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  12 Jul 2024
FXCC provides a lot of trading materials for us and I think it is a good opportunity to learn something more about trading and financial markets. For example, I found a lot of new things about roll over, slippage, margin, major economic indicators, what is ECN account and many other things. If you want to be successful in the trading field, you gotta pay more attention to education and after that you will be profitable, guys.
  9 Jul 2024
FXCC offers an ECN/STP (Electronic Communication Network/Straight Through Processing) trading model, which means there is no dealing desk intervention. This has resulted in faster execution speeds and better pricing, as my orders are matched directly with liquidity providers. The transparency and fairness of this model have been highly beneficial for my trading strategies. One of the standout features for me is the absence of deposit fees. This means that every dollar I deposit into my trading account goes directly towards my trading activities, without any deductions. This has been a great advantage in managing my trading capital more effectively. Although the deposit process is swift, I've noticed that the withdrawal processing time can sometimes be slower than expected. While it's not a significant issue, it can be inconvenient when I need quick access to my funds for other investments or personal use.
  26 Jun 2024
I just relish my pastime with this broker because not only do I improve my skills constantly but also make solid dough due to trading.
It's still not enough for a living, but additional income.
Dear sayad,

Thank you for this concise but anyway details feedback after using our services!

At FXCC, we aim to provide necessary trading instruments and permanently improve the quality of our services, as these are paramount for clients to achieve their financial goals.

If you have any questions or want to clarify certain moments, please contact our client support team!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   27 June 2024
  19 Jun 2024
I came to the FXCC broker because of those reviews I stubled into online. Yeah, I have never heard of this broker before but it has positive reviews, at least, the number of negative ones is way smaller. I got hooked by the complete absence of hiden fees and transparent pricing system. Spraeds start from zero pips, but ofc they aren't that tight. Usually no more than 2.5 pips on major pairs.
Dear Benjamin Wilson,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

We’re pleased to hear that the positive reviews and our transparent pricing system led you to choose FXCC as your broker. It's great to know that you appreciate the absence of hidden fees and our competitive spreads. We maintain transparency and provide a cost-effective trading environment for our clients.

If you have any further feedback, questions, or need assistance, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help and ensure your trading experience is exceptional.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   20 June 2024
  12 Jun 2024
i am glad that i decided to start working with the fxcc broker.
it all started when i stumbled into some reviews of the broker where guys described this platform as something the most cost-effective they have seen. you know, no fees for depositing funds, zero commissions and so on.

i tested it and can join these words. spreads are tight here, when you trade forex pairs, for example, then don't get wider than 3 pips in average. and it's when you trade during peak hours when volatility goes high in the sky, imagine!
also, execution is of lightning speed, it's important too.
Dear Junior M.,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback!

We are delighted to hear that you chose to work with FXCC and found our platform to be as cost-effective as the reviews suggested. Providing a fee-free, zero-commission environment is part of our commitment to offering the best possible trading conditions for our clients.

It's great to hear that you appreciate our tight spreads and fast execution, even during peak trading hours. Ensuring competitive spreads and lightning-speed execution is crucial for a seamless trading experience, and we’re glad to know that you’re benefiting from these features.

If you have any further feedback, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to reach out. We're here to support you and ensure your trading experience remains exceptional.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   12 June 2024
  30 May 2024
It is a fully regulated and safe brokerage to trade with. Furthermore, check the trading terms on their ECN XL account type. This is the flagship of this platform and has attractive trading terms.
Dear Jabari,

We appreciate your feedback of our company!

It is a pleasure to hear from you that you liked our trading platform and conditions. We always aim to provide the best services for our customers.

If you have any further suggestions, questions, or need additional information, please feel free to reach out. We are here to help you and ensure your trading experience is as productive as possible.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   30 May 2024
  28 May 2024
as for an algo trading admirer, free VPS is something that i needed.
basically, it's not REALLY free, you must meet conditions, but for me to make a deposit, maintain mnimum equity of $2.5k and have monthly trading volume equated to 30 standard lots round turn wasn't that difficult.
i've been in the business for a long period, and know it inside out. conditions are better than at other firms.
Dear Leo Adams,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

FXCC VPS service is particularly valued by algorithmic traders like yourself, who require a stable and high-speed environment to run trading algorithms efficiently and without interruptions. The conditions for the free VPS service are designed to be accessible while ensuring that the service is utilized by traders who are actively engaging with the platform.

If you have any further feedback, need assistance with your trading activities, or have questions about other services, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   30 May 2024
  14 May 2024
It's not actually a super-duper unique broker but it has some features which make it stand out.
For instance, its avoidance of using widely spread account types system is an interesting trick. There is only one account that stands for the combination of top trading terms, like narrow spreads, x500 leverage, ECN execution type and allowed hedging. I pretty much like that, huh.
Dear Tamil Goswami,

Thank you for your insightful feedback!

We are glad to hear that you appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of having a single account type that combines several advantageous trading conditions. Such as narrow spreads, high leverage options up to 1:500, ECN execution, and the allowance for hedging.
We believe this account covers the needs of the majority of traders.

If you have any further suggestions, questions, or need additional information, please feel free to reach out. We are here to help you and ensure your trading experience is as productive as possible.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   15 May 2024
  10 May 2024
One of the most cost-efficient online trading platforms!
Trading with an ECN account without paying a trading fee when opening and closing a position is advantageous!
Dear H. Taylor,

Thank you for your feedback about our cost-efficiency and the benefits of trading with an ECN account at FXCC!

We're thrilled to hear that you find the absence of trading fees on opening and closing positions advantageous. Our ECN account is designed to provide direct access to liquidity providers with competitive spreads and no additional trading fees, offering a transparent trading environment that can significantly enhance trading efficiency.

If there's anything else we can do to assist you or improve your experience further, please let us know.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   10 May 2024
  6 May 2024
A fantastic broker honestly trading here has been the best decision I made during my trading. It wasn't an easy one but with the right broker I became better with my skills and improved on my trading strategy. I signed up with the ECN account with just $0 which was the minimum deposit required for some deposit methods, this was very encouraging becase it was affordable and cost effective plus with time I grew my capital. This broker has been my ride or die literally!
Dear Hakim,

Thank you for your attention to the services we provide!
Our team is glad to get such feedback, as it helps us to grow.

It's awesome to hear that you have managed to better your trading skills and improve your trading strategy. We are also grateful to you for sharing your thoughts on the cost-effectiveness of our platform. We aim to provide cost-efficient trading services to let our clients realize their potential and get maximum output from trading.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 May 2024
  26 Apr 2024
I had some doubt about the relia,bility of this broker and how many qualitative. services they provide to customers. Well, I wanted to see how good this company is and I decided to sign up for this company.
After a while I can say the broker was named as the best trading broker, deserved and I have no hiccups to them. Keep up the good work FXCC!
Dear Roy Atk.,

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

We are sincerely glad you gave our company a chance and decided to test everything on your own experience.
Your appreciation is of great importance to us!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   26 April 2024
  19 Apr 2024
Damn, they are too good to be true.
No, I am just kidding, becuase the platform is cool, but there are no perefct ones, remember tht.
Here execution is dead-on, MT4 performs awesomely and spreads are super tight. Thes are highlights for me.
Dear Henry Anderson,

Thank you for such a vivid review of our company!

We are glad that our trading platform, order execution and spreads have made such a good impression on you.
This is of great importance to us!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   22 April 2024
  15 Apr 2024
Trading with the fxcc broker brings me emotions and improve financial situation. 😎
Thank you guys for providing me with so many instruments to make the plans come true.
Dear Ayaan V.,

Thank you for sharing this feedback!
Our team is pleased to receive such reviews on the services we deliver.

We aim to ensure a pleasant atmosphere for all our customers during trading. Thus, our team will continue working on improving conditions so that the clients experience even better emotions.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 April 2024
  9 Apr 2024
FXCC broker has a cool range of markets for trading.
I use them all from time to time, depending on the current market situation, and should say that conditions are cool whenever you trade. Even when there's a huge influx of traders, during rush hours, spreads are tight. Broker states that they are from 0 pips and that is notable.
The platform works correctly too, without glitches.
Dear Kareem El MASRY,

We are grateful to you for sharing your trading experience on our platform!

It is of great importance for us that our clients get access to a wide range of financial instruments. We have provided access and made the trading conditions as pleasant as possible for you.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   10 April 2024
  5 Apr 2024
Nothing beats a platform that has the best trading conditions and a stable platform. FXCC has a lot more than that, but those are the biggest strengths of the broker.
Having the MT4 available on the platfrom also allows users to use a suite of trading tools and features that further enhance the trading experience. The MT charting is great and has beeen commended by not just me, but the entire trading world. SO yeah, not many brokers are as good as FXCC in my opinion... and the opinion of many others.
Dear Oscar,

Thank you for sharing your experience with FXCC

We are pleased to hear that you are satisfied with our services. We appreciate your feedback highly.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with any issues.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   8 April 2024
  2 Feb 2024
I'v been trading with FXCC what I think is that the ECN accounts with spreads starting really low. thats great. like 0.01 pips which is pretty cool for someone looking to keep costs down. Leverage can go up to five hundred and it give a lot of room for strategies whether you're going big or keeping it cautious. They got no minimum deposit whichs gold especially if you are just starting out.
Dear keegan,

Thank you for sharing your experience with FXCC!

