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its very simple & user friendly, gives amazing offers, etc

Robert   26 April, 2011  

wow! I was about to open an account with them, but your comment makes me think twice about it...their charts and interface are very user friendly and when u see how much money the best traders are aking on the weekly competition, you tell yourslelf well that could be nice...anyways I will definitely dig more about them before comitting eventually...but this IP BAN THING is really horrible!!!

Skyruler   22 November, 2010  

eToro ? I used this "THING" for 2-3 years...(playing...I only deposited 50 bucks two times during this period...try to understand why....)
You know what...? The first times you enter the Forex , you just make errors and errors and , you don't even mind blaming the "broker"...but once you get used to it (the market) and once you start getting serious about building up a portfolio(bu.ying books , studying and reading and practicing on free accounts) you start realizing things you wouldn't ever realize...
I 'm a software programmer and I've never seen such a SCAM , even in VIRUSES.....
True , their application "SEEMS" a lil'bit more serious NOW , BUT IT ISN'T !!! IT IS SO FULL OF BUGS IT SEEMS MY DIRTY TRASH CAN !!!
Here's a list of the things I hate :

- in practice/real mode ( with both the desktop version and the webtrader version) , if you're goin well/bad , they'll BLOCK YOU preventing you to be able to enter again in the software WITHOUT EVEN DISPLAYING ERROR MESSAGES !!
They used to call this "network error" or "LAG" know what ? IT IS NOT !!! How can I be so sure ? Cause I tried connecting with my neighbor's open-access wifi lan AND IT JUST WORKED !!
You know how's called that ?? TEMPORARY IP - BAN ( I wonder about "the others" by the time I found this....) !!!

-the stop losses / take profit editable parameters ARE LIMITED TO BROKER's DECISION ( but this software is such a crap I could be able to find a trick to over this limit..problem is it requires so much time I just say "who gives a f***" sometimes...I'll never put another cent there...)

-ultra slow slow I wonder why I'm still paying for a 20mbit adsl....damn..I live in Rome !! I can download whole movies in less than half a hour in this city and from servers from the world !!!!

-you just cannot leave this thing unhattended...and that is BAD . The last thing you need while trading is fear ...ou..hey ?? guess what ?? eToro GIVES YOU THAT TOO and IT ISN'T EVEN FREE !!

-surprise spreads !! so high you'll only scalp 1buck each 10 !! in sum : you're not the "white collar" , you're the BLUE here (besides all those green stuff....)

Also , THE FORUM DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE and the major part of their " indicators " are based on their STUPID CLIENTS 's DECISIONS (don't worry reader...I'm stupid too...) !!!
Imagine a bullish / bearish trend indicator based on mere irrational decision taken from THOUSANDS newbies....
Without even talking about the chat.....if there's something really unprofessional for a trader IS A CHAT ROOM TO WASTE TIME (while ,instead, TIME IS MONEY)
And if you're psychologically-weak , enough to believe other users're lost...and your money too....

Here's your "deal"

Take care guys.

PS : regulated ?? LOL !! I wonder who's the bastard wich is drowing under our money........

PPS: tell you're webmaster this "word checker" cannot even recognize the word "" (the dot is used to avoid it) from "" .........DUDE !! are you working with eToro or what ?
is all this for real ????

Neo   9 November, 2010  

Etoro is a genuine company, they can be trusted with money. However their platform is rubbish, you can lose your money just like that. 1. There is no trailing stop with Etoro as with Metatrader. Their plaform does not accomodate small traders since they do not have mini lots. Their leverage is too high you can get wiped out just like that as much as you can also make huge amounts of money just like that.

Michael Masanga   1 November, 2010  

As most of these software/platforms for trading currencies do, they earn they're money from their clients. The last example I know of, was a huge and very respected investment bank (Sponsor of a Tour de France team), who I acused of delays in trading and is prosecuted at the moment. It also came to the surface that something like 90 % of their clients lost money in their relationship with the bank.

So, to be more straight. If you like gambling and often goes to casinoes etc., the forex market might be worth considering even thou the changes of winning is less than your odds at a Roulette table (1:36) . But IF, you want security, sound and healthy investments? Do not gamble here.

Rune   5 October, 2010  

I wish people would not post 'empty' posts, but something others can at least learn from. I.e. ...

"31 March 2010 | Samuel | eToro
At eToro has one huge problem - they work against clients. And this problem the most important for them."

