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In my opinion lblv is a quite good broker. I've been trading with them for 5 months, and I'm aware that this is not so very long, but my experience in the forex industry in general is 4+ years so I am able to see signs of good brokers. So about lblv: their spreads are competitive and execution is rather decent. I opened an account at lblv to simply test their features but now I consider lblv as my main broker.
  1 Jun 2020  
I am new to forex and 've been doing some demo trading and research for the last couple of months. Last week I registered an account with LBLV. I am still not sure what I am doing though. I used multiple brokers for my demo trading and LBLV wasn't one of them, but LBLV has mostly positive feedback and it just appeared as a good solid choice to try a live trading. I am taking baby steps and learning about risk management and how to find a safe place to put a stop loss. I don't quite understand how to calculate pips or how volumes work. But I am sure I'll figure it out eventually. Right now I only use EUR/USD, but I still think LBLV's wide range of currencies and cfd's is one of LBLV's biggest pros.
  27 May 2020  
I am newbie in forex trading and it's a first time I decided to go "live". I have been looking for a broker that has good customer support (both email and chat), ecn or stp and high reputation. LBLV has been on my radar for a while so I checked client reviews and decided to give LBLV a chance. And I am not disappointed, it matches my demands perfectly, technical support really helpful and nice, commissions are low and also withdrawals are free. Would be nice if LBLV had some cryptocurrencies, but this is not a big deal.
  14 May 2020  
But LBLV does have cryprocurrencies. Check your metatrader. Or do you mean crypto as an option for withdrawal? Then no, there is no such option.
LKL   19 May 2020
Ok, but there is bitcoin as a withdrawal option. Just checked lblv official website.
Mark   12 Jun 2020
I've been trading with lblv for 5+ month and I am completely content with their services. I always say that general rule to choose a good broker is to check their licenses and regulation and to do a little background check like maybe read client's feedback. It's just that simple and I don't know why people always make fuss over it.
  30 Apr 2020  
You had good experience and I'm happy for you, but not everyone is so lucky. A lot of people experienced some sort of scam from their brokers.. And you certainly can't say things like 'it's really simple to choose a broker, don't make a fuss about it, smh'. Sure, LBLV has a license and this is great! But not many of a newbie traders know that licenses are a thing and you supposed to check it prior to trading. So anyway, I wish you luck with your trading! And I did't mean to offend you, sorry if I sounded rude, but it seemed to me that you belittled other trader's problems. This is why I interfered.
Maya   6 May 2020
I've had bad experience with forex brokers as well. I'm from Russia and there's a lot of scammers here. And my fiirst broker stole my money (about 3500 usd, it was kind of a big deal for me). And this is one of the reasons I really appreciate trading with LBLV. LBLV is a regulated broker.
Andrei   9 Jun 2020
Greets everyone! I am currently in search of a new forex broker. I've read a lot about lblv and this broker seems nice at least it has good reputation. I'll appreciate if anyone could contact me and answer a few questions. Thanks!
  20 Apr 2020  
I have an account with LBLV since October and in my experience this is a decent broker. First of all, I really admire their support. They helped me a lot, especially in a first couple of months, their answers was always quick and helpful. I've started forex trading not so long ago and 've been trading only with lblv so maybe I don't see the whole picture but I consider myself lucky. I've heard a lot of stories about newbies traders who lose money and for me it seemed inevitable but - I want to believe thanks to LBLV and its managers - I've never had troubles with my account or anything. I can't actually compare lblv's trading conditions or spreads with those of other brokers I have no such experience but I can say that lblv was a good choice for me.
  18 Apr 2020  
I have currently two accounts, a demo and a real one. The real one with lblv - in general I'm trading with them because their supportive customer care and good enough execution. There is not a single trader who didn't make mistakes and/or lose money at some point. And so did I, but with lblv I can be sure that my mistakes and failures are really mine and not a consequences of lblvs poor service.
  2 Apr 2020  
I started trading not that long ago so maybe my opinion doesn't matter much but I really enjoy trading and I think me choosing lblv as a forex broker was a lucky guess. I read reviews about them and they were good so I started and I totally happy with them.
  20 Mar 2020  
Choosing a real ecn broker and not a market maker is important for me and is one of the reasons why I've chose lblv. Also I had heard a lot about anaIysts and thought I could give it a try. I've been trading with my personal manager Resul Orucov for over 3 month and I'd say never trading was so easy for me. For real I see the difference between ours levels and though this is a bit depressing I happy for the opportunity to work with such a speialist. Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language.
  5 Mar 2020  
lblv is a top broker definitely! i will recommend them for newbies. i am not much experienced myself and my manager helps me with every step. not to mention great trading conditions and flawless execution of orders.
  3 Mar 2020  
Is the spreads fine here? I've heard about LBLV having license and I totally appreciate that, but I've been trading with non-regulated forex-brokers for ages and I'm fine. So I am more concerned with trading conditions like spreads, swaps, payment.
Egik   13 Mar 2020
spreads are fine. they are pretty tight but there is no rebate. if you looking for it. i have been trading with lblv for a while now and have never had any complaints about spreads or other comissions.
dmytro   18 Mar 2020
What is a rebate? Sorry but I am new to Forex and don't know much. I'm satisfied with lblv so far but if I can get tighter spreads it would be nice.
MXX   25 Mar 2020
Some brokers may return you part of the spread, but LBLV has no such thing. sorry. Though if a broker offers a rebate usually it means that their spreads much higher in the first place. LBLV has pretty nice trading conditions I wouldn't be upset about rebate
guest   7 Apr 2020