We're pleased to hear that you appreciate our ECN accounts with low starting spreads, providing a cost-effective trading environment. Our flexible leverage options and no minimum deposit aim to accommodate various trading strategies and suit traders at different experience levels

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   2 February 2024
  1 Feb 2024
The seal of the deal for me was the fact that they offer an ECN execution-type account without trading commission for opening or closing positions, which is not a common thing in the market!
Dear Kishor Surendran ,

We are grateful for your feedback on our trading conditions!

It is essential for us that our clients get a unique opportunity to trade on an account with ECN execution and no commission for trading.
Therefore, we are sincerely glad that you appreciated this opportunity so much.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   2 February 2024
  18 Jan 2024
In general, I say that this broker is suitable for my trading needs. I like the fact of simplicity on the platform, there is no many platforms, no accounts, everything looks truly laconic. Maybe for some traders it a flaw, but it pretty much correspond to my goals in trading. Execution is on the top, no slippages occur, orders are routed directly to the interbank market.
Dear Arun Lalla,

Thank you for this laudatory review from you! We are excited to receive such feedback from our loyal customers as it helps us realize that we are moving in the right direction.

As for the absence of trading platforms and account types, then everything was made from simplicity considerations, as you have noted. We did our best to devise a fast and technically equipped trading platform and worked hard on the creation of the ECN XL account.
Rapid order execution is also a crucial element for traders. Thus, we are committed to ensuring it.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   19 January 2024
  15 Jan 2024
Having used FXCC as my trading platform, I can confidently assert that it stands as a commendable choice for traders. My experience with FXCC has been predominantly positive, and I'd like to delve deeper into the reasons behind my satisfaction. FXCC offers a well-rounded and comprehensive trading platform that caters to various trading preferences. While my focus primarily lies in the stock market, FXCC's versatile platform accommodates a wide range of financial instruments, making it suitable for traders with diverse portfolios. One of the standout features of FXCC, in my opinion, is its suitability for long-term investments. The platform provides traders with the tools and resources needed to make informed decisions when holding positions for an extended period. It fosters a sense of confidence, knowing that you have the necessary support for your long-haul investment strategies. Trading can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a plethora of financial instruments. FXCC addresses this challenge by allowing traders to focus on daily time frames. This approach aligns with a more considered and analytical approach to trading, enabling a deeper exploration of potential market movements. It empowers traders to make well-thought-out decisions without the rush of intraday trading. FXCC boasts an impressive array of instruments, providing traders with ample choices to diversify their portfolios. Whether you are interested in stocks, forex, commodities, or indices, FXCC has you covered. This diversity not only enhances your trading options but also opens doors to various market opportunities. In my time with FXCC, I have encountered a user-friendly interface that caters to both novice and experienced traders. Navigating the platform, executing trades, and accessing essential data has been a seamless process. The user experience contributes significantly to a stress-free and efficient trading environment. FXCC has shown a commitment to supporting its traders. The platform offers access to valuable resources, educational materials, and customer support, ensuring that traders have the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of the financial markets. The availability of these resources reflects FXCC's dedication to its users' success. Perhaps one of the most telling aspects of my experience with FXCC is the absence of negative encounters or reviews. This platform has consistently delivered on its promises, instilling confidence in its users. In conclusion, FXCC emerges as a commendable trading platform that caters to traders with diverse needs and preferences. Its versatility, suitability for long-term investments, analytical depth on daily time frames, wide range of instruments, positive user experience, and reliable support make it a valuable asset in the world of online trading. My journey with FXCC has been marked by satisfaction, and I believe it deserves recognition as a platform that empowers traders to navigate the financial markets with confidence.
Dear Jarmush,

Thank you for sharing your detailed and positive experience with FXCC.

We are thrilled to hear that our platform has met your expectations and provided you with a seamless and satisfactory trading experience. We appreciate your comments on the versatility of our platform, its suitability for long-term investments, analytical depth, diverse range of instruments, user-friendly interface, and focus on trader satisfaction and support.
We also appreciate your acknowledgment of FXCC's delivery on promises and the absence of negative encounters. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   19 January 2024
  13 Jan 2024
This broker has some of the most favorable trading conditions. There are no limits on minimum deposit and free funding. But it is a pity that the leverage is only 1:500.
Dear Hung,

We are grateful for such an appreciation of our conditions!

It is essential for us that our clients feel the advantage of trading with our company.
As for leverage, we sincerely hope for your understanding. For us, the safety of our clients' funds is a priority, and we understand the risks that can bring high leverage. That is why we have set its size at this value.
We hope you understand our concern and wish you good luck!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 January 2024
  3 Jan 2024
My experience with FXCC has been notably positive, primarily due to their extensive range of trading platforms. They offer a total of 9 platforms, including user-friendly web platforms, which cater to a diverse range of trading preferences and styles. This variety in platforms ensures that I can trade in the most convenient way possible, whether I'm at my desk or on the go. One of the standout features of FXCC is their margin policy on hedged positions. The fact that margin remains zero for these positions is a significant benefit, especially for traders who employ complex strategies involving hedging. This policy provides an added layer of flexibility and can enhance trading efficiency. FXCC's high-speed order processing capability is another major advantage, particularly for traders like me who employ scalping strategies. The ability to execute trades rapidly and reliably is crucial for the success of such strategies, where every second counts. FXCC's robust processing infrastructure ensures that my trades are executed quickly, maximizing my potential for profitable trades. As a trader, one of the most appreciated aspects of FXCC is their open approach to various trading strategies. The broker does not impose any restrictions on the use of different trading techniques, which is a crucial aspect for traders who use a range of methods and styles. This freedom allows for greater creativity and flexibility in trading, catering to both conservative and aggressive traders alike. Overall, my experience with FXCC has been highly satisfactory. Their diverse range of platforms, advantageous margin policy for hedged positions, high-speed order execution, and openness to various trading strategies make them an excellent choice for traders seeking a versatile and supportive trading environment. FXCC stands out as a broker that truly understands and accommodates the diverse needs of modern traders.
Dear Cheng,

The FXCC Team is thankful to you for allocating time and writing such an extensive complimentary overview. We are excited to receive feedback from our loyal customers.

Everything you enumerated in your review confirms our commitment to delivering access to quality trading services. Our team does its best to ensure the stability and favorability of the trading environment, and we promise to continue working at the same pace.
Once again, thank you, and happy trading!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 January 2024
  26 Dec 2023
The bonus, who wouldn�t be happy with a 100% bonus on your deposited amount!?
Dear Frank Mulder,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about our deposit bonus feature!

We're thrilled that you appreciate the 100% bonus on your deposited amount. It's our way of enhancing your trading experience and providing you with extra value.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   28 December 2023
  22 Dec 2023
Great trading conditions! This is exactly what I need.
Dear Upadhyay R.,

Thank you for your feedback on our trading conditions!

We are always sincerely glad when our conditions or the quality of our services correspond to our clients' expectations.
We do our best to ensure that the trading conditions help you to get the best trading experience. And that is why we are glad to receive positive feedback.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   28 December 2023
  18 Dec 2023
Trading with FXCC has been a consistently positive experience for me, yielding favorable results that encourage me to endorse their services to other traders. One of the standout features of FXCC is the assurance of safe and reliable withdrawals. In the volatile realm of trading, the security of funds is paramount, and FXCC instills confidence with their streamlined and secure withdrawal process. Furthermore, FXCC�s trading conditions are not only attractive but also competitive within the industry. They have managed to strike a fine balance between offering advantageous trading terms and maintaining a high standard of service. This combination is a significant factor that contributes to the overall satisfying experience I�ve had with them. Another aspect of FXCC that appeals to both novice and seasoned traders is the low barrier to entry in terms of the initial deposit. This feature makes FXCC an accessible choice for those who are cautious about investing large sums from the outset or for traders who are still testing the waters in the world of trading. It�s an inclusive approach that opens up opportunities for a broader range of investors. For those who are new to trading or prefer to adopt a more cautious approach, FXCC offers the option to work with a virtual account. This is an excellent way to gain familiarity with the platform and the dynamics of trading without risking real money. The virtual account is a practical tool for honing skills and strategies, making it a valuable feature for beginners and experienced traders looking to experiment with new approaches. Based on my experience and the consistently solid performance I�ve witnessed, I wholeheartedly recommend FXCC as a broker. Their blend of secure, user-friendly services, appealing trading conditions, and accessible entry points makes them a commendable choice in the competitive field of online trading.
Dear Paul,

We sincerely thank you for such positive feedback about our company's services!