What exactly do you mean and how do you know it? Most people on here want to learn and comments like that just does not help and devalues this site.

Jack   22 July, 2010  

"Retoro" Etoro for Retarded. Should make re branding!!

FX Trader   6 June, 2010  

Etoro is legitimate. Very good trading plaform. No problem with TP or SL, execution or withdrawal. They do not work against clients.

Michael, UK   17 April, 2010  

making only stop loose but unable to reach the take profit. net conection is very pour .

rajesh ranjan   12 April, 2010  

At eToro has one huge problem - they work against clients. And this problem the most important for them.

Samuel   31 March, 2010  

etoro had lots of problems, but the new version they launched solved most of them<br />
and as for the bonus - I received several bonuses from them without any trouble.

DeliveryBoy   18 February, 2010  

They have a huge spread on EUR / USD<br />
Do not give you a bonus as promised.<br />
The worst choice for beginners.

e-toro casino   17 February, 2010  

John and Karetsu - As said earlier by trembler:<br />
<br />
robbed? joke? can&#39;t change SL and TP while trade is open? that&#39;s bul**hit.<br />
if you want to review the program to it properly. etoro has a lot of problems (changing SL and TP while trade is open isn&#39;t one of them) but it&#39;s not a fraud or scam. they are legit and regulated just as the next forex broker.

Thinkpad   17 February, 2010  

The explosion of the Forex Market worldwide has created a sort of awkward situation for the Island of Cyprus. Before its acceptance in the EU in 2004, Cyprus was an Offshore Company Tax Haven, because of these tax peculiarities as well as its strategic positioning between three continents, Cyprus experienced a built up of unregulated forex brokers establishing their operations on the island while still being registered in also other offshore tax-heaven jurisdictions such as BVI, Seychelles, Costa Rica, Belize, Mauritius, etc. Since these companies were not and still are not regulated by any well-recognized authority, being just a shell companies, they simply do not comply with any anti-money laundering law, because of this one can only characterize them as cowboy companies.<br />
<br />
It is because of these companies amongst others that Cyprus was blacklisted as a money laundering country. But, since 2004 Cyprus has joined the European Union had to comply with European Union law and European Parliament Directives, which it did in large part but not completely. This part compliance has removed Cyprus from the blacklist. The efforts of the Cyprus Republic to regulate its market where serious, in 2003 CySEC was established. CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ) is a regulatory body – ( which amongst others also regulates FOREX. As per its announcement of the 17th June 2009 (full version located at: CySEC defines what is considered to be a FOREX company and what are the requirements to operate one, are: “the persons which provide the abovementioned activity of foreign exchange spot trading have the obligation to submit an application to the Commission in order to be granted CIF(Cyprus Investment Firm) authorization.”<br />
<br />
Cyprus wants now to safeguard the good name it has fought so hard to establish, it is for this reason that on the 6th of November 2009 a small announcement of only a few lines was dropped as bomb in the forex industry. It simply stated: “The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the Commission’), in continuance with its announcement dated 17 June 2009, wishes to announce the following:<br />
Persons that conduct foreign exchange trading transactions, which do not aim to the physical delivery of the agreed foreign exchange or are not materially settled in cash, should, within one month from the date of the present announcement:<br />
<br />
1. submit an application to the Commission for the granting of a Cyprus Investment Firm authorisation, or<br />
<br />
2. cease to provide the above service.<br />
<br />
The Commission, upon the lapse of the one month notice, intends to take measures against the persons that did not comply with the above as they will be in violation with the provisions of section 4 of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law”. (see full version at:<br />
<br />
This short statement simply announces to all unregulated companies which are operated from Cyprus – having headquarters in Cyprus, accepting correspondence and money in Cyprus and providing forex services to the internet community, (The short list of these companies is – Prime4X, Forex4You, FXOpen, TadawulFX, IkoFX, eTorro, BroCo and so on) to simply disappear.<br />
<br />
This deadline is simply too small for these unregulated companies to go through the process of regulation, it is therefore natural to say that they are not welcome anymore in the Republic of Cyprus and they should either shut down completely or find another country to operate. If they don’t they will be prosecuted at the full letter of the law.<br />
<br />
In accordance with Part XVII of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007 (Law 144(I)/2007) - 140.-(1) A person who is in violation of or does not comply with subsection (1) or (3) of section 4 or section 139, is guilty of a criminal offence, punishable, in the event of conviction, by a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years or by a fine, not exceeding three hundred and fifty thousand euro (Ђ350.000) or both.<br />
<br />
This means that nobody will be able to work with these companies, neither Cypriot employee, banks or money transferring organizations; it does not take a genius to understand that if anyone is carrying deposits with these companies will simply not be able to withdraw them and is in very high risk in losing his or her funds forever. This means that these companies become a criminal business.<br />
<br />
My best advice therefore is unless a company is regulated, especially if it operates from Cyprus it is not worth to work with. It does not matter how much money in bonus they give you when they will simply not be able to wire it to you, they will disappear one day in Cyberspace like so many others have done before.<br />
<br />
Dec 07, 2009

