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  25 Jan 2024
HFM is just a captivating broker for me. Of course I can't ignore its broad functionality given to all traders, some instruments are completely free of any charge, others like VPS for instance have certain requirement,s but it's not a biggie for me. You have: Autochartist for amplifying your analysis; Premium trader tools; Advanced insights; Copy trading. And many more are fully at your disposal. I of course haven't tried all of them yet, as it's only my second month with the broker but in future I will test them, I promise. I just think this broker for being my mediator.
  17 Jan 2024
A pretty impressive leverage honestly. I had never thought of using a leverage of u to 1:2000. But now I am excited using it. I have other trading accounts that I trade with smaller leverages, so do not take this as trading advice. I have really enjoyed the trading conditions of the broker. Allows me to try new things.
  15 Jan 2024
Having spent considerable time in the trading arena, I've encountered various brokers, each claiming to offer unique advantages. In my journey, HFM has emerged as a platform that truly deserves the attention of traders seeking reliability, security, and a hassle-free trading experience. One of the most compelling aspects of HFM is its long-standing presence in the market. Over the years, they have established themselves as a reputable and serious company, dedicated to safeguarding their clients' investments. This history of reliability has instilled in me the confidence that my hard-earned funds are in safe hands. Trust is paramount in the world of trading, and with HFM, I've found that I don't need to lose sleep over the safety of my funds. This broker's commitment to protecting investments is evident, and I'm assured that deceitful practices are not part of their repertoire. This peace of mind is invaluable in a realm where financial security is a top priority. A key factor that sets HFM apart is its non-interference policy when it comes to trading. They provide a trading environment where I can execute my strategies without concerns about unfair interventions. Additionally, the provision of reliable quotes and lightning-fast execution ensures that I can react swiftly to market movements, crucial for making informed trading decisions. Based on my experiences, I wholeheartedly recommend HFM to fellow traders. Their commitment to maintaining a reputable track record and prioritizing investment protection places them among the top choices for traders looking for a reliable partner in their trading journey. While HFM may not top the rankings in all aspects of trading conditions, it certainly excels in certain areas that matter most to professional traders. With competitive leverage options and a robust trading platform, HFM caters to the specific needs of seasoned traders who require precision and efficiency in their trading activities. HFM is a broker that warrants serious consideration. Their unwavering commitment to security, reliability, and non-interference in trading activities make them a trusted partner in the complex world of trading. While they may not be the absolute best in every category, HFM certainly delivers where it counts the most for traders seeking a dependable and efficient trading experience.
  3 Jan 2024
Based on my experience, HFM stands out as a noteworthy brokerage firm that deserves recognition among traders. Their longstanding presence in the market underscores their reputation as a serious and reliable company. What sets HFM apart for me is their commitment to investment protection, providing an environment where the safety of funds is a top priority. With HFM, one of the key aspects that I highly value is the sense of security I feel regarding my investments. The assurance that the broker operates with integrity and transparency eliminates worries about potential deceit or mishandling of funds. Additionally, HFM's non-interference policy in trading activities is commendable. They maintain a stance of allowing traders the freedom to execute their strategies without any undue influence or manipulation. HFM's provision of reliable quotes combined with fast execution times significantly enhances the trading experience. This efficiency is crucial in trading where timing and accuracy are essential. The swift execution of trades, along with accurate and dependable market quotes, ensures that I can capitalize on market opportunities as they arise. Given these positive attributes – long-standing market presence, investment protection, fund security, non-interference in trading, reliable quotes, and fast execution – I confidently recommend HFM to other traders. Whether you are new to trading or an experienced investor, HFM provides a solid, trustworthy platform to engage in financial markets. In conclusion, my experience with HFM has been overwhelmingly positive, marked by a high level of trust and satisfaction in their services. Their focus on security, reliability, and efficient trading support makes them a commendable choice for anyone looking to engage in the trading market with confidence.
  27 Dec 2023
I always like trading cryptos in the form of CFDs, I don't care owning an x amount of coin that can help me process payments or govern the ecosystem or whatever, i just want it to go up so i can sell and bank some profits, same thing with forex, stocks and commodities. so I just focus on how good is my broker with execution and spreads. HFM in that regard is very competitive and its very safe.
  18 Dec 2023
As a regular trader with HFM, I've experienced a mix of positives and negatives that shape my overall perspective on their services. While HFM generally provides standard trading conditions that align with industry norms, I've encountered some issues related to non-market quotes leading to trade cancellations. However, I appreciate HFM's approach in handling these situations; they don't just cancel profitable trades but also the losing ones, and importantly, all losses are refunded to my account. This practice demonstrates a level of fairness and commitment to their traders' interests, which is commendable. One of the strengths of HFM lies in its allowance for diverse trading strategies, which caters to various trading styles and preferences. Additionally, the array of analytical tools they offer is quite beneficial, aiding in more informed trading decisions. However, there's a significant downside that I, and likely many other traders, find quite bothersome – the withdrawal process. HFM's withdrawal terms often don't align with what's stated, leading to delays and inconsistencies. This discrepancy is a major drawback for me. Timely access to funds is a crucial aspect of trading, and any delays or unpredictability in this area can affect trading strategies and overall confidence in the broker. In summary, while I'm mostly satisfied with HFM's trading conditions and their conscientious fulfillment of obligations, the withdrawal process is an area that requires improvement. If HFM could address this issue, it would enhance their service quality and reliability, making them a more attractive choice for traders seeking a dependable trading partner.
  11 Dec 2023
As a trader navigating the complex world of forex and CFD trading, it's imperative to share experiences and insights about various brokers. This detailed review focuses on HFM (formerly known as HotForex), a well-known broker in the trading community. My interaction with HFM has been a mixed bag of experiences, offering a nuanced perspective on their services. HFM provides what could be described as standard conditions for trading. Their platform is functional, offering access to a range of financial instruments, which caters well to the needs of most traders. The user interface, while not groundbreaking, is intuitive enough for both beginners and experienced traders. A notable issue encountered during trading with HFM involves instances of non-market quotes leading to trade cancellations. This situation can be particularly frustrating, especially when it happens during periods of high market volatility or around major economic announcements. However, it is essential to highlight that HFM's approach to trade cancellations appears to be fairly balanced. My experience indicates that they do not exclusively cancel profitable trades; unprofitable trades are also subject to cancellation. This practice, while not ideal, at least demonstrates a degree of fairness in their approach. One commendable aspect of HFM is their policy of returning funds for any losses incurred due to these cancellations. This action signifies a level of commitment to their traders and a conscientious approach to rectifying issues that arise due to non-market quotes. It's a reassuring practice that underscores their dedication to maintaining trader trust and confidence. In light of these experiences, I can assert that HFM conscientiously fulfills its obligations to traders. They demonstrate a willingness to address and rectify trading issues, which is a vital aspect of any broker's service. While the occurrence of non-market quotes and subsequent trade cancellations is a concern, their approach to handling these situations is commendable. In conclusion, trading with HFM presents a landscape of typical trading conditions combined with challenges unique to their platform. The issue of non-market quotes and the subsequent cancellation of trades, both profitable and unprofitable, is a significant concern. However, HFM's policy of reimbursing losses due to these cancellations and their overall conscientious approach towards fulfilling their obligations to traders adds a layer of reliability to their services. As with any trading platform, it's crucial for traders to weigh the pros and cons based on their individual trading strategies and risk tolerance. My experience with HFM suggests that while they may have areas that require improvement, their commitment to addressing trader concerns and maintaining a fair trading environment is evident.
