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We want olymptrade services to be back that will be fair to everyone.

Wayne Kagande   2 May, 2020  

Hi there, Wayne Kagande! Thank you for your feedback. Can you please give us more details on your review? Which services do you consider unfair? Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   4 December, 2020

Olymptrade just suddenly pulled service from Zimbabwe. yet we had just started using their platform. thus short changing traders they should have already rejected us from registration to begin with.

Wayne Kagande   2 May, 2020  

Dear Wayne Kagande, hello there! It was a hard and sudden decision for us, too, as we aspire to be global. In Olymp Trade we respect the law and care about customers. That's why our lawyers constantly monitor any legal changes wherever we provide our services. We would never put our user's in danger by acting against the law. The platform is. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   4 May, 2020

I'm a begginer of this platform. So please tell me this is a fake app or not? And also please tell me the money can withdraw or not?

Anyum   1 May, 2020  

It's a fake contact your bank for a charge back.

Mohamed Omar   3 May, 2020

Does Olymp have any partnership programs?

Martin   29 April, 2020  

Hello there! Please, check the "Affiliate Program" section on the official website, click on our logo on the right side of this page. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

Hello. I downloaded this application in google play store few days ago but the trade is not opening. it kept on saying try again shortly but it has not open since then even the Olympic plus. what should I do.

Abiodun   29 April, 2020  

Hello there, Abiodun! Please contact us so that we collect all the information and help you: in online chat, via e-mail support-en@olymptrade.com or on Facebook. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

I loss more that 3,000U$ with this plataform, because them inform for me that last end week (04/23/2020) I winner a traid with 5x, but theys spoke it was wront. Then they retire all my money that I got. I think that I don't like more it and never more recomend anybody.

Alves   27 April, 2020  

Hello there! Please, specify exactly what happened? Have you tried to contact our support team on the platform online chat? Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

Is it Olymtrade policy to only pay once every other week even when you make multiple withdrawals within one week? I made three withdrawals on the 16th of April. Till now I have only been paid one of them. I think that kind of behavior is bad for business.

guest   24 April, 2020  

Hi, dear! Thanks for reaching out. Each withdrawal request is carried out after the previous one is done. Still you can create as many requests per day as you wish. Don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions ? Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

I honestly thought that the popularity of trading would be short-term and very soon it would take second place. But I was wrong, besides many of my friends have seen excellent prospects here and gradually I noticed that we are constantly talking about investments, interest payments, drop in oil prices and other things that we used to discuss only occasionally. At some point it was a reason for me to look at this case again, and at some point I wanted to try...
I can't say that it took me a long time to decide on a broker, there was a lot of talk about Olymp trade and so, and I knew that a lot of people trade here. I didn't tell anyone about it, I wanted to try it myself, and then to share my impressions. I'd like to add that three years have pas sed since then. And yes. I'm still here. And I can call myself a successful trader. Of course, there have been some hard times and situations. I even got up to 50% of my capital loss because I thought I was extremely smart and prepared. But over time, I managed to exclude the swing from my trading and come to norm. I can say that I am sure that my success is market research and constant practice. So, articles, books and demo are your main helpers, it's good that it's okay here.

James   20 April, 2020  

Hi, James! Thank you for the review. We are happy to make you delighted with our product and hope to keep it that way. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   22 April, 2020

Hey there! I went in side your app few days back. money was taken from my account and i don't know what happened to it even now.

Bakang mfofi   20 April, 2020  

Greetings, Bakang mfofi! Please, provide us your account ID, the date and amount of transaction! We'll investigate what happened. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   22 April, 2020

Does olymp trade in Nigeria?

Sunny   2 April, 2020  

Hi there! Yes, the platform is available there. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   7 April, 2020

Hello at Olymp Trade. I am a beginner and I would like to try you guys out since I notice you care about customer's reviews. May I please get your website and a live chat. Do you work in SA?

Minenhle Sindane   1 April, 2020  

Hi, Minenhle! Yes, we work in SA! You can find all the information you seek for on Olymp Trade dot com. The live chat is available in the "Help section". Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   7 April, 2020

Does Olymp trade works in Zimbabwe?

Tyson   27 March, 2020  

Hi there! Yes, we work in Zimbabwe. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 March, 2020

Hi Tyson, did you get any favorable responses about this platform?

Roy   30 April, 2020

I like that Olymp trade doesn't fail even when there's a market turmoil. You can always work with any amount and any number of trades, and this allows you to earn even with high volatility. I think that's a great indicator.