Julian   23 December, 2009  

I&#39;m new also at this... but I wonder, could be a forex broker bankrupt...?

rintoz   13 November, 2009  

be wise people,,,first time it was turbulance in connectivity but then it become better than ever. please understand it carefully about your problem

servant   24 June, 2009  

For beginers this is the kindergarden broker, but when you need more than 8 currencies, a mobile trader and fractional pips you will need to move.

Dragon Dog   20 March, 2009  

I didn't deposit yet, but I enjoy learning with them

deepak   18 March, 2009  

I trade with etoro for a few weeks now, It used to be just for fun but they upgraded their chrating options and now they have some very nice graphs.<br />
deposited $500 and cashed out for $100. <br />
That&#39;s my experience.

Hussein   17 March, 2009  

hi, guys i see etoro is good broker i traded on demo for 2 months and after that i deposit real money they give 100% bonus. yaa they has a problem of server failing some times it shows error whenver we go to open their plateform.

jatin   13 August, 2008  

My experience highly resembled Adam's experience... overall rating is a big fat 0/10 because absolutely nothing worked correctly. Apparently, all they do over there is vote for themselves on this website which is what got me in. If you want to save time and money just avoid EToro completely. I recently signed up with another broker based in Switzerland that I also found here and its a totally different and better planet. I now realise Etoro was ever so simply a rip off. Good luck guys.

low clas   22 May, 2008  

I tade with eToro for 2 month and I like it. I got fast support when I had a question about the graphs. I also got 100% bonus on my deposit!!! :-)
I was able to withdraw money by paypal. didnt try wire yet.

The Trader   20 May, 2008  

yeah eToro is toy, cant change SL or TP and what are you think about this broker?

Karetsu   25 March, 2008  

As i can see Karetsu you are fool.For you it's a toy.

Laslo   21 March, 2008  

eToro? what is it? some toy??? hahahahahahahaha

Karetsu   21 March, 2008  

etoro is more a toy as it is a tool. One cannot change TP or SL while the trade is running. Many disconnects while the trade is running. I was there and have seen enough: not a proggy a real trader can use. A good toy for these who don't know anything about forex, or for these who can saty on their PC the whole day to keep an eye on etoro. A stay-away if you wanna TRADE, a stay-there if you wanna PLAY with your money.
But, at the end you wil loose it all overthere.And, i did forget: easy to put your money in, hard to get your money out.

halleman   1 March, 2008  

I'm new to Forex and it was the first and the only broker I've used so far.
Their platform is intuitive and easy to use but their charts are awful, I used a demo chart from ForexTrader, which has quicker updates.

Everything went fine during about three days until I was suddenly unable to close a position with good profit.
The problem stopped after about five minutes but then the marked changed against me and I had to wait longer until I could close the position with some profit.
Sent them an email and they answered suggesting that it was my firewall that prevented the execution. I don't believe that because I've used the same computer and the same firewall all the time and the problem just occurred once.

I've tried to send a withdrawal request by fax and got the following message:
Error at the end of send phase!
I've tried to send the withdrawal request by fax again next day and got the following message:
Error at the end of send phase!
I've tried to send a withdrawal request by email to and got the following message:
The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user's mailfolder is full.

After having posted on their own forum, I finally was able to send them the documents required to execute the withdrawal, this by using their intern communication platform instead of the method recommended on their withdrawal form.

You may draw your own conclusions.

Adam   24 February, 2008  

For now etoro is the only broker i can trust

Teejee   23 February, 2008  

I think they use 400:1....I'm blushing already

Michelle   11 February, 2008  

I wish the pros would post their comments. This forex thing is new to me and EToro does look interesting but I don't know if I can trust them.

Michelle   11 February, 2008  

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