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No deposit bonus they will allow you to make money for them and claim you broke a rule. This is the biggest scam company, please use reputabke brokers. This is the worst broker check reviews, don't trust them with your money they stole my profit.
  24 Jun 2022  
After collecting dollars, they had a trading session. After one coaching session, they cannot be contacted.
  13 Jun 2022  
I'm not sure how this broker is even regulated, they keep losing client’s money claiming that its missing. Withdrawal is such a huge issue already plus their spreads are so high.
  10 Jun 2022  
Withdrawal is an issue. I'm being told that my account manager will be contacting me. Yet after two weeks, that manager still dont contact me. So I stopped trading with them. I'm amazed how this broker can still be licensed.
  6 Jun 2022  
Very high spread, this affects smaller accounts like mine. Not a broker for me. Customer service also average. Hope I can withdraw to another broker soon.
  3 Jun 2022  
Crypto margin is so low yet high movement will flush your account really soon.
  27 May 2022  
I made a withdrawal of 40 USD on 16/04/022 and still now on 22/04 it didn't yet reach on me even though it was supposed to reach on me the same day as long as it was via mobile money.i communicate with the on live chat and E-mail and they tell me they are investigating on my missing money. I have used it for 1year and it's the first time with this issue. Pay attention!
  22 Apr 2022  
I had the same issue they scammed me a total of 549.1 USD. Stop trading with xm. how does withdrawal get missing I have been trading with them for 2 year.
Samuel kingori   2 Feb 2023
XM have withdrawal problem, under maintenance over one months, support not responsible, be careful.
  7 Apr 2022  
They get you to send all your personal details and "give" you $30 and if you make a profit as I did ($450) you can't withdraw it because then they close your account and take the profits for them. Stay away!
  5 Apr 2022  
Totally agreed, they will send email with random reason to close the account. Whatever they listed over there is really not applicable to me. I'm the only one trade by using my own phone, how is possible to share with others, and even make me confused is arbitrage trading, which I have no idea what that means. That's their email: Dear Valued Client, We are contacting you with reference to your account(s) no. 67807350 (“Your Account(s)”) at XM Global Limited. The trading patterns in your Account(s) raise serious concerns regarding the credit bonuses we have granted to your Account(s), since these were used for ‘cash-back arbitrage’ activities. Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions applicable to our credit bonuses, the following activities are qualified as follows: Any form of arbitrage trading; Bonuses claimed by multiple Accounts that were registered from the same IP address; Various practices of bonus manipulation; Breach of any points included in our bonus Terms and Conditions; Any fraudulent activities, disputes or situations that our Management considers as fraudulent. Accordingly, we regret to inform you that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, we have decided, with immediate effect to, (i) close your Account(s) with Trading Point, (ii) to nullify all trades carried out in your Account(s) with Trading Point, and (iii) to cancel any and all profits or losses garnered in your Account(s) with Trading Point. Please note that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, our decisions are final and binding on all participants and that, other than the notification set forth herein, there will be no further correspondence on this matter. Yep, I can confirm that, I did manual trade, no robot, no nothing, managed to get $400+, a few minutes after withdrawal request, suddenly get this email. Reached out to livechat, they dont bother to explain what I did wrong, obviously scam broker, after profit, they will just kick you out.
Joey   15 Dec 2022
Well I was contacted by XM global representative who told me to invest 150 and in return I would get back $7670. Afterwards I was asked to send in 298 to be paid to The IRS. I was asked to give different amount of money for various reasons. This was done through different cashapp tags. Before my eyes were opened I was scammed out of $3000 dollars.
  26 Feb 2022  
This wasn’t Xm support these were scammers that contacted you saying they are xm while they are.
guest   1 Jul 2022
Scam. I'm using it for 2years. They play by spreed when your margin leavel goes under 100. After closing the position price move like what you expect. They play with 1 dollar spreed where the big position will close and after that price is normal. After 2 years of trading with this company I advise you to do not trade with. Try to find fixed spreed company. This is my advice. What ever money you will make you will lose. They have special servers where strong trades moved to start play with the price. I already closed my account this year. Forget about it.
  17 Feb 2022  
Yes, this is true. I also notice this when my account is below the $100 level. I even compared XM Charts with other brokers and XM Hit already my SL Area compared to other brokers, I think its the spread goes from 35 pips to almost 64+ pips then boom, my account was closed.
pendelamon   18 Feb 2022
So true. I have noticed the same thing. Where ever you set a SL and TP, seeing the market going in a certian direction, your TP suddenly becomes the resisitance, candle tail breaks SL and after the trade closes out then everything atarts going in the expected direction to break previous TP. Wierd, happens everytime. Untrustworthy be it a scam or not.
Marly   6 May 2022
Someone working in XM stole my deposİt. I have deposited a week ago. One day I couldn't open my account and I couldn't login to client portal. They erased my account. Yes they erased it. Now when I asked to client manager they told me it is a normal situation. I want a solution. If someone read this from XM's team. Please reach me!

