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  3 Feb 2024
Scalpers' journey and trading venture with FxPro will be productive, in my opinion. The reason behind this is the ultra-fast execution of submitted orders. FxPro offers this speed and almost instant execution. To conclude, it makes scalping trading fine.
  25 Jan 2024
FxPro offers a wide range of trading instruments, which is very advantageous.
  24 Jan 2024
My experience with FxPro thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, marked by a series of encouraging initial impressions that have set a high standard for my trading journey. A standout aspect of my experience has been the exceptional support provided by their team. During the account opening phase, I found their assistance invaluable. The team's expertise was immediately apparent, as they adeptly navigated me through the process, offering well-informed responses to all my queries. This level of support instilled a great deal of confidence in me as a trader. Moreover, the efficiency of the FxPro terminal has been noteworthy. It operates with remarkable swiftness, facilitating seamless trading without any technical hiccups. This kind of reliability in a trading platform is crucial for real-time decision making and has greatly contributed to my positive experience. Another aspect where FxPro truly stands out is in its approach to trading conditions. They have successfully created an environment conducive to successful trading, which is particularly beneficial for traders who have grown weary of the usual array of bonuses and competitions. While these may seem attractive, I've come to realize that they often serve as mere distractions from the core of trading. Instead, FxPro focuses on what really matters – reliability and favorable trading conditions. This approach resonates with me, as it strips away unnecessary frills and centers on the essentials of trading. FxPro's commitment to offering reliable conditions is evident and undeniable. It's refreshing to engage with a broker that prioritizes the actual needs of traders, focusing on delivering a solid, dependable trading experience. This approach underlines the core values of successful trading and has made my experience with FxPro a commendable one.
  24 Jan 2024
So many things to talk about this broker, its hard to scroll down to the end of this review. This is the lounge where professional traders meet. I have seen so many great traders within my friends and they all traded here, because you cannot risk failure in execution or liquidity if you are trading important money. This is where execution meets excellence apparently.
  23 Jan 2024
The broker seems to be very proud of the execution model employed. I have to confess, I am impressed by the quality of their infrastructure. With confidence in the tools you use, comes inspiration to put in the work necessary. Well, that is how I see it. I have no excuse because all that I need to succeed has been provided to me. Even education! If I didn't know how to trade, I would.t still have an excuse with this broker.
  22 Jan 2024
FXpro impresses with its trading variety, but lower spreads would enhance cost-effectiveness for traders.
  21 Jan 2024
The variety of accounts on FXpro caters to different needs, but lower commissions would be more appealing.
  20 Jan 2024
Embarking on my forex journey with FXpro has been exciting and educational.
  19 Jan 2024
I've been trading with FxPro for quite some time now, and I must say it's been a rewarding experience. FxPro truly lives up to its reputation as a reliable broker that caters to traders of all levels, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting in the world of trading. One of the standout features of FxPro is their commitment to protecting their clients from negative balance. This means that even in highly volatile markets, you won't end up owing more than you've invested, which provides great peace of mind. Knowing that my risk is limited to my initial deposit allows me to trade with confidence and focus on my strategies. The trading conditions at FxPro are also top-notch. The platform is user-friendly and provides access to a wide range of trading instruments, from Forex to commodities and more. The execution speed is impressive, ensuring that my orders are filled promptly, even during fast-moving market conditions. What sets FxPro apart is their exceptional professional support. Whenever I've had a question or needed assistance, their customer support team has been quick to respond and incredibly knowledgeable. It's evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction and are always ready to help. FxPro's dedication to offering comfortable trading conditions extends to their educational resources. They provide a wealth of materials, webinars, and analysis to help traders improve their skills and make informed decisions. This is especially beneficial for beginners looking to learn the ropes and for experienced traders seeking to refine their strategies. In conclusion, my experience with FxPro has been nothing short of excellent. Their commitment to protecting clients from negative balance, coupled with their professional support and user-friendly platform, makes them a top choice for traders of all levels. Whether you're new to trading or a seasoned pro, FxPro provides a conducive environment for successful trading.
  18 Jan 2024
I've had a very positive experience with FxPro overall. One aspect that truly stood out to me is the exceptional support team. Their assistance during the account opening process was remarkable. It's evident that they are not only well-prepared but also highly knowledgeable, as they provided comprehensive and accurate answers to all my queries. Furthermore, I've been impressed with the performance of the FxPro terminal. It operates seamlessly, and I haven't encountered any technical issues so far. This reliability has significantly contributed to my confidence in the platform. Overall, my initial impressions of FxPro have been overwhelmingly positive, and I look forward to continuing my trading with them in the world of trading and investments.
  17 Jan 2024
FXpro's educational content is vast, but adding practical exercises would make it more effective.
  17 Jan 2024
I rarely write reviews buy I cant keep silence anymore. Yesterday decided to trade crypto here and of course chose the most famous coins for that BTC and ETH. Opened the position with quite a huge volume, close all the tabs and did my best not to, stare at the monitor and get more nervous every minute. Today in the morning TP was hit. I am excited! I mean, props to me of course, but the broker has participated in this success. Instruments for analysis I had have helped me to make a right decision. But I don't get conceited, I know that risks are still here.
  16 Jan 2024
My queries were quickly resolved by FXpro's efficient team, enhancing my trading journey.