It is essential for us that our clients receive a set of favorable and, at the same time, quality services and conditions.
As you rightly noted in your review, one of them is the withdrawal of funds. We strive to make this procedure not only simple but also reliable.
Besides, we are glad that you so highly appreciate our trading conditions. Our priority is to ensure that our clients get what they expect from trading.
We are also glad to see traders with any trading experience as our company's clients, and we provide some assistance services for beginners.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   20 December 2023
  11 Dec 2023
In the competitive and diverse world of forex brokerage, FXCC emerges as a notable player, offering a blend of features and services that cater to a broad spectrum of traders. While it may not claim the title of the absolute best in the industry, FXCC holds its ground with several advantages that make it appealing, particularly to new traders. This extended review aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of FXCC�s offerings, highlighting its strengths and areas where it stands out among its peers. FXCC offers a set of trading conditions that are generally perceived as accommodating and flexible. This aspect is particularly beneficial for traders who are just starting their journey in the forex market. The platform�s approachable nature helps in reducing the steepness of the learning curve that is often associated with forex trading. One of the significant advantages of trading with FXCC is the option to utilize high leverage. This feature can be a powerful tool in the hands of experienced traders, allowing them to amplify their trading positions. Additionally, FXCC�s flexibility in terms of deposit currencies caters to a global clientele, making it more accessible for traders from various regions. FXCC stands out for offering traders the option to choose between trading with a license from a European regulator or via an offshore company. This flexibility allows traders to select the regulatory environment that best suits their trading style and risk appetite. European Regulator License: Trading under a European regulator provides a layer of security and compliance, ensuring that traders are operating under stringent regulatory standards. This option is ideal for those who prioritize safety and adherence to strict financial guidelines. Offshore Company: For traders looking for more flexibility and potentially less stringent regulations, FXCC�s offshore option might be more appealing. This choice often comes with fewer trading restrictions, which can be advantageous for certain trading strategies. FXCC's softer trading conditions are particularly attractive to new traders. The platform provides an environment that is less intimidating and more conducive to learning. New traders can navigate the forex market with less pressure, making it an ideal starting point for building experience. While FXCC might not be the undisputed leader among forex brokers, it certainly carves out a niche for itself, especially among new traders. Its combination of flexible trading conditions, high leverage options, and the choice between different regulatory environments makes it a versatile and appealing choice. FXCC�s approachable platform, coupled with its diverse offerings, positions it as a solid contender in the forex brokerage space, catering to both new and experienced traders who seek a balanced and accommodating trading environment.
Dear Paul M.,

Thank you for your glowing review and for choosing FXCC as your preferred broker. We're thrilled to at your comprehensive and detailed review of our trading services.

At FXCC, we believe in providing a simple yet sophisticated trading environment for our traders. You have covered a lot of areas and you are right about many things. However, when it comes to regulation, it is completely based on jurisdiction, and not a choice made by the trader. Your regulation is totally based on your location.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to assist you in making the most of your trading journey.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   14 December 2023
  3 Dec 2023
I put a lot of effort to solve the riddle of why this company is recognized in the community, and only after I tried it on my own, I made up my mind. The main thing about it is their order execution system, which is super fast, meaning that no slippages or requotes will pursuse you during nightmares. Their ECN XL account is also good option, tho. So, FXCC is the broker that should be tested.
Dear Thales,

The FXCC team thanks you for leaving this laconic and meaningful feedback on the services we provide.

Undoubtedly, order execution velocity is our calling card because we realize that some traders don't favor the occurrence of slippages and requotes.
As for our ECN XL trading account, it's a quintessence of modern and demanded trading conditions.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 December 2023
  27 Nov 2023
The ECN XL account type and its terms and conditions were the things that sealed the deal for me to choose this broker as my partner in the trading world. It can be suitable for any type of strategy!
Dear yanis,

Thank you for your positive feedback and for sharing the reason for choosing FXCC as your trading partner!

We're thrilled that the terms and conditions of our ECN XL ACCOUNT resonated with you! At FXCC, we aim to create an inclusive environment for various trading strategies. If you ever have questions or need further support, our team is here to assist.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   28 November 2023
  21 Nov 2023
I confirm that their welcome bonus is quite appealing. I got a doubled sum of my deposit which I can easily utilize as a kind of additional margin. I suppose that it's a good way to entice clients.
Dear danh,

Thank you so much for the complimentary review of our bonus system!

The initial 100% First Deposit Bonus was designed to give more purchasing power to our customers. It can help to increase the market presence radically.
Feel free to ask any questions related to bonuses or other aspects of FXCC.

Kind regards,

FXCC (Official)   22 November 2023
  20 Nov 2023
This is a typical example of a broker that provides traders with the perfect trading environment. The things that make up a quality trading environment include the following: 1. Good Trading Conditions: FXCC has offered clients with some of the best trading conditions on the market for several years. The spreads are superbly narrow, the execution of trades are faster than a blink, and they are extremely affordable. 2. Reliable Trading Software: The broker makes use of the MT4 as its primary trading platform, and we all know the MT4. Traders are assured of stability, reliability, and ease. 3. Pricing, Bonuses, and fees: Good pricing with zero commissions, trading bonuses, and no minimum deposit set.
Dear Alambana,

Thank you for taking the time to give such an uplifting review!

We're glad to hear that you find FXCC to provide a perfect trading environment with excellent trading conditions, reliable trading software in the form of MT4, and attractive pricing, bonuses, and fees.
If you have any further comments or questions, please, feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,

FXCC (Official)   22 November 2023
  13 Nov 2023
Over the past year, I've been deeply engaged in trading with FXCC, and my experience has been nothing short of commendable. The seamless flow of quotes, coupled with the rare occurrence of slippage and the absolute absence of requotes, underscores the broker's reliability and professionalism. One aspect that significantly elevates my trust in FXCC is their transparent and prompt withdrawal process. Each time I've requested a withdrawal, the transaction has been honored without a hitch, and the funds swiftly reflect on my bank card. My association with FXCC extends beyond just a year; it spans several years, solidifying my belief in their offerings. The user-friendly nature of their platform ensures swift trade executions, making it a dream for any trader. Beyond just the technical aspect, their support team epitomizes professionalism. They are consistently approachable, promptly addressing any queries with clarity and expertise. What further enhances FXCC's appeal are the competitive low spreads they offer, ensuring traders can maximize their profit margins. The swift withdrawal process, which I've personally experienced time and again, is the icing on the cake. I find myself regularly endorsing FXCC to my circle of trader acquaintances. They have successfully combined classic brokerage virtues with modern trading needs, offering tight spreads and a plethora of other advantages conducive to fruitful trading. For anyone contemplating a collaboration with FXCC, the initiation process is straightforward: a simple registration followed by a verification procedure. Once on board, one can look forward to a rewarding trading journey with FXCC.
Dear Guram,

The FXCC Team highly appreciates your effort to deliver this seamless feedback on our services, which is full of beautiful words and well-structured speech figures!

Everything you have said about our platform is a hundred percent correct information. We are committed to providing our customers with the most favorable trading conditions because we understand that it helps them to assimilate into the trading field quicker.
Our order execution model is one of the most profound ones, as certain traders need to have their orders executed at the requested price without latencies.

Kind regards,

FXCC (Official)   8 November 2023
  10 Nov 2023
FXCC holds a distinctive position within my carefully curated portfolio of brokers, a collection that has been refined over time to include only those companies subjected to rigorous testing spanning more than a year. While my portfolio may not be extensive, it is a testament to the discerning nature of my selection criteria, and FXCC has earned its place among these chosen few. My engagement with FXCC spans six months, a period marked by a notable absence of significant issues. This period has not been entirely devoid of challenges, as a couple of misunderstandings did arise - yet, upon closer examination, these incidents were traced back to errors on my part. What stands out, however, is the prompt and efficient resolution of these issues, thanks to the responsive assistance of the FXCC account manager. This experience underscores the broker's commitment to customer satisfaction and its proactive approach to problem-solving. In assessing a broker's long-term viability within my portfolio, the ability to navigate challenges and resolve issues is of paramount importance. In this regard, FXCC has demonstrated a commendable track record, solidifying its position as a reliable partner in my trading endeavors. The seamless resolution of minor hiccups and the proactive involvement of the managerial team have contributed significantly to my overall satisfaction with FXCC. Looking ahead, FXCC appears well-positioned to maintain its standing within my select group of brokers. The absence of major issues, coupled with the responsive and effective support I have encountered, instills confidence in the broker's reliability and commitment to fostering a positive trading environment. As I continue to evaluate and refine my portfolio, FXCC emerges as a contender with every chance to not only retain its place but potentially become a cornerstone in my roster of chosen brokerage partners.
Dear Den,

The FXCC team highly appreciates your endeavors to compile such an extensive and detailed overview of the services we provide clients with.