Lblv has been around couple of years, their reputation is pretty good, they do work, they do withdraw money. I see no reasons not to trade with them. Their trading conditions not too fascinating but still decent, lblv also has acceptable spreads and really great service. I've been trading for 1.5 years and so far no complaints.
  16 Feb 2020  
Great broker! I am familiar with Forex for a while but never felt like trading with a real broker on a real account. So when I got a call from LBLV and they told me that I can trade with a professional anaIyst I thought - why not? Yeah I agree that demo account may be a good start if you inexperienced trader but I was stuck there and too nervous to start a real account. And it may sound weird, but I feel that I acquired more skills during trading with the LBLV. Trading conditions & service are also good. During hogh volatility I notice the spreads widen a bit, but it's okay and I can manage it.
  3 Feb 2020  
Maybe not the first choice for a newbie due to their minimal deposit but if you're okay with that why not? Lblv really has nice support for new traders
Yuriy   17 Feb 2020
I've been trading with LBLV for 7 months, so far no complaints. And yes I am a newbie. Why do you think this broker isn't a good choice? Just bcause of their minimao deposit? But this is forex. I mean you can't get decent money if you aren't investing.
Hex   28 Feb 2020
Thanks for all your comments, you helped me a lot, today I finally opened an account with the lblv company an put a $1500 in my depo. My manager has already called me and we opened the very first order and I have a good feeling about my trading career.
  26 Jan 2020  
I've been trading with Lblv for 7 month now. I was advised by a friend and I wasn't really thrilled and didn't have high expectations but since lblv regulated broker I wasn't concerned about safety of my money. I read their client agreement then and didn't find anything suspicious so I decided to trade with $ 1 000. Now my deposit is $ 12 000. Ofk I didn't earn all this money in 7 months but I trust Lblv enough to hold such a deposit. No one is perfect but I ve been trading with lblv for more than half a year without problems and I think that my opinion has some weight.
  21 Jan 2020  
I've been trading with lblv for 8 months at the moment thanks to my manager. I am a new trader and when I registered my account I did this only out of curiosity. I didn't have a plan or strategy, I didn't even know the basis and never heard about money management. I mean if it weren't for my manager I'd propably lose the entitre deposit in the very first week and leave the forex. Of now I'm trying to improve my skills, increase diversity of my portfolio and educate myself, but my first steps would ve be impossible without help. Not looking for another broker, just don't see the point.
  14 Jan 2020  
I compared LBLV with other brokers when choosing a broker and although lvlb has quite ordinary trading conditions it also provides a decent level of safety. Lblv is a regulated forex broker and this is rare in my country, so lblv was my first choice.
  18 Dec 2019  
I agree with you about regulation and safety and all. Don't know about trading conditions though. They seem pretty good for me. Tight spreads - check, a lot of stocks cfds currensies, all kind of trading actives - check. They also offed a bonus so what else can they do.
Gus   2 Mar 2020
Gus, nobody says lblv sucks. This is a decent broker, really. Decent broker and a good choice for trading. But this is possible to find a forex broker with better trading conditions, with a wide choice of bonuses or w spreadrebate or anything.
Jskk   10 Mar 2020
I wonder if there is someone with a basic account or higher. I started trading with the lblv.com broker two months ago, I earned $300 and withdrew them just to be sure. And now my manager is talking about increasing my deposit. Actually, I think this is a right decision, but I'm a little worried, I have never invested in forexso much.
  5 Dec 2019  
At first I had some prejudice against this broker, because it was founded not so long ago and at the same time, lblv is positioning itself as a premium broker. But I gave hte broker a chance, mainly because of the good recomendation of my good friend. And now after almost 5 months of trading, I can say that the lblv company - is a company that has surpassed my expectations. Trading conditions, as many said before me, are pretty good, but the real advantage of the lblv is the help of trade managers. I can discuss my trading strategy with the manager and I feel like an equal participant in the trading process.
  2 Dec 2019  
There are very few broker that are as convenient as LBLV and I appreciate it. This company is not so long in the broker industry but shsows such a good results I am impressed! Customer service is supportive and the trading signals I get from my manager help me a lot.
  24 Nov 2019  
Since my broker no longer accept wenmoney I am looking for a new one. LBLV seems like a good choice to me. Maybe those who have experienced them can share their opinion about LBLV? I am not looking for anything extraordinary, I just want to find a broker with good service to trade a couple of years not months.
  17 Nov 2019  
I had doubts whether to try to trade with LBLV company at all or not to tell the truth I had neither sufficicent experience nor enough money for a decent deposit. My limit was one thousand. But I opened an account anyway. Now it seems I was too worried, and even one thousand is enough to trade with CFD's and currencies and my manager really helps and last month I managed to withdraw 170 USD so I guess it turned out well.
  3 Nov 2019  
I've tried to do some initial research to choose a forex broker and I could see that LBLV is one of rhe brokers with good execution and there are a lot of feedback from traders. I also highlighted keyprops: an actual license; good customer care; trading signals. But I suspect that I may be missing out on something important because this is my first experience in forex. I'd appreciate any response. thanks.
  15 Oct 2019  
I started trading with LBLV this month and I'm a little confused. I understand that forex is just like any other business and it takes some time to make stable profit but I don't feel I make any progress. My manager helps me but I want to make decent money on my own and make serious investments but I understand that I am not even nearly good enough to trade on my own. What should I do? I don't want to gamble. Maybe I can find any good free courses or something like that? I know basics but I want to extend my knowledge. I mean I can just google it but I believe actual traders know better. Thanks all!