  5 Dec 2023
HFM, established in 2010, has cemented its reputation as a multi-award-winning broker, offering a wide range of financial instruments like Forex, Spot Metals, CFDs on Commodities, Indices, Oil, Shares, cryptocurrencies, and bonds. My experience with HFM has been transformative, thanks to its state-of-the-art MT4/MT5 platforms and the HFM PAMM System, which have redefined my trading journey. The diversity in account types, advanced trading software, and cutting-edge tools are a testament to HFM's commitment to cater to both individual and institutional clients. As an active trader, I appreciate the unrestricted access to liquidity and the favorable trading conditions, particularly for scalping and using expert advisors. HFM's dedication to providing optimal trading conditions is evident in its policy to offer unrestricted access to its liquidity, making it an ideal platform for traders globally. The client-centric culture and paramount customer service distinguish HFM, upholding its position as a market leader. The regulatory framework under which HFM operates is robust, with licenses from CySEC, FSC, FSB, FCA, BaFin, and DFSA. This multi-jurisdictional regulation has instilled confidence in me regarding the security of funds and the integrity of trading practices. The varied account types, from demo to trading on webtrader, and participation in demo contests, offer a comprehensive trading experience. The interbank spreads and liquidity on automated trading platforms ensure seamless trading. One of the aspects that stand out is HFM's commitment to security of funds and adherence to regulations, which is crucial in today's volatile trading environment. The multiple awards and recognitions that HFM has received are a clear indication of its excellence in the forex and commodities brokerage sector.
  1 Dec 2023
My experience with HF Markets (HFM) has been marked by a high level of satisfaction, primarily due to their innovative approach and client-centric services. HFM’s diverse range of products, including Forex, Metals, Energies, Shares, and Indices, available on MT4/MT5 platforms, have significantly enhanced my trading experience. The company's commitment to offering the most advantageous trading conditions is evident in its approach to scalpers and traders using expert advisors. This flexibility and inclusivity have made HFM a preferred choice for me and many other global traders. HFM's advanced technical tools, coupled with a comprehensive product suite, have made it easier for traders like me to navigate the complexities of the financial markets. The company's initiative to educate and inform traders through seminars and webinars has been particularly beneficial. The regulatory compliances of HFM, including licenses from CySEC, FSC, and other financial authorities, have given me confidence in the safety and transparency of my investments. HFM's adherence to ethical trading practices is a significant factor in its reliability as a trading partner. What stands out most about HFM is its client-centric approach, where customer satisfaction is paramount. The support team, available 24/5, has been instrumental in guiding me through various stages of my trading journey.
  28 Nov 2023
Trading with HF Markets (HFM) has been a remarkable experience, marked by the broker's emphasis on innovative solutions and top-notch customer service. The HFM Trading App, which has been awarded for its excellence, offers a seamless mobile trading experience with access to over 1200 markets. HFM's approach to trading is comprehensive, offering a unified wallet for diverse accounts, which simplifies managing my trades and switching between accounts. The personalized trading features of the app allow me to tailor my trading environment, enhancing my overall trading performance. The transparency in trading history provided by HFM has enabled me to monitor my trades effectively and make informed decisions. The broker's commitment to offering a trusted and globally recognized trading platform is evident in its expansive reach and strict regulatory compliance. HFM’s dedication to securing clients' funds, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and recognition in the industry for its quality services, make it a reliable choice for traders seeking a secure and transparent trading environment. The variety of tools and services offered by HFM, including the Autochartist tool, exclusive market insights, and the HFM App, have greatly enhanced my trading experience. The economic calendar and trader’s board provided by HFM are invaluable resources for staying updated with market movements. In conclusion, HFM stands out for its comprehensive range of trading tools, customer-centric approach, and commitment to innovation and quality service. My experience with HFM has been overwhelmingly positive, making it a highly recommended broker for both novice and experienced traders.
  25 Nov 2023
I have been trading for a while so far, but I am more focused on learning. I can’t say I have the confidence and knowledge I aim to achieve to trade independently, but my previous broker’s educational resources are somewhat limited. I went through everything they offered, and I see there is no more room for progress.
This was the reason I decided to try out a new brokerage company, and HFM is on my shortlist. I checked their conditions, they seem pretty competitive. However, the educational resources are important for me. Do you recommend this broker for more advanced educational materials?
  20 Nov 2023
The name of this broker has been going around like hot cakes, maybe that's why tell call themselves hotforex, i dunno. I get that trading is nice here and you have all those as.sets and the tools and the instruments and the dashboard and all that amenities, which is really nice but im really curious about eagerness of customer support to help. do they really have multilingual customer support?
  14 Nov 2023
I was quite elated with the number of tools on this platform. Notwithstanding, I find that quite the number of them are actually of no use to me. But some are invaluable.
  10 Nov 2023
In my assessment, the transparency and integrity displayed by HFM are truly commendable. Throughout my tenure with this company, not a hint of negativity or any deceptive practices has crossed my path. The informational landscape provided by HotForex is not only comprehensive but also remarkably lucid. The continuous introduction of novel opportunities suggests a corporate ethos that refuses to stagnate and is committed to evolving with the market dynamics. In my extensive career as a trader, HFM stands out as the most successful and lucrative broker, leaving no room for grievances. My protracted quest for a broker with fair and transparent conditions, coupled with seamless fund withdrawals, reached its culmination with HFM. This platform has not only facilitated my growth as a trader but has also proven itself as a reliable avenue for painless fund withdrawals. Today, I find myself unable to pinpoint any flaws in HFM's operations. HFM emerged as the sole platform where I could genuinely establish myself as a trader, and notably, without encountering any issues in the withdrawal of funds - a crucial aspect often overlooked by many brokers. It has become more than just a trading platform for me; HotForex serves as both a teacher and a mentor, representing my primary source of income. During a challenging financial period, when I found myself in dire straits, HFM became the fortuitous turning point in my life. The impeccable execution of orders, coupled with an outstanding technical support team that swiftly resolves any concerns, has solidified HFM as one of the best companies in the industry today. The seamless and prompt withdrawal of funds further cements its position as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the realm of trading. In summary, HFM has not only met but exceeded my expectations. It is a beacon of reliability, providing an unparalleled environment for traders to thrive. From my vantage point, it has proven to be not just a broker but a comprehensive resource for financial growth and success.
