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Hi, I wants to know this broker is good or not and its ok to deposit fund to this broker

Alaric   17 March, 2010  

hands down, worst platform ever and im not saying this in anger any more. Firstly, these people are market makers. I have been caught out several times. I trade on a few platforms, only fxcm has claimed A MARKET GAP 6 TIMES, where all other platforms showed a considerable depreciation, but still very liquid supply and demand so i could get out of the trade any time i wanted, contrary to fxcm! THIS HAS HAPPENED 6 TIMES AND RESULTED in pretty substantial loss. I dont recommend this platform to any one try Interactive Brokers or FXPrO.

Max   23 February, 2010  

I don't understand why this site rates 49/51% (good-bad votes) when I read most comments are unhappy clients. Very unrealistic rating. I would rate 20/80% that is 20% pro and 80% against this dir-ty broker

Go-Jo   19 February, 2010  

These guys are crooks. Had an account, closed all my trades for the day. Printed reports verifying my trades. Next morning my account was wiped out by a trade that was supposedly entered in the middle of the night. No record of anything on my end but their system showed it. Currently suing. Don't use these bastards!!!!

Brian   22 October, 2009  

FXCM has the best spreads in the forex world... direct execution, no dealing desk... 0,7 pips for eur/usd ...even smaller... i tried finexo, dukascopy, saxo and some others.. but believe me that FXCM has much better conditions and customer help... i hope i ll earn more money with them.

fxbuyer   18 September, 2009  

I lost so many trades with them....when i also did trade the same exactly position with other brokers and reached the TP!!!<br />
They totally don t want you to win and. Once they just closed one of my positions that was going to make more profit. Sometimes you can not close positions that are in profit, sometimes you can not open new positionsbecause they know this is a wonderfull entry for the trader.<br />
They almost always give you a bad price on any Stop-Order - up to 5 pips more expensive - but in case you reach a TP with fxcm they never ever gave me a better price. STAY AWAY. When you complain they tell you it is the traders fault......It is hard to make money in the market but kind of impossible when your broker plays games with you!!!!!

Manni   12 September, 2009  

Moved to UK moffice to hedge, man they are the kings of SLIP! maybe &#39;cos they&#39;s new there but sure ain&#39;t hanging about just to lose my money, there&#39;s got to be better hedging brokers out there!!

Hedgeboy   21 August, 2009  

I think they pretty good broker. i would recommend them!

Sergei   2 July, 2009  

Comments regarding Forex Peace Army (FPA) are 100& true, they are a bunch of cowboys come from the East making a Buck by selective slandering on their site. Rgarding FXCM, ...Norm, no successful broker worth their salt would screw their clients so willy-nilly, it is so counter productive and suicidal! All big brokers, FXCM, Oanda, ACM, Saxo etc are companies that look to a long term future...not a flash in the pan, get rich quick by screwing the clients moment. Get real.

Marketa   4 June, 2009  

Don&#39;t trust FXCM. I had an account with them that I funded by credit card without any trouble. I did O.K. but when I needed to make a further deposit so as to avoid a margin a call I was unable to so due to a deficiency in the payments platform. FXCM neither answered emails or phones calls and because of the time/day I wasn&#39;t able to wire it. Of course they closed the account out and the next day it would have been in profit. I thought about why a company would risk its good name by being so cavalier and then I noticed how much advertising they do. They&#39;ve only got to open a couple of thousand clients a week and screw half of them and they&#39;re doing very nicely. I wish I had come upon this site before I came upon FXCM. Be warned - stay away from FXCM.

Norm   9 April, 2009  

You guys need to know why FXCM does it. FXCM is the remains of REFCO who had a small share of ACM years ago. When REFCO went under ACM bought back their shares. This has to be the reason, ACM where big enough to be able to get themselves detached from the sinking REFCO ship which re-formed as FXCM with the debris. They must still have a bitter taste in their mouths! BTW, Forex Peace Army really are scam artists. The FBI did arrest 40 or so of his employees in connection with a probe into securities and currency fraud. This was all reported on CNN. As for a connection between FXCM and that idiot Felix, I politely think you are well mistaken.

DOH!!   26 March, 2009  

The exact same thing happens to me when I comparing the same! FXCM person called Gavin tell me look at FPA. All is lies there, I read later that FPA Russian owner get his office raided by FBI in NY, that he has connection with FXCM. I open with ACM, later I write good post for ACM on FPA, it never placed on review page, I send it 2 times! Keep away form unprofesional brokers and FPA.

So True!   26 March, 2009  

I was trying out 2 different brokers to see which had best platform and service. One was FXCM and the other ACM. Obviously they both contacted me seconds after I registered. When I told them both that I was trying another, ACM did not even bother to ask me who. I was surprised! after a couple of weeks of demoing with both I asked the ACM guy why he did not ask who else I was trying out? He told me that it did not matter as he believed that after comparing them I would go to ACM, that he felt comfortable enough that his broker offered the best all round conditions. FXCM , on finding out I also opened with ACM, immediately told me that they were bad, he sent me the link to the Forex Peace Army who I have since found out are the biggest scamming, unprofessional, lying sobs, I have even read that there may even be a connection between them and FXCM. FXCM should be fined for unfair and unprofessional conduct. Obviously I never went with FXCM, also &#39;cos their platform sux big time!