  1 Oct 2019  
If you want to succeed you should always learn new and stay motivated. You can't just invest some money and expect for profits. And if you chosed LBLV hoping for easy money I don't know what to say. Oh wait, I do know: unrealistic expectations lead to disappointments.
  17 Sep 2019  
Okay, I guess I agree with you, but why did you say that in the first place? Literally no one says that LBLV is a way to make easy money.

QWE   27 Sep 2019
It's just a common misconception that forex trading is an easy way to make money. And Marek is absolutely right. There are two ways: either you study and worh hard or you gamble.

Guest   22 Oct 2019
I've been trading with LBLV for about two months, but I can already say that I happy with their service. I wasn't looking for something extraordinary, but it happened that I am really pleased with execution and their conditions. Withdrawals are a bit slow for me though.
  22 Aug 2019  
yeah, but i can find even better trading conditions if i want to. lblv offers good trading conditions, no denial, but this is not their biggest feature. i mean, look you can trade with a manager who offers you potentially profitable deals and teach you, how cool is that?
rory   13 Sep 2019
At first I've had the same thoughts but now I think that I don't want just invest and rely on managers, I want to trade on my own. I'll keep my LBLV account but I don't know how long it'll take to became a good and at least semi-professional trader I'll just try to learn the maximum about trading.
Jah   4 Oct 2019
Overall, I am satisfied with LBLV despite minor flaws. LBLV withdraws the money and his trading terminal works without any troubles like freezes or crushes. I can't say that the conditions he offers are superb, but I can trade and get my money and I believe this is far more important.
  14 Aug 2019  
I have the same thoughts... It is obvious that I, like any other trader, seek profit and the most important rhing for me is to find reliable regulated broker. When I just started my "career" in trading I had much more expectations and requirements. Now I trade with LBLV and, although their trading conditions are pretty good, I chose this broker not because of them, but because of regulation and positive feedback.