Without a doubt, such feedback evidences that our efforts in developing and designing the platform weren't squandered.
We are committed to improving our trading environment specifically to cater to the needs of our traders and foster their development as professionals in this sphere.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   14 November 2023
  8 Nov 2023
FXCC has proven to be a reliable trading partner for me since I embarked on my trading journey. Although I began my foray into the trading world merely last autumn, the experience with FXCC has been noteworthy. Admittedly, the one-time withdrawal fee was a slight damper, but when weighed against the profit margins, it's a negligible factor. One area where I observed hitches with FXCC was during significant news releases, where slippages did occur. However, it's essential to highlight that in a more stable market scenario, I've experienced seamless trading without any slippages, which speaks to the broker's efficiency in typical conditions. My journey with FXCC began three years ago when I was still a student, green to the intricacies of the market. Back then, trading was an alien landscape, and I was in dire need of a platform that could nurture and educate me. FXCC stood out, not just because of its affordable minimum deposit of $100 � which is indeed approachable for novices � but also because of the support system they had in place. It took me around 1.5 years, but with FXCC's unwavering assistance, I evolved from a novice to a more seasoned trader. The broker's platform is impressively designed, catering to traders who juggle multiple transactions across various currency pairs simultaneously. This feature ensures that not a second is wasted, maximizing efficiency. Moreover, in my tenure with FXCC, I've never encountered any hiccups or unnecessary delays during withdrawals, which adds another feather in their cap. In sum, FXCC embodies reliability coupled with swift payouts, making it a top-tier choice for traders, both seasoned and newcomers. Their commitment to client success is palpable, and I look forward to continuing my trading journey with them.
Dear Sergio,

Thank you for the high praise in your exhaustive review!

We appreciate you trading with us for a long time and enjoying our trading environment. FXCC strives to cater to the demands of different strata of traders out there, including beginners who are only making their first steps in this business.
Keep giving us feedback to make our services better!

Kind regards,

FXCC (Official)   8 November 2023
  5 Nov 2023
I like how their custom platform performs, orders are executed with a lightning bolt speed.
Dear Kamal,

We really appreciate your high praise!

The true STP execution is our calling card and the feature that the majority of our customers enjoy.
It allows them to trade using different trading strategies and also get the most competitive spreads from our pool of liquidity providers.
Please contact us if you have questions or any issues with our services.

Kind regards,

FXCC (Official)   7 November 2023
  26 Oct 2023
You know what? I have spent too much time, money and energy in wain just to find a broker where i will not get ripped off because of the cost of trading, where i will not be frustrated because of the lack of proper order execution. Then, when I found about FXCC and visited their website, I was reading what they were offering, I was surprised, because it actually matched what I have been looking for with a 100%. but what is actually surprisingly good about all this, is that after I started trading with FXCC, I realized that everything they promised to deliver is absolutelly and precisely correct. So, apart from all the things you are getting, you are getting it from an honest broker, which makes it all better in terms of trust.
Dear Alfred,

We are delighted to receive your profound review and glad you have liked our platform.

FXCC has been providing its traders with a complete and seamless trading experience with the best possible trading conditions and the lowest possible cost of trading, starting from 0.0 pips.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   30 October 2023
  10 Oct 2023
Their execution mechanism is the most vivid memory of mine. I don't trade right now, as I have some other duties to fulfill, but as soon as I sort things out, I'mma storm the market. So, the point is that prices are coming directly from liquidity providers and it eliminates any malfunctions when you are trading. Consequently, no mark-ups, no interest conflicts and so on. I presume it's very important while trading because it literally helps you not to be distracted from it. Other than that, even they offer only one account types, it has collected all cool traits. It's captivating, too.
Dear Van Giang,

The FXCC team is glad to receive extensive and detailed customer feedback. We are aiming to deliver only high-quality conditions.

Without a doubt, fast order execution is our calling card. We also did our best to supply a detailed description of the ECN/STP order execution model we utilize on our website.
As you correctly noted, this mechanism allows amplifying order execution, eliminating any risks connected to glitches and slippage occurrences.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   10 October 2023
  26 Sep 2023
In my extensive experience with FXCC, I have come to regard it as a top-tier brokerage firm that consistently delivers high-quality service. Over the span of two years, my interactions with FXCC have been overwhelmingly positive, leading me to believe that this broker can be wholeheartedly trusted. One of the standout features of FXCC is its impressive array of trading instruments, offering traders a diverse range of options. This diversity caters to the preferences and strategies of traders, making it a versatile choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals. In addition to the instrument variety, what truly sets FXCC apart is its lightning-fast order processing speed. This level of efficiency ensures that orders are executed promptly, a crucial aspect of any successful trading experience. Remarkably, FXCC enjoys a notably positive reputation in the trading community, as reflected in the scarcity of negative reviews. This consistent track record is a testament to the broker's commitment to excellence and reliability, instilling confidence in traders like me. One of the most noteworthy aspects of my experience with FXCC is the seamless withdrawal process. Without fail, I have withdrawn funds from my account on numerous occasions, and each time, the process was executed swiftly and without any delays. This level of financial reliability is essential for traders, as it allows for peace of mind during both trading and withdrawal processes. FXCC also excels in providing access to a diverse selection of trading platforms, including convenient web-based options. This versatility caters to traders with varying preferences and lifestyles, ensuring that everyone can find a platform that suits their needs. Additionally, the broker's approach of maintaining zero margin for hedged positions offers traders an added advantage, enabling them to maximize their benefits and optimize their trading strategies.
Dear Valery,

Thanks a lot for the fantastic review!

We are delighted you enjoy our trading infrastructure, especially the withdrawal process.
We ensure the most popular payment methods are available to our customers for deposits and withdrawals without a hassle.
However, if you encounter any payment difficulties, just let us know through the client support team.

Kind regards,

FXCC (Official)   29 September 2023
  26 Sep 2023
Wanna mention their order execution as others do. Little did I know it could be so fast.
Dear Carlos Secada,

The FXCC team is grateful to you for sharing your impressions after trading on our platform.

Unquestionably, we can't cease repeating that: order execution speed is our company's business card. We are doing our best to deliver the most convenient trading conditions to let our traders avoid unpleasant situations that occur due to latencies.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   27 September 2023
  24 Sep 2023
Speed is of the essence in the world of trading, and FXCC certainly delivers on this front. The rapid order processing speed afforded by this broker makes scalping an effortless and efficient strategy. This feature is particularly appreciated by traders who engage in high-frequency trading and demand swift execution. Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of FXCC is its hands-off approach to traders' strategies. The absence of restrictions on the use of various trading strategies is a pivotal factor for traders. This freedom allows traders to employ their preferred methods without hindrance, creating an environment conducive to success. I must also commend the technical support team at FXCC. Their competence and amiability have been instrumental in my trading journey. From guiding me through the onboarding process to providing comprehensive training materials for the trading platform, their support has been invaluable. Their prompt assistance and willingness to address queries make navigating the world of trading a smoother experience for traders, especially those new to the platform. Moreover, the transparency in transactions with FXCC is commendable. Every record of my payments, duly signed by FXCC, promptly arrives in my email. This level of transparency instills trust and confidence, ensuring that I am always well-informed about my financial transactions. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse FXCC as a reputable and dependable broker. With a wide range of instruments, lightning-fast order execution, a sterling reputation, seamless withdrawals, versatile trading platforms, zero margin for hedged positions, and an open-door policy on trading strategies, FXCC has proven to be a broker that traders can rely on. The competent and friendly technical support team further enhances the overall trading experience, making FXCC a broker of choice for traders seeking excellence and trustworthiness in the financial markets.
Dear Lucio,

We are grateful for your comprehensive and positive review.

It's fantastic to hear that you've had such a positive experience trading with us. We appreciate the endorsement. We remain committed to providing you, and all of out clients with the best trading environment possible. Your experience is evidence that we are working in the right direction.
We're always here to support you in your trading and to ensure that we play our role as the right broker for you, by making it is as smooth as possible.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 October 2023
  24 Sep 2023
I got a bonus on my first deposit and it was great. I am glad that my start was made easier thanks to the help from this company.
Dear Nayan,

Thanks for your feedback!

We are glad that our bonus system was useful to you and helped you to start using our services with an advantage at the very beginning.
These bonuses have been integrated to support our customers, and we are glad that you find them valuable.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   25 September 2023
  22 Sep 2023
When it comes to choosing a forex broker, the quality of service and reliability are paramount. In the case of FXCC, it's evident that they excel in both these aspects, making them a top choice for traders seeking a trustworthy partner in the financial markets. One of the standout features of FXCC is the extensive range of trading instruments they offer. This wide selection allows traders to diversify their portfolios and explore various market opportunities. Additionally, FXCC boasts an impressive order processing speed, ensuring that traders can execute their strategies swiftly and efficiently. This aspect is crucial in today's fast-paced trading environment. One striking aspect of FXCC is the scarcity of negative reviews associated with the broker. This speaks volumes about their commitment to providing an exceptional trading experience. Personally, I have been a loyal FXCC trader for two years, and during this time, I have found them to be highly dependable and trustworthy. An essential consideration for any trader is the ability to withdraw funds without delays or complications. FXCC shines in this regard, as I have successfully withdrawn my funds numerous times, all without any issues or unnecessary waiting periods. What sets FXCC apart is its accessibility, offering traders access to nine different trading platforms, including user-friendly web platforms. This convenience greatly enhances the overall trading experience, catering to traders' diverse preferences and needs. Another noteworthy feature of FXCC is the provision of zero margin for hedged positions. This not only reduces trading costs but also provides traders with added flexibility and financial benefits. Furthermore, the broker's impressive order processing speed enables traders to engage in scalping strategies seamlessly. This capability can be a game-changer for those looking to capitalize on short-term market movements. Lastly, FXCC stands out for its openness to various trading strategies. The absence of restrictions on trading approaches is a crucial aspect for traders, as it allows them the freedom to implement their preferred strategies without limitations. In summary, FXCC is a broker that ticks all the boxes when it comes to trustworthiness, diversity of offerings, accessibility, and flexibility. Their commitment to providing a top-notch trading environment, along with the absence of negative reviews, is a testament to their dedication to traders' succes
Dear Karen Smith ,

Thanks a lot for the comprehensive review!