  15 Jan 2024
In my quest for a broker that prioritizes practicality over unnecessary frills, I've discovered FxPro - an establishment that caters to traders seeking a no-nonsense approach to the art of trading. While bonuses and competitions may have their appeal, the essence of successful trading lies in reliability and favorable trading conditions. In this regard, FxPro undoubtedly stands out. FxPro places emphasis on reliability, making it a beacon for traders who value substance over gimmicks. In an industry where trust is paramount, this broker's commitment to dependable trading conditions is evident. Having been a loyal FxPro client for an extended period, I can attest to the quality of their trading conditions. The platform's flawless performance ensures seamless trading experiences. Unlike my previous broker, FxPro has proven to be free from peculiar trading situations that can disrupt one's trading journey. Based on my enduring partnership with FxPro, I wholeheartedly endorse them as a trustworthy broker. If you're in search of a broker that prioritizes reliability and offers favorable trading conditions, FxPro is an excellent choice. FxPro stands as a testament to the idea that successful trading hinges on reliability and trading conditions rather than flashy bonuses and competitions. With its unwavering commitment to providing a dependable platform, FxPro offers traders a stable and efficient environment in which to pursue their trading goals. I wholeheartedly recommend FxPro as a broker of choice for those who value practicality and reliability in their trading endeavors.
  14 Jan 2024
What fxpro broker doesn’t do? Or it’s better to ask what Fxpro doesn’t allow to do for its customers? There are tons of things that you are capable of applying with this broker. From humble manual trading, some boring currency pairs, and up until implementing some sophisticated trading robots.
  5 Jan 2024
I recently started trading with FxPro, initiating the process by seamlessly opening an account and funding it without any hassle. My transition to trading on a real account was smooth and stress-free. Having experienced trading with various other brokers in the past, I approached FxPro with certain expectations, and I'm pleased to report that they were not only met but exceeded. From a technical standpoint, FxPro stands out remarkably. The software's performance is commendable, offering a user-friendly interface that caters to both novice and seasoned traders. The communication quality, a critical aspect for any trader, is consistently reliable, ensuring that I am always connected and in control of my trading decisions. Furthermore, the efficiency in order processing is noteworthy. Trades are executed promptly, which is vital in the fast-paced trading environment where every second counts. One aspect that distinctly sets FxPro apart from other brokers I've used is their focus on creating a conducive environment for trading, devoid of unnecessary frills. The absence of distracting bonuses and competitions is a breath of fresh air. Initially, such add-ons might seem attractive, but in reality, they often divert attention from the core aspects of trading. FxPro understands this and has rightly prioritized what truly matters – reliability and favorable trading conditions. Reliability is a cornerstone of FxPro's offering. Their commitment to maintaining a secure and stable trading platform gives me immense confidence. The transparent and fair trading conditions further enhance this sense of reliability. Whether it's the tight spreads, reasonable leverage, or the absence of hidden fees, FxPro ensures that traders have all the necessary tools and conditions to succeed. In conclusion, my experience with FxPro has been thoroughly positive. The broker's emphasis on essential trading elements, coupled with their robust technical infrastructure, makes them an ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient trading platform. I am confident in their services and believe that FxPro is well-equipped to meet the needs of traders looking for a straightforward, effective, and trustworthy trading experience.
  5 Jan 2024
FxPro allows seamless integration with third-party trading tools, enhancing the overall trading experience. This flexibility enables traders to use their automation tools alongside the FxPro platform, creating a customized and efficient trading environment.
  5 Jan 2024
Flexibility is a strong suit for FxPro. With various account types, the platform caters to both beginners and seasoned traders. It adapts to different trading styles, ensuring a personalized experience.
  3 Jan 2024
I recently ventured into trading with FxPro, and my experience has been quite seamless and reassuring. After carefully opening an account and funding it, I transitioned into trading on a real account without any hitches. My journey in the world of trading isn't new; prior to FxPro, I had experiences with several other brokers, which provided me with a comparative perspective. What stands out about FxPro is their robust technical infrastructure. The software platform they offer is not only user-friendly but also equipped with advanced features that cater to both novice and experienced traders. This kind of versatility in their software is a significant upgrade from my previous experiences. Communication quality is another aspect where FxPro excels. In the often volatile world of trading, timely and clear communication is crucial, and FxPro seems to understand this well. Their channels of communication are efficient and reliable, ensuring that I am always updated and connected. Order processing with FxPro has been exemplary. The speed and accuracy of trade executions are impressive, reflecting their commitment to high standards in this critical area of trading. This efficiency in order execution minimizes slippage and potential losses due to delays - a problem I've encountered with other brokers. In summary, FxPro has provided a trading environment that is both technologically advanced and user-friendly. Their attention to the technical details of their platform and operational efficiency is evident and highly appreciated. This experience has been devoid of the common frustrations that traders often face with other brokers, making my trading journey with FxPro a satisfying one.
  2 Jan 2024
In my opinion, this broker is perfectly suited for both professional traders and traders who have just recently started trading. In short, it is versatile broker.
  21 Dec 2023
FxPro's no dealing desk execution gives me confidence in fair pricing. Their educational resources are beneficial, though I feel more advanced materials could be added.
  19 Dec 2023
I have no doubts about FxPRo's reliability! One of the most famous brokers in the whole world.
  19 Dec 2023
Being an experienced trader, I must say that I've had a highly efficient experience with FxPro's platform, particularly with MT4 and cTrader. The combination of low fees and no dealing desk execution has significantly complemented my trading strategies. However, it's worth noting that beginners may perceive the platform as somewhat complex.
  19 Dec 2023
I decided to work with the FxPro not only because of its recognition in the community, but also because of the trading environment and that vibe of success. When you notice "Pro" in the title, you feel like you are already an expert or you can quickly become the one. As for the latter, then it's dubious, cause it's impossible to become professional within a short period, but generally, the broker definitely contributes to your professional growth via providing many materials and robust infrastrcture. That's something why I choose FxPro, why I trust it, and why I finally cooperate with it.
