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I got ACM recomended by a friend of mine who is a professional trader.

I opened a small account with them and they have been very good so far. Good service. Good helpline. Good spread prices (the best in the market) ans still guarentee the fills in all markets.

I recomend it.

ForexCM   6 September, 2006  

It’s a good choice for someone who wants to benefit from the “no gain tax” policy the Swiss law allows.

Forex Sniper   31 August, 2006  

Only broker that ALWAYS guarantees the orders!!!They are currently the top broker.

Mick   22 August, 2006  

I get good exuction and the customer service is good.

Reliable broker.

Chandra   14 August, 2006  





BULL not BEAR   11 August, 2006  

Not the best- but very good.
The best is Oanda.

akiko   5 August, 2006  

i love Acm they are the best

charbel raffoul   3 August, 2006  

Good Platforme

Maroun Matar   3 August, 2006  

The fastest software, the best service...

Alberto   3 August, 2006  

i open account on 5000$ and my account now is over 15,000$

Fadaa nesralla   3 August, 2006  

i am so happy with them

Pierre mehawej   3 August, 2006  

ACM the kings of forex and if you want to trade forex Just think about acm the only online foreign exchange execution specialist

Mohamad Alkhedr   3 August, 2006  

The Best forex company you can deal with, honesty & reliability

Chaddy   3 August, 2006  

Very,very good service!

James   2 August, 2006  

Ive tried the major forex brokers out there and ACM is the only one that lets me put trades through during financial announcements.

jango   31 July, 2006  

ACM has aan excellent service and follow up. There execution is very fast and no slippage what so ever.

Tarek Bazrbachi   31 July, 2006  

Doing the job for me, very efficient

FX Chopper   31 July, 2006  

Well it's been about 7 months that I have been trading forex online and I've tried FXCM, GFT and now ACM... its shocking how there is absolutely no comparaison, ACM is by far a way better platform compared to the others. The most shocking is that they put in your orders during the news announcements regardless of the volatility which the other brokers always ran me off on and made me lose enough to push me to a change. I ended up with ACM and I'm totally satisfied with my decision. I even tried clicking and buying eurusd during the housing announcement and I never got rejected once !! It was going up up up and I made approx 15K in 10 minutes!! During that time other brokers dont even let you trade (FXCM) or at best put one out of 10 though, with a requote (GFT).... thumbs up for ACM its fantastic! MA

Mark Albadejo   31 July, 2006  

The best ideas and services ever.

alain zagote   27 July, 2006  

Unparalleled service and transparency. The only place to trade forex.

Philippe Meyer   27 July, 2006  

really bad broker, maybe one of the worst. All the pro traders know that.

Pascal   26 July, 2006  

I think they is very good

Dalibor Karac   20 July, 2006  

Not sure why the best but maybe will try soon. I am having good luck with INFX at the moment, I like there platform easy to work with

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Simply the best

albert   23 June, 2006  


Residence, regulating, and advanced currency market management. As written on the site, the ACM company is headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) and is controlled directly by the Federal Department of Finance. ACM forex company was founded in 2002 as mentioned on the homepage. acm forex broker has...

Regulation: Regulated by the FINMA. The first online forex broker to be ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified.

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