate the time you have taken to share your feedback with us. You have mentioned that novice traders do not receive the appropriate guidance from our managers, and this is something that we have taken into consideration. Please note that our webinars with Market Analyst, Michalis Efthymiou, are designed to help you hone your trading skills and sharpen your knowledge of the market. You can find out more about the webinars here:


eXcentral   18 June, 2020

I consider HYCM as one of the biggest forex scammers. Please if you are planning to trade with them don't do it. I made profits they refused to send my money instead they sent me some fictitious wire prove. I sent the information to my bank I was told by my bank that such wire information doesn't exist. They are owing me more than $6000. Right now they are not picking my calls nor reply my mails. I have sent them my bank officers name, phone numbers and email. I have sent them my account statement to prove such money never made it to my account.

HYCM   Nicholas   15 June, 2020  

I have also been the unlucky. They are just professional thieves. I can relate to all of you, because that is what happened to me. Where can I find help to get my money back.

ProfitiX   Lyn   15 June, 2020  

Don't get scammed twice by fund recovery agents as a lot of these are also scammers. I lost a lot of money to ProfitiX. Go through your bank first and proper legal channels.

Melinda Jill Boyse   22 June, 2020

I know about forex trading next to nothing so I chose my broker solely on the ratings and reviews. I registered an account last week (LBLV broker). So far so good. I don't have much to say, but I already can see that their personnel is nice and it really seems like LBLV is a well established broker.

LBLV   review   15 June, 2020  

IronFX is scam! Don't witchdraw money for many years!

IronFX   Jacek   15 June, 2020  

Thanks to team index I really their love your work sir.

FBS   John   15 June, 2020  

Dear John!
We are happy to hear you appreciate our efforts! Wish you lucky trading with FBS!

FBS   16 June, 2020

Why does OT have little TA tools, they don't even have a simple volume indicator on their platform and haven't added it since. No ATR, no OBV indicators, just meager TA tools that can't even help. Secondly, how come there is no option to hide your account balance like IQ options, it is very unsafe if you're trading in public. Thirdly, the chart always looks messy if you have plenty lines or indicators because you can't hide the names of the indicators at the top right corner. I'm not sure that they are true ECN brokers either, how are the trades we make handled? Do you use a dealing desk or you send them to a service that provides liquidity, none of these are known. Can OT answer these?

Olymp Trade   Jabo   14 June, 2020  

Hi there, Jabo! Thanks for the valuable wishes, we'll consider implementing them on our platform to make your experience more pleasant. Speaking about your questions, our company uses quotes from the largest ECN sites, such as Currenex, Hotspot, Bloomberg Tradebook FX, Fastmatch, Gain GTX, FXAll, etc., and translates the weighted average value to the platform. Funds are distributed on the platform between traders according to their trading results. Feel free to reach us out with any upcoming questions! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   16 June, 2020

Can't believe how naive I was thinking that I can successfully trade without any experience. Only after a couple months of charts examination I started seeing the real opportunities there. And only after that I started earning something. Yet, I'm sure the best is ahead. What's good about trading here is that once you start earning, you can easily start scaling your profits.

Olymp Trade   Connadi   14 June, 2020  

Hi there! Trading really takes a lifetime learning. Professionals never stop their education and practice. We wish you a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   16 June, 2020

Thanks for all the honest reviews, I was about to open an acct in XM, until I read all these bad reviews, I would suggest to report these to the Regulatory Authorities.

XM   Guest   14 June, 2020  

I'm glad that I'm able to realize my ambitions and express my trading intentions. The platform is worked out to apply skills. Roinvesting fits me perfectly.

ROinvesting   Olivia   12 June, 2020  

Be carful don't give any money as you never get it back big scam and professional. I'm feel so foolish not to discover this scam. I lost $250. Couldn't withdraw my deposit.

Askobid   N&n   12 June, 2020  

Just withdrew yesterday for the first time trading with this broker. A friend introduced me hotforex and I tried demo for weeks and decided to open a live premium account (no commission) and I stick with majors. Not ideal spread but fast execution, swift support and payment. Recommended!

HotForex   guest   12 June, 2020  

How long does it take a withdrawal request to be paid using FBS?

FBS   Saint   12 June, 2020  

Hello, Saint!
Please, kindly take into consideration, that the Clients’ withdrawal requests are usually processed by the Financial Department of the Company on a first-come, first-served basis within a couple of hours or even faster.
As soon as your withdrawal request is approved by our Financial Department, the funds are sent from our side, but then it is up to the payment system to process it further.
Electronic payment systems withdrawals (like Skrill, Perfect Money, etc.) should be credited immediately, but sometimes may take up to 30 minutes.
In case you withdrew to your card, please, be reminded that on the average it takes 3-4 business days for the funds to be credited.
All the payments are being processed according to Financial Department business hours.
FBS Financial Department business hours are: from 19:00 (GMT+3) on Sunday to 23:00 (GMT +3) on Friday.
Please, kindly be reminded that you can monitor the status of your financial requests in the Transaction History.
In case you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in chat on our site or via!

FBS   16 June, 2020

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