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This broker is well known to me, because it is one of my main forex brokers. When registering here everyone can get a 100% bonus on their first deposit, and the bonus can be up to $2,000. Trading is done on the MT4 trading terminal, which has both a desktop version and a mobile app version. I didn't have a chnace to test FXCC MAM application. Has anyone tried managing funds for others, will the app help?
  10 Jan 2022  
I like they chose mt4 terminal, it's a traditional option which i'm totally hapy with and it's very functional.
  10 Jan 2022  
Very good for locking. This broker is very good trading strategies where locking is actively used. Why do I say this? You know that when you practice locking in your daily trading, you have to withstand pullbacks very often. Sometimes you have to stay in the red longer than you expected. If your broker charges large swaps, swaps can eat up a good portion of your depo. Sometimes people lose their depos because of swaps. If you don’t believe this, it only means that you have never used locking on a regular basis. This broker offers minimal swaps trading and it encourages me to actively practice locking. If you ask me about downsides, they are not very big, but they do exist. It offers the only one trading account and offers Metatrader 4 only. I would like to see more platforms and account types here to apply various strategies.
  5 Jan 2022  
FXCC reviewz are good. I opened demo account and am learning to trade currency pairs on meta trader 4. Get some profit already.
  29 Dec 2021  
FXCC seems to be nice brokerage. Does the broker offer plenty of ways how to withdraw and deposit money? Who experienced it on first hands?
  28 Dec 2021  
I don't know the withdrawal and deposit method that the FXCC broker does not support. There is really a lot of it, so you will find what you need in any case.
Astman   21 Jan 2022
That is the broker which constantly improves. FXCC is one of a few brokers which always changes to the better and it is great. They have already added up more financial intruments to trade like metals, indicies, cryptos and what's not.
I also like the fact that they are not going to include stocks in that list. I mean that I have a perception that each broker should specialize in some limited number of assets to trade because all of the instruments have their own pecularities and as a rule, forex brokers don't create any special conditions for stocks which makes trading them not quite profitable. What is more, fxcc supports mt4 platform which is regarded as a certain standard in trading, so many traders will find it convenient to switch to this broker because they won't face any difficulties. Finally, their trading conditions are awesome. The charges are really low and they will not affect your profits.

  26 Dec 2021  
It is hard to be a Canadian trader because of the fact that there are not so many brokers which are available in this country. Those which work in Canada offer trading conditions which are not really appropriate, to put it mildly. I was astonished when I saw the trading conditions which fxcc offers to the traders and the fact that it works in Canada. It was like a breath of fresh air for me. I like the fact that fxcc supports mt4 as, from my perspective, it is one of the best trading platforms which are available to the traders nowadays and there are so many tutorials which can teach you how to use it in the most efficient way.
  22 Dec 2021  
Here I found what I was loookng for. Spreads on XAUUSD and EURUSD are practicaly zerro! there are no commissions. Fantastic!
  20 Dec 2021  
I think that this broker would be a very good solution for you but on the condition you are not a newcomer. Let me explain what I mean. The matter is that this brokerage service has a relatively high minimum withdrawable amount that accounts for fifty dollars. It may be a problem for those used to withdrawing smaller amounts on a regular basis. For example, many scalpers do this way. It’s a very suitable approach and I also do it with other brokers. You can’t do this here and it only remains to adapt it. I think that the good thing about it is that it motiva to trade more actively and achieve better results. It can motivate you to become a true professional.
  13 Dec 2021  
I especially like the broker's fast withdrawal of money. Always just apply, one, two. And the money is on the card. No need to strain your nerves, will they come or not come.
  6 Dec 2021  
I have not been trading here for long. I opened an FXCC demo account a month ago and decided to trade a live account last week. It's not hard because the minimum deposit is only $ 100. I am concerned about one question. I don’t earn enough money with such a deposit, and I don’t want to use a large leverage. Tell me, what kind of deposit do I need to trade normally?