  18 Dec 2023
As someone who has navigated the diverse landscape of online brokerage, my experience with FxPro stands out for its straightforward and effective approach to trading. FxPro distinguishes itself by eschewing the common industry gimmicks of bonuses and competitions. Initially, I was skeptical, having been drawn in by such offers from other brokers in the past. However, I've come to appreciate that these features often serve as distractions from the real essence of trading. With FxPro, the focus is squarely on providing a reliable and conducive trading environment, devoid of unnecessary frills. What impresses me most about FxPro is their commitment to reliable trading conditions. They consistently fulfill their obligations, instilling a sense of trust and security in their platform. Their support service is exemplary - always responsive and helpful, addressing concerns and queries with professionalism and efficiency. This level of customer service is crucial, especially in moments of uncertainty or when immediate assistance is required. Another aspect where FxPro excels is in the execution of trades and the processing of withdrawals. Transactions are handled with honesty and efficiency, ensuring that funds are accessible promptly. This swift and transparent handling of finances is a breath of fresh air in an industry where delays and hidden terms are all too common. In my trading with FxPro, I've experienced a loss only once, which was due to my own miscalculation. This incident was a learning curve for me and highlighted the importance of personal responsibility in trading. It’s reassuring to know that the platform itself is robust and not a contributing factor to such setbacks. My interactions with other seasoned traders, who have had experiences with various brokers, have reinforced my opinion of FxPro. Many of them regard FxPro as one of the most reliable brokers in the market, notable for its high turnover and steadfast service. This consensus among experienced traders is telling of the broker's reputation and reliability. To sum up, my gratitude goes to FxPro for their quality service and unwavering commitment to their clients. Their focus on what truly matters in trading – reliability, responsive support, honest execution, and quick withdrawals – sets them apart as a broker that genuinely understands and caters to the needs of serious traders.
  18 Dec 2023
The number of financial instruments that are available to me on trading platform amaze me with their diversity.
  17 Dec 2023
Let me tell you about my experience. I think it might be of interest to you. I made a choice in favor of this company because it is the most reputable and solid broker of all that I know. It all started when I opened a trading account and made my first deposit. Everything went smoothly and without any problems. Trading on the broker's platform was pleasant for me. The speed and quality of order execution is at a high level. In addition, I installed a mobile application on my smartphone and sometimes open it to watch the price movement. I already have a small profit, but I have not withdrawn it yet. I am waiting for a big sum to collect. I think there will be no problems with withdrawal. I have already studied this service and I am sure that I will manage.
  12 Dec 2023
FxPro's account opening process was straightforward, which I liked. But, as a newbie, the inactivity fee is a bit of a concern, as I'm not trading frequently yet.
  11 Dec 2023
FxPro emerges as a standout choice for traders seeking a no-nonsense, effective trading environment. My experience with FxPro has been illuminating, especially in contrast to other brokers that often entice traders with various bonuses and competitions. This extended review aims to provide a deeper insight into why FxPro is a prudent choice for traders focused on serious trading endeavors. FxPro distinguishes itself by creating an ecosystem that is conducive to successful trading. The platform steers clear of the common industry practice of luring clients with bonuses and competitions, which I found often serve more as distractions than actual aids to trading. Instead, FxPro's focus is squarely on providing solid trading conditions – a philosophy that resonates with traders who are serious about their craft. One of the most compelling aspects of FxPro is its unwavering reliability. The platform offers a stable and dependable trading environment, crucial for making informed and timely trading decisions. In the volatile world of forex, where market conditions can change in an instant, having a reliable platform is indispensable. FxPro's commitment to providing quality trading conditions is evident in its offering. The broker provides a range of tools and resources designed to aid traders in analyzing the market, executing trades, and managing risk effectively. These tools are not just comprehensive but are also integrated seamlessly into the platform, enhancing the overall trading experience. FxPro’s approach is a refreshing change in an industry often fixated on superficial incentives. By shifting the focus away from bonuses and competitions, FxPro redirects attention to what truly matters in trading - reliable conditions, robust tools, and a stable platform. This focus aligns well with the needs of serious traders who understand that long-term success in trading comes from skill, discipline, and the right trading environment, not from short-lived incentives. FxPro stands out as a broker that prioritizes the essentials of successful trading over the allure of bonuses and competitions. Its reliable trading conditions, focus on essential tools, and stable platform make it an excellent choice for traders who are serious about their trading journey. FxPro's approach is a testament to its understanding of what traders truly need to succeed in the challenging world of forex. For those seeking a focused, distraction-free trading environment, FxPro offers a compelling platform that aligns with the goals of serious traders.
  10 Dec 2023
The variety of instruments offered by FxPro is great for learning about different markets. However, I find the platform a bit complex for beginners. A more user-friendly interface would be appreciated.
  8 Dec 2023
As a female beginner in trading, I appreciate the low minimum deposit at FxPro, making it less intimidating to start. But, the trading fees for some stock CFDs seem a bit high for someone just starting out.
  6 Dec 2023
Starting out with FxPro, the customer service was a big help, especially when I had questions about setting up my account. The high leverage options are intriguing, but I'm proceeding with caution as I learn more.
  6 Dec 2023
these guys are absolutely significant in my trading journey. it totally deserves the best rating, and I say that not based on my appreciation and how i like the services of fxpro, i am trying to be as objective as possible. they are basically offer such a broad spectrum of services, and they are commited to provide the best expereince to you as possible, firing on all cylinders.
  6 Dec 2023
FxPro's commitment to education is unparalleled. The quality of webinars and tutorials has elevated my understanding of the markets. The real-time social trading feeds have added a collaborative dimension to my trading journey, allowing me to learn from the experiences of others. FxPro's platform is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive learning ecosystem that has been pivotal in my growth as a trader.
  5 Dec 2023
Traders appreciate FxPro flexibility in providing tailored trading conditions, allowing them to choose parameters that align with their risk tolerance and investment goals.