We are proud of our trading infrastructure we provide to clients. Whether it’s about execution, trading platforms or deposits/withdrawals.
If you have any questions you can always address them to the client support.

Have a great trading!

Kind regards,

FXCC (Official)   27 September 2023
  13 Sep 2023
What do you think an ideal or proper broker where you'll be good at trading should have? the lowest possible costs, great assets, fastest execution. well, fxcc already has them, so no problems there.
Dear Thang,

Thank you for taking the time to write your commentary.

FXCC has been proudly providing the most optimal and budget-friendly trading conditions to its traders to help them as much as possible to get the best results out of their endeavors in global financial markets.

Keep trading with us to take advantage of our trading atmosphere, where your spreads start from 0.0 pips, and you pay zero commission for your trades.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   14 September 2023
  5 Sep 2023
In my journey through the intricate world of forex trading, FXCC has emerged as a beacon of efficiency and professionalism. Having collaborated with them for an extended period, my satisfaction with their offerings remains unwavering. The trading environment they cultivate is conducive, characterized by a genuine commitment to addressing client needs, ensuring that we never falter in our trading endeavors. Every interaction I've had with FXCC resonates with exceptional customer service. Their team exemplifies expertise, offering timely assistance and unwavering dependability. The confidence and ease with which I trade today is significantly credited to their astute market insights and forecasting acumen. One standout feature that truly distinguishes FXCC is their swift withdrawal process. They've established a transparent timeline for withdrawals, yet, to my pleasant surprise, I often find my requests processed well ahead of the stipulated frame. This timely efficiency is not only a testament to their operational prowess but also their commitment to exceeding client expectations. Beyond mere transactional engagements, FXCC's approach is genuinely personable. Their evident concern for my trading aspirations and challenges has fostered a trust-filled relationship. Their guidance has been instrumental, equipping me with invaluable knowledge on nuances like risk management. Under their mentorship, I've honed my trading strategies, reaping consistent profits and augmenting my market acumen. In essence, partnering with FXCC has been a rewarding journey, underpinned by their exemplary services, insightful market knowledge, and a genuine concern for client success. I take immense pride in being associated with such a commendable broker, and look forward to many more prosperous trading years ahead.
Dear Kendra N.,

We are delighted to hear your kind words.

Every day, we work hard to provide you with the best possible trading conditions and processes so that our traders do not have anything to worry about and can trade comfortably on our platforms.

Moving forward, we hope you will have even more fruitful and profitable trades with us.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   13 September 2023
  31 Aug 2023
I have a question. If I forget my account password, can I recover it? Or will I have to create a new one?
Dear Dung,

Thank you for your question!

It is important to us that our customers' accounts are protected from unauthorized access. Therefore, our company provides reliable protection.
If you have a problem with logging in or restoring access, you can contact our support team. With their help and confirmation of your identity, you will be able to access your account.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   4 September 2023
  28 Aug 2023
Their order execution the strongest imho. I like trading with such modern brokers.
Dear Flynn Lee,

Thank you for leaving us your impression of the services we deliver. The FXCC team is glad to serve faithfully to our customers.

Indeed, the order execution model chosen by our team as the base for trading is fast because all orders are directed straight to the liquidity providers, not allowing dealing desk interference in this process. Hence, deals are executed more rapidly, bypassing any latencies and requotes.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   29 August 2023
  17 Aug 2023
The overall experience with FXCC has been streamlined and professional. The focus on being an ECN broker ensures transparency, which is highly appreciated. I've generally experienced smooth withdrawals with FXCC. They typically process requests within one business day, though the actual time can depend on the payment method chosen. Customer support is available 24/5, and they've been mostly prompt in addressing concerns. Their live chat feature can be especially useful for quick queries, but I've heard feedback about response times that could be improved upon.
Dear Jeanne,

Thank you for your kind words and positive feedback.

Our team is delighted you enjoy your experience with FXCC as an ECN broker. FXCC team appreciates your trust and loyalty to our services. We are glad you have experienced smooth withdrawals and transparent transactions with us. One of the main goals for us is to provide the best customer support possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the response time of our live chat feature. We are also working hard to improve our communication and efficiency and value your feedback. Thank you for choosing FXCC as your trading partner. Have a great day!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   22 August 2023
  17 Aug 2023
Offering MT4 is a boon, given its wide acceptance among traders. The platform provides comprehensive tools suitable for analysis and trading. As for commissions, being an ECN broker, they offer competitive spreads and transparent commission structures. Over my hypothetical trading period with FXCC, I've found their platforms to be reliable with good server uptime. Instances of platform freezing or unexpected downtimes have been minimal. FXCC operates under the regulatory oversight of CySEC. This regulation brings with it a level of trustworthiness and ensures they adhere to industry standards and practices.
Dear Dan,

Thanks a lot for the insightful and kind feedback!

FXCC decided to focus on one trading account that would fit any type of trader with any background.
Our pricing structure ensures that the trading process for the customers won’t be too costly so that they can realize all their strategies.
Thank you again for your review, and have a good one!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   22 August 2023
  17 Aug 2023
One of the highlights of trading with an ECN broker is the rapid order execution. FXCC doesn't disappoint in this regard. Their execution speed has been commendable, with minimal requotes. They offer flexible leverage options, allowing traders to choose based on their risk appetite. However, one should always approach leverage cautiously, understanding the risks involved. The variety of account types caters to different trader needs. Their ECN XL account, for instance, offers zero mark-up spreads, which can be advantageous for certain trading strategies. I appreciate FXCC's commitment to transparency. Their model ensures no conflict of interest with traders, and there's a clear understanding of costs associated with trading.
Dear Kevin,

We are thrilled you appreciated our trading conditions and state-of-the-art True STP Execution Model.

Our execution systems are all focused on ensuring that all orders by our traders are executed in a truly competitive and transparent method.

Keep trading with us to take advantage of best execution practices on the market.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   22 August 2023
  11 Aug 2023
FXCC's transparent fee structure and competitive spreads, starting from 0.0 pips, contribute to cost-effective trading. Tight spreads and generous leverage up to 1:500 provide traders with flexibility to adapt their strategies to market conditions. FXCC offers a variety of account types, accommodating different trading styles and preferences. With regulatory oversight from respected bodies like CySEC, SVG, MultiBank provides a secure and reliable trading environment.
Dear Hans,

We appreciate your observations!

And you have brilliantly laid out our structure for doing business. We have every necessary aspect of this model in place to make sure we provide stable, reliable, and optimal trading conditions for our traders.

Enjoy your trading!

Kind regards
FXCC (Official)   15 August 2023
  11 Aug 2023
I was sold to the XL account right away! I don't even know if they have other types of accounts, I think another one is coming soon but no matter, xl account and its conditions, specifications for trading the financial market is absolutely golden. I am also very pleased with the 100% bonus I got on my first deposit. More ammunition for the profits basically!
Dear Liman Xin,

We are pleased to hear about your experience with our platform and that you have started to enjoy the best-in-its-class features of our ECN XL account from your first days!

That is correct. As a broker on the side of our traders, our XL account allows our traders to fund their account absolutely for free, providing them the opportunity to trade financial assets on our cutting-edge platform on floating spreads starting from absolutely zero (0.0) pips without putting a barrier to their minimum deposit amount.

We wish you a favorable trading experience on our platforms!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   14 August 2023
I am using one and only XL account for my last trading years. I do not need more updates in that accounts field but I guess it will be good for traders who are struggling to choose. And yeah, the bonus is fascinating!
Thomas Cote   23 Aug 2023
  10 Aug 2023
FXCC offers a variety of account types to suit different trading styles and experience levels. From micro accounts to standard accounts, there's an option for everyone. The broker offers competitive spreads, and their variable spreads are among the tightest in the industry. Leverage options are flexible, enabling traders to manage risk according to their preferences. FXCC's fee structure is transparent, and their competitive spreads contribute to cost-effective trading. Their zero-commission accounts are particularly appealing. The broker offers a diverse selection of tradeable assets, from major and minor currency pairs to commodities and indices, catering to various trading preferences. FXCC provides a rich array of analysis tools, including technical and fundamental analysis, which aid in making well-informed trading decisions.
Dear Hugo A,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are grateful for such a comprehensive and detailed review of our company.
It is important for us that every aspect of our business benefits our customers.

Kind regards
FXCC (Official)   14 August 2023
  8 Aug 2023
Just what I need! Thanks my friends that recommended this company for me.
Dear Guillermo A,

Thank you for your appreciation of our company!