  2 Dec 2021  
The broker’s ECN XL Account doesn’t come with a concrete minimum deposit. A zero minimum depo means that you can deposit a very small amount such as ten bucks and try to trade 0,01 lots. You will not earn a lot in this case, but it will be much better than demo trading. I advise you to deposit at least $500 and trade 0,1 lots. Over time you can increase your depo and shift to higher lots.
Hati Mehan   21 Feb 2022
I first came here to scalp. I decided to open a real trading account with this broker after I reviewed their trading conditions and found them acceptable. By the way, it was my friend who told me about this broker. He’s a professional scalper and he pictured this broker very positively. Among the company’s strong points he mentioned no-commission and no swap trading and also tight spreads. So, I came here with a firm decision to scalp. However, over time I started to drift from scalping. I can’t say that I quitted it but I also started to trade in the long term and I should say that I earn more exactly in the long term.
  30 Nov 2021  
I found what I needed here. I can say that I had two reasons to open a real account with this broker. The first reason is that they offer very good spreads and I can trade all as*sets here without commission. It’s a very crucial nuance for me because sometimes I trade up to 12-13 hours a day and respectively commission-free allows me to save money on each trade. You know it’s impossible to trade the whole day long without a certain percentage of losing trades and when you need to pay a commission, it makes things worse. I like the possibility to trade without commission. Cryptos are the second reason to trade here. Some brokers don’t support cryptos, while for the last time I have addicted to them.
  24 Nov 2021  
I came to this broker because I noticed that it offered very beneficial trading conditions. The benefit is that with this broker it’s possible to save on each trade and it’s true for both long-term trading and scalping. If you are a scalper you will benefit from tight spreads and appreciate the absence of commission. You know that commission can be especially biting when you face an unhappy day in scalping and therefore commission bites off a great deal of your already miserable daily gain. Of course, it’s a very disappointing thing, although it stimulates to scalp better. Nevertheless, any scalper would choose trading without commission and FXCC gives such an opportunity. If you are a long-term trader, you will undoubtedly appreciate swap-free trading. Swaps can also be irritating especially when a pullback lasts longer than expected. I combine scalping and long-term trading and this broker fits me. However, when I started to trade here I had to get used to its $50 withdrawable amount. Earlier I was used to withdraw small amounts nearly every day. However, I can’t regard it as a big downside. You should realize that it’s the price for good trading conditions.
  11 Nov 2021  
I also like this broker because there are good conditions for scalping and long-term trading. There is only one account and it is unique. I don't need to switch between different accounts to trade differently.
Jacob Wright   20 Dec 2021
A loyal broker with rules. I trust them, work for over 5 months.The results are not stable yet, but I'm on right track.
  7 Nov 2021  
Don't worry, everyone trading with an FXCC broker here will sooner or later get their results. Especially since the broker has only one ECN XL account with spreads starting from 0 pips and zero commissions. When I started trading with FXCC broker, I did not get results right away either. At first I opened a demo account here, and after a couple of months I converted to a real account. I read books and watched analytical material on the broker's website. Now I'm a successful trader, but I had to work a lot. Now my monthly income here sometimes exceeds $2,000. I withdraw money to a bank card. I, as well as my wife, are very satisfied.
Lolade Adegoke   22 Nov 2021
I started trading with FXCC not so long ago. So far, I’m exploring the MT4 platform and trying to get used to the trading conditions of the brokerage. Spreads are tight but floating, so I stay out of the market during volatility peaks. Tell me please, can I use robots for scalping here?
  3 Nov 2021  
Hi Felix, Yes, you can use scalping robots here.
Alex   12 Nov 2021
For me it is very important that after two years of searching for my broker, I finally chose FXCC broker. The broker offers an excellent trading account, this account is the only one he has, but with very good trading conditions. In addition, it is worth noting an important fact that you can earn at the broker not only as a trader, but also as a partner. The broker has several affiliate programs related to Forex, where you can also earn, if only your desire, which would be supported by appropriate efforts and efforts. If we talk about the withdrawal of money, there are different methods of deposit and withdrawal, and the deposit is free, and the withdrawal takes place during the day.
  30 Oct 2021  
I also want to say that this broker offers scalping and risk hedging options. If you have been looking for a broker for a long time, you might have noticed that not all brokers offer such a thing.
