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ECN/STP execution types are really different and you may even notice it if you have enough experience in trading sphere. In fact, it doesn't mean something good or bad, just a fact statement.
  26 Dec 2022  
Dear Virman R.,

Thank you for leaving feedback on our services. We are striving for the best; thus, providing excellent conditions is our primary goal!

Indeed, ECN/STP order execution type is our unique solution for trading activity. Plus, they really have some differences, but they are pretty minor. When a trader is busy with trading, he won't distinguish when the order is executed using the ECN system and when it's opened using STP. Everything is because both are characterized by quick execution.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   27 December 2022
I believe such brokers that grant the access to mobile application are out of turn. They must be chosen, as this access can help traders to earn more funds, it helps them to be flexible and mobile. What FXCC company offers on this matter? 30 technical indicators available on the platform; connecting to account from anywhere; modifying, opening and closing trades. I ain't argue that some traders don't care about this feature and consider it useless, but it's their choice.
  19 Dec 2022  
Dear Mduduzi Morris,

Our team appreciates such an honest and objective review of our services! We promise to continue working on trading conditions to lead them to excellence.

As for the mobile application for traders, then, indeed, it was developed intentionally to help the trader to be more flexible and mobile, as you mentioned. This application includes all features a desktop version of the platform does. That's why traders can enjoy the same interface and hardware.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   20 December 2022
Do I need to pay commission for each trade?
  14 Dec 2022  
Dear Che Zubair,

We are grateful for your request. It helps us to improve the quality of the services provided.

We provide a commission-free trading account. So, you do not need to pay any fees.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   15 December 2022
No, it’s a commission-free broker.
Khumalo   23 Dec 2022
One of the first and foremost things I look at when I am in pursuit of a new broker that will help me get better results in trading is the availability of good instruments and presence of great conditions. FXCC is simply doing what is necessary to take care of all that. Years of partnership for us are underway.
  14 Dec 2022  
Dear PRomero,

We appreciate your review and thank you that you are pleased with our services.

FXCC constantly and meticulously strives for excellence to keep their customers satisfied with its services and trading conditions it offers.

We wish you a smooth and profitable experience in your endeavors on financial markets.

Kind regards,
FXCC team
FXCC (Official)   14 December 2022
No doubt this broker has some of the best trading conditions. The pricing is also simply amazing.
  5 Dec 2022  
Dear Intradit,

Thank you for your positive review!

We try to create the best environment for our clients, and we are glad to see that you are pleased with our services.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 December 2022
I like the conditions at this broker, but as a newbie it is hard to trade in full power without sufficient knowledge about the subject. Even with the possibility to trade at demo account I still have a lot of questions in daily routine. Nevetheless, trading is not an easy way.
  2 Dec 2022  
Dear Khoa Kim,

Thank you for your review.

We understand how hard trading can be for beginners. That is why FXCC tries to offer services for traders with different backgrounds. We have an educational resource on the official website. It is available 24/7, and you are welcome to check it anytime.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 December 2022
Just look at the trading conditions that this broker provides to customers. Every point is above average. That's why I opened a trading account here.
  28 Nov 2022  
Dear Dhard,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are sincerely glad that you appreciated our trading conditions so much. We are proud to provide quality services and trading conditions that our clients like!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   29 November 2022
Interesting broker, I decided to trade here for a while in order to earn some pennies for investing purposes. I understood everything quickly, no issues at all. However, still I have certain questions, for instance, how funds are secured here? What methods are used to protect clients funds?
  24 Nov 2022  
Dear Marcus Collins,

Thank you for the question!

We take various measures to keep our clients' funds as safe as possible. The most noticeable is segregated accounts for the company's capital and clients' funding.
Also, we require you to use the same payment methods you used for depositing. This way payments with our company become much more secure.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   25 November 2022
It was pretty funny to me to guess what does FXCC stand for. I ain't know why I wanted to guess this mystery, I just had lotta time. Anyway, if we speak about my experience of trading here then it's exceptionally positive experience. Sure, I had some difficulties but they were resolved cohesively with customer support team. I don't think all traders face them. It's just me and my stupidity.
  17 Nov 2022  
Dear Leo Smith,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us!