Andrew   20 Aug 2019
I came across LBLV not so long ago and my first live trades on my own didn't go too well, but I've tested the withdrawal system anyway: I requested in st 26th ang got my money today. I think I don't care for regulation so much I'm just happy to find a honest broker.
Herbb   2 Oct 2019
Hi everyone! I want to open an account with LBLV I like their conditions, but I feel a little uncomfortable, because LBLV is a new broker and I have some kind of prejudice... But new brokers can offer better conditions than old ones... Also, for me it is an advantage that they have MT5 because I learnt to trade onademoaccount with MT5.
  23 Jul 2019  
I won't call myself an experienced trader, but I've been trading with LBLV for awhile and I believe that LBLV actually looks pretty good compared to others brokers. I find it rather satisfying. Never had any serious problems with them.

Lisa   3 Sep 2019
This is not my first attempt to trade but this time I promised myself not to give up. I don't know exactly what I want from trading but I'm pleased that since I started trading with LBLV I get a little extra income. I just want to spend as little time as possible and I believe that the system LBLV offers is ideal for traders like me.

  8 Jul 2019  
Yeah here's the thing Forex isn't safe until you know what you're doing. There is always a risk and you can't do anything about it. You can't completely get rid of it but you can reduce it though. You can choose a decent broker, you can built a good trading strategy and stick with it. Or, as with LBLV, you can rely on your trading manager. Everything to make trading more stable.
Stanislaw   17 Jul 2019
Stanislaw, umm, what? I don't deny that you have to have at least basic knowledge and minimal practice on a demo account, otherwise you'll lose your money. But the picture you're drawing is way to much gloomy... I mean if I decided to trade with LBLV what's the point of trading on my own? If I trade with an anaIyst, I can afford to be less... careful and diligent in trading. Not everyone wants to be a skilled trader, many people just want to make money. And this is totally fine.

Anna   7 Aug 2019
Anna so you think that forex is the fastest and easiest way to make money? And all you need for security is LBLV's manager? Okay. I think my mixed portfolio of forex ?ssets, metals,, stocks and bonds is just a waste of time...

Efe3n3   28 Aug 2019
Nobody says that you're overreacting. You CAN earn money on forex, but of course there are no guaranties. And yes, LBLV seems like a good choice for a beginner because of their managers. I just don't understand what this fuss is about.
Tom   16 Sep 2019
I am a newbie trader and have just finished my first month on a real account with a significant profit for me ($540). And the weirdest thing is that I never sh?wed such results on a demo :) I think I just got lucky? At first I didn't put much expectations on fprex, but now I think why not... After all trading with LBLV was a fun and inspiring experience and it won't hurt anyone if I continue my trading experiments.
  4 Jul 2019  
Just don't be afraid of nonsense. What is the worst thing that can happen to you? You can lose money. And... that's all. When I first started trading it was literally in the first weeks after practicing on a demo I lost l my entire deposit. I lost my motivation, I was scared and I simply did't want to try again. I gave up after the very first failure and it took years to start again. Loss of hope is a luxury that a trader cannot afford. But if you're going to trade with lblv i think you can use the help of the manager.
Dumbo   2 Aug 2019
So I got a call from the company LBLV and I'm thinking about trading. I know not much though... And I read that almost all traders lose money at the very beginning. Do I have a chance to do without losses? Maybe I should trade with the anaIyst or is itnot an option for a beginner?
  21 Jun 2019  
Actually it IS a good idea not to trade on your own. If you haven't grow into a client yet you should open a demo account and try to trade a bit. You'll see that trading is more tricky than it seems at the first glance. But if you're still going to trade I think LBLV is a good choice 'cos you can always use a help of the anaIyst and you don't have to go through all the training stuff.

Bow4342   27 Jun 2019

LBLV is a Seychelles FSA regulated brokerage company that caters to the needs of existing and aspiring traders from various parts of the world. The company offers services related to trading with a wide-ranging set of financial instruments such as currencies, commodities, indexes, and equities on...

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