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Oanda Reviews and Comments – Page 2

Oanda is one of the best in the forex market and very stable trading platform Two things need urgent improvement One is open position on the chart and the other one is able to hedge trade on open position. One best one is CMS free technical trading systems is good for beginners and hedge trade on open position with out any extra margin.
  2 May 2009  
it&#39;s seems that Oanda has deeply stucked in the last century. It&#39;s so obsolete! Awful charts, no trainling stops, no good instruments, very poor technical support... How can one get a trading experience with such company? They don&#39;t give a damn about real needs of their clients.<br />
What about high-tech solutions such as provided by other brokers? It&#39;s a real shame they aren&#39;t aware of the last achiements in Internet-trading.<br />
Besides, today, when other brokers offer spreads starting from 1 pip, they provide an enormously huge spread!

  15 Apr 2009  
38 currency pairs ... is that all?!?!?!?!?.... ugh... it&#39;s not serious for a company which claims to exist for 13 years with offices in three countries.
  15 Apr 2009  
I have tried several other top brokers......Oanda is Super! I have no complaints.....I highly recommend...Happy Trading!
  4 Apr 2009  
Who are the OandA spies?
  3 Apr 2009  
Trading with Oanda will result in boredom! Only 29 pairs, no gold or silver, no OCOs, no mobile trader. Cutting edge stuff...in 1999!
  24 Mar 2009  
How is Oanda permitted to place wrong competitor information on their website? I am with GFT and when I looked at the Oanda site I noticed that the competitor spreads they use to claim they are the best are wrong! GFT&#39;s and ACM&#39;s are way better than what they claim!
  24 Mar 2009  
Absolutely terrible, there is spread widening and there is spread widening Oanda style, makes FXCM&#39;s look tame in comparisson!
  23 Mar 2009  
Samlut, all I say to you is look at so many of good posts about ACM here, I am thinking they have what you ask for when you talk about fills and trailing stop. Many people in Czech Republic are with ACM, we like the different platform and the helpful employees at the company. Because it is Swiss also means quality we experience.
  17 Mar 2009  
It is a shame that such a big broker suffers from serious slippage and non executed trades. Even if I use a wide slippage setting, it never seems to fall within that area. Oanda told me that they will only guarantee me a fill within that slippage area during normal markets. I took the time to view the competitor spreads they have on their website, are you guys aware that they are all wrong, or falsified in their favour! Also no trailing stops available after promising they would add it. Who offers guaranteed fills in all market conditions, trailing stops and fast execution, I need to leave Oanda for them.
  17 Mar 2009  
oanda's platform is not reliable, they slip your trade a great deal and widen spreads, seems just at the wrong time. I have withdrawn from oanda as many others seem to be doing.
  9 Mar 2009  
I meet the founder Richard Olson 2007 on an trading event. Very ambitious to make a democracy trading possible. I trust him, he how start as scientist of markets moments and not as an banker. Of course, he is looking to make a small revolution in the financial markets: Directly trading, no back office and easy. So we need no more banks between us to trade. Okay, I like also more time frames, more tools for the chart - but for this I use another software. The changing spread - this is the normal under some and these special market conditions form Forex. As an trader I have to know this market conditions. All other brokers the promise fix spread, how will they do this really? So it is sometimes hard to see spreading spread but the true of markets. For some other tradingstils or tools I use some other broker too. I found no broker, who is with all the best, so my decision was - also for the security reasons - is to use tow brokers: Onanda and some with Meta Trader. I liked the possibility s to choice any size of position, trading with the chart, box options and tools form Oanda Labs as trading with mobile phone. So I vote for Oanda.
  21 Nov 2008  
Oanda is the best !
  2 Aug 2008  
Mac users will love Oanda! I am from South Korea and I think Oanda is excellent!
  4 Jul 2008  
I find Oanda the best.
  2 Mar 2008  
their huge spread during the news is bad enough to hit your stoploss wherever it is.your money diappears in no time,stay away
  22 Feb 2008  
I trade live with Oanda their charts are horrible and according to their discussion board, clients have been asking for more basic features for years but Oanda simply does not care. I am in process of looking for a better broker.
  19 Sep 2007  
they don't even let clients call them. no thanks, i prefer brokers who don't hide from me
  12 Jul 2007  
They have been alright for me.
  8 Jul 2007  
I have used several internet FOREX brokers and the only one I fully trust now is Oanda. I'm surprised to see some of the negative comments here about them as I have found them to be the most reliable broker I have used. They offer a fully supported API for mechanizing trades via software and their spread on the majors is excellent. I have never had a market o_rder rejected at Oanda. All the other brokers I have used will force a re-quote because of 'price has changed' - it's a market o_rder I understand that might happen - place my trade please! At Oanda I am confident my trades are executed when I want them as close to the quoted price as possible. Being forced to wait until the price stabilizes to complete a trade like the other brokers I have used is complete crap. Additionally, if there is some slippage, many times I have found it has been in my favor at Oanda. Finally, the spread at Oanda is many times less then the minimum quoted rate. Some of the comments here about being ripped off - I have a hard time believing them - I suggest trying Oanda for yourself - it really is as good as some of the hype out there claims them to be.
  1 May 2007  
Dunno about the talk on May Day. Two weeks of anx. F.. GBU?
  22 Apr 2007  
Oanda has no interest in developing more time frames and tools that will help their clients. Even the ichimoku they added is suspect as the discussion board people say it is not accurate
  24 Mar 2007  
They rip you off on their demo...at least they have that much integrity!
  18 Mar 2007  
Their people populate the forums and give BOGUS accolades. THAT is scary and unethical!
  11 Mar 2007  
  19 Feb 2007  
Oanda could easily increase its charting capabilities including Pivot Points and Trailing Stops. In a conversation with one of the reps he stated plainly, they are not interested in that and expect that if you are a serious trader that you would go out and buy your own charting package. Oanda is not interested in providing good tools for their customer base they say they are interested in providing a good trading experience only. So are their any honest good brokers out there or can none of them be trusted?
  12 Jan 2007  
I agree
  9 Jan 2007  
Big Plus: 24 Hour LIVE Customer Service.
Downer: Rude and condescending reps.
Dear Oanda, might want to consider outsourcing to India, at least we'll be courteous.

  1 Nov 2006  
Because of the good reviews I left fxcm to go to onada. Today I have to say that I left oanda. I was fooled by what is written in the forums. I had the confirmation that oanda is putting their staff writing fake stuff on the forum.
They are BS. Hide behind their spreads, widen them like crazy, and cash you out!

  21 Sep 2006  

You truly sound like a Oanda rep. when will you guys will stop doing that?
You slippage is more famous than your deceiving method.

Oanda is crap. one work: CRAP.

  19 Sep 2006  


OANDA is one of the oldest forex brokers operating currently on the online currency markets. The company was established in 1996 through combined efforts of a informational technologies scientist and a financial expert who had foreseen that the internet would change global financial markets in the...

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