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Dukascopy Reviews and Comments – Page 2

I have just seen the news titles on the sites, ACM is going to be get the banking license. I find out what Grey Matter say is true as well, the net capital of Dukascopy is suspect how it is informed to the clients, this is not true money and I think that the FINMA will not give the license to them, it is not safe for the clients safety of funds. I not feel safe honestly. We are loosing the race, I check the Dukas website and no application is been done yet to FINMA for the license. Honest, the ACM news is a good news for forex in Switzerland and the world, it show that changes are positive in this country, but sadly is been done by another broker!
  30 Mar 2009  
"Centralized Decentralized" WTF! Best hook I ever fell for. If the Dukas liquidity is so rich, then why is their execution so poor? This is vital for trading success, like going to a 21st century war with a flint musket, by the time you pull the trigger and the mechanism works, the target has ducked! Why so many rejected trades, why so many re-quotes during normal trading? Dukascopy, the flintlock in the tech age!
  23 Mar 2009  
Their net capital is very suspect, I don't know of any other broker who represents it as shares of their trading platform. What does it mean for our protection? As it is, it doesn't function that well, freezing very often, execution that can take 30 seconds. Does that sound like a 20 million franc piece of equipment?
  23 Mar 2009  
If you are ready to invest 50k with a broker then you want value for money. This broker does not give you that, you get the feeling you have just invested in a 3 legged donkey at the races.
  19 Mar 2009  
Not much requote under normal conditions but during news trading it becomes disastrous, this forced me to stop news trading which has become less exiting for me.
  19 Mar 2009  
Yo Harry, my experience is like yours, fast execution...to a re-quote!
  18 Mar 2009  
Slippage Bode Miller would be proud of, spikes King Kong would suffer vertigo from, all this for the low price of 50k...and commission to boot!
  18 Mar 2009  
I have just found out that Dukas's net capital is NOT made up of hard money but of the "nominal value of their software" , 22,000,000 shares actually...what the HELL does that mean??? what if they go bust, will I get 7 keyboards, 4 screens and a bag of electronic chips as my account refund??? And Real Time Forex don't even have the energy to mount a similar scam, they're just up and leaving for the sunny pirate shores Malta!! Looks like I will have to move to the only seemingly solid brokers left in Switzerland, either MIG or ACM.
  10 Mar 2009  
OK world, if you could choose between a broker who:<br />
**A. Has a net capital that is based on the nominal value of their trading platform (so many thousand shares at $1)...or<br />
**B. has net capital of over CHF. 20 million...cash<br />
**A. who claims that they have the largest liquidity yet over 50% of trades are rejected...or<br />
**B. who knows that sometimes a trade will not go through yet are prepared to guarantee you fills...or<br />
**A. is only based in one country and....3 minutes from the airport departure lounge!...or<br />
**B. is represented with offices on 4 different continents!...or<br />
**A. who last won an award in...in...errr NEVER!...or<br />
**B: just won best FX Broker and Best Platform 2009 in Dubai...or<br />
**A.charges you commission on trades ontop of the spread...or<br />
**B. charges nothing on top of the tightest spreads...or<br />
**A. is not recognized enough to actually have their CMA invited on Bloomberg and CNBC that they have to creat their own little TV show viewable on their site only...or<br />
**B: is so highly respected that their CMA is regularly appearing on Bloomberg and CNBC.<br />
If you answered &quot;A&quot; to all, stay with Dukascopy, if you answered &quot;B&quot; to all....move to ACM...I did!<br />
**A. gives you the opportunity to watch airport carts with their sponsroship on go round in circles...or<br />
**B actually has a real racing team which have actually won trophies!