  1 Nov 2023
In my extensive experience with trading platforms, HFM stands out as a paragon of transparency and integrity. Throughout my collaboration with HFM, I've consistently observed an unwavering commitment to ethical practices; not once have I discerned any hint of deception or underhanded tactics. Their approach is refreshingly clear-cut, with information presented in an accessible and comprehensive manner. The continual roll-out of innovative features and opportunities is a testament to HFM's forward-thinking ethos, indicating their intention to not merely rest on their laurels but to constantly evolve in the dynamic world of trading. Out of the myriad brokers I've interacted with over the years, HFM reigns supreme as the most reliable and lucrative partner. Their impeccable track record is devoid of any grievances on my end. My quest for a dependable broker - one that not only offered just and transparent trading conditions but also ensured a hassle-free withdrawal process - was a painstaking journey. Much to my delight, HFM emerged as the singular platform where I could truly flourish as a trader. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless withdrawal experience has been unmatched in the industry. Their efficiency is further exemplified in their order execution precision and top-tier technical support, who exhibit a promptness and proficiency in addressing any concerns. The promptness in their withdrawal system further underscores their reliability. To me, HFM is more than just a trading platform - it's been an invaluable guide and mentor in my trading journey. At a point when I was grappling with financial challenges, and frantically seeking a credible income avenue, HFM was the beacon of hope that altered my trajectory. I consider my association with HFM as one of the most fortuitous turns in my life, and I wholeheartedly vouch for their excellence.
  29 Oct 2023
It is with utmost confidence and genuine enthusiasm that I endorse HFM as the premier broker in the trading sphere. I've been navigating the turbulent waters of trading since 2010, and over these years, I've sampled a plethora of brokerages, dabbling in both Demo and live accounts. In this vast sea of choices, HFM has emerged as a lighthouse, consistently shining brighter than its counterparts. The efficiency and reliability of HFM are unparalleled. While many brokers grapple with issues like delays and slippage, HFM stands apart with its impeccable track record. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless experience is evident in the rapid fund withdrawal process, often completed within a mere working day. Further testament to their excellence is the top-tier technical support team. Their responsiveness and problem-solving prowess are nothing short of commendable, always at the ready to assist traders in any conundrum. After a long and meticulous search, my allegiance to HFM was solidified not just by their operational excellence but by the holistic trading environment they've cultivated. They've meticulously crafted a conducive ecosystem for traders of all stripes - from novices to seasoned professionals. Their offerings, ranging from generous bonuses and invaluable assistance with market analysis to a consistently high standard of service, reflect a deep understanding of traders' needs and a genuine commitment to their success. The ambiance at HFM fosters growth, learning, and prosperity, making it an ideal sanctuary for anyone keen on delving into the trading realm. If you're on the fence about selecting a broker or contemplating stepping into this dynamic world, consider this a clarion call: Dive in with HFM. Your decision will be rewarded manifold.
  25 Oct 2023
High leverage and several types of bonuses is my favorite features. Those very important to start in the right way on the forex market. Bonuses will allowing you to boost up the trading power in the beginning. And leverage will be handy to increase market participation and take more volume. The calculator has been simple - more volume, more profits. So I recommend to test HFM 1:1000 leverage and when it will become habitual, switch to the 1:2000. You will immediately see how it hike your earnings.
  17 Oct 2023
After spending some quality time with HFM, I've been able to glean a good sense of its strengths and areas that could use some improvements. I've found much to praise, but like any platform, there are areas that require attention. One of the more prominent gaps in the HFM experience is the absence of weekend support. In the fast-paced world of trading, weekdays are invaluable for actual trading activities. Support services, in my view, should be most active during off-market hours. This is especially crucial for addressing emergency situations, which don't always conveniently arise on weekdays. It's during the market's downtime – the weekends – when I'd prefer to iron out any issues or get clarifications, ensuring that nothing interrupts my trading when the market is live. On the brighter side, HFM impressively offers an entry point that's affordable and welcoming to novices – a mere 5 USD for a micro account. My personal journey saw me opting for the Premium account, which I kickstarted with a $250 deposit. The motivation? A tantalizing bonus that credits 2 USD for each full lot, exclusive to this deposit amount. This figure, in my opinion, is not just symbolic but strikes the right balance, ensuring a trading experience that is comfortable without feeling overwhelming. Over the span of three fruitful months, my partnership with HFM bore lucrative results – a doubling of my initial deposit. Such a trajectory naturally ignites aspirations; in my case, a keen interest in donning the hat of a signal provider. To sum it up, my journey with HFM has been largely positive, with the company demonstrating a robust platform that offers both reliability and a touch of generosity in terms of bonuses. The lack of weekend support is a hiccup I'd love to see addressed in the near future. But overall, I find myself confidently endorsing HFM to both seasoned traders and newcomers alike.
  5 Oct 2023
Having collaborated with HFM broker for a period spanning over two years, I have had a reasonably comprehensive experience with their offerings. My initial foray into trading with them began approximately six months ago, a timeframe which, though not extensive, has allowed me to rigorously assess their platform. Throughout this duration, my trading journey with HFM has been marked by fluidity, devoid of any disruptive interferences during both the initiation and culmination of trades. During my interactions and trade executions, I've been diligently observant for any signs of broker manipulation, a phenomenon I'm wary of given my past experiences with other platforms. However, HFM has demonstrated commendable integrity in this aspect, with no such manipulative undertones detected. Their efficiency in processing financial transactions was evident when I initiated a withdrawal request. The amount, which totaled $210, was credited seamlessly to my bank card within a span of two days, a testament to their operational efficiency. While I have largely been satisfied with HFM, I have come across murmurs and mentions of the HFM platform's supposed subpar performance. It's imperative to note that slippage, an occasional discrepancy some traders have raised, is a ubiquitous phenomenon in the trading domain and isn't necessarily indicative of a platform's overall reliability. During my time with HFM, requotes have been conspicuously absent, and that instills additional confidence in their platform's robustness. Furthermore, I'd like to underscore the platform's stability, especially during tumultuous market periods marked by significant news releases. Such resilience is paramount for traders who, like me, prioritize uninterrupted trading experiences. In summation, based on my prolonged engagement and multiple trade interactions, I can affirmatively state that HFM exudes professionalism, transparency, and operational reliability. Their platform, though not devoid of occasional market-related anomalies, stands resilient, especially during pivotal market moments.