  5 Dec 2023
FxPro efficient account verification process ensures a smooth onboarding experience for new traders, reducing unnecessary delays.
  3 Dec 2023
FxPro offers flexible leverage options, catering to various trading strategies and risk profiles, allowing traders to tailor their approach to the market.
  2 Dec 2023
FxPro's swift and seamless deposit and withdrawal processes streamline financial management for traders, ensuring quick access to their funds.
  1 Dec 2023
Having been a client of FxPro for over a year, I've had ample time to assess their services comprehensively. FxPro offers conditions that are not only attractive but also conducive for traders at various levels, from novices to experienced ones. One of FxPro's standout features is its robust and fast trading platform. However, to make the most out of the mobile version of this platform, a powerful smartphone is necessary due to its sophisticated functionalities. Starting as a novice, my initial phase with FxPro was mixed, marked by inevitable losses as part of the learning curve. However, I've since managed to establish a profitable trading strategy, recovering from my early setbacks. This progress is, in part, thanks to FxPro's reliable trading environment and their commitment to client success. FxPro has demonstrated a serious commitment to addressing client needs. Several issues that I disputed were resolved in my favor, showcasing their dedication to fair and client-friendly practices. The trading conditions at FxPro are favorable, with a platform that functions seamlessly. Unlike experiences with previous brokers where trading was sometimes marred by inexplicable situations, FxPro provides a stable and transparent trading environment. Based on my extended experience, I can confidently affirm that FxPro stands as a reputable and reliable broker. The combination of good trading conditions, a user-friendly platform, and a strong client-focused approach makes FxPro an excellent choice for traders seeking a dependable brokerage partner.
  22 Nov 2023
The broker is regulated by multiple regulatory bodies, which I think is important. The trading platforms available give traders a range of alternatives to choose from, and the Fxpro trading platform quite surprised me with it's quality. It just lacks in a few features.
  20 Nov 2023
I've been trading with FxPro for over a decade, and it's their consistent drive for excellence that keeps me loyal. From a robust platform offering CFDs across various asset classes like forex, shares, and spot metals to their commitment to top-tier liquidity without dealing desk intervention, it's clear why they've amassed over 90 international awards​​​​. Their regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions gives me confidence in their operations​​. I'm not alone in my trust; an internal survey showed 70% of FxPro traders would recommend them, which doesn't surprise me given their client-first approach​​.
  18 Nov 2023
A pretty much contemporary broker, I like such ones. They inspire confidence in the future.
  17 Nov 2023
The rare occurrences of slippages highlight the platform's server reliability. This gives me confidence about the precision in order execution.
  15 Nov 2023
This broker has quite a good choice of trading account types and trading platforms. I believe that this is important for experienced traders. After all, their trading strategies require strict correspondence of trading conditions and quality of instruments. I am not an experienced trader yet, but judging by what services and opportunities this broker has, I can become a Pro. Besides, name of the company has Pro in it, so I have not bad chances. I realize that to gain experience and become a professional I need all the tools to work perfectly. Only then I will be able to concentrate on trading. And this broker is known for having such services and tools.
  14 Nov 2023
FxPro understands the importance of choice and gives traders the freedom to choose throughout their experience. From trading accounts to trading platforms, and even some trading conditions as well.
  14 Nov 2023
As an institutional client who requires a broker with a global reach, I've found FxPro's expansive presence across 170 countries to be crucial for my operations​​. They offer a comprehensive range of CFDs, including futures and spot indices, which are integral to my investment strategies​​. The fact that they operate under such stringent regulatory bodies like the FCA and CySEC provides an additional layer of trust to their services​​. The level of transparency and trust I've experienced with FxPro is unparalleled. Their no dealing desk intervention policy ensures that my trades are executed without any conflict of interest. It's clear why a significant number of their clients, myself included, are willing to endorse FxPro to others​​​​. Their award-winning performance is a testament to their commitment to being a leading broker in the forex and CFD markets​​.
  14 Nov 2023
For me as an algo trader this broker is great partner. And here's why: 1. Trading conditions here are quite favorable. 2. Speed and quality of execution. Correct work of Expert Advisors that I use in trading depends on high speed and accuracy of order execution. Here broker applies modern technologies, which makes execution so good. 3. Possibility to connect VPS server. Of course, some companies provide such services. But I don't trust them. I trust broker I have been trading with for a long time. Besides, I have already checked quality of this service and made sure that everything works without fail. This combination of company's features makes my trading easier.
  12 Nov 2023
The myriad methods available for account replenishment, especially the inclusion of e-wallets, makes the process versatile and user-centric.
  11 Nov 2023
Fxpro is the most credible forex company I know. That’s why I am here trading on a daily basis.
  10 Nov 2023
My experience with automated trading using EA has been stellar, and the platform's feedback system has been invaluable. The support team's role in aiding strategy development cannot be overstated.