Our primary goal is to create client-oriented services that will help our traders excel. A responsive and informative support team is definitely a part of it.
Just know that our client support is always there to help you.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   18 November 2022
At first, I thought they were kidding me. I couldn't believe that they don't charge fees for their tight spreads. Then my friend told that there're such brokers. They provide such conditions cause can afford this. The main thing is that it's real. I made sure that's true.
  15 Nov 2022  
Dear Benjamin Kelly,

Thank you for your detailed review of our services. We strive to be better day by day.

As for commission absence, then you are entirely correct. We don't charge any commissions, even taking into account the fact that we also offer tight spreads. Our team understands that providing convenient conditions is considered to be the most essential part of trading.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 November 2022
Is it possible to manage more than one account for FX trading here?
  9 Nov 2022  
Dear Tremblay,

Thank you for your valuable question.

With Multi Account Manager, we offer our traders to be allowed and entitled to manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously.

To explore the advantages further and see what else you are allowed to do on Multi Account Manager for yourself, please navigate to our related section at https://www.fxcc.com/multi-account-manager.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   11 November 2022
For people like me, trading conditions are paramount in selecting a broker. The broker FXCC offers the best conditions for my trading style and I have been enjoying the broker for ten months now.
  5 Nov 2022  
Dear Drexler,

We are grateful for your attention!

Our company seeks to provide the perfect trading experience for our clients. Our ECN XL account offers affordable market terms with zero commissions and zero hidden fees.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   7 November 2022
I began to trade about a year ago. That's nothing special here: it was a demo account at FXCC first, then I funded my first live account and my profit was a little bit above zero with varied success. Then I gradually made better results and doing it now. If we talk about conditions it is good at FXCC. The most important thing to check is broker's regulation. FXCC is fine at this.
  3 Nov 2022  
Dear Nguyen Sy,

Thank you for the review.

We are glad that your performance keeps improving. Our team always tries to offer the best condition on the market.
You can always visit our official website if you are interested in legal information.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 November 2022
I guess FXCC can’t be called a “special” broker. Nevertheless it gathered all the good stuff in its trading conditions and all great services in one place. So that everybody who encounters FXCC can leave his searching behind, because there won’t be a broker better.
Myles Richard   25 Nov 2022
Nice and reliable broker. Services work without errors, so I never had any problems.
  28 Oct 2022  
Dear Bouchard,

We are sincerely grateful for your feedback about our company's services!

It is essential for us that our clients can trade without experiencing any difficulties. For this purpose, we provide uninterrupted operation of our services.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   31 October 2022
Can you explain the difference between NDD and DD brokers, so that even an idiot like me could understand?
  25 Oct 2022  
Dear Jalaal bin Alawi,

We're grateful for your question!

Please, don't be so hard on yourself. The execution aspect can be challenging, especially for beginners.
In simple terms, NDD execution does not imply intermediaries between traders and liquidity providers. This way, orders go directly to the market.
As for FXCC, we have true STP execution where our clients access the providers' liquidity from our liquidity pool.
Hope we have cleared up this question for you.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   26 October 2022
I checked out the information about order execution here and found out that there are two main types STP and ECN. In fact, I have no idea at all what does it mean, just in general, and I don't think that it obviously affects trading activity. Nevertheless, if the company highlights this feature as their unique solution for clients, then, maybe, it's like that. I tend to trust the company as it seems to me credible. As for my experience in trading here, then I can admit the fact that this activity may be profitable with this company. The matter here is to comply with wise risk management strategy and never cease learning. Learning takes a great part of the whole trading, wish all traders would understand it.
  24 Oct 2022  
Dear Fontes,

Thank you for your detailed review of our services and experience description. Our team appreciates the fact that you have found the time to share your opinion.

As for order execution types, then there are some differences. But, in fact, it's almost the same. A risk management strategy is not obligatory; on the other hand, many traders know that it may help them to trade.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   24 October 2022
Once I joined this company I thought that there were no ways to become a scalper here. However, after trading for a while on demo account I realized: why not? I started to open 20-25 positions per day, and divided my trading session on several parts. In fact, it was kinda difficult to me to sort out with spreads, as I simply wasn't able to find information about it, but everything was solved later. Thanks to the FXCC broker, it opened me the doors to the scalping world. It's really worth it.
  17 Oct 2022  
Dear Dimont,

We are grateful for the praiseful review!