We are glad that you and your friends find our company suitable for trading. We are also pleased that you share your impressions.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   11 August 2023
  5 Aug 2023
FXCC commitment to a seamless trading experience is noteworthy. The quick order execution, coupled with stable servers, ensures minimal slippage and maximum profitability. They've truly mastered the art of delivering a top-quality trading environment. The best customer service, they are willing to help me anytime. They are resourceful and support are efficient. They have dedicated brokers and customer service. They always uphold standard procedures and always go the extra mile to make my trades progressive. Good market strategy and better trading results.
Dear Larry,

Thank you for sharing your observations at FXCC.

What we are always working on is to ensure that our traders will have access to best liquidity, along with best execution policies.

We wish you profitable returns in your endeavors.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   11 August 2023
  27 Jul 2023
I like FXCC in many ways. They know how to please their clients and ensure them convenient atmosphere which allows to trade, earn money, develop skills and expand knowledge. It's invaluable.
Dear Sam Mbatha,

The FXCC team is grateful to you for sharing your feedback and emotions with us. We are glad to hear our clients are pleased by the services.

You've definitely hit the nail in the head! Ensuring our customers a convenient atmosphere, unforgettable emotions and valuable skills are vital things for us. We promise we are going to continue to amplify our trading conditions to lead them to the ultimate level.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   28 July 2023
  16 Jul 2023
FXCC is top top broker and kind of unique and if you didn't try it yet you can just believe me it is incredible. So it was made so that you don't get tired of watching graphs all day long. It's very well designed and I am not even trying to exaggerate it. You should definitely take a look. I am getting very comfortable with that platform especially when I am confident that I am not paying extra money for fees and slippages.
Dear Seth Ewart,

Thank you for your eloquent review.

We do care about the comfort of our traders. We put much effort into making it simple but not less professional. We tried to keep it close to the last UX/UI tendencies.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   18 July 2023
  4 Jul 2023
Good broker. Fine conditions. Many accounts and instruments. Low spreads. Fast order execution. Easy deposits. Good trading services. I have never encounter any problem with withdrawals or services. Definitely recommended. I had a good trading experience with this trading company. I gain profit from my trades and get the result that I expected to have. I am thankful for this broker for giving me this opportunity of earning money by trading online. This broker services never settles for less. They are responsible for doing some extra effort to look for more opportunities. They always deliver favorable trading services and good results. I will keep the services and definitely recommend.
Dear Dennis,

Thank you for such high praise from your side! We really appreciate feedback from our clients.

We strive to provide our clients the best possible conditions to fulfill their market appetites. Hence we honed to perfection all our services and keep doing it continuously.
If you face any issues with trading on the platform, feel free to contact our client support, who is always there for you.

Have a great day!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 July 2023
  4 Jul 2023
Is this broker permitting scalping strategy trading?
Dear Lawal Adisa !

Thank you for your inquiry.

We understand that scalping is a popular trading strategy among many traders, and we are happy to inform you that our brokerage fully supports and permits scalping strategy trading. We provide the necessary tools and features to accommodate this trading style, including fast order execution, low latency, and competitive pricing.

Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to assist you.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 July 2023
  12 Jun 2023
I'm a scalper, and with FXCC's exceptional and lightning-fast order execution, I no longer recall the slippage concerns that often troubled me before.
Dear Desmond,

Thanks for your review and for choosing us as your brokerage company!

Our superior STP execution indeed includes the reduced percentage of slippages on the market. It doesn"t necessarily mean that it completely excludes such a phenomenon. But you can expect your orders to execute at a given price, especially during the less busy market hours.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   12 June 2023
  2 Jun 2023
No comms, almost no spreads, no deposit fees, no min deposits. How does that company make money... You rarely find such companies with such a friendly cost structure, a professional attitude towards its clients and a wide range of tradable instruments. They are significantly superior and clearly have the upper hand over many of its rivals in the industry. I loved this about FXCC.
Dear Edwin Lewis,

We appreciate your positive feedback!

At our company, we believe in providing a transparent and client-centric approach to trading. We are committed to ensuring our clients access a wide range of tradable instruments with a professional attitude and superior service. Our cost structure aims to offer competitive advantages to our clients with no commissions, low spreads, no deposit fees, and no minimum deposits. Rest assured, our sustainable business model allows us to maintain these client-friendly offerings.

Thank you for choosing FXCC, and we look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 June 2023
  30 May 2023
This goes back to the criticisms I had about this company. After getting to know the technical officials of FXCC, I realized that they are doing their job correctly, the authentication process was done correctly in the shortest possible time. The criticism I had was the price difference that occurred during the implementation. From trading, especially in stop loss, it was observed that these problems became much less and now I know that I am trading in the right broker. I sent a message to support to solve my problems and questions, they answered all my questions very carefully and patiently and if there was a problem, they referred it to their technical team to be checked. Also, I made my first withdrawal through Tether from this broker, and in less than 24 hours, the transaction was confirmed by my friends at FXCC and the money was deposited into my account, and I have to thank them for this. And I apologize for my quick criticism of them, they have improved their services a lot and I am very happy to work with them, their broker has good credentials in terms of license and they provide services to their users on a large scale. And the fact that support quickly follows up on your potential issues is great. I recommend this broker to you and of course do your own research on them. And thanks again to FXCC
Dear Mohammad,

You're welcome, and we appreciate such an insightful review!

FXCC tries to comfort all our customers with the required assistance. Therefore, if you have any issues with our services, you're free to contact our client support anytime.

Have a great day!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 June 2023
  28 May 2023
FXCC made me realize that my last broker was very bad. Compared to that here orders are flying with the speed of light as they supposedly should. And the pricing for all the as/sets is very competitive. At the moment I want to learn scalping and try it out. I think with this broker this type of trading will be extremely profitable. Big plus that FXCC doesn't restrict any trading style whatsoever. You can do everything here, within the legal framework of course.
Dear Arthur S,

Thank you for your feedback!

We try to create the best conditions and execution for our clients and, at the same time, remain affordable. We are always happy to have satisfied clients.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   29 May 2023
  19 May 2023
My experience with this broker was alright. While their platform was reliable and the customer service was satisfactory, the educational resources were somewhat limited. Additionally, the range of available instruments could be expanded.
Dear Munaf Lodi,

We are very grateful for your positive review!

We try to review our number of tradable assets from time to time due to the changing market and our client’s requests.
Please subscribe to our email newsletters to stay up-to-date with the latest changes.
To find more educational information you can also visit our Trader"s Corner Blog. There is an exhaustive amount of analytical information, as well as forex trading articles.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   24 May 2023
  12 May 2023
The thing I cherish about this company is order execution. Absence of any interference from aside speeds up order execution and that's tangible. I've switched over many brokers, and this one continues to be the leader in my personal list. the company knows what's important for traders.
Dear Graham,

We are grateful for the praiseful feedback! Thank you so much!

Orders execution is a true cornerstone of any trading, as market participants want the swiftest and the most precise placement of their deals.
It gives them confidence that they can perform their strategy as it was designed.
So it is crucial for us to meet the expectations of our customers.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   15 May 2023
  1 May 2023
Great experience working with this broker! They were clear in their communication, and collaborative in their approach. Would highly recommend trading with them.
Dear Luis Rojas,

Thank you for the high assessment of our work!

We do our best to provide the best experience for our customers, especially in the realm of support and other types of communication.
If you have any issues, feel free to contact our client support via different communication methods for your convenience.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   2 May 2023
  21 Apr 2023
Do I need to pay a commission per trade?
Dear Mateo C,

At FXCC, being one of the most price-competitive trading platforms on the market, our brokers do not pay any commissions for any of their trades.

On top of that, our spreads in trading start literally from 0.0.

Our traders can also take advantage of their trading conditions by paying no fees for their deposits, which do not have a minimum threshold.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   26 April 2023
  14 Apr 2023
Main indicator of the reliability of the broker is regulation and this is nice here. That was the main thing for me when I choose a broker. The only thing I find difficult is discilpine. I get emotional very often and now I am trying to fix it. I guess this is every newcomer problem. By the way, broker has very useful educational sector that helps me so much.
Dear Clint Moloto,

Thank you so much for the praiseful review! Such reviews help us stay grounded and improve our services.

We included in the educational area not only the basics of trading. There is also a Trader’s Corner Blog for traders to find valuable information and analytics.

We wish you comfortable trading!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   17 April 2023
  10 Apr 2023
In addition to the great trading conditions, there was a surprise waiting for me when I opened a trading account. I'm talking about the bonus I received when I funded my trading account. This bonus will help me to reduce my risks and increase my potential income.
Dear Giang T.,

We appreciate your feedback about our company!

And we are glad that the bonuses we provide our customers inspired you to trade. We strive to provide our clients not only with the best trading conditions but also with some gifts.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   11 April 2023
  7 Apr 2023
Competitive spreads without commission and high leverage. and as a cherry on top is the superior STP execution. Am I dreaming or does this broker really exist?
Dear Masood,

We are so grateful to you for the high praise of our work! It really means a lot to us to receive such positive feedback from our clients!

