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A comofrtable company, - that is how I would say about this company. No super ordinary things, butit is easy and safe with them. The most important thing is conditions for trading. Then it is my task how to use it. So far, no shameful requotes and the prices do not seem to slip. I trade both manually and by EAs. In these cases, a broker never intervenes. No spoke in the wheel. If you wish, you can do scalping here. Finally, their withdrawal service is beyond praise. Quickly, accurately.

stepachenko   25 January, 2016  

I think no broker can be called the best broker. All of them have some advantages, which differ them from other brokers and on which we are based when choosing a company. no other broker can compete with freshforex in terms of withdrawal! Then, their technical support, which is not only polite, but also useful. Their answer all the questions and do everything efficiently and professionally. Oh, and freshforex trading conditions are satisfactory.

Samual   24 January, 2016  

A decent broker, I've been trading with them for five years. Anything can happen, I even lost once, but they have to blame nobody but for me, so no complaints. In fact, the work was profitable, especially if to compare with bank deposits. But I do not recommend to all sorts of traders,you need strong knowledge and practice. Take bonus or demo account from them and learn, learn.

elninjo   23 January, 2016  

I am also trading with them, but did not use bonuses, to me, their rebate on spreads is a much more interesting part. According to my calculations, under active trading pipsing, this promo gives more profit.

borey   22 January, 2016  

As for me, Fresh is one of brokers with good trading conditions. Trading terminal works well. There is no minimum deposit, you can open many accounts with different trading instruments. No any delays with execution. This company has many withdrawal methods. And “Cancel of commissions” promo is very popular among traders. Broker cancel all deposit commissions. I saved some money for Christmas!

Graham17   26 December, 2015  

A decent broker, I've been trading with them for five years. Anything can happen, I even lost once, but they have to blame nobody but for me, so no complaints. In fact, the work was profitable, especially if to compare with bank deposits. But I do not recommend to all sorts of traders,you need strong knowledge and practice. Take bonus or demo account from them and learn, learn.

garant   25 December, 2015  

Personally, I am subscribed to newsletters of my broker FreshForex and I'm always updated about market events. I choose what interests me and either watch it online or watch the record, depending on a situation.

Andrey.Volobov   21 December, 2015  

I like to trade on my own. I was lucky that website of my broker has a lot of really useful training information. From the very beginning, these materials helped me to understand how and what was happening in Forex. And now I often check with this website.

Gara   19 December, 2015  

I also ve been trading here for 6 month in run. I noticed that even when under the market storm, ECN do not give strange peaks, all goes on market. Earning is real, scalping owl show themselves good here.

pillower   9 December, 2015  

Hello to everybody. As for me - an interesting broker. Despite as low as $100 on account, it immediately gave me an access to ECN. Although this level is usually given to thicker wallets. Quotes are prompt, no drawdowns, robots trade properly. Access to account balance check is also good even for my balance. Although I would not be surprised even with late payment for a day or so, but in fact it is a matter of minutes.

irish   6 December, 2015  

I work in the back office, have both time and the internet, but not much money. So, I search the web to find extra earnings. And came across freshforex. Of course, trading is not easy, but I do not I expect millions. Any way, you need to learn, by the 6 th month I'd already felt quite confident, and earnings went smooth. For starters I recommend they take a bonus, freshforex offer a really working bonus. You'll earn on it and can add deposit. To withdraw from this broker, you'd better make a branded card from them, it is convenient

trupper   27 November, 2015  

I was interested about this company and I registered. It was not an usual broker and just a common one. Good trading conditions. Obvious advantages: deposit and withdrawal are fast, client space is easy to navigate.

David5   25 November, 2015  

I'm not a professianal trader. I've been on trading for 3 year. During this period I changes many companies. Now I am with freshforex. Conditions are not worse and sometimes even better than other brokers give. At least I never had cancelled deals, slippages are very moderate and rare, execution is fast.

Jack   22 November, 2015  

To my mind, trade is profitable, but boring thing. You need wait for a right moment and make forecasts. No much fun. But some contests can help. And freshforex always has such promos! They always hold interesting contests for fund managers!