  10 Nov 2023
I wholeheartedly endorse collaborating with FxPro, a brokerage that has earned my trust primarily due to its stringent adherence to licensing and regulation by reputable European authorities. The oversight by serious regulatory bodies provides a crucial layer of security and transparency, assuring traders of a reliable and accountable trading environment. FxPro's utilization of the MetaTrader platform adds a layer of familiarity and efficiency for traders, as it is a widely recognized and respected tool within the trading community. In my experience, instances of slippage are infrequent, typically occurring only during pronounced market movements or in situations where liquidity is lacking. Requotes are a rare occurrence, further attesting to the broker's commitment to smooth and uninterrupted trading experiences. The process of withdrawing funds from my FxPro account to my bank account has been notably swift and accompanied by low fees, contributing to a seamless and cost-effective financial transaction. This operational efficiency significantly enhances the overall user experience and reinforces FxPro's reputation as a broker that values its clients' time and resources. FxPro distinguishes itself not only through operational efficiency but also through its comprehensive offerings. The mobile application provided by FxPro is not only user-friendly but visually appealing, catering to traders on the go. The diverse range of tariff plans caters to various trading preferences, and the wealth of analytical materials provided underscores the broker's commitment to empowering traders with informed decision-making tools. To ensure a smooth journey with FxPro, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the tariff structures and fees in advance, a practice prudent with any brokerage. FxPro's commitment to customer support adds an additional layer of reassurance, ensuring that any queries or concerns are promptly and effectively addressed. In summary, FxPro stands out as a stellar brokerage, combining regulatory reliability, efficient operations, and a user-friendly interface. With a robust mobile application, diverse tariff plans, and extensive analytical resources, FxPro has established itself as a comprehensive solution for traders seeking a trustworthy and feature-rich trading experience.
  8 Nov 2023
Their multilingual support system broadens their global reach and facilitates effortless communication. Such linguistic versatility is indicative of a company with a global vision.
  7 Nov 2023
I appreciate the transparency and reliability of FxPro. I've never had any concerns about the safety of my funds.
  3 Nov 2023
FXPro's educational resources have helped me improve my trading strategy. The webinars and guides are very informative for traders at all levels.
  2 Nov 2023
Man, i don't do a lot of reviews when it comes to banking or brokerage services i used to utilize from time to time, bu i gots to jot down some words about fxpro. i really dig their services and its the platform i found where i get the best possible opportunitiess to make money, if the financcial markets is a track, fxpro is the fastest and most reliable car you can gets to drive on it.
  1 Nov 2023
Navigating the vast seas of forex trading, I stumbled upon FxPro, which soon proved itself to be a beacon for professional traders like myself. From the outset, it became evident that FxPro wasn't merely another broker in the fray but a distinguished entity that epitomized professionalism and reliability. One of the most pivotal attributes for a trader is the speed and efficiency with which trades are executed. FxPro shines brilliantly in this domain, ensuring swift trade execution complemented by competitive pricing. But it's not just the speed that's commendable; it's the perfection with which they deliver their services. They've clearly put thought and innovation into their platforms, which are not only state-of-the-art but also exceptionally user-friendly. This makes trading an effortless endeavor, even for those new to the space. Consistency is another hallmark of FxPro. Whether it's in their consistently modern platforms or their reliable profit withdrawal system, they've continuously proven their dedication to their clientele. As someone who has been in the trading realm for a while, the reliability of a broker, especially concerning withdrawals, is paramount. With FxPro, not once have I faced any hitches. Their commitment to facilitating smooth withdrawals, coupled with an array of payment methods, is truly commendable. Whether it's through credit/debit cards, bank wire, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or others, FxPro ensures flexibility and convenience for its traders. Their regulatory credentials further accentuate their credibility. Holding regulations from both the FCA and CySec, FxPro stands as a paragon of regulatory compliance, which instills a great deal of confidence in traders. The platforms they offer, stable and intuitive, provide a seamless trading experience that I've found hard to match elsewhere. Moreover, their approach to transactional processes, especially withdrawals, is refreshingly efficient. The nominal fees and the myriad of payment methods available make the process smooth, and the speed at which they process withdrawals is nothing short of impressive. Funds typically reflect in my account mere hours after making a request, a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction. In summary, my journey with FxPro has been nothing short of exemplary. Their unmatched service quality, holistic trading conditions, and steadfast commitment to ensuring client success make them a force to be reckoned with in the trading world. If excellence in trading is what you seek, FxPro, time-tested and regulated, should undoubtedly be on your radar. Highly recommended for traders who prioritize efficiency, reliability, and excellence.
  28 Oct 2023
In the world of forex trading, where broker credibility is often under the microscope, FxPro emerges as a stalwart, having cemented its reputation over the years. Being licensed by the FCA, this seasoned brokerage firm carries with it a heft of authenticity and trustworthiness that few can rival. It's not uncommon to encounter grievances and accusations against brokers, often decrying withdrawal delays and questionable services. However, it's essential to separate the chaff from the grain and recognize that, oftentimes, losses may stem from personal misjudgments rather than broker malfeasance. From my vantage point and based on years of hands-on experience, FxPro stands above such baseless criticisms. When you arm yourself with a robust trading strategy and insight, this broker provides an environment conducive to prosperous trading. My association with FxPro spans nearly two years, and I couldn't be more content with my choice. The trading conditions they offer are not just flexible but also attuned to the needs of diverse traders, be it a novice or a seasoned veteran. Every trade, every transaction has been executed seamlessly, devoid of any connection glitches or hitches. Moreover, when it comes to withdrawals, a contentious point for many traders, my experience has been unequivocally smooth. One of FxPro's distinguishing features is its expansive array of trading accounts and instruments, catering to the varied needs of the trading community. Its trade execution is prompt, and there's a noticeable absence of drag, ensuring that your trades are always in real-time. Importantly, their approach to trading strategies is refreshingly inclusive. Whether you're into scalping or rely on intricate Expert Advisors (EA's), FxPro is accommodating. In conclusion, amidst a market flooded with brokers of varying credibility, FxPro stands as a beacon of reliability and professionalism. Their comprehensive offerings, coupled with an unwavering commitment to client success, make them a top choice for discerning traders. In a world where trust is paramount, FxPro consistently delivers, making them a gold standard in the brokerage domain.