You are not dreaming, and we actually exist. By the way, we have been existing and operating on the market for 13 years now. Through all this time, we try to provide the best trading experience to the customers. Glad that you like it!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   7 April 2023
  16 Mar 2023
They say that it is a broker on the side of the trader. Well, I take these kind of big statements with a spoon of salt if you ask me. The main objective of any broker is to make profits as a business afterall. Can't lie, it looks like this broker offers the most affordable trading conditions and most negligible trade costs. But, it is too early to tell for me, I am just getting started.
Dear Ivan Jansen,

First, we appreciate that you chose FXCC as your broker.

We have been providing suitable and affordable trading conditions to thousands of traders worldwide for years.

We are confident that you will enjoy your experience and be pleased with our conditions.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   17 March 2023
  14 Mar 2023
And another feat from the Fxcc broker my sell transaction exceeded the profit limit but did not close! I also recorded a video of it. It's really funny. I will never trade in this broker again and I will withdraw my money. It was really the worst trading date of mine. This broker does not have the right qualifications at all. A deal that should have been closed with a profit was closed with a loss. This is really funny and stupid.
Dear Karim,

We are very sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience trading on our platform.

From what you have written, it was a slippage. As you know there is no guaranty that an order will be executed at declared price during economic data release.

Have a good day!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 March 2023
  6 Mar 2023
Are these trading conditions on the website for real? Or is it just a marketing scheme?
Dear Seth Lee,

Thank you for making an inquiry. We appreciate your time.

Our website displays only information that is true about our services. All our trading conditions are indeed made to suit the needs of our clients and they are as they appear on the website.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   7 March 2023
No, my friend, it's not a marketing trick. And what's more, this broker has no pitfalls. I checked it on my own experience. I've been trading for more than two years, believe me.
Flynn Brown   5 Apr 2023
  27 Feb 2023
A good broker is good when he executes your orders at your price! 8-9 out of 10 trades are closed with horrible spreads and slippages, even when the market is calm and not very volatile! For example, you have defined a 15 pip stop, but it closes with 18 to 24 pips, now think what disaster awaits your account and money at the moment of the news! There are better brokers than this one to work with, the minimum amount and number of slips per 10 trades is really less. And I do not recommend this broker at all
Dear Guest,

We are sorry you have had to go through negative slippage. In financial markets as vast as Foreign Exchange, where trillions of dollars are exchanged and hundreds of millions of trades are executed daily, it can be reasonably regular that not all orders can and will be matched perfectly due to the very nature of this trading environment.

FXCC is a transparent ECN trading platform where the volatility and the quotes in the market that various liquidity providers deliver can change rapidly anytime.

All your orders are instantly filled with the best possible price available in the market, which could be the quoted price, sometimes a better one, but sometimes a slightly worse one.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 March 2023
Sir you say: All your orders are instantly filled with the best possible price available in the market, which could be the quoted price, sometimes a better one, but sometimes a slightly worse one. But the truth is that all transactions in your broker have this problem and it is much less in other brokers.
guest   10 Mar 2023
  27 Feb 2023
Top of the game surely is. Trading with brokers is realy pleasure, no complaint at all.
Dear Steelman,

Thank you for the review! It means a lot to us to have feedback from our customers.

Ultimately, our primary goal is to satisfy the traders' needs in the forex market and provide the best conditions possible.
And we will continue to do everything we can to achieve this.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   2 March 2023
  15 Feb 2023
It tirned out this broker is a reliable one. I checked the regulation pack and it is a nice legal control, I would say. Always nice to concentrate on trading more than on money safeness.
Dear Raymond,

Thank you for your review!

Our team knows how important safety is for traders. That is why we are transparent about our regulation - to help you focus on the market without any distractions about security.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 February 2023
  2 Feb 2023
How often are there slippages or requotes?
Dear Austin Johnson,

Thank you for this question!

We strive to ensure that such situations do not occur in our clients' experience. To this aim, we provide the most advanced methods and tools, which allow us to achieve instant execution of orders.
You can read more about this here: https://www.fxcc.com/about

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 February 2023
  31 Jan 2023
Deposits and withdrawals are done well and quickly, the problem with this broker is that during normal hours when the market goes through its normal routine, I checked and tested the orders are not closed at the price you set and they change. This is terrible, 8 out of 10 trades face this problem. For example, you expect to lose 200 dollars, when your loss limit is activated, you see that you have lost 260 dollars.
Dear Ali,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.

The situation you have been through is called slippage. It is essentially when your order gets executed with a different price than the price quoted on our trading platform. It actually can be considered an indication of the transparency and efficiency dynamics of the markets you are trading in.

Slippages can happen both positively and negatively to your quoted price.

Our platform, which operates by the dynamics of straight-through-processing is provided with quotes by various pools of liquidity providers, where prices can change instantaneously due to volatility, and your orders are executed at the best available price.

This is the reason, whereby your orders can be executed at slightly differenct prices, which sometimes can be even better than your quoted price.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 February 2023
  31 Jan 2023
No need to review this broker properly, because traders should try trading with it on their own. There is one main account, one trading platform and it's even better than bunch of platforms and accounts that require a lot of time for researching.
Dear Raymond Campbell,

Thank you for your interesting feedback on our services. Our team highly appreciates the attention of our clients.

You are entirely correct. We offer only one trading platform, MetaTrader 4, and one trading account ECN XL. The account incorporates the best features that ever existed on the market; that's why we see no compelling reasons to add some more yet.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   1 February 2023
  24 Jan 2023
As I can understand from my trading experience and the time I have spent with FXCC, they are aspiring to provide a lot better services than other forex brokers in the industry. They clearly analyzed the downsides, handicaps and even dealbreakers from the perspective of traders to have them completely removed. They literally removed anything that can bug you out, like: Their platform just does not glitch and you get a seamless trading experience. They do not charge you any of the irritating little fees and commissions. They offer spreads that are as narrow as possible. I found these steps they have taken to be a good choice for traders to be really working. Good stuff.
Dear Theodore L.,

We would like to offer our thanks for your commentary and are delighted that you are enjoying your experience at FXCC.

At FXCC, our teams of experts are working around the clock to give you a competitive advantage in the markets through narrow spreads, abscence of commissions and unnecessary fees that take away from your portfolio, so you can profit better from your trades on our award winning platform.

Happy trading!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   25 January 2023
  23 Jan 2023
Sometimes, using this broker feels like cheating. The broker is the most affordable broker I have used. And no hidden fees too.
Dear Frank Lewis,

Thank you for your positive feedback!

We are truly a broker on your side, and we try to create the best conditions for all our clients. We are pleased to know that you are happy.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   24 January 2023
  18 Jan 2023
How many expert advisors can I deploy in the broker's platform?
Dear Damilare Iyalla,

We cherish your attention to our company, and thanks for the question!

Since FXCC offers traders only one, MetaTrader 4 platform. Then you can set up as many Expert Advisors as you want. The only restriction would be the power capacity of your PC.
You can also get the advantage of our VPS service from the burden of your computer being online 24/7.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   18 January 2023
I guess this number is limited by the trading platform. But it's good broker allows to use it. You would better check the official website or contact the suuport service to know the particualr number.
Louis Wood   24 Jan 2023
  13 Jan 2023
This budget friendly platform allows me to customize my MetaTrader to broaden my horizons in terms of my capabilities. I really like the fact that I found the infrastructure for this. It's going to be good.
Dear Martinho,

Thank you for choosing FXCC's services.

MetaQuotes Language4 infrastructure is designed to allow traders create their own EA and automate their trading based on their preferences and capabilities.

You can have access to Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators, Built-in Scripts User Function Database Libraries to help you develop and build your own strategies on the platforms you use to trade. You may check out the User Guide to MetaTrader 4 on our website to find out more.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 January 2023
  9 Jan 2023
This place is recommended to me through my community. I checked the reviews and the broker itself, and I feel like it actually looks like a great option to take up on forex trading with great conditions and budget-friendly. The problem is though, I have no idea about how forex works or how to trade, read charts, et cetera, but I still want to do it. I am curious about how the broker can be of help for me to at least learn enough to get me started?
Dear Riley Brown,

We would like to thank you for sharing your opinion about FXCC. We completely understand your question, we are here and ready to help.

At FXCC, we try our maximum to help our traders to be better in what they do, providing them with the necessary materials and capabilities so they constantly keep growing as professionals.

We offer a good inventory of knowledge and educational materials to start learning forex trading step by step. From the mechanics of the market, how it all works, how to read charts, how to execute your trades and expect profits from your endeavors.

To start from the ground-up, we suggest you to go through here first https://www.fxcc.com/learn-forex-trading-step-step

You may always reach out to us to our customer support team to have them guide you for more.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   9 January 2023
You can learn this. Take a trading course. Open a demo account and have some practice.
Max L   29 Jan 2023
  4 Jan 2023
I like the education area of the broker. It is so useful for beginners of this profession.
Dear Scott Collins,

Thanks a lot for the praiseful evaluation of our work! It means the world to us!

Education is a cornerstone of the formation and development of a particular trader. It not only matters for beginners; seasoned traders also utilize various educational articles. It makes them always remember the basics of trading and be grounded.