  29 Sep 2023
I don't care what people say, but this is the most generous broker out there. There are just so many tools that I could use, and most of them for free. I would not have to pay extra to use their sophisticated platform. Yes, it is same HFM that is sponsor to one of the biggest soccer teams in the world. I am sure now you understand the quality that the broker brings. Anyhoo, I really want to understand the benefits of the advanced insights on the platform. Maybe it will help me improve my trades. How does it work? Is it difficult to use?
  26 Sep 2023
It is almost instinctual that I cannot even explain. I always had a thing to explore brokers who got the most awards, they are not too many of them. HFM is definitely one them, they have awards from all sorts of platforms, so I decided to try out their platform. I mean, I can understand why they have been getting all these awards because frankly the broker checks so many boxes. Especially in terms of the trading conditions and accounts, bonuses, security, number of assets, popularity and reputation. Not gonna lie, they are quite the big name in the industry. I just found their own proprietary trading platform app a bit more complex than I could easily trade with, but luckily, they have their own platform and both the metaquotes products. So it's fine.
  23 Sep 2023
I noticed that this broker has additional tools besides the standard set of services that I saw in other companies before opened trading account here. Among them, some that I have heard about and one that I see for the first time. Can someone briefly describe Autochartist?
Yeah, I can, and moreover, I even tested it in action, so listen. In fact, autochartist relieves you from the tedious patterns an-alysis and does everything for you. It works 24/7 and monitors the chart round-the-clock. You add some a-ssets into watch list in the MT5 platform, and then it alerts you any time there are good opportunities to enter the deal. Sounds complicated, but still.
Josep Gallego   1 Nov 2023
  22 Sep 2023
When it comes to assessing HotForex, I can only identify one significant drawback - the lack of weekend customer support. During the weekdays, traders often require immediate assistance, but on weekends, support is typically needed only for emergencies. I would personally prefer to address any current issues at a time when the market is closed. However, despite this minor inconvenience, HotForex boasts several advantages worth mentioning. The broker's minimum requirement to start trading is a mere $5 on a micro account, making it accessible to a wide range of traders. In my case, I opted for a Premium account and deposited $250. This deposit amount qualified me for a bonus of $2 for each full lot traded, which I found to be an enticing offer. Moreover, $250 is a reasonably comfortable amount for conducting trades without feeling overly constrained. Over the course of three months trading with HotForex, I successfully doubled my initial deposit. This achievement has motivated me to consider trying my hand as a signal provider. In general, I am satisfied with the company's services and would wholeheartedly recommend it to other traders.
  20 Sep 2023
In my assessment, HF Markets is undeniably a reputable broker. However, it's worth noting that the execution of market orders leaves something to be desired when compared to other brokers. Specifically, I'm referring to the issue of slippage. This is not a concern when it comes to pending orders, as it seems more challenging to manipulate prices in that regard. One of the standout features of HF Markets, in my opinion, is the diversity it offers in terms of account types and the multitude of options available for depositing and withdrawing funds. The freedom to choose among various account types and funding methods is certainly a noteworthy advantage. Mobile trading is another aspect where HF Markets shines, ensuring accessibility for all clients. The broker provides a stable trading environment with excellent conditions, minimizing issues like freezes and requotes. However, it's important to mention that there have been instances where transactions were nullified due to allegedly non-market quotes. I encountered similar situations with other brokers, so I didn't hesitate to reach out to the support team. To their credit, the support team at HF Markets took the matter seriously, conducted a thorough audit, and even reimbursed losses on some of the affected orders. This proactive approach to addressing issues certainly speaks to their commitment to client satisfaction.
  15 Sep 2023
After a year of collaborating with this broker, I find myself in a rather neutral position. Throughout this period, I haven't encountered any significant issues, and from a technical standpoint, everything has been running smoothly. In terms of service, it aligns with the standards one would expect from an experienced broker. At this point, I neither have strong criticisms nor overflowing admiration to express. The broker has delivered exactly what I anticipated, meeting my expectations without any notable surprises.
  12 Sep 2023
I recently joined as a client of this company, and my initial experience has been quite positive. I have yet to come across any issues or concerns. The company's extensive work history and the fact that it is regulated by multiple authorities instill a sense of confidence in their services. The software provided has proven to be stable, and they offer a comprehensive set of analytical tools. Additionally, their training resources are commendable, providing a solid foundation for clients. Overall, I am content with my experience thus far, although I remain eager to see how things progress in the future.
  9 Sep 2023
My overall satisfaction with the trading conditions offered by the company is quite high. They provide a versatile platform that accommodates various trading strategies, and their range of analytical tools is both valuable and extensive. However, there is one notable area of concern that has impacted my experience – the withdrawal terms. Unfortunately, I've encountered instances where the withdrawal processes did not align with the stipulated terms. This inconsistency between what is promised and what is actually experienced has been a significant drawback for me, as it has affected my ability to access my funds promptly. Like many traders, I consider smooth and reliable fund withdrawals to be of paramount importance. Addressing this issue would significantly enhance my overall satisfaction with the company's services.
  5 Sep 2023
Having traded with HFM for a while now, I'm impressed by their quality of service. Their platform, combined with a wide range of trading products from Forex, Spot Metals, to CFDs and cryptocurrencies, offers flexibility for both retail and institutional clients. The fact that they've been awarded numerous times emphasizes their commitment to delivering premium services. One of the significant concerns with any broker is the speed of funds withdrawal. HFM stands out with a seamless and prompt withdrawal process. I've never experienced any unnecessary delays, which speaks volumes about their efficiency. HFM's customer support is truly commendable. Available 24/5, they've consistently demonstrated professionalism and quick responses. Their dedication to clients is evident, making the trading experience smooth. The range of tools and software HFM provides is exceptional. From the HFM MT4/MT5 to the HFM PAMM System, these tailored versions of popular platforms have facilitated a seamless trading journey for me. The availability of demo accounts and contests further enhances the experience. HFM's approach to fees, especially with their innovative forex systems, ensures that traders get value for their money. Their low-cost commissions are competitive, and the variable spreads, as seen in their account types, cater to a broad spectrum of traders. HFM's multiple licenses, from CySEC to FCA, highlight its reliability and commitment to regulatory standards. The trust instilled by these regulations has been a significant factor in my continued association with them. Delays in order execution can be detrimental. HFM, with its advanced technology, ensures prompt and accurate order executions. Their proactive approach to using cutting-edge technology sets them apart. HFM provides a transparent trading environment, reinforced by its strong regulatory framework. Their analysis tools are top-notch, aiding traders in making informed decisions. While many platforms suffer from frequent downtimes, HFM's platform stability has been exceptional. Whether it's their MT4/MT5 or the PAMM system, the smooth experience reinforces their commitment to leveraging the best in technology. HFM's partnership program is both rewarding and inclusive. Their values, which emphasize teamwork and putting clients first, resonate throughout their offerings. The diverse range of tradeable assets ensures that traders of all preferences find something suitable.