  27 Jan 2022  
Same thing happened to me. When I restarted my phone. The money I deposited was gone.
Shamz   24 Feb 2022
This happened to me too!
Tee   18 Jul 2022
This broker been good but now things have changed, I deposited but my money never appear in my xm account, they told me to wait 5 days but it worse now. I'm leaving xm. Be wise when choosing brokers.
  17 Jan 2022  
Firstly with the bonus 30 dollar or 347 zar made over 2900 in profit and tried to withdraw. They just took the money themselves from my account and did it to a friend.
  11 Jan 2022  
Xm is really trustful broker, since I have joined or opened account XM, I didn't have problem withdrawal, or anything else, xm support agency are ready 24hrs to help, and they are very friendly, I am happy to be trader at xm broker, and I will be for ever.
  1 Jan 2022  
I have real evidence of them manipulating prices, leave alone having problems with withdrawals. Just be warned, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but until yesterday it was my best broker. Seems like I was being welcomed.
  23 Dec 2021  
XM is a scam. I invested 1700 rand in forex and gold. All gone in a few weeks. I have invested in shares in over 50 years and never had an entire investment vanish.
  13 Dec 2021  
XM is a scam. I couldnt even withdraw my profit and then my account got empty and then the following week my account got blocked. And the reason they said when I called them was that I was using the same wifi as my brother who also trade.
  24 Nov 2021  
How long it take to settle your problem?
Anaqi   15 Dec 2021
What does wifi sharing with your brother got to do with withdrawal money from your broker?
guest   17 May 2022
I’m sorry to hear that about Xm. I’m trading with this broker more than 2 years and never have any problems with withdrawals or anything else.
  15 Nov 2021  
Have never had problem with XM until last week where I tried to make withdrawal via mpesa as I used to do but they refused and told me to find another way.For that I think they are lying when they say they offer mpesa withdrawals in kenya, yes they do until certain point they will tell you try e-wallet. That's my only issue with them.
  6 Nov 2021  
This is a message I got for deposit to XM. "All withdrawals, excluding profits, can only be paid back to the credit/debit card that the deposit was initiated from, up to the deposited amount." I wanted to deposit to XM but then I read this message and I don't like how its being wirtten. To me it kinda sounds like whaever profit I will make will be theirs to keep. Cause basically, they're say they won't allow me to withdraw more than I deposited.

  26 Oct 2021  
Thats the policy of almost all the brokers. Profits are withdrawn by other methods. Bank cards are not used for withdrawing profits.
Calvin   23 Apr 2022
For the past three months, I have been unsuccefull in making withdrawals. Now, my account is rejecting my withdrawals. What is going on?
  26 Oct 2021  
They are complete scammers. I deposited smoothly and traded smoothly until withdrawal. I wanted to withdraw just $600 from my account via the same deposit method. they told me 5 business days and it been more than 15 business days. Anytime I send them a message they tell me same thing. They will send me ARN codes. And depositing they never told me about ARN but withdrawal they are telling me nonsense. Never trade with them. $600 is nothing to some people but in my country teachers receive just $150 as salary per month.
  14 Oct 2021  
I made many deposits and many accounts with XM, now I realise all accounts at the end still red around -600 my loss. So can you imagine all of them is thousands thousands, XM is a scam company, for many years I never get my money back. Loss and win. You don't know what they do to your money. Now you look their ultra account, years ago min depo was 50 usd, now become 5usd. you know why? They almost shortage money and drop. All customers are gone.
  14 Oct 2021  
I get the same automated email from their support team which is basically robots, that don't understand the human nature of losing money.
  13 Sep 2021  
Xm is a scam, the service is poor they can't even help you, when you the client needs them, do not use this broker.
  13 Sep 2021  
If I find my XM account with 200 dollars and I want to withdraw 50 dollars from it, is it allowed?
  6 Aug 2021  
Yes. Minimum deposit and Withdrawal is $5. If you deposit 200, you can Withdraw 200.
Helper   4 Feb 2022
I read most reviews here have difficulty to withdraw money. So yesterday I tried to withdraw $20, this morning already deposited to my bank account.
  4 Aug 2021  
I would like to show you how XM is a very bad company. I have invested more than 12000$ and they closed my mothers account and agreed to return the deposited amount (not received yet) and they took the profit on it while on my account they took another procedure to close the open trades and give me what ever is left they are just doing there best interest taking two different procedures because they are asking for hard proof to provide even if I was using XM for more than 6 months.
  28 Jul 2021  
not to be trusted. it's about the 4th day they been promising to credit my account with the 30 dollar bonus and they are now telling I'am not eligible even if I had provided accurate info.
  14 Jul 2021  

XM Group (XM) stands as a conglomerate of online brokers, meticulously regulated and dedicated to providing a plethora of trading opportunities for investors globally. The inception of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd in 2009 marked the beginning of XM’s journey, subsequently...

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