  25 Oct 2023
Here are the highlights of the broker according to my experience. The reputation of Fxpro is almost spotless. I couldn;t find anything shady or questionable in the history of the company. It’s nice to know that my broker doesn’t do, or hasn't done anything dubious. It can definitely give the peace of mind for confident trading. Fxpro is one of the few companies that are perfectly willing to provide access to some unorthodox trading softwares. I mean cTrader and Fxpro platform. I don’t know any other broker that would have cTrader as their trading platform. And it’s quite decent platform, especially for algo traders and scalpers. Last but not least the payments are fast and easy. It’s an important feature to have for any trader out there.
  23 Oct 2023
The multilingual customer support at FXpro is a plus for international traders. They make an effort to help in your preferred language.
  21 Oct 2023
There is four trading platforms on the platform and I really likes it. The broker has a very good combination of the MT4, MT5, cTrader and also the fxpro direct platform, which comes in a web, pc, and mobile versions. I can almost a/ssure any trader that they will have a good trading experiences with the broker.
  21 Oct 2023
You know that fxpro has deep liquidity just by looking at the amount of assets and spreads.
  20 Oct 2023
FXpro's social trading platform is a game-changer. I can follow and learn from experienced traders, which has improved my results.
  16 Oct 2023
The platform's customization options on FXpro are impressive. I can tailor my workspace to suit my specific trading preferences.
  13 Oct 2023
There are two things that I would like to point out in this review. First is that FxPro's security measures put in place to protect clients are reassuring. They use advanced encryption and Two-step authentication methods, account seggregation, negative balance protection, and many more. Secondly, the FxPro platform is almost ideal for algorithmic trading, but the VPS service is not free. Only traders with a certain account size have access to it free of charge. However, it is a very impressive tool to have for pro traders especially.
  12 Oct 2023
I appreciate FXpro's transparency regarding fees and spreads. There are no hidden costs, which is important to me as a trader.
  12 Oct 2023
I am really satisfied with the Trading conditions I get with FxPro. Great spreads, decent leverage, many options for transferring funds, and also good support.
  6 Oct 2023
I couldn’t decide which broker to choose, and decided to go with the most trusted one - FxPro!
  4 Oct 2023
FxPro's educational resources have upped my trading game. Thank you for the support!
  4 Oct 2023
FxPro's mobile app keeps me connected on the go. Trading has never been so convenient!
  3 Oct 2023
Trustworthy and transparent - two words I'd use to describe FxPro. I've had consistent profits and withdrawals are always prompt.
  3 Oct 2023
Been using many brokers over the years, but FxPro's commitment to excellence truly stands out. Their tools and educational resources are superb!
  30 Sep 2023
Fxpro is a stable forex broker that is on the market for the time I remember myself trading forex. This consistency is highly appreciated by the trading community, since it basically means less risks for traders. We all love to calculate risks, and forex brokers are not exceptions. Plus fxpro allows all types of trading strategies, from positional to scalping. Even algo trading with VPS is welcomed here.
  29 Sep 2023
I can't say that this broker will suit absolutely all traders, but for me it is perfect. I got exactly the trading conditions I was looking for.
  28 Sep 2023
This broker is very much above average. It has been a smooth experience.
  27 Sep 2023
From what have you written, I see that you took tings seriously and that’s a good way to start your trading journey. You have made a great choice to start with FxPro since it is one of the best platforms for beginners. To be more precise, it is a platform that is suitable for any lavel of traders, but the educational material, the number of tools and widgets available here, and if you have traded with their proprietary app, you probably have noticed how easy they made it for newbies to learn it and feel confident to trade. Anyway, every tarder has a different learning curve. So you shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone else. Take your time until you feel confident that you possess the skills and knowledge for trading with a real account. If you already have developed your own trading strategy, and it proved working on a demo account, I don’t see any reson why you shouldn’t switch to a real account. If you don’t have a strategy, then you should develop one before investing real money.
  25 Sep 2023
FxPro, with its distinguished services in forex trading, stands out as a reliable brokerage firm, offering a spectrum of features designed to enhance the trading experience of its clients. This detailed review evaluates the comprehensive suite of services offered by FxPro, contemplating both its advantages and disadvantages to offer insights for potential traders and partners. Advantages: Negative Balance Protection: FxPro’s unique feature, Negative Balance Protection, ensures clients' capital never plummets into the negative, owing to its automated transaction monitoring and risk management system. This exceptional service provides a security blanket to traders, safeguarding them from unforeseen market volatilities, thereby ensuring a secure trading environment. Client Fund Insurance: The company fortifies client funds with insurance, driven by its participation in an investor compensation fund. This layer of protection brings added tranquility to traders, reaffirming the credibility of FxPro as a secure trading platform. Expert Advisors for Beginners: Novice traders receive support through access to seasoned advisors. This feature is invaluable for those entering the forex market, offering guidance and mitigating the steep learning curve associated with forex trading. Comprehensive Service Package: Regardless of account balance, FxPro extends a complete array of services to all clients. This ensures an equitable trading experience, catering to traders with varying capital capacities. VIP Account Perks: VIP account holders experience enhanced services including a personal manager and access to Free VPS, optimizing their trading journey and providing tailored support. Robust Company Capital: With a capital surpassing 100 million euros, FxPro’s financial stability is noteworthy, echoing its reliability and establishing trust amongst its clientele. Swap-Free Accounts: FxPro acknowledges diverse client needs, offering swap-free accounts for clients whose religious beliefs preclude the utilization of swapping, such as Islamic traders. Educational and Research Department: The broker's competent educational and research department plays a pivotal role in cultivating a reliable trading environment, fostering informed decision-making through continuous learning opportunities. Disadvantages: Not Beginner-Friendly Minimum Deposit: A minimum deposit of $100 may deter beginner traders in search of their first broker, as it is comparatively high. This could potentially limit the accessibility of FxPro’s services to newcomers. Challenges in Affiliate Program Registration: Prospective partners may encounter complexities during the registration process for the affiliate program, impacting the user experience and possibly hindering the expansion of FxPro’s partner network. FxPro emerges as a commendable choice in the forex brokerage landscape, marked by its commitment to client security through features like Negative Balance Protection and client fund insurance. The firm’s substantial capital reinforces its reliability, while the availability of expert advisors and a comprehensive service package enhances the trading experience for individuals at various stages of their trading journey. The inclusion of swap-free accounts and the robust educational and research department amplify FxPro’s appeal, showcasing its dedication to accommodating diverse client needs and promoting informed trading. However, the higher minimum deposit may pose as a barrier to entry for beginners, and the challenges in affiliate program registration require attention to streamline partnership formations. In essence, FxPro’s extensive advantages position it as a preferred choice for seasoned traders seeking a blend of security, comprehensive services, and tailored experiences. Nonetheless, addressing the highlighted disadvantages could further augment its appeal, expanding its reach to budding traders and potential partners alike. The comprehensive offerings and the commitment to client-centric services make FxPro a notable contender in the competitive forex trading arena.