Johan Arendse   26 March, 2020  

Hi there, Johan! Thank you for your positive feedback. We are glad that you are satisfied with the platform's trading conditions. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   23 September, 2020

I like trading with olymp trade, the company has a great platform for trading forex and options. Also, right now they have launched the mt4 platform, another great opportunity of investment.

Carol   26 March, 2020  

Carol, hi there! Thank you for the feedback. We hope you like MT4, waiting for your opinion about it! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 March, 2020

From my experience, I must say that Olymp Trade is not fake or fraud. But I always loss money because of my emotions and greediness to earn my profit quickly. So , it is the best platform in the world to earn money honestly for those people who are able to control their emotions while trading with a good stategy.

Raktapadma Batshaba.   26 March, 2020  

Is olymp trade working in India now?

N mallick   11 June, 2020

Hi, dear! Thank you for sharing. It is true that trading psychology is an important factor that influences the trades significantly. It is crucial to keep the emotions under control, stay rational, and focused. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   23 September, 2020

Hello, N mallick! Thank you for leaving a question. Yes, the Olymp Trade platform is working in India. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   29 September, 2020

They steal your money. Olymp trade is a big scam. They are sly and the customer service is terrible. It took me a couple of months to find out my account was being manipulated.

koorosh   26 March, 2020  

Hello! It's a pity that you've made such an opinion. All transactions on the platform are made at current market quotations, which are received on the platform directly from the supplier. In case you want to check the rate at a particular time, use the "Quotes" section of the sidebar on olymptrade.com. We have no aim or even oppurtunity to influence the chart. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 March, 2020

Olymp trade is only a scap. Trading in this platform is totally a manipulated game. These rascals will finish you financially. They gave me a expert status after I lost 25000 USD in this platform. Stay oway otherwise oneday you will be on road.

Yashvinder   25 March, 2020  

Hello there! Thank you for reaching out. Tell us, please why did you make such an opinion? Olymp Trade is a reliable platform and we transmit to the platform the quotes of the largest international sources. Did you face any difficulties trading on our platform? Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 March, 2020

Olymp trade is just a smooth loot account. Once involved in this account, 100% chances are to loose or waste your hard earned money to these international scammers. So please beware of such sites, apps and bad elements who spoil your life and hard earned money. Quit immediately. Beware of such scammers.

Tarun Kumar   16 March, 2020  

Thank you fo the review! Please, specify why did you make such a conclusion? Have you experienced any difficulties? Please, describe your problem and provide your ID on our platform, we'll try to help you. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   18 March, 2020

What makes you think that? Maybe you didn't succeed, but it's the broker's fault, of course, in your opinion. Because I don't think that trading here is a lottery. And I think a lot of traders would agree with me.

Esen   15 April, 2020

I tried using VISA card to deposit but it keeps declining so kindly help me. account number 55589334EUR

Adzakpa Theodora   14 March, 2020  

Hello dear! Kindly contact us in online chat on the platform to provide the screenshot of an error and first 6 and last 4 digits of the card. We'll handle your problem! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   16 March, 2020

I've heard a lot of people complaining about delayed withdrawal on OlympTrade but the maximum waiting time for a withdrawal request is 3 days, although the platform strives to complete the withdrawal in the fastest possible time. If you are a standard account holder of this platform, then the average waiting time is 1 day. But if you are a VIP member of this platform, then the average waiting time is just a few hours.

Gail Newman   13 March, 2020  

Hello there! Thank you for you feedback. We always try to withdraw funds as quickly as possible. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   14 March, 2020

Has the problem with candles changing colors has been fixed? it's been a long time since I last trade because of this issue. I lost a lot of money because of that. Really hope Olymp Trade fixes the problem right away.

Buzzi   12 March, 2020  

Hello there, Buzzi! If you encounter any difficulties in trading, please contact us so that we collect all the information and help you: in online chat, via e-mail support-en@olymptrade.com or on Facebook www.facebook.com/olymptradecom/ Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   14 March, 2020

There's bug in Version 6. Try to update your app. I have updated mine to the latest version and no more magic candles issues.

Boss Baby   21 March, 2020

In my opinion, olymp trade is the best company in the market today. It has everything you need to work and earn, and every year they try to increase the number of as/sets and useful tools that will be useful for everyone.