Disgusted!!   26 March, 2009  

I translate my standard account to micro, you can fund it with 25$ but minimum wire is 1000$ now. This not give sufficient flexibility to me and I will not send funds to this company.<br />
The only withdrawal method for international customers is wire(1000$ minimum too?).<br />
All withdrawal requests are subject to review. FXCM Micro reserves the right to return funds to its original funding source.<br />
I am still looking for a great broker of forex.

gustavo   22 March, 2009  

Only 1 thing! You&#39;ve forgot to write &quot;IN MY HUMBLE OPINION&quot;!

Gilber to melco   15 December, 2008  

This site itself seems to be the problem . The posts by traders for this particular broker are nearly 100% negative , but this site places the broker to be at no 1 . So this is not a rating site this is a subtle advertising site for the brokers themselves. Read what traders have to say about FXCM at a proper forum like Forex TSD

melco   14 December, 2008  

Welcome a place of Institute of Learning.They will treat you like a student and provide you a knowlegde about what is Forex.The more you stay with them the longer your money will spend.
If you really serious in Forex and have a guts..Then go for other alternative..Remember..Don't be those 90% Forex Investors loser but be a Forex TOP DOGS (10 %) winning.

Terry James   4 July, 2008  

STAY AWAY from FXCM's managed accounts. Had the accounts trading the Sentiment and Sentiment Aggressive Funds. After spectacular performance in 2007, both funds began to tank December 1, 2007 and are down 6.4% and 16.3% respectively so far this year. Their updated monthly performance webinars reveal a company in complete denial about their own strategy and proprietary trading methods, which clearly don't work. Naturally, FXCM is pushing two new funds. Look elsewhere.

newstrader   29 June, 2008  

just started trading live forex..i lost us20,000 in 2 months...anyone pls advise....muspnc@gmail.com

mus   21 May, 2008  

Standard quote is 05/08 (3 spread), secret quote will be 02/05 (still 3 spread) and 08/11 (still 3 spread).
Checked from liquidation in quiet Asian Sessions &amp; compared to different Brokers.

Gouseen   10 April, 2008  

Spreads are not the same as what they claimed on the Promotion Website, real accounts face very large spread!
Real Accounts spreads are not the same as Demo Accounts!
Trading functions suspended during news sessions. Computerised programmes check the currrency pairs you entered, make you could not liquidate in good profit position.

Gouseen   27 March, 2008  

I've been trading real money with this broker for over a year. I've had absolutely no problems, whatsoever.

I was initially skeptical about opening an account with FXCM because I had read so many negative reviews about them. However, I found that virtually ALL brokers had negative reviews - stories from disgruntled novice traders that lost money and blamed the broker.

After actively trading for a year, I'm convinced that most disgruntled traders lost money due to their own lack of experience in trading strategy and experience. It has little to do with the broker or the trading platform. With a good strategy and sound money management, those same traders would be singing the praises of whatever broker they were with.

jonnroc   12 March, 2008  

stay away... platform freezes they donot honor your market oprders and stops during big market moves... every thing is set to favor them. at times variable spread could take GBP up to 12pips. is a killer.

Prasad   20 January, 2008  

Looks like all this brokers are money makers. and yet they advertise themselves like they are out to make you rich. I know even as humans, everyone has their leftsides so its ok that one may have an experience with a broker, but they way each and every broker seem to have this or that negative side,... I'm getting scared of getting into the business. Can someone talk to me? bram1brain@yahoo.co.uk

Bram   17 January, 2008  

Who say they are trader and they like FXCM, they don't know what that mean: &quot; TIME IS MONEY &quot;. Before you go to FXCM, check bacground of this FXCM, take time, spend time on serch, not your money for nothing, and look who they really are. Look what complanece they have, why they got to court, look every broker. But this one, mmm... Not really. for now I prefer keep distance.

ANDY   23 December, 2007  

All true. You can't close till you lose. You can't open when they loose. Charts? Foget it. Not station, not website charts work as it HAVE TO. All frozen. And back to normal, when you have MARGIN CALL. NO one of chart platform working.

ANDY   8 December, 2007  

crooks, just stay away

will   5 October, 2007  

I,ve traded with FXCM and did have some problems with the site freezing but didn't really have any other problems I'm pretty new to trading currencies but did manage to turn $700 into $4000 in a weeks time with these guys. Sadly I changed to a new broker because I wanted more bells and whistles at my disposal. Does anyone here have a recommendation for a brokerage. I don't want to say where I am trading now. I do like where I am at now just curriuos if it would pop up from anyone here. Thx I'll check back in a couple of days.

Harvey   22 September, 2007  

I am not new to trading, but I am new to forex and these guys have been nothing but helpful. Most of the negative reviews seem to be from rookies who got slapped with a margin call they didn't understand. Forex is a very complicated market, and requires a significant amount of both research and timing. The trading station is easy to use once you get the hang of it, but the charting isn't the best and you have to go to the dailyfx website. Website isn't bad, but is very slow in busy times and freezes up sometimes. Overall B+.

drinknboard   10 September, 2007  

I hate them

joe   6 September, 2007  

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