  3 Sep 2023
My experience with HFM has spanned a significant period, and throughout this time, their unyielding commitment to exemplary service remains evident. The expansive array of trading products, encompassing Forex, Spot Metals, CFDs, and even cutting-edge assets like cryptocurrencies, illustrates their dedication to offering comprehensive solutions suitable for diverse clientele - from the individual retail investor to large institutional players. The accolades and recognition HFM has garnered over the years are a testament to their dedication to excellence. Such a reputation is further echoed in the efficiency of their fund withdrawal process - an aspect often riddled with hitches in the trading world. With HFM, withdrawals are swift and hassle-free, a refreshing experience underscoring their operational efficiency. Perhaps one of the standout features of HFM is their exemplary customer support. Operating nearly round the clock, their team not only delivers timely responses but does so with an evident professional touch. Such an approach solidifies the essence of a client-centric organization, ensuring that every trader's journey is as seamless as possible. When it comes to trading tools and software, HFM undoubtedly stands at the industry's forefront. Their offerings, such as the HFM-adapted versions of the renowned MT4/MT5 platforms and the unique HFM PAMM System, ensure traders, whether novices or seasoned, have the best tools at their disposal. The addition of demo accounts and periodic contests elevates the user experience, providing avenues for learning and competitive engagement. HFM's financial structure, characterized by their forward-thinking forex systems, guarantees that traders derive maximum value. Their competitive commission rates, coupled with a range of variable spreads across different account types, cater to the financial preferences of a diverse trader base. Security and trustworthiness are paramount in the trading realm. HFM’s myriad licenses, spanning from CySEC to FCA, underline its unwavering commitment to upholding regulatory standards. This rigorous adherence has been instrumental in fostering trust, a pivotal reason for my sustained association with them. In a world where the slightest delay can mean missed opportunities, HFM's prowess in order execution is nothing short of remarkable. Their investment in state-of-the-art technology ensures trades are executed promptly and accurately, setting them leagues apart from many counterparts. The transparency HFM offers is augmented by a robust regulatory framework, ensuring traders operate in an environment of trust. Complementing this is their suite of analytical tools, designed meticulously to aid traders in navigating the markets with informed precision. In terms of platform stability, where many falter, HFM excels. Be it their bespoke MT4/MT5 interfaces or the specialized PAMM system; the operational consistency is a testament to their technological superiority. Finally, HFM's partnership program is emblematic of their inclusive ethos. Their core values, emphasizing collaboration and prioritizing clients, shine through in every facet of their operation. With a vast array of tradeable assets, traders of all inclinations are certain to find avenues that resonate with their preferences, further underscoring HFM's comprehensive approach to trading.
  24 Aug 2023
Besides the solid foundation in forex trading, HFM also provide a bunch of possibilities that can’t be framed into conventional trading. I talking about the additional features like copy trading for example. In addition HFM copy trading working both ways as a copier and as a strategy provider. And I can’t say that one is more lucrative than the other. If you is a good trader with a working strategy you have endless opportunities to scale the profits.
  17 Aug 2023
The overall trading experience with Hotforex has been pleasant. Their platform is intuitive and caters to both beginners and experienced traders. The variety of account types also makes it flexible for different trading strategies. Withdrawal processes are streamlined, and I typically see funds reflecting in my account within 24-48 hours. It’s one of the more efficient processes I've encountered in the industry. HFM' customer support is commendable. Agents are available 24/5 and are quick to resolve queries. I’ve had a couple of technical hitches in the past, and their team was prompt in guiding me through.
  17 Aug 2023
HFM offers both MT4 and MT5 platforms which come with comprehensive trading tools. Their commission structure is competitive, especially with the Zero Spread account which, as the name suggests, offers very tight spreads. Platform reliability is one of their strong suits. Over my trading tenure with them, downtimes have been rare, and I’ve not encountered significant issues during high volatility events. The broker operates under several jurisdictions and is regulated by notable entities like the FCA and CySEC. This adds a layer of confidence as a trader, knowing there's oversight and adherence to industry standards.
  17 Aug 2023
Execution speeds are generally swift. I’ve traded during various market conditions, and slippage has been minimal, even during major news events. For those looking to up their trading game, Hotforex provides a plethora of educational materials and webinars. Their commitment to trader education is evident, and it's a boon especially for newbies. The range of accounts, from Micro to Zero Spread and even PAMM accounts, allows traders to pick what suits their needs best. It’s been easy to switch and adapt as my trading style evolved. Their loyalty program and occasional trading contests are a cherry on top. It’s not just about trading but also about being rewarded for it, which adds to the overall positive experience with Hotforex.
  17 Aug 2023
It's evident that HFM has built a strong reputation as a forex and commodities broker with its comprehensive range of licenses and trading platforms. The positive reviews and high ratings indicate that many traders find their services valuable. Their commitment to providing a diverse set of account types, trading platforms, and educational resources is commendable. However, I do not 100% agree with the comment that a potential area for improvement could be the customer support response time, as mentioned by some users. It is not the best, it is still a good one. But of course could be better.
  15 Aug 2023
The range of tradeable assets is impressive, covering forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The variety allows me to diversify my portfolio and take advantage of different market opportunities. The mobile trading platform offered by HF Markets is convenient and user-friendly. While it offers essential features and allows me to manage trades on the go, there's still room for improvement to match the full functionality of the desktop platform. In summary, my experience trading with HFM has been largely positive. Their quality of service, trading tools, and diverse account options make them a suitable choice for traders of various levels. While there are minor areas for improvement, the overall experience is satisfactory, and I continue to benefit from their reliable platform and services.
  15 Aug 2023
The broker offers a range of educational resources suitable for traders at different experience levels. Their webinars, articles, and video tutorials cover a broad spectrum of topics, contributing to continuous learning and improvement. HFM offers various account types catering to different trading styles. I appreciate the flexibility in customizing accounts to match my specific preferences. The Micro account, in particular, is a great option for beginners looking to start with smaller deposits. HotForex' strong regulatory framework instills a sense of security and trust. Their adherence to regulations from multiple authorities, including CySEC and FCA, reassures me that my funds and personal information are well-protected.