Sanchoa   28 February, 2020  

Hi, Sanchoa! Thank you for your wonderful review and positive vibes. We are excited to know that you consider our platform the best in the market. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   2 October, 2020

Hi there, I saw this broker on internet but I am not sure it it good. Also, there are many negative comments about olymp trade being a scam. Should I believe it? I Also would like to know is this app working in Argentina? How can I learn more about the platform, is there like a teaching app? Thanks

Monica   26 February, 2020  

Monica, hello there! Each company has positive an negative reviews. We respect each opinion because it hepls us become better, as well as find out and solve client's problems. Many traders leave negative reviews after they face difficulties which can be actually resolved in a blink of an eye. Speaking about your questions, first of all, yes, we do work in Argentina. And we have a special application "Olymp Plus" which can help you through trading. Don't hesitate to contact us if ay questions occur! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   10 March, 2020

To learn more about olymp broker, you should write their technical support, they respond quickly and can guide you. But if we talk about security, I have no questions for two years of trading here. Everything works, the company does not prevent me from acting as I want. So try it, I wish you good luck.

Jalil Shikder   18 March, 2020

Good afternoon. I'm still a beginner in the free demo account, but I'm really enjoying it. The platform is complete and has all the necessary tools and indicators to perform good transactions. In addition, the Olymp Plus application is a great help and has many learning materials and strategies that are helping me greatly improve my skills.

Maria Jose   23 February, 2020  

Maria Jose, hello there and thanks for the review! We re happy to make you satisfied with our platform! Wish you a fruitful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   25 February, 2020

l am new on olymp trade, I lost my money. be careful. chose honest brokers.

javed abbasi   18 February, 2020  

Hello there! Thanks for your opinion. Trading is hard, so it takes months of training and education to achieve stable results. It's a pity that you've had losses, however we can help you by studying your trades. We'll recommend you educational materials and trading principles. It'll be easier if you contact us in PM of or social media, but you can also write us here, we are open for the dialogue. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   20 February, 2020

You lose money and you blame the broker? Have you ever thought, not enough training, using the wrong strategy or opening position at the wrong time can also make you lose money. Or it may be that you have violated the terms and conditions that caused your account to be blocked. But if I'm wrong, do you mind sharing why exactly are you losing money?

Dutch Case   21 February, 2020

Is Olymp Plus app owned by Olymp Trade? How will it help in my trading?

Pei   12 February, 2020  

Hello there, Pei! Yes, this is an application from our company. Find out how to invest in financial markets with everyday news, charts in real time, forecasts and clear texts. The application contains education, daily fundamental research and detailed information about the financial market to make the trading process more convenient for you. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   14 February, 2020

Yes, olymp Plus in the new app that help traders with learning materials and has also updated news about the market. When you see some important and useful information you can go directly from the training app to the trading one.

Walter   14 February, 2020

Is there a demo in olymp trade? Does it fully match the original broker's platform?

Hanuman Lala   8 February, 2020  

Hello there! Yes, we provide each trader with demo account with 10 000 virtual money and a large educational base. You can use it for education and training free of charge. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   10 February, 2020

Yes, everything is super with this, and the demo is available at any time and this terminal is fully consistent with the original, you can easily test everything.

Tricless   9 March, 2020

I've tried a few brokers before. but I ended up choosing olymp trade because in my opinion this broker is very suitable for beginners like me. The interface is simple but complete and the essential help is always at my fingertips.

Jenah Neo   29 January, 2020  

Jenah Neo, hello! Thank you for sharing your feedback and choosing the Olymp Trade platform. It is wonderful that you find the interface simple and complete. The essential help from our support team indeed is always at a hand. We are also glad that you find the platform suitable for beginners. Wish you lots of success! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   4 December, 2020

I came to Olymp because this broker couldn't be missed, advertising and references were on all forums, etc. I was bribed by the fact that there are no managers here, there was a negative experience when the manager openly tried to harm the capital and since then I have been working categorically on my own and in no other way. This year I have been here for four years and I think that there are still many years of successful trading ahead.

Thijmen Bozkurt   27 January, 2020  

Thijmen, thanks for the review! We are really happy to have you as our trader for four years. ?an not imagine that you're with us since almost from the start. Wish you a lucrative trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   28 January, 2020

I don't understand why people always said that Olymp Trade is a scam, cheater and all that. I've been trading on this platform for over a year now. So far I received all my withdrawals securely to my bank account. No issues whatsoever.
To me if you have any problems with Olymp Trade just contact their customer support. They are actually really helpful.

Rio Martin   21 January, 2020  

Yes, because people do not always manage to earn, because the hurry, panic, lack of proper training, greed interferes. And when such a situation happens, a person immediately wants to find the one who is guilty. And of course the easiest thing to blame a broker. And I am satisfied with this company, just like you, even though I had some difficulties here too.

Malall   17 February, 2020

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