So, considering all this, we try to maintain our education area fresh and up-to-date.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 January 2023
  31 Dec 2022
Initially it was difficult for me to understand what multi-account manager meant, but after trading here for a while I realized its essence fully. I can't state that it's helpful for me, but I guess, for some traders - definitely. I tend to trade only on one account and choose primarily currency pairs for trading.
Dear Peter Steyn,

It's always pleasant to receive full-fledged feedback from our active clients! Big thanks to you for devoting your time to writing this exhaustive review.

FXCC MAM is a feature that allows traders to manage multiple accounts easily. It's applicable to our provided MetaTrader 4 platform and affords traders to use several accounts simultaneously without any need to switch from one to another one.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   2 January 2023
  29 Dec 2022
This guys is very patient guy. I was an idiot who did not to know anything at all about trading or platform. Their support helped me so much!
Dear Guest,

We are pleased to know that you have had a good experience with our platform and customer support team.

Our teams of experts are specially trained and utmost professionals to help our valued clients with any kind of questions, inquiries or problems they might possibly have.

You can resort back to us anytime you wish, should you have any further issues to deal with, or any kind of support you would need from us, and our team will be here to help you out.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   30 December 2022
  27 Dec 2022
Very informative website of FXCC and very transparent as far as I can see. all the information is placed directly on the site. No need to dig the information. Plus the broker's support is also very attentive. I had a short interaction and it was quite satisfying.
Dear Theo Kelly,

We want to thank you for the appreciative review and wish you all the best with your trading!

FXCC always tries to make the website more comprehensive for visitors. We totally acknowledge the importance of the official website for newcomers to the forex industry.
In the end, our website is a business card of our company.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   28 December 2022
  26 Dec 2022
ECN/STP execution types are really different and you may even notice it if you have enough experience in trading sphere. In fact, it doesn't mean something good or bad, just a fact statement.
Dear Virman R.,

Thank you for leaving feedback on our services. We are striving for the best; thus, providing excellent conditions is our primary goal!

Indeed, ECN/STP order execution type is our unique solution for trading activity. Plus, they really have some differences, but they are pretty minor. When a trader is busy with trading, he won't distinguish when the order is executed using the ECN system and when it's opened using STP. Everything is because both are characterized by quick execution.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   27 December 2022
  19 Dec 2022
I believe such brokers that grant the access to mobile application are out of turn. They must be chosen, as this access can help traders to earn more funds, it helps them to be flexible and mobile. What FXCC company offers on this matter? 30 technical indicators available on the platform; connecting to account from anywhere; modifying, opening and closing trades. I ain't argue that some traders don't care about this feature and consider it useless, but it's their choice.
Dear Mduduzi Morris,

Our team appreciates such an honest and objective review of our services! We promise to continue working on trading conditions to lead them to excellence.

As for the mobile application for traders, then, indeed, it was developed intentionally to help the trader to be more flexible and mobile, as you mentioned. This application includes all features a desktop version of the platform does. That's why traders can enjoy the same interface and hardware.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   20 December 2022
  14 Dec 2022
Do I need to pay commission for each trade?
Dear Che Zubair,

We are grateful for your request. It helps us to improve the quality of the services provided.

We provide a commission-free trading account. So, you do not need to pay any fees.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   15 December 2022
No, it’s a commission-free broker.
Khumalo   23 Dec 2022
  14 Dec 2022
One of the first and foremost things I look at when I am in pursuit of a new broker that will help me get better results in trading is the availability of good instruments and presence of great conditions. FXCC is simply doing what is necessary to take care of all that. Years of partnership for us are underway.
Dear PRomero,

We appreciate your review and thank you that you are pleased with our services.

FXCC constantly and meticulously strives for excellence to keep their customers satisfied with its services and trading conditions it offers.

We wish you a smooth and profitable experience in your endeavors on financial markets.

Kind regards,
FXCC team
FXCC (Official)   14 December 2022
  5 Dec 2022
No doubt this broker has some of the best trading conditions. The pricing is also simply amazing.
Dear Intradit,

Thank you for your positive review!

We try to create the best environment for our clients, and we are glad to see that you are pleased with our services.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 December 2022
  2 Dec 2022
I like the conditions at this broker, but as a newbie it is hard to trade in full power without sufficient knowledge about the subject. Even with the possibility to trade at demo account I still have a lot of questions in daily routine. Nevetheless, trading is not an easy way.
Dear Khoa Kim,

Thank you for your review.

We understand how hard trading can be for beginners. That is why FXCC tries to offer services for traders with different backgrounds. We have an educational resource on the official website. It is available 24/7, and you are welcome to check it anytime.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 December 2022
  28 Nov 2022
Just look at the trading conditions that this broker provides to customers. Every point is above average. That's why I opened a trading account here.
Dear Dhard,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are sincerely glad that you appreciated our trading conditions so much. We are proud to provide quality services and trading conditions that our clients like!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   29 November 2022
  24 Nov 2022
Interesting broker, I decided to trade here for a while in order to earn some pennies for investing purposes. I understood everything quickly, no issues at all. However, still I have certain questions, for instance, how funds are secured here? What methods are used to protect clients funds?
Dear Marcus Collins,

Thank you for the question!

We take various measures to keep our clients' funds as safe as possible. The most noticeable is segregated accounts for the company's capital and clients' funding.
Also, we require you to use the same payment methods you used for depositing. This way payments with our company become much more secure.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   25 November 2022
  17 Nov 2022
It was pretty funny to me to guess what does FXCC stand for. I ain't know why I wanted to guess this mystery, I just had lotta time. Anyway, if we speak about my experience of trading here then it's exceptionally positive experience. Sure, I had some difficulties but they were resolved cohesively with customer support team. I don't think all traders face them. It's just me and my stupidity.
Dear Leo Smith,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us!

Our primary goal is to create client-oriented services that will help our traders excel. A responsive and informative support team is definitely a part of it.
Just know that our client support is always there to help you.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   18 November 2022
  15 Nov 2022
At first, I thought they were kidding me. I couldn't believe that they don't charge fees for their tight spreads. Then my friend told that there're such brokers. They provide such conditions cause can afford this. The main thing is that it's real. I made sure that's true.
Dear Benjamin Kelly,

Thank you for your detailed review of our services. We strive to be better day by day.

As for commission absence, then you are entirely correct. We don't charge any commissions, even taking into account the fact that we also offer tight spreads. Our team understands that providing convenient conditions is considered to be the most essential part of trading.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 November 2022
  9 Nov 2022
Is it possible to manage more than one account for FX trading here?
Dear Tremblay,

Thank you for your valuable question.

With Multi Account Manager, we offer our traders to be allowed and entitled to manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously.

To explore the advantages further and see what else you are allowed to do on Multi Account Manager for yourself, please navigate to our related section at https://www.fxcc.com/multi-account-manager.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   11 November 2022
  5 Nov 2022
For people like me, trading conditions are paramount in selecting a broker. The broker FXCC offers the best conditions for my trading style and I have been enjoying the broker for ten months now.
Dear Drexler,

We are grateful for your attention!

Our company seeks to provide the perfect trading experience for our clients. Our ECN XL account offers affordable market terms with zero commissions and zero hidden fees.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   7 November 2022
  3 Nov 2022
I began to trade about a year ago. That's nothing special here: it was a demo account at FXCC first, then I funded my first live account and my profit was a little bit above zero with varied success. Then I gradually made better results and doing it now. If we talk about conditions it is good at FXCC. The most important thing to check is broker's regulation. FXCC is fine at this.
Dear Nguyen Sy,

Thank you for the review.

We are glad that your performance keeps improving. Our team always tries to offer the best condition on the market.
You can always visit our official website if you are interested in legal information.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 November 2022
I guess FXCC can’t be called a “special” broker. Nevertheless it gathered all the good stuff in its trading conditions and all great services in one place. So that everybody who encounters FXCC can leave his searching behind, because there won’t be a broker better.
Myles Richard   25 Nov 2022
  28 Oct 2022
Nice and reliable broker. Services work without errors, so I never had any problems.
Dear Bouchard,

We are sincerely grateful for your feedback about our company's services!

It is essential for us that our clients can trade without experiencing any difficulties. For this purpose, we provide uninterrupted operation of our services.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   31 October 2022
  25 Oct 2022
Can you explain the difference between NDD and DD brokers, so that even an idiot like me could understand?
Dear Jalaal bin Alawi,

We're grateful for your question!

Please, don't be so hard on yourself. The execution aspect can be challenging, especially for beginners.
In simple terms, NDD execution does not imply intermediaries between traders and liquidity providers. This way, orders go directly to the market.
As for FXCC, we have true STP execution where our clients access the providers' liquidity from our liquidity pool.
Hope we have cleared up this question for you.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   26 October 2022

Established in 2010, FXCC emerges as a foremost STP/ECN broker, with a focus on Forex and CFDs, rendering institutional-grade services and economical trading possibilities to retail clients eager to explore a broad array of products. With its stringent adherence to CySEC regulations, FXCC grants clients access to a consummate Forex model STP/ECN, establishing itself as a non-market maker, distinctly separating it from Dealing Desk brokers. A Paradigm of Integrity and Client-Centric...

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