  23 Sep 2023
Just like their name suggests, it is a professional broker and it goes a long way for professionals. But it can also offer a lot to newbies, and they would be shocked to find so many opportunities probably. But it takes a short amount of time to get used to all that.
  23 Sep 2023
Wanted to emphasize on the fxpro's prices shaping mechanism. The fees it charges aren't big meaning that you can easily cut costs during trading. Spreads, by the way, are low too.
  17 Sep 2023
This broker was the first company where I opened a real trading account. Before that, I had experience trading on demo accounts with other companies, but I was disappointed with trading conditions they offered me. Here I get not only balanced trading conditions but also a set of tools and auxiliary services.
I also got access to education. What can I say now? This broker not only didn't disappoint me but also helpe me to understand what quality trading conditions, fast order execution and customer support are. Yes, at first it was difficult to me and I didn't feel confident. But now I can not only trade independently but I am constantly improving my skills.
  15 Sep 2023
Impresses with its variety of trading options, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios effectively. However, it would be nice for me if the spreads were reduced, as this would improve the cost-effectiveness of executing trades with various trading options that are in demand among traders at all levels.
  11 Sep 2023
Offers the opportunity to use a demo account, which is a great starting point for traders. However, for me as a beginner, it would be beneficial to receive more detailed support and educational resources. A step-by-step guide or dedicated support for those who are just starting out would be highly valuable.
  8 Sep 2023
Glad they have cTrader! It's my favorite trading platform!
  8 Sep 2023
Fast and professional customer support on FXpro, though having more online chat options would be great.
  6 Sep 2023
The trading platform on FXpro is simply user-friendly convenience.
  5 Sep 2023
I've had a largely positive experience trading with FxPro and would definitely advocate for others to consider this platform. One of the primary reasons I trust FxPro is its regulatory backing by esteemed European authorities. For any trader, the security and legitimacy of their investments should be paramount, and FxPro's adherence to these rigorous regulations instills a great deal of confidence. Their choice to offer the MetaTrader platform is also commendable. It's a platform most traders, including myself, are well-acquainted with due to its user-friendly interface and robust features. While slippage is an inevitable part of trading, I've noticed it occurs rather infrequently with FxPro. Such instances are typically during extreme market fluctuations or when there's a lack of adequate liquidity — a testament to their system's overall stability. Another noteworthy point is the rarity of requotes on this platform. In my trading journey with multiple platforms, encountering requotes can be frustrating. Yet, with FxPro, they have been few and far between, making the trading experience smoother. When it comes to fund withdrawals, I've found the process with FxPro to be both efficient and economical. Transferring my earnings to my bank account has always been a swift process. Additionally, the associated fees are quite reasonable, ensuring that I retain most of my profits. In summary, FxPro stands out in the crowded world of trading platforms due to its regulatory compliance, efficient trading system, and customer-friendly financial procedures. Any trader, whether a novice or an expert, seeking a reliable and efficient platform would be well-served by considering FxPro.
  5 Sep 2023
Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving my partnership payments from FxPro, and I must say it was a gratifying experience. This collaboration has turned into a commendable source of passive income for me, and the percentage I earn is quite generous. However, my endorsement for FxPro extends beyond just the partnership rewards. What truly stands out is FxPro's commitment to its traders. The broker operates on a foundation of trust and transparency, which is evident in every interaction. The trading platform itself is robust and user-friendly, ensuring seamless trades even for those who might be new to the world of forex trading. Another aspect worth mentioning is the competitive spread offered by FxPro. Tight spreads make a significant difference in trading outcomes, and combined with the minimal fees on the ECN account, it makes the entire trading proposition more profitable. It's evident that FxPro has gone the extra mile to ensure that its traders get the best possible conditions. Furthermore, when it comes to the crucial process of withdrawals, my experience with FxPro has always been hassle-free. It's a relief to know that the funds you've earned are accessible without unnecessary delays or complications. Not once have I felt that my trust was misplaced or experienced any discrepancies in my dealings with them. In summary, FxPro isn’t just another broker in the market. Their commitment to providing a transparent, efficient, and trader-friendly environment sets them apart. Whether you're an active trader or looking for partnership opportunities, FxPro offers a reliable and rewarding experience.
  4 Sep 2023
I can't stress enough how easy it is to use FxPro's platforms on various devices. Seamless trading whether I'm on my laptop, tablet, or phone.
  4 Sep 2023
What sets FxPro apart for me is their customer service. Whenever I've had a query, they've been incredibly quick and helpful in resolving my issues.