  24 Feb 2009  
Execution is the best. I am news trader and i do not any other company which can offer so fast execution
  23 Feb 2009  
I did not trust this company at beginning. After some research, I have found that they will apply for Swiss Banking License. Interesting point. But how difficult is it to get it? anyway. If you prepare yourself for a banking license in these days, you should be strong. (min. 10-20 million capital, as acm told me) Reason why I have visited them and opened an account. No other comments for the moment.
  26 Jan 2009  
Arrghh!!!!! I want to open up a FX account but there are so many scammers. Dukascopy's demo platform seems really cool; however, one fact that ran me off is their location. Here in the US the only companies that have their headquarters near an airport are crappy companies. The land is cheapest all the good real estate is already taken up be the established market players. It's like bying an NYSE stock not from Wall Street but from someone in New Jersey. I think I no on Dukascopy.
  15 Nov 2008  
I like their liquidity, specially these days, when it is difficult to find.
  19 Oct 2008  
They plain and simply robbed me...a big fat marketing scam that is a shame for switzerland's reputation. Thats what happens when russians are behind something, its really a shame claiming they are swiss. FYI, one of the lowest capitalised brokers in Switzerland (100K CHF), explains quite a lot right there, might save you something I paid the hard way.
  9 Oct 2008  
Have traded with them for over two years. Highly recommend them for serious traders managing large funds only. They do have some quirks with their software and charts, so best to use other charts and simply execute trades with them. When properly implemented, trades execute the fastest I have ever experienced and slippage is completely manageable. Just note that fast execution comes at a price of tight spreads but also commissions on every trade. Customer service is awesome!
  4 Sep 2008  
Hei, my strategy finally works. Stop with these marketmakers. And additionally I get interest from bank which arranged me Dukascopy Swiss FX Marketplace
  23 Jul 2008  
They are really good. 100 millions with one click. I like it. Platform is not easy, but when you trade for two weeks then you can understand everything. I will be with them for sure
  30 May 2008  
I agree with Do dah. Where does Dukas get its liquidity from? Given their size and problems with regulations/due diligence, no bank would share it with them, so my guess is that they are stealing it from some reputed data feed provider (may be this is the principal task of their IT department if they have any). Anyway, traders, BE AWARE: this place is a SCAM!!!
  6 Apr 2008  
pls i want to confirm the forex brokers that has license to operate. you can send the reply to my mail ads seunfalobi@yahoo.com
  19 Mar 2008  
I doubt that someone else in this industry can offer 18 $ per mio commission without any hidden profit in spread. They are great
  11 Mar 2008  
Now they offer smaller min trade size. for my strategy it is very good. every month they surprize me with different improvments.
  11 Feb 2008  
interesting platform . I'm new on Forex and I'm just demoing for the moment but I'm quite impressed by the speed , the spread provided by this Company compared to many others .. I saw some very negative comments , I'm surprised. Maybe I'm missing something ??
  8 Feb 2008  
This is soooo funny yet dang scary as well...I was looking at putting money with these jokers until I did some (This) research...they even did cut and paste comments on some other forums I found them listed on...the exact same comments word for word!!!
  17 Jan 2008  
Ive never seen so many company posts on one site its crazy. You can literally tell which post is done via company. Scarey stuff considering their minimum deposit for an account. They should be ashamed. DONT GET CAUGHT TRADERS BECAUSE THEY ALMOST GOT ME.
  13 Jan 2008  
Check out the comments: &quot;they are very big&quot; and &quot;close to their clients&quot; and &quot;biggest liquidity&quot; ...and using jargon barely known anywhere &quot;SWFX&quot;. Pumping their own name up with fake posts. Is pump-and-dump being applied to in this board as well as in the market? Hilarious to think someone will make a decision to place money with a company like Dukascopy. Traders, get real. Or, good luck.
  4 Jan 2008  
You've forgot to write IMHO as its your own personal opinion!
  12 Dec 2007  
This is a small company that just markets a centralized marketplace. First of all forex is not centralized and what bank would ever share liquidity with them? Its just a bubble growing and about to pop is all I can say, take it or leave it. Lets all be honest, we have traded here and there its now common knowledge that a broker that doesn't let you trade during the news is a market maker... why? because when you are a broker connected to multiple banks like FXCM, ACM or ODL securities, your entry and exit of the market will most likely not be done in the same bank. Therefore, nowone will notice you are scalping or taking quick profits on news. Only a market maker would have a problem with that. Sorry Dukas but yur a bunch of scammy liars and after my due diligence on you I wouldn't give you cent. Thanks all for the feedback and also Dukas saales people posting lies all over this forum, it helped me to understand the type of people I would be working with. My choice has now come down to the 3 brokers I stated previously. Bye.
  11 Dec 2007  
I have been trading with Dukascopy for the past couple of months. As I learn the platform I'm liking it more. I love the spreads - when I hear about spreads other people are getting I can only smile. What takes the gloss off however is at times of news. I have had great difficulty getting filled. the platform tells me there is no liquidity at that price. I have even tried going with no slippage control. So in effect it should hunt the nearest possible entry for that trade, regardless of how far away it is - there is always someone somwhere! And I still get the same message.
So despite the narrow spread - good for most kinds of trading. If I can not get entry at times of news it's no good to me.

  7 Dec 2007  
Enough liquidity. Need more exotic crosses (HUF or MXN). Very good service.
  16 Oct 2007  
Dears, Just look at the liquidity of Dukascopy. In fact, it is the biggest ECN. What I like is the fact that I can see in which sub-marketplace I traded, Hotspotfxi, Lavafx, currenex or swfx. (for info, 20GBP exe very good…)
  11 Oct 2007  


Dukascopy forex broker has been operating on the international financial markets since 2000. forex dukascopy is a Swiss regulated Brokerage House. The company offers its customers unique access to the first Decentralized Marketplace in the world, joining the best liquidity of centralized...

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