Tyler Morris   19 Nov 2021
I was very happy to find this broker. You see, I live in Australia and there is very tough financial legislation, so there are almost no brokers with good trading conditions. Therefore, I opened an FXCC account. There are excellent trading conditions including a leverage of 1: 500. This is really rare in my country. I opened a demo account here and now I am studying all the functions of the Metatrader 4 trading platform. It is very convenient and there are many trading and ana/lysis tools available. What is especially cool is that scalping and hedging are allowed here.
  25 Oct 2021  
I’m satisfied with manual trading here. I would like to use customized technical indicators here. I heard that some brokers forbid the use of custom indicators. Can I use custom indicators on your Metatrader 4?
  14 Oct 2021  
Yes, you can use customized technical indicators here.
Gerrit Zimmermann   22 Oct 2021
I closed three lucrative trades last week. USD/ZAR and USD/JPY were kind enough for me to show a decent profit, while oil CFDs kept soaring. WIthdrawal came in time, so I got something to spend. FXCC has everything I need to trade.
  8 Oct 2021  
The broker is good, normal medium level. The pluses - MT4 terminal, a good choice of instruments. There are no serious drawbacks as such. But I opened an account under the influence of the reviews, which told me about the quality of performance. I have been trading for 2 full months now, there is no spread widening on news and overnights, no slippage, all these charms of trader's life are not observed here. I dont have any problem with opening and closing, but I`ve read reviews on FXCC that says that execution is almost incomparable, in general I`m not as impressed as I expected. Also a definite plus is the large leverage.
  2 Oct 2021  
Forex trading has become my source of money. This is great because I can be free. I trade with an FXCC broker. This company does not have complex software. Here is Metatrader 4. This is a standard trading platform. I have enjoyed trading here since I opened an FXCC demo account. I liked the fact that you can use any time of the day or night. At first I had a job and I traded. It was convenient to study on a demo account, because the Forex market is open 24 hours a day. FXCC allows hedging, so I trusted this broker and didn't worry about losses. I know that not all brokers provide such opportunities and therefore I appreciate what I have.
  1 Oct 2021  
There’s a big problem with brokers in Australia. The matter is that in my country regulation is very strict and it has an adverse impact on local brokers. They have to make their trading conditions less favorable for traders. In particular, they have to decrease their leverage size. How would you appreciate trading majors with 1:30? Local traders have to put up with it or… find a smart solution to this problem. Fortunately, there’s a good way out and many Australian traders are already taking advantage of it. I mean foreign brokers. They are not restrained by tight restrictions and respectively can afford providing much better trading conditions. I also chose this option and found a foreign broker. I read FXCC reviews. I found its trading conditions very suitable and signed up. I have been already trading with this broker for more than two months and I have a positive impression about it.
  26 Sep 2021  
I've probably been looking for a good broker with low floating spreads for about a year. On the advice of a friend, I opened an account with broker FXCC, and it is good that I did not have to choose which account to open because the broker has only one type of account ECN XL, but this account offers all the necessary and the most favorable conditions for trading. The broker offers high leverage up to 1:500. The great advantage of this account is that there is no initial deposit amount, you can replenish your account if you want even for 10 dollars. ECN Type Execution account, hedging is allowed. This is one of the few brokers that supports scalping. Another of the broker's amazing offerings is that there is no minimum distance to a stop loss, I have not tried setting a stop loss one point away from an order, I think it will work if done that way. In short, a broker with great conditions.
  17 Sep 2021  
When I choose a broker, first of all I pay attention to the safety of funds. What has this broker done to secure client funds?
  26 Aug 2021  
The FXCC broker is regulated. One of the main requirements from regulatory authorities is to hold client funds separate from the company’s funds. This is why segregated accounts are needed. FXCC is a reputable and reliable broker, you can be sure about that.
Manoj Usman   24 Sep 2021

Established in 2010, FXCC emerges as a foremost STP/ECN broker, with a focus on Forex and CFDs, rendering institutional-grade services and economical trading possibilities to retail clients eager to explore a broad array of products. With its stringent adherence to CySEC regulations, FXCC grants...

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