  3 Sep 2023
What do I think about the broker? My number one favorite thing about the broker is the really, is the execution of the broker. Slippage is the least of my worries here, as the execution is exceptionally quick. What is really mind blowing is that even with this execution, the spreads are really tight. Some of the accounts with spreads starting from zero charge commissions that are also some of the cheapest commissions in the industry. So basically, the broker offers premium services for very low prices. One might think the that FxPro has some extra hidden fees, but that is not the case here.
  2 Sep 2023
FxPro is type of a broker whose trading platform is easy to comprehend. They successfully created a platform where simplicity and power meet. And they haven’t stopped developing and expanding their services. Recently I found out that they offer their own payment method - FxPro wallet. With this they have closed the circle, offering all possible services that a trader needs in one place. This is most likely the most versatile broker out there in the market. Starting from their range of tradable instruments. Probably there is no instrument that can be traded and it’s not available at FxPro. Continuing with account options. I have seen brokers with more options, but literally without, or very small differences between the accounts. FxPro offers 4 different account types, and all of them are significantly different from the others. About the trading software. I haven’t seen any other broker offering more options in this field: cTrader, MT4, MT5, and FxPro Trading platform.
  31 Aug 2023
FXPro is a top-notch trading platform! With its user-friendly interface, I easily executed trades and accessed a wide range of financial instruments. The execution speed was impressive, minimizing slippage. Customer support was responsive and helpful. The variety of trading accounts and flexible leverage options make FXPro suitable for different trading strategies. The platform's mobile app allowed me to stay connected and manage my trades on the go. The educational resources offered valuable insights, enhancing my trading knowledge. The spreads were generally competitive. FXPro remains a reliable choice, providing a seamless trading experience. Overall, a solid choice for both beginners and experienced traders. I can recommend it to everyone who is looking for a solid broker.
  31 Aug 2023
I understand some very interesting things guys. In the realm of online trading, FXPRO stand as a beacon of a good broker. Navigating through their platform, I am discovered a world of sophistication and user-friendliness that sets them apart. One highlight that truly shines is their diverse range of tradable assets. Whether your interests lie in forex, commodities, indices, or shares, FXPRO offers a comprehensive selection, enabling you to craft a diverse and well-balanced portfolio. In conclusion, as with any platform, there's room for growth, but FXPRO's commitment to excellence is evident.
  30 Aug 2023
I enjoy algo trading on this platform. It just feels more effective than the other platforms I used.
  30 Aug 2023
My experience with FXPro has been nothing short of impressive! The platform's reliability and efficiency have made trading a breeze. From the moment I signed up, I felt like I was in good hands. The range of trading instruments offered by FXPro is vast, giving me the freedom to explore various, markets and diversify my trading portfolio. I really want to mention that customer support at FXPro deserves applause. They were always available to, assist and address any concerns promptly. Their friendly approach and professionalism made me feel valued as a client. One area where FXPro excels is in its educational resources. The platform offers a wealth of educational materials, providing valuable insights for traders at all levels. In conclusion, FXPro is an outstanding choice for traders seeking a reliable and efficient platform. I would like to see them grow at least at the same pace, it is really important for me.
  28 Aug 2023
The ability to use the services of a personal manager and receive market insights makes trading from a VIP account particularly pleasant and productive. This individual attention adds comfort and enhances my potential for success.
  25 Aug 2023
Regardless of the size of my balance, FxPro is ready to provide me with all the necessary services, which is a significant advantage. This means that regardless of my financial capabilities, I can receive full support and tools.
  22 Aug 2023
FxPro offers a solid suite of trading tools, aptly catering to an intermediate trader. I especially like their technical indicators, but a few more in-depth video tutorials would be appreciated. The commission structure at FxPro is transparent, but I've noticed their spread can be a bit higher compared to some other brokers, especially during market volatility.
  22 Aug 2023
I've been trading with FxPro for a while now, and the platform's reliability has been commendable. Rarely have I encountered server downtime, and when I did, their support was quick to address it. What's reassuring about FxPro is their robust regulatory credentials across multiple jurisdictions. This gives a sense of security, although I'd always recommend traders do their due diligence. FxPro stands out in its order execution speed. Trades are executed swiftly, ensuring minimal slippage, which is a significant advantage in volatile markets. The range of analysis tools on FxPro is comprehensive, providing crucial market insights. As an intermediate trader, I find their daily market reviews particularly helpful, though I feel they could expand their webinar sessions for deeper analysis. The FxPro platform has been stable throughout my trading journey. Their partnership program looks promising, though I haven't ventured into it yet. As for tradable assets, FxPro offers a diverse range, enabling effective portfolio diversification. Overall, my experience with FxPro has been largely positive. They're equipped to cater to the needs of intermediate traders, but as always, continuous research and evaluation ensure
  22 Aug 2023
Trading with FxPro has been a reasonably smooth experience. Their interface is intuitive, and they offer a variety of educational materials. However, I do believe their mobile platform could use some enhancement for traders on-the-go. Withdrawing funds from FxPro has been a breeze for me. Most transactions were processed promptly, although there were a couple of instances where I faced slight delays, which I attributed to high server traffic. Customer support at FxPro has been mostly responsive. The live chat feature has been particularly helpful, though during peak times, the waiting period can be a tad long. Their periodic feedback forms suggest they're keen on continual improvement.
  20 Aug 2023
Access to verified trading advisors is important to me as a beginner, as it helps me learn the basics of the market. This opportunity makes my learning process more effective and productive.

For over 15 years, FxPro has been a formidable presence in the world of financial trading. Since its inception in 2006, the company has not only thrived but also emerged as one of the foremost global Forex and CFD brokers. This success story is underscored by the company's extensive collection of more than 90 international awards, a tally that continues to grow. Furthermore, FxPro has garnered a growing legion of loyal customers, drawn in by the company's commitment to excellence and...

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