  15 Aug 2023
I've been consistently impressed with the quality of service provided by HF Markets. Their platform is robust and user-friendly, ensuring smooth execution of trades even during volatile market conditions. The wide range of trading instruments available caters to all my trading preferences. I've found their withdrawal process to be relatively efficient. While most withdrawals are processed within a reasonable timeframe, there have been instances where it took slightly longer than expected. Nonetheless, overall, I'm satisfied with the withdrawal speed. The customer support at HFM is commendable. They offer various channels for assistance, including live chat and email, and I've received prompt responses to my queries. The feedback loop is transparent, and they often seek suggestions to enhance their services.
  15 Aug 2023
HFM provides an array of powerful trading tools that have significantly aided my trading decisions. Their advanced charting software and technical indicators offer in-depth analysis. The Economic Calendar and Market Analysis sections are particularly helpful for staying updated with key market events. The commission structure at HotForex is competitive, especially for the ECN accounts. While spreads are generally tight, I appreciate that they offer options to choose between fixed and floating spreads based on trading preferences. However, the commissions on certain instruments could be slightly more transparent.
  14 Aug 2023
I am fully satisfied with their platform. It gives access to a large number of tradable instruments. The platform is simple in general, easy to use and comprehensive. One of the best broker services in the world of forex. They have skilled brokers and good customer service. For me, this is a good broker because they have been consistently delivering profitable broker signals and efficient services. A good source of income. I wouldn't have to spend more time on this, I just have to place trades and wait for results. Satisfied trader here. Withdrawal is always fast and signals are all the timely and profitable. Swift withdrawals and worthwhile trading results. I have no complaints, all services are efficient.
  11 Aug 2023
HFM's Social Trading feature is particularly noteworthy, allowing traders to engage in copy trading and learn from experienced traders. While HFM offers an array of trading instruments, comprehensive educational resources could further support traders' learning journeys. The extensive range of tradeable assets enables traders to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on various market opportunities. HFM's analysis tools and research resources enhance traders' market understanding, supporting well-informed trading decisions. With a range of regulatory approvals from different regions, HFM's global presence instills confidence in their ability to cater to traders from diverse backgrounds.
  10 Aug 2023
HFM's customer support team is responsive and knowledgeable, addressing queries and concerns promptly. They value client feedback and continuously improve their services. Withdrawals with HFM are generally processed promptly, ensuring quick access to funds without unnecessary delays. HFM consistently delivers high-quality service with a user-friendly interface, robust trading platforms, and a wide range of tradeable assets.
  7 Aug 2023
I am extremely grateful to HFM for the opportunity to make money on Forex. They provide excellent conditions and a flexible trading platform. I recommend it to everyone who wants to start trading in financial markets. I have few trades with this broker and so far I had a good trading experience. Services are good and withdrawals are smooth and easy. Profitable deals, too. This is a good trading company. They process withdrawals smoothly. Execution is fast, signals are always accurate and customer service is good.
  5 Aug 2023
Would you share that idea with me if I tell you? Just kidding, I am very glad I can help you. Try to trade it in metatrader 5. There are a couple of stocks and cryptos, actually a couple of assets that you can trade on metatrader 5. And I checked, yeah, better to just jump to metatrader 5. You're gonna trade everything there. Good profits for you guys!
  4 Aug 2023
HFM is good overall but a lot of guys say there is room for development and I totally agree with them. But this one difference. For me it is not that crucial. Indeed I want to see my broker growing but I am really satisfied with everything that I have now. I am a trader that knows what and how to do so I am good with what I have now.
  19 Jul 2023
Hotforex broker have been on the top of my list for the past two years. It helped me grow my account since i started with a small account. I only trade major pairs and i can safely say that the trade execution on their mt4 app is smooth. They also have introduced mt5 which i noticed but my plan is to stick with the previous version. I also found out that the payments mechanism for deposits and withdrawals is also acceptable. In short, i can say that this broker can be good and safe for trading.
  19 Jul 2023
HFM has exceeded all my expectations with its outstanding services! Not only do they provide thorough regulatory coverage, but their commitment to maintaining impeccable standards instills trust and confidence. HFM's additional tools, such as Autochartist and copy trading, are what sets it apart. These powerful features enhance the overall trading experience by providing valuable insights and allowing traders to learn from successful investors. Furthermore, their continuous focus on improving user experience demonstrates why they are considered a top choice among traders worldwide.
  16 Jul 2023
Yeah, HFM is incredible, I haven't used them for a long time but I have managed to fall in love with them. I guess they are the most prestigious broker overall. And I'm glad I have found them. So far I like everything, as well as their affiliate program because I can just make money by suggesting it to my friends so it is one more big plus for me. And I am actually recommending a very good one so my conscience is clear. But I want to make something clear for me. What is that loyalty program and how can I get involved in it?
  6 Jul 2023
Well-polished user-friendly platform that for sure is a great options for those starting out. Not the only one I use but I keep most of my funds here due to the trust I have for this platform. And also it's worth noting that trading conditions are basically as good as they could be considering all the efforts put in the platform development.
  3 Jul 2023
HFM has excellent trading conditions. Their spreads are competitive and trade execution is fast and reliable. HFM has a wide range of payment systems for deposits and withdrawals. It is very convenient and allows me to choose the most suitable way for me. It was a pleasure to deal with a consultant from HFM. He helped me find the right trading account. Following his recommendations, I opened an account and deposited $2,000.
  4 Jun 2023
Their platform is incredibly user-friendly, with easy navigation and a sleek interface perfect for easy trading. The various account options cater to all traders' needs, helping me find the ideal fit for my style. What makes HFM truly exceptional is its commitment to customer satisfaction. Their support team is always on hand and attentive to any query or concern I may have - leaving an unforgettable impression on me. Furthermore, HFM's impressive trading conditions are worth noting: tight spreads save costs, while flexible leverage offers greater potential returns.
  31 May 2023
HFM offers so many auxiliary trading tools that will be certainly helpful for newbies. But actually experienced traders can find something interesting for them also. Like for instance the Autochartist tool. It’s such a cool instruments for expanding the capabilities of technical and chart analysis.
  29 May 2023
I've had a great experience trading with HFM so far. Their platform and comprehensive educational materials have helped me confidently navigate the trading world. However, as a novice trader, I want to learn more about HFM's spreads. Could someone provide information on how tight they are compared to other brokers?
Actually, this broker has one of the tightest spreads among companies providing brokerage services. They can start from zero points. In order to compare spreads you can use a special service of the broker. HFM is honest with its customers and offers special charts to compare the broker spreads with the spreads of other big companies. They can be found on the company's official website. It is called HFM Spreads Comparison. There you'll get clear information about the spreads. And as you can see, HFM spreads are not always the tightest. But they are honest.
Santiago Baeza   8 Jun 2023
  23 May 2023
Though neat trading tools here interweave with a diverse product roster, providing sublime trade facilitation, occasionally slightly tardy support dims the dazzle, eloquent speakers as they might be.