Emil   29 October, 2015  

I am not so experienced as you are. But I have heard plenty of horror stories about brokers that cheat. Probably some brokers do, but this broker is unlikely to make such things, cause it's been working for more than 11 years. I have no spoke in my wheels, and it was more than easy to drain my account, with $ 50 for them. But I've already made above two hundred dollars, and that is from 21 August. I applied for $ 40, was withdrawn immediately.

lithium   28 October, 2015  

This broker is really cool! They always have a lot of promotions for their clients. For instance, now they offer $1000 no deposit bonus! So, I have already received two)) For me and my brother))

Aurora   26 October, 2015  

Personally I use a Clas sic account. I prefer scalping and a short-term trading in general. I set a lot of trades, but small amount of pips. My extra income is bonus which retuns a part of spread. For this trading strategy it is quite a significant amount of money. My profit for July was $687, rebates were $43.

ironer   19 October, 2015  

I trade with this broker mostly. I use its Market pro account and I have got an adviser for this account. This adviser has been working for 6 months, I stoped it only once when I was in hospital and twice I made corrections. Now I have profit 15-30% per month, drawdown was 3%. I believe that is due to trading conditions which the broker provides.

riddik   27 September, 2015  

This broker is good one. I've been trading with it for a 2 years and still no problems. I like its trading conditions and bonuses. Always use 35% on deposit and have a stable profit every month.

Valeus56   27 September, 2015  

I have got an account with this broker for a long time and I have never experienced requotes or slippages with it. I don't get profit every month, but the last one was profitable, I earned $156. I don't like to risk, but in general this half of a year was profitable. And the most important is that I withdraw my money with no delays.

irakly   25 September, 2015  

I only start to learn how to trade on forex market, so I chose this broker, because of its responsive customer support service. They answered all my question and explained how to open a demo account for practice. So, let me take this opportunity to thank them for asistance.

Richard   22 September, 2015  

I have used an account in this company since February. I used it a bit first, and sinse May I work as much as I can. I withdrew with electronic payment system up to $100 and it took up to an hour. I also deposited $520 and $476 on MasterCard and I got money during a day.

Rikko   28 August, 2015  

I have tried to trade with many brokers, but I can say that FreshForex is one in a thousand, that I can earn with. It is not too much, of course, not like scams promise 100% per day, but something about 10% per month. It is more than $250 and I guess that it is quite good. Probably, their trading conditions suit me and it helps me trade with profit.

zalmato   13 August, 2015  

It's an interesting broker, first of all because of its promotions. One of the recent promotions is interest on free funds and it depends on how actively you trade. So traders gets more that just people who only deposit some money and that's all. The volume seems big only for manual trading. I use an advisor, it makes such a volume quickly.

jTrader   30 July, 2015  

Like many others of my fellow traders I have a real ECN trading account with FreshForex. I can accertain that their ECN is really specified for fast trading, also with the usage of trading robots. By the way I like that the broker allows the usage of robots and expert advisers. Another pleasant thing is a bonus on depositing. So the broker is quite suitable to trade with.

Garry   28 July, 2015  

I like the fact that FreshForex handles all crises fine. Pound, frank, ruble. I know that many brokers failed and disappeared but FreshForex stood and even make a better expansion.

Medvedev   26 July, 2015  

Now promotions are a big subject for everybody but I don't care. I am with FreshForex cause like their terms. It is nothing special but no serious drawbacks. Platform is stable and no questions with execution. Withdrawal is fine.

Vodolazkyy   24 July, 2015  

I guess, Freshforex is a good broker, because it allows to trade with your own advisers. And some other broker usually block advisers and cancel its ord-ers. This company doesn't have such problem, and always withdraws my profit without any question.

Zinner   15 July, 2015  

Once I tried to deposit using skrill and once using QIWI and freshforex returned me $50 on deposit. It was a commission by QIWI. I don't know any other broker which does something like that. What about withdrawal it's OK too. $200-$300 in 5 min. $1136 in 8 min.

Steve   14 July, 2015  

What about terminal, here is everything as usual, trading is quite normal, spreads are not big and almost no gapping. On a fast market I can be sure that all my commands will be executed because I have already checked it. So I can recommend this company for easy work.

Giger   1 July, 2015  

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FreshForex company was established in 2004. The company was founded by the experts with successful experience in the Internet trading business. Thanks to a vast experience of interaction with broker and trading environment, we were able to work out and offer you both comfortable and affordable...

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