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There's a great customer support in Alpari, one of the most effective I've ever encountered. I address them from time to time with my issues and problems and they always solve them in less than no time. What I like especially is the variety of depositing and withdrawal methods, many of them are without commisiion fees.

Michael   4 August, 2015  

I am Chinese trader in UK. At the beginning of my trading career,imade a desicion to chose Alpari between Alpari(UK) and PFG(US) although i though PFG might be better than Alpari cause there was lots of money in Seg Account in PFG according to CFTC monthly report. I want to tell you guys alpari is good, at least better than many brokers. Somebody's speech is so naive,Do u understand FOREX?

trader   10 June, 2013  

Guys,2 customers by the name vincenso and rajesh have posted the same thing and exactly the same words...verbatim copy...clearly shows that fake customers...Friend,no broker in the world will widen his pips to 41 ridiculous.He will not survive in business for even a single day in today's competitive market.Pls post sensible things...

roney jose   7 May, 2013  

2.5 is the normal spread for GBP but, when have a spread 41 pips you have to look at the factors such as when you trade. If your trade Sundays, Fridays or when not many people are trading the spread can be really high.

Jonathan   16 April, 2013  

I can say that I have never had a negative thought about this broker. I have been using the ECN Pro demo for several months now and I must say that I am quite impressed. I never see re-quotes or slippage! Stop losses and take profits can be close to the market. Execution has been lightning fast.Gonna open a live account int the next month and will report back after trading for a while.

Kevin   18 September, 2012  

Alpari is a big scam! I can't make profit, they get my money and never give it back to me!

Isabella   26 July, 2012  

I've been 5 months in PAMM account. and there are lot of re-quotes even off quote!!!

Georselle   23 July, 2012  

My first day with them result into a losing day, however the executions are less than 0.7sec which is nice and very tight spreads. I will try again :)

Joshi   23 July, 2012  

I had a long conversation via email with Alpari UK customer service and until now they haven't solve my problem!

Karla   23 July, 2012  

I hav been long with Alpari. But so far good. I recommend it for every trader.

Henry   8 January, 2011  

GBPUSD traders! Sometimes the spread widens up to 41 (from their web-page: normally 2,5)! It means that if you think you have enough equity, then due that wide spread, the equity level will drop under 20% and they'll take your money!

Rajesh   25 December, 2010  

Worst customer support I have ever seen, Too rude and unwilling to help customer. Seems their customer support guys never learned abc of customer orientation.

Joan   12 July, 2010  

This is my third forex broker and I just want say what nice job Alpari does. The have good turn around time on questions you may have. I love how they run there system.

Jonathan   5 June, 2010  

Very bad experience with Alpari. Alpari are very slow to credit bank account with any funds withdrawn and they charge Ј15 for withdrawing your own money. Even worse though, they are slow to credit your account with money, even though it is in their bank account. This tardiness resulted in a margin call and a large unnecessary loss. Some of the staff are clearly not interested in customer service, impolite and not Treating Customers Fairly, as they are supposed to do under FSA regulation.

Draxter   8 April, 2010  

Good broker.Good support.Withdrawal is very fast....

negi   19 March, 2010  

good broker,honest,,every day send statment,, good support and i withrawel 3times they send withdrawel in fast way with in2 days

ringo   25 December, 2009  

I did not receive my daily account confirmation. There might be a problem with Alpari.

Kumar Kannan   9 December, 2009  

Attention GBPUSD traders! Sometimes the spread widens up to 41 (from their web-page: normally 2,5)! It means that if you think you have enough equity, then due that wide spread, the equity level will drop under 20% and they'll take your money!

Vincenso   8 December, 2009  

Bad service. I'm waiting my money for 14 days.

Alex   11 September, 2009  

Though i have not withdraw any money yet, but I enjoy there platform,there daily statement of account.

Tahir   19 June, 2009  

Is it market-maker ? Otherwise who is market-maker partner of Alpari ?

Alex   19 June, 2009  

prompt daily statement of account

Evans B   19 June, 2009  

I donґt like the way Alpari work with interest rates.

Donlic   15 May, 2009  

Alpari waited forever to inform us of the MT4 problem! When I called them they denied it at first.

Hang ME!   26 March, 2009  

What the hell happened to my MT4 today, it refused to work, I thought this was all new technology!!

Geek Trader   25 March, 2009  

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