FXCC positions itself as a scalper-friendly broker. Our STP execution allows us to provide our clients with the most competitive spreads.
You can also monitor the spreads on trading instruments through our Average Effective Spreads tool.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   17 October 2022
I had many tries to start trading with other brokers, but eventually chose FXCC as here I feel confidence. Not all brokers can inspire this feeling, that's why I am grateful to this company.
  17 Oct 2022  
Dear Mahidol,

Thank you for your high assessment of our efforts!

FXCC wishes you a smooth trading experience. We, on our part, will do our best to provide it.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   17 October 2022
Is it possible for me to be provided with Free VPS service here, or do they only provide it to advanced professional traders who trade thousands of dollars?
  12 Oct 2022  
Dear Adam Bergeron,

Thank you for your question regarding our services.

It certainly is possible. Our traders who maintain a minimum equity of $2500 receive unlimited access to our service of Virtual Private Server (VPS) for speed and security reasons without an extra cost or charge.

To find out more about how our VPS service works, you may choose to refer to the VPS section on our website https://www.fxcc.com/vps

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   13 October 2022
The reason to join this broke was the desire to trade cross-pairs with the British pound. I also trade other crosses, but cross-pairs with the UK currency are the best for me. I usually earn more with them. It feels like I’m psychologically compatible with these pairs. I’m particularly fond of trading GBP/NZD, GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF, and GBP/AUD. I do appreciate the fact that all these pairs alongside GBP/NOK can be traded with this broker with a leverage size 1:500. The broker has just one downside - it offers one account only. However, as of now, it’s not a critical downside for me.
  10 Oct 2022  
I mostly trade trendy assets. They give me the bulk of my trading income. Sometimes I trade tricky volatile instruments such as cryptos and metals, but very fast it get exhausted. So, I’d better trade more predictable assets such as USD/JPY and indices. I came to this broker to trade these assets too. That’s not bad broker. It doesn’t offer too many features, but at least it proved itself as a reliable partner.
  7 Oct 2022  
It seems to me some traders may not like that broker offers one account to trade on its platform. That is, only one account type can be chosen by trader. At first glance, it looks like disadvantage. But after opening account, I understood that these were trading conditions I needed. It is possible that these trading conditions will not be suitable for someone's trading strategy. So I think best way to check quality of trading is to use demo account if you have any doubts. This is safest and most reliable way to check broker's trading conditions in practice. Besides, demo account is free service. These trading conditions fit me, so I opened real account immediately.
  4 Oct 2022  
I like this robot, it augmented significantly my earnings from one day to another.
  20 Sep 2022  
I very much like trade on brokers mt4. It is perfect trading application.
  17 Sep 2022  
"Are there any built-in indicators on this platform? And is their use allowed?" - The broker’s custom platform comes with most popular indicators that can be found on other platforms. Of course, you can use them.
  11 Sep 2022  
Could you please let me know if my deposited funds are protected in any way?
  9 Sep 2022  
There are so many options to use when making a deposit with this broker. Although, as I was depositing in cryptocurrency, it incurred charges which were not necessarily from the broker. But crypto simplifies international transactions, which is why the broker supports it.
  3 Sep 2022  
Already finished my demo trading and now I am heading to open real account. Hope it will be profitable!
  29 Aug 2022  
How does broker treat fact that traders install additional software and indicators on trading platform?
  17 Aug 2022  
Broker offers its customers MetaTrader4 platform. I trade on it and use custom indicators. I have been trading this way for several months now and everything is fine. In addition, nowhere on official website have I seen that using such software is forbidden. I think this means that broker allows its customers to use additional software on platform.
Per Berg   24 Aug 2022
Tons of learning materials. I like reading articles on weekends and news daily in the morning. This company offers an opportunity to get acquainted with news and current events in financial sphere.
  13 Aug 2022  

Established in 2010, FXCC emerges as a foremost STP/ECN broker, with a focus on Forex and CFDs, rendering institutional-grade services and economical trading possibilities to retail clients eager to explore a broad array of products. With its stringent adherence to CySEC regulations, FXCC grants...

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