  10 Apr 2023
Company has a nice pack of services, including fine and well optimized trading software, wide range of tradeable products and resposive support service that is always ready to help.
  7 Apr 2023
When I discovered that this broker provides special conditions for trading specific financial instruments, I immediately decided to open a trading account. This is exactly what I have been looking for for so long. Now I'm ready to increase my profits! Oh yes, I'm talking about stock trading.
  4 Apr 2023
Nice set of tools presented by the broker. It’s always great to have something extra to the ordinary features that all the brokers offer. In this instance HFM is probably the most generous broker out there. All the tools are free of charge for clients too.
  2 Apr 2023
In fact, hfm has certainly something to brag about. For instance, a specifically separated zero spread account seems to be interesting for those permanently chasing narrow spreads hoping that it will help them to accumulate mroe funds. On top of that, the minimum deposit threshold is as low as just $200. One may state it's a sufficient sum, while I believe there is nothing difficult to make $200 and then deposit them. It will be useful for boosting the account within a short period. Generally speaking, the broker deserves praises.
  30 Mar 2023
I think that the broker can satisfy nearly any need in trading. Conservative traders can trade on MTs here, while those who want to try something new can try their custom HFM platform. The trading conditions are quite universal. You can trade with leverage up to 1:1000 and with good spreads. If you are reluctant to trade manually, you can open a separate account for copy-trading.
  19 Mar 2023
Very good broker, easy withdrawals processed in 24 hrs, very responsive and excellent support, spreads are good even for scalping, execution time is fast. Many services to choose from, charting is okay, third party charting can be used. Very satisfied.
  14 Mar 2023
Based on my experience in the last 2 years, this broker offers various account services. They also have educational resources and excellent customer service with live chat during CET business time. A few days ago, this broker just held 2 seminars in my country with a deposit bonus, they held 2 seminars many years ago. It's kinda reputable and decent to trade with. I highly recommend this broker!
  10 Mar 2023
1:1000 leverage is good and all, but I highly suggest sticking to lower leverage for those new to forex trading, on a positive note, HFM is really a good broker, a decade old (or older) and still providing really good services, order execution is superb, very good spreads for scalping, and withdrawal options are vast and on point always
  9 Mar 2023
I have a small trading account with them which I have been trading since 2021 and I am glad it is being growing, although I do have some drawdowns as well but still i am able to make profits and withdraw these profits according to my needs. The execution is fast and profit withdrawals are also quick.
  28 Feb 2023
What I wanna share with you is that this broker provides me with the fastest order execution! I ain't know which type ecn or stp is used here, but I do know, it's so quick that no slippages were detected within a period I've been trading here. Eveyrything is so smooth, as my previous broker would be kinda envious.
  20 Feb 2023
I trade on a Micro account with the broker. It’s the best trading account for my individual needs. It offers the highest possible leverage - 1:1000, while the minimum depo doesn’t exceed five bucks. It’s a good combination for aggressive trading. I’m used to taking high risks. I do this intentionally and I’m glad that the broker offers very good conditions for this. Maybe a bit later I will open one more account to try some different things.
  5 Jan 2023
This broker is a good one. I heard this company provides an access to VPS hosting services or something like that. Can anyone help me to sort out how to interact with it? Actually. What is the main purpose of this feature and can it be really valuable and beneficial for trading?
I haven't tried it yet too, but it looks like a useful one. It optimizes your trading abilities and make execution much better, I guess. you would better visit the official website to find more information about it.
Conrad Bouwer   14 Jan 2023
  4 Jan 2023
I still hesitate but most like will open an account here by the end of the week. My intuition never lets me down.
  16 Dec 2022
I was attracted to this broker when I was watching a soccer game, I am a Messi fan. HFM is a sponsor of the PSG team and that was enough to convince me to try.
  2 Dec 2022
I trade on a Zero spread account here because for me this nuance is of supreme importance. It’s evident that the tighter spreads I can trade with the more easier for me to enter the market on smaller timeframes. I strongly advise you to enter the market exactly on smaller timeframes such as M5 or M15.
  16 Nov 2022
Surplus of trading accounts isn't a drawback as well as it can't be considered as a sufficient advantage. You know guys it's something in the middle. Overall trading here brought me bunch of positive emotions and I can't deny this fact. hence this broker is accpetable for traders of all types.
  18 Jul 2022
I've been with hotforex for 2 years with hiatus, trading is not my main job and I only trade long-term. Totally no hasles with this broker, fast payment. Not sure with scalper would have any slippage or false execution but for me, I usually end up having my trades executed at my set prices. Reliable broker!
  12 Mar 2022
This broker is among reliable brokers with popular reputation and variety account option to choose and payment method. You should find your need here.
  3 Mar 2022
I see hotforex as a great broker with excellent services. The trading execution is good enough to support the scalp trading during the London and New York session. I being living in Asia only trade during these two sessions. I have no problem with my withdraws they are always on time.
  25 Feb 2022
Great broker, excellent services and good execution, most scalps done are executed instantly, with great profit opportunities. over all im very satisfied with hotforex.
  12 Feb 2022
I opened small account back in 2020 and still up to it. I had withdrawn profits multiple times. Now i am planning to deposit more funds because in my opinion this broker can be trusted.
  7 Feb 2022
Does this broker have fund separated from their management? I want to try diversifying my porfolios but need a regulated broker.
  4 Feb 2022
A great broker, very good over all I am very satisfied by the results and the services they are offering, and they have been around for ten years or so.
  21 Jan 2022
For PAMM, I recommend you to try a swing chart instead of steady growth chart. I burned my account when invested in a steady growth chart.
  7 Oct 2021
I notice this broker offering PAMM service, anyone tried it? Please share your experience, I want to invest to some accounts.
  30 May 2021
Can anyone comment on their experience when trading using Hot Forex's Auto account. Is it fast execution or not? Any problems / issues faced and were they resolved in a timely manner? All traders' opinions are welcomed. Traders from Kenya are much appreciated as I am also Kenyan.
How can I get someone who will trade for me then we share profits?
Pheneas   14 Jun 2021
Hotforex is Misleading. Its Market maker not ECN. I used their zero spread account which it claims to be ECN but is not quite ECN. I haven't used auto. Hotforex though a legit broker but hides crucial details that noobs might simply ignore. 1) Though they claim to be an ECN broker there all orders are routed through HF markets which is their partner company. Now HF markets have market maker license from FCA thus its not pure ECN though it claims to be. 2) No proper disclosure of exchange rate while depositing and withdrawing from local banks unlike other brokers like FXTM. I deposited USD at exchange rate of 73.5 USD/INR but received back USD/INR 69.5 which is as bad as swift transfer. Then why claim zero fees or provide local bank facility just use wire transfer. 3) True ECN does not have minimum stop loss and limit order pips requirement which is worse than many who don't even claim being ECN.
Anuj   30 Jun 2021
I am also from Kenya and inexperienced, therefore I'm interested in Copy Trading Brokers.
Antony   17 Sep 2021
Hot Forex does not offer copy trading. I have traded with them for several months.
Raphael   17 Jan 2022
  6 Apr 2021
The broker is known to me since 2016. I am trading with them for quite that time, October 2016. I haven't found anything unusual to complaint here. I have good experience with this broker. They really helped me a lot while i was in financial distress. I made money through trading started with small amount and managed to earn with that sum i started with. Now my account has grown up in good handsome figures. I make withdrawals every Thursday which usually comes in my skrill by Monday. Recommended broker according to my own experience.
  1 Apr 2021
Crypto trading is an option with hotforex, but over all the broker is proven and tested a good one to trade forex and metals. 2 years trading live and I think there is no reason to switch, made 2 withdrawals this 2021 and it's much needed funds during this time and all are processed with ease. well done.
  19 Mar 2021
Does this broker have white-label service?
  15 Mar 2021
Ok so, I was working with this broker for few years, I had a trading account which I used trading spot Metals in there, I kinda created a portfolio which I don't think that would be a problem because you pay the commission and Swap for your trading positions. Suddenly they informed me that they would no longer work with my region and closed my portfolio with current market price against my will and caused me a loss of $2700 USD. And the most important thing was they didn't at least notify me a month or two earlier so i could at least have time to adjust my portfolio and withdraw my savings. So I emailed customer support staff detailing that if you're no longer work with my region then you should be responsible for my investment because i trusted this broker by throwing my earnings into it and you closed my trades at a bad time, and i want my money back because your broker was responsible by closing my trades against my will
so they didn't listen and they're response was: 'Sorry for any inconvenience' ( I will attach the conversations in here if needed). So they closed my trades against my will and caused me a huge loss and they response was sorry for any inconvenience. They are not responsible for your hard worked money they will take it away and throw you out at anytime they want. So please listen and stay away from this unreliable broker.
Hi Omid. Which region is this?
Faith   31 May 2021
  1 Jan 2021
I am investing into PAMM on this broker. Such a reputable FCA broker and good service with hundreds PAMM accounts for investment consideration.
On the matter of PAMM accounts, I think the PAMM Managers build investors' accounts only to deliberately make bad trades without stops and the investors end up loosing a lot. I have seen a PAMM Manager loose about $200000 in two days. The shocking thing is he kept placing one loosing trade after another and only stopped after the accounts were almost wiped out. The brokers defense is that the traders are independent and we investors are aware of the risks. But I think this is an arrangement with the Managers.
Wachu   25 Jan 2021
If I were you I would bother with the PAMM account, you will regret it. Take it from me, I lost half of my life's saving.
BxB   12 Mar 2022
  15 Nov 2020
This is the good broker to trade forex. and their service is good.
  6 Nov 2020
Good broker, I can safely recommend based on 6 months live trading, great spreads, and good active support. pls read bonus terms before acquiring, many traders tend to neglect that and take it for granted. but over all hotforex is an excellent broker.
  30 Oct 2020
Hotforex is a reliable broker as per my one year trading experience. I haven't had any issues while trading with their mt4 platform. It is easier to navigate. The overall services are great and this broker is recommended.
  25 Oct 2020
I registered with Hotforex late 2019 and I have no regrets, the broker is actually better than what I thought, very well balanced and great services over all, setting aside bonuses and what not, they actually provide good trading conditions for forex trading.
  23 Oct 2020
Been introduced by an IB with some cash back, that IB is pretty popular in my Forex community. I opened account and it's 6 months trading on major pairs, I haven't encountered any issue with the broker. Swift payout and fast support are their strengths. Highly recommended!
  16 Oct 2020
They are really good, I'm quite happy with my trading and they are an easy recommendation, most spread on eur or usd pairs are really tight and good for scalping.
  14 Oct 2020
Fast excution and tight spread. Good broker in my region (Asia). Both MT4/MT5/mobile supported. Highly recommended!
  14 Oct 2020
It's been a long time trading with hotforex broker. I am only been trading with them for the last two years and I can confidently say that this is my last broker! I've not had any problems with the trade execution and profit withdrawals.
  13 Oct 2020
Reliable broker! I have trading with HotForex a bout one year and no critical issue encountered. Fast execution and swift payout.
  11 Sep 2020
There are many brokers available these days yet it is becoming hard finding the right broker. Luckily hotforex was introduced to me by a local IB back in 2016. Since I am trading with this broker without any complaints. It is a good broker in my opinion.
  21 Aug 2020
I have arrived at this conclusion that if you do not know trading then you will only lose your money no matter which broker you choose, so it is better to trade a demo account first and learn the trading process before starting live account. This is also my suggestion to all those looking for brokers to start trading. Hotforex on a positive note is a good broker which offers demo account and live webinars to improve trading skills. I am trading with this broker for quite some time. I have found them honest in their services.
  14 Aug 2020
good number of tradable instruments, cypto currencies included, great asets, competitive spreads and very responsive with a good reputation.
  24 Jul 2020
The broker is really good, they are not the first broker I have traded with, but opted to transfer my fund to hotforex, they offer good trading conditions, and the execution is superb. withdrawal options are okay, but they could offer more, but I guess skrill does it for the most part and its quick, almost get it always the next day. very pleased with this broker.
  9 Jul 2020
This broker is among good choices in Forex industry, I know it a long time ago and it's totally genuine. Many withdrawal proof from successful traders and IBs. I also traded for a few months last year and made some profit, (I stopped trading due to COVID-19) but still recommend hotforex to anyone.
  7 Jul 2020
I'm very interested on trading though I have no experience, so I'll like open an investment account if that will be possible with HF, if yes please tell me the procedure. One more question is HF a reliable broker to invest in?
  26 Jun 2020
excellent. 9/10 platform, good options and very stable, fast execution, 9/10 support, they are active and pls note to get verified asap and comply with required documets. total live trading is 8 months, 2 withdrawals made no delays. premium account with no bonuses. very pleased. an easy recommendation.

HFM, established in 2010, has achieved remarkable recognition as a multi-award-winning forex and commodities broker, delivering unparalleled trading services and facilities to a diverse clientele, including retail and institutional investors. HF Markets Group proudly holds an array of prestigious licences from renowned financial authorities, including CySEC, FSC, FSCA, FCA and DFSA, showcasing its commitment to ethical trading practices and financial transparency. HF Markets stands as a...

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